Essence ‘Made To Sparkle’ Trend Edition

Happy 2018 everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing time off and a great start to the new year. Essence Cosmetics has one of the most featured brand on my blog throughout 2017 and so I thought it would only make sense, from my perceptive, to feature it as my first post of 2018. Trend… Continue reading Essence ‘Made To Sparkle’ Trend Edition

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Essence We Are…

Essence Cosmetics has a released a new Limited Edition collection for the month of January and February called We Are… The minute I saw this collection, Valentine’s Day was what sprung to mind given the design and colour scheme for the collection is red and pink with floating hearts ♥ . I have a few pieces from the collection… Continue reading Essence We Are…


Essence Trend Edition Blogger’s Beauty Secrets

Popping on here just to do a quick post about the releases from Essence Cosmetics for the month of June and July. It’s going to be another Trend Edition collection and in case any of you guys are interested I have written a review about their first Trend Edition collection, Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters, if… Continue reading Essence Trend Edition Blogger’s Beauty Secrets