Essence ‘Made To Sparkle’ Trend Edition

Happy 2018 everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing time off and a great start to the new year. Essence Cosmetics has one of the most featured brand on my blog throughout 2017 and so I thought it would only make sense, from my perceptive, to feature it as my first post of 2018. Trend Editions are small capsule collection that Essence Cosmetics tends to bring out every few months just to introduce new trends to it’s line and keep things fresh within it’s products.


For this trend edition Essence Cosmetics truly brought the duo-chromatic trend to life, especially with it’s Highlighting and Transforming Prismatic Palette. This palette contains four very unique duo-chromatic powders that can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks to add intense pops of highlight to those areas.


The powders themselves have a very satin and silky texture to them. Pigmentation for me could have been more intense but I did find if I sprayed my brush with a bit of MAC Fix+ than I got the payoff that I wanted from them. I think this is a great highlighter palette for the eyes, especially for the inner corner and the lips, particularly on the cupid’s bow. For the cheeks, I personally found the powders difficult to get to mesh with the skin.

Also from the collection I picked up two of their Highlighting Eye Pens and kinda wish I didn’t. These have such a creamy formulation to them and their pigmentation definitely looks like the kind of thing I want popped on to my eyes to make them glam.


Unfortunately the pigmentation just didn’t translate. I would go and swipe these pens across my eyelids and nothing would go on my eyes almost as if they’re dried out, which they’re not because they swatch beautifully on my hands….can I say dud products or what -_-.


The first of these pens is in the shade 01 Highlight In Your Eyes and this is a nice shimmery silver with a very intense gold undertone too it that makes it look almost titanium in colour.


The pens do come in great packaging in that they are twist-up so there is no need to worry about a topper…not that you’ll be apply them much because as I’ve said they don’t give any pigmentation what so ever on the eyelids.


The second shade is called 02 It’s Time To Party and this is a nice champagne rose gold shade. I know Essence Cosmetics is one of my fav brands ever but these pens definitely didn’t do it for me. I do highly recommend the palette if you’re looking to add something extra to you’re makeup look.


I’ve added images of the other available products within this trend edition below and I can definitely say that the liquid lipsticks are of amazing formulation. I didn’t pick them up because I have so many lip products in my collection at the moment but my friend did and she loves them to pieces.

Highlighting Glow Drops
01 Oh, It’s So Glow!


Rose Gold Liquid Liner
01 You Were Born To Sparkle


Sequin Matt Top Coat
01 Pour Some Glitter On Me!


Nail Polish
Available in 4 shades

Velvet Metallic Liquid Lipstick
Available in two shades

-Talk Soon xx

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Essence We Are…

Essence Cosmetics has a released a new Limited Edition collection for the month of January and February called We Are… The minute I saw this collection, Valentine’s Day was what sprung to mind given the design and colour scheme for the collection is red and pink with floating hearts ♥ . I have a few pieces from the collection to show you guys today and at the end I’ll add in images of the stuff from the range that I couldn’t get.


The blush from the collection is definitely one of the more desired product from the release. I found it so hard to find this product as the stands I would go to would have most of the collection but this was always gone! Thank god for independent pharmacies that are long distance :P. The blush is a redish pink shade, and has a lighter iridescent pink in the centre of it. You can either use each shade separately or by mixing them together.


On it’s own the redish pink side of the blush definitely gives the better colour pay off. Mixing the two shades gives a lighter pink-pink shade and on it’s own the lightest shade would be considered more suited to be used as a highlight than a blush shade. I love the consistence of this powder because it doesn’t go on patchy like most lower priced blushes.


The shade name of the blush is called 01 You & Me=Awesome and I believed I managed to get this for 4.10 euros. You get 7 grams of product and it comes in a decent thick plastic compact which is rather sturdy given the overall price.


I was lucky enough to get sent these next two items from the collection. The first is one of the three lip liners available. I got the shade 02 P.S. We ♥ Red and this a really nicely pigmented red lip liner. This is a twist-up pencil which I love, means I don’t have to worry about needing a sharpener.


Now I no there’s nothing special about red lip liners, there is probably even cheaper ones than this one but I don’t think they will beat it on formulation! This is so creamy and buttery when applied.


It goes on completely smooth on the lips even if they’re not in the best condition. This retails for 1.90 euros and is very comparable to the Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liners which retail for 20 euros a pop.

The other two shades are 01 We ♥ Pink and 03 We ♥ Berry. The names of the shades are pretty explanatory as to the colours of the pencils me thinks 🙂


Definitely the best designed product from the release! This is the We Are…Fabulous Velvet Matte Lipstick in the shade 02 We ♥ Red. Basically these lipsticks are meant to be corresponding shades to the lip liners. Outer packaging is a simple black tube and has these raised red hearts painted on it.


The best thing about this lipstick is that when you open it up and twist it up, the lipstick bullet is actually in the shape of an actual Heart!! Too cute for words.


The formulation of it is very similar to that of the lipliner. It’s nice an creamy but has a bit more of a grip to it due to it’s matte texture. On the lips over the liner it has a satin finish but on it’s own it’s simply matte.


The are two other lipsticks in the range and they have the same shade names as the lip liners. The lipstick retails for 3.10 euros. Below are the other products from collection.

Essence We Are…Amazing Creamy Eyeshadow Pen
3.50 euros

Essence We Are…Perfect Dip Eyeliner
3.50 euros
Shade: 01 Stay with me!

Essence We Are…Crazy lashes
4.10 euros



Essence We Are…In Love Nail Polish
2.50 euros

Essence We Are…Funny Lip Bag
3.80 euros


Essence We Are…Lovely Eau de Toliette
3.80 euros

This collection is available in stores up until the end of February. Pennys/Primark stores do have this collection in stores but if you cannot find it I recommend trying local pharmacies instead 🙂

-Talk Soon xx


Essence Trend Edition Blogger’s Beauty Secrets

Popping on here just to do a quick post about the releases from Essence Cosmetics for the month of June and July. It’s going to be another Trend Edition collection and in case any of you guys are interested I have written a review about their first Trend Edition collection, Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters, if anybody is interested in that (Available until the end of July so you can still get any products that catch your eye). For this Trend Edition collection, Essence teamed up with 4 beauty bloggers and asked them to design a palette of their choice and a nail polish colour to go with their palette too.

Palette 1: Touch Up To Go! One For All Palette

csm_758917759951_a9f093c0d5This palette contains 3 eyeshadows (Mauve, Brown and Nude), 2 Blushes (one is in a pink shade and the other a peach from the images that’s what I can see anyways. And a pampering balm that can be mixed with the blushes and eyeshadows to create that high end wet look on the lids and cheeks.


The nail polish released with this palette is called 01 Be happy + Smile and is a Semi-Matte finish.

csm_759946759951_bee34cc2c4Palette 2: Vintage Rose Eye Palette


This palette contains 5 eyeshadows in shades of Shimmering white, soft pink and warm brown tones. A eyeliner and a highlighter shade also.


The nail polish for this palette is called 02 Hello Beautiful and is a nice metallic finish in a rose-gold shade.


Palette 3: Shapes & Shadows Eye Contouring Palette


This is an all rounder palette for the eyes. It contains eyeshadow, eyebrow powder (that can also be used as eyeshadow), highlighter and Brow wax.


The nail polish from this palette is called 03 All Eyes on Me and has what Essence Cosmetics describe as a Matt-Rubber finish, not sure what kind of finish that is to be honest but it’s definitely peaked my interest!


Palette 4: The Glow Must Go On Bronzing & Highlighting Palette


This is a palette that contains 3 different bronzers, all of which can either be used separately as eyeshadow or swirled together to create a bronzy highlighter for the cheeks.


The nail polish from this collection is called 04 Shine Bright and is the only one with just a regular polish finish.


I have no clue how much each of the palettes or polishes are going to retail for but it being Essence I’m sure it’s not going to be that expensive. I personally have my eye out for the Glow all out highlighting palette and the Matt-Rubber Finish Nail Polish and if I manage to pick them up I will definitely do a review on them. All these products should be in stores at the start of June 2016.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: All Images used in tis blog post have been sourced from the Esscence Cosmetics Website and hence remain property of Essence Cosmetics TM.