This Is More-Holos Serum

A couple of months ago I won a little giveaway on Twitter and the prize was a little gem from the brand Holos Skincare which is an organic and natural Irish skincare brand. The product that I won was their This Is More Face & Eye Serum and since getting it in my mail box I have been using every single day that I’ve been feeling any dryness in my skin because the main ingredient in this is Hyaluronic Acid which we all know is amazing for re-hydrating the skin.


I have to say everything about this product is spot on for me. I love the packaging, the smell of it (It smells so so good!) , the texture of it and the way it feels on my skin. I find it like a mask of cooling water when applied and my skin instantly feels plumper and looks more hydrated.


I should also point out that you really don’t need alot of this product to get it applied to the entire face. I’ve had this for roughly 6  months know and I’m only a third through it. It comes with a dropper tool as it’s applicator and I found two-three drops roughly it more than enough.


The serum is available to purchase from the Holos Skin website which I shall link below (not affiliated) and retails for 42 euros

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Holos Skin Website


Ocean Bloom Seaweed & Stem Cell Moisturiser

Receiving organic skincare is probably one of the best things in the world in my book as it tends to re-assure me that what I’m putting on my skin is good for it. Recently I received the Ocean Bloom Seaweed & Stem Cell Moisturizer  and have been using it religiously ever since.


First off the moisturizer itself comes in a beautiful strong acrylic pot which is a bit heavy to travel with but at the same time is secure enough that it definitely won’t break in transit. Inside the acrylic pot you get 50 mls of product and the very first thing I can say about it is that it doesn’t have the most pleasant of scents. That said it is fragrance free so the scent is simply that of the ingredients in it.


My main issue with this moisturizer really comes from its texture. It’s very thick and heavy feeling on the skin. It’s not uncomfortable in any sense but you do feel it whenever you have it on. It doesn’t work under foundation because of it’s thickness so for days where I wanted to wear makeup I definitely had to choose a different moisturizer. I should also mention that you can’t use this moisturizer as a night one as it does contain an SPF of 25 which in Ireland means it is a great sunscreen for days when you’re good to go barefaced.


Though the texture of it is heavy and thick it did improve the appearance of the skin brilliantly. I found that any discoloration of my skin from old pimples or spots was gone within two weeks of using it. My skin also felt softer and definitely more plump. To be honest if the texture of this moisturizer was just a bit lighter I would never use anything else except it.


The moisturizer does retail for 35.50 euros and is available for purchase from the Ocean Bloom website which I have linked below.

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Ocean Bloom Website


Bentley Organic Skincare

I know lately my blog has been very heavy in the skincare department when it comes to reviews but that’s simply because I’ve been going through products on my skin like crazy. With the weather changing every week to a different season, I’ve had to use different products every week to give my skin exactly what it wants. Some weeks it could be very warm here in Ireland which causes my skin to become slightly oily on my T-zone (I have Combo skin btw) so I prefer lighter products. Last week we had Storm Emma pay us a visit and with that came snow so my skin wanted hydration & moisture asap because it went very dry and dull. You see my point 😏.


For today’s post I want to talk about some of the products that I have been using recently from Bentley Organic. Bentley Organic is a UK brand that specializes in organic products and you guys know how much I love those. Their toner I have been using for the past month and I have completely fallen in love with it. It’s alcohol free, so I never find it to be stripping on the skin and it contains both witch hazel & Ylang Ylang which makes it definitely the best smelling toner ever.  I’ve been using it both morning and night and find it so gentle, with it’s fragrance being very soothing. It’s also suitable for all skin types so that gives it extra brownie points in my book.


The second product that I’ve been trialing from this brand is their Reviving Eye Cream and unfortunately I didn’t like this at all. The only positive thing about it in my opinion is its packaging. It comes in a lovely 15 ml plastic bottle with a pump dispenser to it, so there is no annoying jar to open.


When it comes to the product itself I found that it was very heavy in texture and formulation for use on the under-eye area. Whenever I would apply this, regardless of how little I would use, I would find it to not absorb very well. I could also feel it on my under-eye area throughout the day which is a feeling I don’t like when it comes to my skincare. I personally think if this was a night cream then the consistency of it would have been perfect but for the under-eye it’s simply to heavy for me.


Let me know in the comments below any recommendations for any lightweight eye creams as I currently am in the market for one.

-Talk Soon xx

Bentley Organic Website

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Urban Veda Purifying Facial Oil

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Urban Veda as a source for my skincare. They have gorgeous products that have ingredients that genuinely work all while being under a 20 euro price tag. Recently they’ve expanded their skincare line to include facial oils for each of their specific regimens and I knew I would want to get my hands on one. My skin type tends to range between normal/combo depending on the time of year and so according to their dosha (which is a quiz that you take that tells which of the regimens to use.) I should be using either their Purifying range or their Soothing range. SAM_4144

I decided to give their purifying facial oil ago as I have already tried their cleanser, toner and moisturizer from that regimen and love them completely. I’ve actually already reviewed them on my site so I have added the link to that review below. The purifying facial oil comes in a hefty amber glass bottle and has 30mls of product in it. The oil itself is yellow in colour.


Texture wise I found this oil to be rather thick, however it is not heavy on the skin whatsoever. The thickness of it simply means that in order to get it to be applied evenly over the face and neck you do have to use it alot of product and personally I didn’t like that. I personally found that this oil works better when mixed in with a lighter and more gel textured moisturizer and then applied. It’s a similar technic to the one I use with the Gioventu Natural Vitamin E Oil.

My skin absolutely loves this oil and drinks it up like water. I would recommend you reserve it for use at night as it can feel a bit heavy for day time use.

-Talk Soon xx

#PamperWeekend: Urban Veda Purifying Range

Lip Products

Balmkind Lipbalm

Lipbalms are one of those things in my skin routine that I have to be constantly changing simply because my lips, for some strange reason, tend to grow accustomed to any lipbalms that actually work on them. What I mean by that is I will find a lipbalm that I like and that actually works in keeping my lips hydrated but then after a while it stops working on them and they go back to being their old chapped selves. It annoys me so much when this happens and it’s happened alot-regardless of the price tag that comes attached to the lipbalm.


Recently I was lucky enough to be sent the BalmKind Alpine Rose and Lysine Lipbalm to try out and to be honest my lips desperately need it as I’ve just recovered from a bad case of the flu and I have literally no moisture left in them at all. The lipbalm comes in the most gorgeous blush pink tube that contains 10 ls of product in it. The texture of it is like a gel and it has a nice cooling effect to the lips when it’s applied. I personally found it to feel more like a mask on the lips than a lipbalm which I have to say I really like, especially because I can reserve this for the nightime and have soft lips when I wake up in the morning.


The tube has the typical doe-foot slanted applicator to it which to be honest I wish had some sort of sponge on it because it feels very hard and plastic against the lips when applying it. The colour of the lipbalm is the same as the tube which is a nice touch I have to say. For those of you worried about the scent and taste of it seeing as it contains rose I found the scent wise it doesn’t linger-literally gone the minute you apply it it. With regards to taste it really doesn’t have one.

I have to say I have really enjoyed using this lipbalm for the past two weeks and can say it has saved my lips after them be so dehydrated from being flu-ridden. I just hope it stays working on them in the future.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: Some of the products featured on this site have been sent for review consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored.

Uriage Skincare

Uriage Eau Thermale is one of those skincare lines that is suitable for any skin types whether it’s oily, dry, sensitive or normal/combo. This is because it uses ingredients in its products that are pure, natural and completely hypo-allergic. Not only that but everything from their range feel exceptionally light and hydrating on the skin so it’s very comforting to use.


One of their cult products has definitely got to be their Thermal Water Spray which is a light hydrating water spray that you can use to refresh the skin. I find this perfect in summer when I’m feeling super hot and need something to cool me down, in winter when the weather completely soaks all moisture from the skin-this adds right back in.


It can be used before makeup to prep the skin as a nice hydrated base and it can also be used throughout the day over makeup just to revive it again. The sprayer itself spritz the water super finely. It can be used on babies as well should any be suffering from nappy rashes.


They’re under eye contour cream is great if you’re looking for a simple eye cream that doesn’t really do anything other than hydrate the eye area. This doesn’t have any anti-wrinkle properties to it and it doesn’t get rid of any black bags so if that’s what you’re looking for then stay away for this, it will disappoint. That said if you don’t have any problems with your eye area then this is a great choice just to plump up the skin surrounding the eyes.


It comes in a 15 ml tube that has a really thin nozzle to it. A drop of this is more than sufficient to tap into the under-eyes and the texture of it is just like water. It also gives a very nice cooling effect so if you do suffer from puffy eyes than popping this into the fridge and using it in the morning, works amazingly too!


Their Light Water Cream I’ve actually been using as my SPF sunscreen simply because I live in Ireland and an SPF of 20, which is what this has, is more than sufficent for our winter weather. I don’t recommend this as a sunscreen for the summer-you need something in the 50 region. This has such a thin consistency that using it first and then applying another moisturizer or foundation on over it doesn’t cause things to feel to thick.

Have you ever tried anything from the Uriage skincare range? Please let me know in the comments below!

-Talk Soon xx


Herbalife Skincare

When it comes to skincare, I tend to be a creature of habit and stick to the products that I know and love. This is obvious to anyone who watches my Instastories (@SooSoBeauty) but recently I was contacted by the lovely people who take care of Herbalife Skincare asking me to try out their newly launched skincare line.


New skincare? Who could say no! I should state for the record that my skin is normal with a slightly oily t-zone in the summer months and only get breakouts if a product doesn’t work for my skin or when it’s my time of the month.



The Herbalife Skin Polishing Citrus Cleanser is what is known as a physical exfoliator. It contains small beads made from Jojoba oil which burst when you massage it into your skin while cleansing. I personally loved this cleanser, it made my skin feel really clean without that stripped feeling to it. It was honest surprise because I normally don’t like cleanser that use beads but with these being natural, they were extremely gentle against by skin.


After cleansing, I always us a toner just to get rid of any residue. For this I’ve been reaching for the Herbalife Skin Energizing Toner which is actually a spritz on toner. I absolutely love that it has a spray on it. It makes it so easy and quick to use. It didn’t sting my skin at all which tells me that there is no crappy ingredients in it like Alcohol and I’ve also found it great for spritzing on over makeup just to refresh it a bit.


Last product I have is the Herbalife Daily Glow Moisturiser and my word this is probably the best moisturizer I have ever used that works like such an incredible primer as well. It has such a radiance to it as a cream, and this is certainly reflected when you rub it into the skin. It’s so natural looking and your skin simply glows with this moisturiser on. It’s subtle but that said it does still radiant through any foundation you apply over to give you a nice dewy finish.


I have honestly loved using these products over the past few weeks that I have had them however I need to say I didn’t like the smell of them. I don’t know what it is but them all smell so synthetic. The cleanser has a fake lemon smell to it, the toner smells like fake flowers and the moisturizer like fake soap. If you’re sensitive to smells (pregnant women beware) then I would take caution when trying these out. The smell doesn’t last though, it does fade the minute you move onto the next product in your skincare routine.


I personally didn’t experience any breakouts with these products and found them all to be very nice to use (bar the smell) and would highly recommend them as an excellant skincare routine for anyone looking for a simple step-by-step process.

-Talk Soon xx