Deise Dolls Day Goodie Bag! 🛍️

Recently I had the lovely pleasure of attending the DeiseDollsDay Event which was basically a beauty charity event put together by the bloggers of Waterford (also known as DeiseBloggers). On the day we were given very generous beauty goodie bags to take home with us and I thought it would be a good idea to run through it and what I got in it with you guys.


I should probably get the first two products over and done with as both of these are tanning products and I personally don’t use tan at all. I’m very much an embrace the paleness type of gal and so these will most likely go to a friend. If you guys would like reviews on them I’m pretty sure I can get her to guest review them on my blog so do let me know.


The first of the tans is the TanTastic spray on tan and it comes in a nice simple white spray bottle with a popping pink lid. The second on the tans is from TanOrganic and this is a mousse instead of a spray on. Both of these brands I’ve heard great things on their tans but like I said if you would like a review for them I can get my friend to guest write it on here.


One of the many brands sponsoring the event and was present on the day was Tomitago which is an Irish owned skincare brand. I’ll be honest in saying that up until that day I had never heard of this brand but I did get their cleansing oil to try. I both love and hate the packaging in that I love the pump and the metal look of it but because it’s opaque and not see-through than I will have no idea as to when my cleanser is running out.


I got the Ziaja hand cream from there Goat’s Milk range which is also a product I’ve never tried. That said I have tried their hand cream from the Olive range (the one in the green packaging) and absolutely love that one so I’m hoping that this will be the same texture and formulation wise.


I was absolutely delighted when I spotted this Blank Canvas F23 brush as the makeup artist on the day had used it to apply the models foundation and the result was simply flawless. The brush has a nice dense but flexible bristles on it and they angle themselves into a pointed shape making it super handy for getting into the contours of the face.


The Declare Detox Night Cream is an amazing night cream if you’re looking for something to hydrate your skin whilst you sleep. It’s not heavy and it comes in a handy 50ml tube which makes it perfect for travelling and on the go.


As you guys all know one of my favourite brands ever is Essence Cosmetics and to be quite frank I can never have to many products from them. This their smoky eyes set in the shade 01 Smokey Night.


It comes with a useless mini sponge tipped applicator which surprisingly I haven’t lost yet and three super pigmented eyeshadows. There’s a lovely pale silver, a muted grey and a strong shimmery black. Everything you need to create a smoky eye in one single palette.


Two of the NYX Cosmetics Eyebrow Cake Powder sets were included in the goodie bag as well. These are handy little palettes that contain a clear wax for setting the brows and two differing shades of brow powder.

ECP05 Brunette
ECP01 Black/Gray

The palette also comes with a mini spoolie brush which is actually pretty decent and a small angled brush which isn’t.


This is probably the only product from the goodie bag that I have tried enough since getting it to give a decent mini review on. This is the Nia Oat and Avocado Facial Exfoliator and I simply put hate this product. It smells terrible and that aside it feels very sticky on the face. I honestly felt like I had to re-wash my face again after I had used it using a different cleanser. Also it’s terrible for getting makeup off.


Let’s end things on a high note with one of my favourite products from the goodie bag. I have reviewed products from Technic Cosmetics before so I shall link that below but for now this is their Cream Blush & Bronze palette and it’s an 8-pan palette with four blushes and four bronzers


I personally have been using all of these as blushes because I think the bronzers are a bit too warm and have a bit too much orange in them to really be suited as bronzers. That said as blushes they work a dream. Super pigmented and very creamy. Blend beautifully but not over powder (considering it’s a cream that can be expected and hence I don’t really judge it) and they’re not sticky at all once they’re set.

That’s everything that I received in my goodie bag and if you would like me to review a specific item in more detail please let me know and I’ll be happy to do that!

-Talk Soon xx

Technic Cosmetics

P.S: I received a few Uriage products in my goodie bag too but I’m gonna be reviewing them in a later post so stay tuned

Brows, Eyes, Face Powders, Highlighter

Technic Cosmetics

For the past few months I have been putting a few items from the brand Technic Cosmetics to the test and trying them out. The main reason for this is simply because this is an incredibly affordable brand that has a large selection of products so it would be a tad disappointing for me not too. All of their products tend to retail here in Ireland for less than five euros and are available in most drugstores and pharmacies.


The first product that I have is their Colour Correcting Setting Powder and this is a relatively newer product to their range. The powder itself is actually yellow in colour and comes packaged in this clear plastic tub with a corresponding lid in the same yellow as the powder. The tub itself is actually clear and you get a whopping 20 grams of product in it so it will last you quite a while.


You also get a powder puff inside that also helps to keep the powder inside the holes. Personally I found the puff too thin to actually use and it really didn’t help keep the powder inside the tub at all. The powder itself, once you get past how messy it is, is actually a lovely powder to use. My biggest concern was that it would create a cast on the face considering it’s colour but it didn’t do that whatsoever. The powder itself is really fine, so it simply just sinks into the complexion and brightens it thanks to the yellow pigment of it. I totally recommend this as a vanity table powder, not good for travel as it will get everywhere.


The next product was the one I was most excited to try as their have been rave reviews on both Twitter and Instagram about it. This is the Technic Cosmetics 24cT Gold Highlighting Powder. Whether it has actual gold in it or not, I have yet to discover but I honestly didn’t like this powder as a highlighter. And I really hate myself for saying that because it looks absolutely stunning in it’s compact. It even has this really cool design effect as an embossing but I found that it was over pigmented, too dark and too chunky to be used as a highlighter.


Now makeup is makeup, and it’s so not necessary to only use a product as it’s described so I went ahead an used this as an eyeshadow instead because the colour of is simply beautiful. It worked absolutely perfect like this. I found that blending it into the eyelid got rid of some of the chunkiness. Pigmentation wasn’t an issue considering it was already highly pigmented as a highlighter so that completely translated on the eyes.


This shade mixed with a classic winged liner and your good to go. I just have too look at it as a big pan of eyeshadow :).


Their Mega Lash Mascara has got to be my favourite product that I have tried from them to date. They claim that this mascara is “Mega Volumising” and I totally agree. If your looking for really intense, really big lashes than this mascara will certainly give you that. The pigmentation of it is a perfect intense black and it dries almost instantly so you don’t have to wait before going in with more coats. It also layers nicely so you don’t get any clumps with additional layers of it on the lashes.



I was genuinely surprised that I liked this mascara as much as I did as it has a plastic bristle wand to it and I am a lover of the natural bristles mascara wands. I’ve been using this mascara for roughly two months now and it’s only now starting to dry out a bit. I know your only meant to use mascaras for 3 months at a time but I honestly think as long as you keep it sanitary and for your use only, you can definitely get at least 6 months out of a tube of this mascara.

SAM_2864Final product that I have from them is their Brow Definer brow pen in the shade Medium Brown which if I’m honest as a colour is a tad to light for my brows. The product itself is actually a liquid and comes in this pen with a felt tip applicator that is not that dissimilar to a liquid liner. I have actually tried this as a liquid liner and it works really good if not better than it’s intended brow use.

SAM_2873The felt tip actually has a flatted edge to it , and so you rotate it depending on whether you want fine strokes or broad strokes when filling in your brows. It does a good job at filling in the brows I will say that but I honestly found it a bit harsh. Because of it liquid formulation, it’s really difficult to achieve a natural look with this product. The only effect you get is that tattoo HD brow look that is very Instagram popular. Might be for some people but for me it was too fake looking. I personally prefer a soft looking brow that looks natural.

SAM_2888Those are all the products that I have been trying out recently from Technic Cosmetics. Have you guys ever tried this brand? Let me know if you have and what products you recommend below!

-Talk Soon xx

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