🍭 🍬 PS…Eye Candy 🍭 🍬

Primark/Pennys have done it again, they’ve hit the nail on the head with the amazing new release of their Eye Candy collection which is available in all stores now. I was planning on doing a simple overview post on the collection but when I saw the actual products instores I couldn’t not pick up a few of the pieces to try out.



The star of the collection has got to be the nine pan eyeshadow palette. Upon initial glance at the palette you would immediately compare the packaging to the BHCosmetics ShaaanXO Palette or to Kylie Cosmetics. Personally I thin Primark/Pennys could have afforded to pop a mirror into it but overall I like the bright bubblegum pink that they used as the colour for the scheme of the collection.


Like I said this palette comes with nine eyeshadows, six are matte and three are shimmers. The mattes are super soft and smooth and blend out perfectly. I will say the shimmers are more pigmented and pack more of a punch on the eyes when applied.



The palette is very cool toned when it comes to the shades of the actual shadows. Colour range wise it has one base lid shade ad 3 really good shades for using as transitional colours. The shimmers are amazing for packing onto the lid. You don’t even need to use all of the colours as a single shade looks beautiful all on it’s own.


As part of this collection they also released three pigments. I have to admit I don’t like these as much as I like the palette. The colours are absolutely beautiful and they swatch gorgeously on the back of my hand. My only issue is that when I go to blend this pigment out after packing it on, the shimmer tends to disappear and it’s really the shimmer that makes this pigment unique.


The pigment retails for 2.50 euros and the palette for 6 euros so their both bargains. The collection also has three new shades of matte lippies and a face kit.

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Primark/Pennys Paint Pots

It seems as of late Primark Beauty has really been uping their game when it comes to their makeup and skincare releases. Their most recent release has got to be these new paint pots that I discovered while browsing their many stands looking for their new bronze and pink highlighter powders, which FYI I didn’t actually find. Now if I was to describe my thoughts on these products it can probably be stated in two words: IT’S COMPLICATED.


The paint pots themselves come in the typical packaging of a glass jar with twist on lid to ensure the product does not dry out. I, myself have three different shades of these paint pots however I’m not sure exactly how many colours were released overall. The first of these shades is possibly the only one out of the three that I can say a good thing about.


The colour of it is a nice subtle gold tone that is great for using as a base for powder eyeshadows. Personally I think this only works for me because of how light the shade colour is. The pigmentation of this shade, is intense on initial application but I find that it loses its shine and metallic finish the more I blend it out on the eye.


The second shade I have is this bronze shade that would be consider two tones darker than the gold shade above. I’m describing this shades more than giving you guys the names of them because unfortunately these don’t have any shade names or numbers to indicate what shade colour they are. You simply have to go by the colour visible through the glass jar and the sticker on the lid.


This bronze shade is ok…and I say that with a heavy heart as I can’t really find any other word to describe it. When you go to apply this, it gives such an incredible bronzey metallic shade but the minute you go to blend it out it loses that metallic shade and becomes a boring brown. Also I found as you blend it tends to become patchy and slightly ball up in the creases of the eye. Layering powders over it cause it to become overly chunky and crease in the exact same places where the creases are too.


The exact same thing can be said for this next shade which is meant to be an intense emerald green colour. This shade is even worse than the bronze because the end result of all your blending and applying is just a dark, patchy smudge on your eyelid. I honestly couldn’t make this work no matter how little nor how much I applied of it and blended. I event tried packing it and it just resulted in a lot of creasing on the eyelid.


These retail for just two euros a piece so I’m not bothered that they didn’t work for me as they are relatively inexpensive but I definitely don’t recommend them at all. These were a complete fail of a product and bar the golden shade which I honestly think only works for me because it’s so light of a colour, they are patchy unblendable products.

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Lip Products

My First Dupe!

As you can probably guess from the title of this post, this is going to be a review of my very first dupe product. Now for those who don’t know what a dupe is, let me clarify. A dupe, is a product that is similar to a higher end product and enables the user to achieve the same effect as the higher end product at a lesser price tag. It is not meant to be a rip-off or a copycat. Those are not dupes, those are just brands stealing ideas from other brands.


My dupe comes from the land of Primark/Pennys and is a much less expensive version of the very hyped about Too Faced Unicorn Tears Lipstick. The hype around this product is because it’s actually a blue lipstick that applies to the lips to give a really holographic popping pink shade. It’s very similar to those PH lipsticks that are green in colour and then become a soft pink.


Primark’s version is called Pixie Kisses and it’s also a blue lipstick. Upon comparasion between the two lippies (via online images) I noticed that the Too Faced version doesn’t have obvious glitter particles in it like the Primark one does. It has more of a purple iridescent sheen running through it. The Primark one doesn’t have that sheen, instead it has small tiny silver glitter particles.


Though the glitter is there it doesn’t cause any chunky feeling on the lips. The formulation of this lipstick is very hydrating and moisturising and applies on very nicely without any patchiness. I found the pigmentation of it to be brilliant to and when comparing the shade of pink it has to online pics of the Too Faced version this one is slightly more pink toned in colour whereas that one is more of a purple-blue shade.


The Too Faced lipstick as far as I know retails for 21.78 euros whereas the Primark one is only 2 euros. Big difference me thinks. I personally have enjoyed wearing this lipstick a lot as I found it to be very faltering on the lips. The only issue I have with and I don’t know if this is the same with the Too Faced version as I don’t own it, is the smell of this lipstick is seriously unpleasant. It has a very sweet sickly scent to it almost like bubblegum.

I don’t know if this is going to be a limited edition product from Primark but they are selling out like hot cakes from stores so if you want one I say go go go!

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Primark Metallic Cream Eyeshadows

A while back ago I got sent the press release for the Primark/Pennys (as it’s called here in Ireland) Metals Collection. I ended up doing an overview post of the collection which can be read here: Primark New Metals Collection. From that collection I was super excited to get my hands on the Metallic Cream Eyeshadows. I had wanted to get all four shades however I only managed to pick up three of them due to the fact that the first shade is super popular.


Now none of these eyeshadows are named or numbered and can only be differed from one another by the thin band on the tube that shows what the colour is. The first shade is very much what I would consider a soft rose gold shade that has a slight pinky undertone running through it.


The formulation of these eyeshadow is super creamy and highly pigmented. There’s not a lot of play time with these so I do recommend you work on one eye at a time when using them.



The second shade is a lot more of a bronze gold shade. This one is great if your looking to create a nice brown smoky eye look. I love that these eyeshadows come in a squeezy tube as I think any other type of packaging would cause them to dry out rather quickly. Each tube give you 9.5 mls of product (0.32 oz) and retail for 2.50 euros each.


The last shade that I own is the perfect gunmetal grey shade for creating an intense black smoky eye. These are a bit tough to blend, and you do tend to lose some of the shimmer when blending but for the price I think that’s to be expected.


I have tried using these as bases for eyeshadows, so in place of an eye primer but they do cause the eyeshadows to crease. If you stick to layering cream eyeshadows over them you don’t get this problem. Would I recommend you get these? To be honest, their not a must have. If you like products that you can slap on and be out the door with using 4 different colours than yes these are great for that kind of thing. If your into playing with your makeup then I don’t think these would make an essential addition to your collection.

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PS…Beauty Skincare Range

Primark/Pennys (for those of us living in Ireland) have decided to expand their skincare line. They have launched  new products, all permanent and all under 3 euros. These products will be available to purchase by the end of July and as usual all the information and images will be below. Enjoy!

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Micellar Cleansing Water
2.50 euros

“This wonder product wipes away all makeup and impurities in a few simple steps”


Foaming Facial Wash

“This creamy foam gently washes away all impurities, dirt and excess oil”



“Containing rose and Vitamin E, this daily moisturizer gives you 12 hours of hydration and is ideal for normal to dry skin”


Two Phase Make-Up Remover
2 euros

“Gently removes the most stubborn of eye makeup using cucumber extract. Perfect for all skin types”


PS…Oil Free Moisturizer
2.50 euros

“This oil free moisturizer is for normal/combination skin and contains cucumber and witch hazel”


Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via brand PR representatives and are used for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Primark TM.


Primark PS Beauty

I was shopping around in Primark/Pennys (as it’s known in Ireland) the other day and I happened across one of their PS…PRO stands for what I think their more Lux version of their PS… makeup is. I had a browse of the collection and picked up a few things from the original line and have decided to share my thoughts with you guys on the range.


Let’s start with the PS…PRO range, they did have a huge selection. Everything from Foundation to Mascara to Lipsticks but because I’m such a beauty junkie already I didn’t want to pick up anything I already have. The only thing that really caught my eye from the range was their PS…PRO Longwear Lip Liner Pens.


This is a very interesting concept to me. Its basically a lip liner but it’s (A) liquid and (B) felt tip making it very unique when it comes to beauty products.The tip of this product is a nice felt tip nib that has a sharp point to it making it easy enough to line your lips with it without any mistakes.


I got it in the shade Midnight Crimson and this shade is a deep almost magenta purple that can look vampy in certain lights and very bright purple in others.The only problem I have with this product is it does have a tendency to feather on me but I would recommend apply a clear liner before diving in with this product. This retailed for 3 euros.


That’s really all I got from the PS…PRO range but in the Primark/Pennys that I was in they had the entire range of the PS… brushes in stock. Most of them I have much better quality versions of but the one I picked up I don’t have anything in it’s size within my brush collection.


I got the PS…Double Ended Stippling Brush. This is a dual ended brush that is intended for use on the cheeks for blush/highlighter application and bronzer/contour application. Because it’s a stippling brush it is dual fibred and to be honest I was genuinely surprised that it is super soft. I haven’t given it a wash yet so I will update if it keeps it softness after washing it.


What drew me most to it was the size of it. Both ends of the brush are relatively small and hence prefect for really chiselling out the face with contour and highlight. I also like the flat side because it fits perfectly on the apples of the cheeks so I would love to use it with blush to see how it will apply. This retailed for 2.50 euros.



The next product was really a magpie moment for me because I don’t generally use products like this when I do my makeup. I got the PS…Bronze Bronzing Brush which is basically one of those brushes that has the product built into it already.



I will say the brush is not soft whatsoever. The product itself isn’t that fine, I would compare this to being a glitter dust for the body its that chunky of a glitter. I will quite literally be leaving this for those disco nights when you just want to sparkle.


Last product I got is really three products because it comes in a kit. PS…Strobe Crayon Trio is a kit that contains 3 highlighting/strobing pencils and a pencil sharpener.  Each pencil is intended for a specific area of the face according to the instructions on the back. I however personally think their all to shimmer and sheer to be used as anything other that a face highlight.



The first shade is called PS…Strobe Highlight and this is very much your typical silvery highlight that can be used on both the tops of the cheeks and the inner corner of the eyes to brighten the complexion.



The next shade is called PS…Strobe Bronze and this is a highlighter that has a very strong gold pigmentation running through it. I love this for the tops of the cheekbones only to be quite honest. If your of a deeper skin tone than me (I wear foundation called Ivory and Alabaster in case your looking for a reference) than I would say this would look like a very natural highlight on your skin tone.



The last shade is called PS…Strobe Blush and this is a pink highlight. I like this for applying over blush as it gives the blush a very dewy look to it that’s fresh. The pink in is very obvious so I would not go over board with the application of this.


The kit also comes with a sharpener that sharpens the pencils. The only drawback in my opinion because I don’t like the faff of having to sharpen my pencils. Would have liked these better had they been twist up instead. The kit retails for 3.50 euros. That’s everything I picked up from Primark/Pennys. If you guys have an other recommendations for me …I’m basically looking for an excuse lolz :P.

-Talk Soon xx