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The SoSueMe ProBlender

It’s seems every single product that beauty blogger and Youtuber Suzanne Jackson brings out get so much hype and excitement over it and her ProBlender was no different. This is basically the SoSueMe brand’s version of the iconic Beauty Blender sponge and because of all the hype I was honestly expecting great things. I can unfortunately say I have been sorely disappointed as this blending sponge is one of the worst I’ve ever tried.


Bold claim, I know. To be honest though I don’t say it lightly, so let me break it down for you guys as to why I don’t like it. Firstly the sponge texture when you get it out of it’s plastic packaging feels rather rough. It’s also got little to no bounce to it whatsoever but this is me talking about it un-dampened.

Dampened the sponge didn’t increase it in size at all, and visually it also looked like it didn’t soak up any of the water while I was running it under the tap either. Applying my foundation with it was terrible, it basically placed the foundation on my skin like a coating rather than blending it in/sheer it out to be skin like. This made my makeup look heavy and caked on. I also found it so hard against my skin, to the point where I would considered it sore to bounce against my face.


Personally I think this is a product to be avoided from the SoSueMe line. Oh I should mention that the sponge costs 7.49 euros which considering Primark/Pennys sells two beauty blender sponges for 1.80 euros is very up there in price.

I’m still looking for the day where I will actually find a product from the SoSueMe makeup line that I actually like so if you guys know of any please let me know.

-Talk Soon xx

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Worth The Hype!?

Face Powders

Worth The Hype!?

Suzanna Jackson can probably be considered to be one of Ireland top bloggers and because of that influential status she has her own makeup line with an army of royal followers behind it. Me, personally when it comes to the blogger herself, am indifferent as I’ve never met her in person and her style really isn’t anywhere near what I like so I tend not to follow her on social media. Her makeup products however have always had rave reviews especially her iconic contouring palette. I’m not a contouring person as you guys well know if you’ve been visiting my blog for awhile now but I was gifted this palette as a prize when I attended the Flormar Event Dublin! #FabulousFlormar and so I’ve done my best to try it out.


The palette is presented in slim cardboard packaging and has six shades inside it that can all be used to achieve the “perfect” contour look. Considering that the palette retails for 19.95 euros I think that the brand could have upped the price 2 euros and made the packaging a tad bit more robust. You don’t get a mirror, instead you get a very detailed explanation of how each shade is applied and where to put it is illustrated via the model image who is Suzanne Jackson herself. That, I like because it shows how immersed she is in her products and the making of them.


Four of the shades are cream and the other two are powder. You get two concealing shades, two contour shades and 2 highlighting shades. Shade 1 is a concealing shade and I absolute hate it as a concealer. I have never experience such a cakey concealer in my life. It fills in every single pore and fine line and exaggerates it. This is made even worse when you go to set it with shade 3 of the palette.


Shade 2 of the palette is a contouring shade, and this is such a pain to blend. It literally takes forever, and you need to blend it like a crazy person because otherwise it’s just this orange strip on your face. Yes, this raved about palette has a contouring shade with an orange undertone! Have no clue how it got to be considered as a universal palette that can be used on any skin tone because the contouring shades are simply to dark on fair skin.


The shade that is good for fair skins is the shade 4 which is the second concealing shade in the palette. Though it’s a good shade, because it’s the second concealing shade it has the same problem as shade 1 in that it settles into fine lines and pores and simply makes them look worse than they actually are.


Shade 3 is a matte highlighting powder that is meant to be used to set your under-eye concealer. When used with the concealer in this palette it just doesn’t work. I will say though it does look lovely when using it with another brand concealer. I’ve tried it with my YoungBlood Concealer and it looks stunning with it.


Shade 5 is probably the only real shade that I like from this palette. It’s a stunning rose-gold cream highlight that looks amazing on the tops of the cheekbones. I have used this layered under powder highlighter and makes the powder on top just pop. Honestly beautiful but I wouldn’t buy this palette just for the highlight.


Last shade is a powder version of shade 2. It’s a bit more cool toned and ashy so I’d say if you went in with a light hand it would look nice. Personally I think I prefer just to use something more guaranteed to give me the effect that I want.

Is this palette worth the hype? I think not, most of these shades are duds in my opinion and the one that isn’t, ain’t worth the price of the palette. If you were to use this palette the way Suzanne Jackson states and illustrates on the flap cover than I think the end result would just be an overdone cakey face of makeup.

Have you guys tried this palette? I know some people love so let me know. She’s also recently released a highlighting palette and I really am tempted but after this disaster I’m a bit cautious.

-Talk Soon xx

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Youngblood Christmas Gifts

I can’t believe we’re already in December and only a few days away is Christmas. I’ve already begun to notice that people are getting more and more shopping crazy and that the stores are getting busier and more crowded as the days pass. It can be difficult knowing what to get your friends and family but that’s why I think this post should help anyone who has a person in their life who loves makeup. I’m going to be showing you everything that Youngblood Cosmetics are going to be bring out for Christmas.

Contouring is a trend that has hit the cosmetics industry hard and by hard I mean every brand under the sun wants to get in on it with their product. The star for this year has got to be the SoSueMe by Suzanne Jackson contouring palette but because that’s in such high demand it can be a tad bit hard to find. Youngblood Cosmetics has their version, and even though it’s a little bit more expensive (coming in at 43 euros) than the SoSueMe one it’s comparably similar.

“An all essential palette to shade and highlight like a professional, whilst incorporating the additional skin nurturing benefits of mineral make-up.”



If your looking to purchase for someone whose just starting out in makeup than this kit should fit the bill. The Youngblood Purely the Basics kit contains everything that a person could need for their first experience with makeup. As an added benefit it’s all mineral makeup, meaning they aren’t clogging their young healthy skin with bad ingredients that can be in some less expensive kits. This kit comes in at a price of 42.50 euros and contains a total of 4 full sized products.

“This kit gives you everything you nee in order to achieve a flawless look without clogging pores and flaring up acne including mineral foundation, mineral rice setting powder, crushed mineral blush and a kabuki blending brush.”


A kit that goes great with the one I just featured is the Youngblood Whiplash Mascara Set as no look is completed without a bit of mascara. This retails for 35 euros but the great thing about it is that your getting a lash primer in the kit as well as a mascara so you know that whoever receives this will have incredible looking lashes.

“Our whiplash mascara set includes a mineral lash primer and our signature mascara. Perfect for an eye-catching look.”


One of the best presents to give and receive during Christmas is a good quality brush set especially because buying brushes individually these days can be a bit expensive. Youngblood have decided to put together a 6 piece brush set in a handy travel case that contains almost everything brush wise that you would need to create an entire face. Price is 40 euros.

“Made from the highest-grade natural and synthetic materials, this brush set can be used to sculpt, bronze and complete any look on the  go!


Everybody loves a good lipstick/eyeshadow for the holidays and I personally think they make the best stocking stuffer. These lippies and eyeshadows may be a little bit pricey but their formulation cannot be doubted on how good it is. Best to give something that will be used and loved.

Intimatte Lipsticks (19.50 euros each)
“Formulated with emollients and vitamin E, the luxurious lipsticks will give you a beautiful matte look that will last for hours.”

Pressed Eyeshadow Duos (25 euros each)
“Our pressed eye shadow duo’s come in four dazzling shades, Virtue, Graceful, Charismatic and Desire. These colours which come in matte and shimmery shades are perfect for a party ready look this season!


I hope these posts help out any of you who are reading and if your interested in reading other posts like these for inspiration please check out the links I’ve left below.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: All images used in the post have be acquired via brand PR representatives and are for illustrative purposes only. All images remain property of Youngblood Cosmetics™

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SoSueMe Nail Polish

Way back in September I attended the Flormar Event Dublin! #FabulousFlormar and on the day I ended up winning a SoSueMe by Suzanne Jackson hamper filled with some of her iconic products. I was planning on doing a what I got post but realized that all that was in the hamper was the palette, lashes and these polishes so it really would have been a boring post. That being said I still want to feature the products on the site so I will definitely some time in the near future be publishing a review of the contour palette but for today I’ve decided to give you guys my thoughts on the nail polishes that I received.


I got two in the hamper the I’m going to begin with my favourite out of the two. It’s the SoSueMe nail polish in the shade Fairy Wings. This is an amazing soft lilac/lavender toned purple polish and purple being my favourite colour I was head over heels in love with this shade the minute I popped it on my nails. The actual bottle that the polishes come in has been really well designed with the rose gold cap and the chic square bottle to give a high-end feel to a highstreet brand.


Formulation wise they are a bit inconsistent in my opinion. The shade Fairy Wings had an amazing formulation in that application was smooth and highly pigmented with the one coat. I personally always paint my nails two coats regardless just to avoid chips. However I found that the second shade’s formulation was completely different in that the first coat went on completely transparent and then when I applied the second coat it became a little bit streaky. The top coat that I used helped a lot in hiding those streaks.


The second shade that I got is called I Do and it’s very much true to it’s name. It’s that perfect cream shade that would look amazing for bride’s nail or even bridesmaids. I love the colour don’t get me wrong but I’m not a fan of this particular shades formulation. I also found that there was an inconsistency with the brushes of the polishes as well.


The shade Fairy Wings had a nice wide brush that covered the nail with one swipe, making application so easy. I Do, however had a thinner brush which I personally found to be the reason for the polish going on so streaky. I love the shades, and depending on the shade I love the formulation. I however won’t be purchasing anymore shades because the range is so inconsistent and a brand need to be consistent especially in something as basic as nail polish.


Before I go I will quickly review the nail polish remover that I also got in the hamper. You get 150mls of product and it is acetone-free and for an acetone-free remover it does take of polish quite nicely without leaving any behind. It is scented with raspberry and grape and I think there are other scents in the range. Weirdly the scent smells really nice in the bottle however I found when using it to remove the polish the scent clung to my fingertips which to be honest just ended up giving me a headache. To be honest I don’t think there’s anything special about the SoSueMe nail polish remover that you need to run out and buy it.

I don’t honestly know when I’ll have the review of the palette done, I’m still testing it out and giving it a good go. Let me know if you’ve tried any of the SoSueMe nail polishes and have found shades that are like Fairy Wings in formulation so I can maybe pick them up. I don’t want to waste my money on streaky nail polish 🙂

-Talk Soon xx

PS: My go to top coat for painting my nails is the Nails Inc. top coat with built in strengther…its pink in the bottle. 😉


Flormar Event Tutorial

For those of you who have read my previous post than you would know that I attended the Flormar beauty event that took place in Castleknock Hotel and Country Club on the 18th of September. It was amazing and if you want to know everything that happened then go on an read that post because in this one I’m only going to be writing about the tutorial that was done. The amazing Michelle Regazzoli of MRSMakeup is a famous Irish Makeup Artist and she did a gorgeous bronzed makeup look on the model, Lauren, who is now the new face of Flormar.


In this post I’m going to be going through all the steps she took to create the look that she did. Unfornately I only have images of the final look so your gonna have to use your own intuition when recreating this look.


  •  Beginning with the T-zone area of the face, Apply Flormar Illuminating Primer Makeup Base using the Flawless Wonder Brush No.7
  • Apply the Flormar Double Radiance Primer in a C-shape around the eyes (where you would apply highlighter) using the same brush.
  • Once your primer has set and dried down, move onto the foundation and apply the Flormar Perfect Coverage Foundation using the Flawless Large Angled Brush.
  • Blend the foundation into the skin using the Flawless Wonder Brush No.8
  • Neutralize the eyelids using the Flormar Perfect Coverage Liquid Concealer
  • Prime them using the Flormar Perfection Primer in the shade 04 Bright Illuminator.


  • Starting with the shade EB03 Brown from the Flormar Matte Mono Eyeshadow and apply it all over the eyelid right up to the brow bone.
  • Apply the shade EB04 Dark Ash Brown to the outer corner of the eye and make sure to blend this shade through the crease to create definition.
  • Using the shade M11 Carbon Black and a small brush, define the shape of the outer corner of the eye.
  • From the Flormar 06 Pink Desert palette, apply the lightest shade of the five to the lid area.
  • Press the orange, middle shade from the 004 Golden Caramel palette over the top, avoiding the inner corner.
  • Apply more of the eye primer into the inner corner to brighten the entire eye look.
  • Apply the Flormar Gel Liner in the shade Gel Black in a winged shape to elongate the eye.
  • Apply Flormar Spider Lash Mascara in Deep Black
  • It is optional at this point whether or not you wish to add lashes. For the tutorial, lashes were added and the makeup artist used them from the brand SoSueMe and they are the Chloe lashes from the range.
  • On the lower lash line, reapply the black eye shadow and then blend it using the brown shadow that was used in the crease.
  • Apply the Flormar Triple Action Mascara onto the lower lashes.
  • Finish the eyes with a pop of colour on the waterline using the Flormar Eye Liner in the shade 112.


  • Fill in the brows with the Flormar Gel Liner in the shade Bole Brown
  • Once their filled in, crave out the shape of them by outlining them with concealer above and under the arch only.
  • Set the concealer using loose powder


  • Contour the face using the Flawless Contouring Palette
  • Set the cream contour with the Flormar Bronzer
  • Add Blush (Shade used is Touch of Apricot)
  • Highlight using Flormar Dual Gold


  • Line the lips with the Flormar Lip Liner in the shade 224
  • Apply the lipstick in the shade L10 Chic Aubergine
  • Finish with a touch of lipgloss in the centre of the lips in the shade 112 Royal Purple.


The entire look was then set with the Flormar Makeup Fix Spray. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. I know there wasn’t that many images to help with the step by step but hopefully it was easy enough to follow. If not please ask me to go over any of the steps below and I will be more than happy too!

-Talk Soon xx




Flormar Event Dublin! #FabulousFlormar

I don’t even know how to start this post because I’m so excited about everything that I am about to write. Yesterday (Sunday the 18th of September) I attended the long awaited Flormar beauty roadshow. I booked tickets for this event back in August and have been excited to attend it ever since. I have to say it’s everything I hoped it would and better. There was an incredible makeup tutorial by the beautiful Michelle Regazzoli of MRSMAkeup who is a very famous Irish Makeup Artist. There was a talk all about Flormar from the CEO of the company Paul Mooney and of course there were a ton of giveaways and I actual won one!! I know shock horror I never win anything haha.


The event was taking place at the beautiful Castleknock Hotel and Country Club and began at 3pm. The venue was designed so beautifully with round tables all covered in white cloths and gold ribbons. They accented the tables with Orchids as centre pieces and their was even an Instagram Frame on each table to take selfies with.


Each seat had a welcome present of a candle from the brand Bakery Fresh. I received mine in the scent Lime and Cilantro which is green in the jar. I really like the scent of this, it’s strong and intense but the lime in it softness it as well so it’s not overpowering.


Throughout the event a makeup lesson was preformed by the Makeup Artist Michelle Regazzoli and I will have a step by step tutorial including all the products she used coming up on the blog soon. The CEO of the company, Paul Mooney also gave a talk about how he started out in cosmetics and established Flormar in Ireland and also created his own line called FLAWLESS.


In between the makeup lessons Paul opened the floor to Q&A with the best question receiving hampers as prizes. It really motivated the crowd and I ended up winning a SoSueMe hamper for my question which I was really delighted about.


Once the event was over they gave everyone who came a goodie bag with some Flormar and Flawless cosmetics in it. Plus the goodie bag is gorgeous popping pink colour that would make a great beach bag for the summer months.

I will of course being doing another post where I go through the goodie bag and show you what I got in it. The same applies for the SoSueMe hamper and with that I will also do a review of the Contouring palette in hamper once I try it out enough. A tutorial post will also be coming your way of the look that Michelle did on the model on the day.

-Talk Soon xx