Primark KPop Collection

Let me introduce you to what is probably the cutest collection to ever hit Primark/Pennys stores. Inspired by the many Korean beauty trends that we’re seen these days, Primark/Pennys has created an entire collection that shows off these trends at their best. We have cushion blushes, liquid highlighters, lip tints and much more so let me tell you about what’s good, bad and what’s a must have!


First products are definitely a must have and my favourite from the entire collection. These are the Primark Bubble Blush Cushion Blushers and they are simply beautiful for getting that really dewy healthy flush look on the face. The packaging is adorable. This can be said for the whole collection really. Each compact comes in the same colour as the blush itself, they all have mirrors in them which makes them even better as it means I can take them on the go.


I have three of the four available shades and each one retails for 5 euros which is a bit more pricey than normal Primark Blushes but I think that’s because this one is a cushion. The shades are Pastel Pink, Coral Dreams and Sugar Rush.


Also in the blush department in the collection are two cream blushes which are called Cloud Cream Creamy Blush. I know the cushion blushers are technically a cream but those have a bit of a dewy finish to them when they are applied onto the cheeks. These are matte and have an almost cream to powder formulation to them which makes the last longer on the cheeks. Both are great blushes it just depends on which finish you prefer.

These blushes only come in two shades and I have both. The shades are Sunset when is a gorgeous peach and Dreamy which is neutral mauve nude. These retail for 3 euros each so they are bit less expensive than the cushion blushes.


Last of the cream blush products is the Super Cheeky Cheek Tints (love the names of these products btw). This has a really interest cushion applicator that allows the product to spread out onto the cheeks almost like a mousse. It’s definitely the most pigmented of the cheek products but I have to say the colour of it isn’t my favourite.


The shade is called Bubblegum and true to its name it’s a popping pastel pink. It’s got a retail value of three euros so it’s the same price as the Cloud Creams but you get more product.


Personally I prefer both the cushion blushers and the cloud creams over this but again it comes down to how you like the finish of your blush. This gave a very glossy soft look to the cheeks which to be honest didn’t last as long as the other blushes.


Last cheek product is probably my second favourite product from the collection and another must have in my opinion. This is the Sweet Cheeks Blush & Highlighter Palette and isn’t it the cutest thing ever!! I love all the little details that went into making this palette. The heart shaped pans with the different emoji faces on them, the coloured squares to correspond to each blush/highlight shade and the “sweet as sugar” quote that you see when you open the palette. I’m not even mad at it for not having a mirror I love the quote detail so much.


All of these blushes/highlights are shimmery so I personally don’t use them as blushes on their own. I tend to layer shades Candy Floss and Bon Bon on over other blushes kind of like a topper. Shades Jelly Bean and Lemon Sherbet work great as highlighters especially when layered over the next products I’m going to talk about. Jelly Bean is the only shade that’s a dual-chrome that has an undertone of violet blue. The palette retails for 6 euros (BARGAIN!).


I have a lot of must haves from this collection and that’s only because these products are so good! And the After Glow Liquid Highlighters are no different. These are a dual-chromatic highlighters that come in frosted plastic tubes with handy sponge-tipped applicators. There are three shades available and they each retail for 3 euros each.

Formulation wise I found these highlighters to be very watery. Their also not mega shiny on the face so if you’re looking for that highlight seen from space effect with these it isn’t gonna happen unless you layer they with the Sweet Cheeks Palette.


The first shade is Shine Bright and this is the palest of the three. It’s a pale white silver that has a pink reflect to it. Shade number 2 is Glow Girl and I will say this is probably going to be the most popular of three. It’s a rose gold pink shade that has a slight silver shimmer running through it. Last shade is Diamond which is a super light blue that has a purple reflect. I absolutely love these highlighters and think they’re perfect for getting a nice everyday glow that’s going to look amazing come summer.


There is one body product available in the collection and that’s the Beamin’ Shimmer Powder. It’s basically an all over fine glitter that you can pop on your neck, arms, legs and décolleté for a nice golden glow. It retails for 3.50 euros and the shade of it is Star Cluster. It’s a nice product but nothing to write home about. The shimmer tends to disappear after about an hour of wear.


I have two eye products from the collection and the first is the Sugar Rush Palette. If I was to have a choice between the two palettes in this collection then I would said go for the Sweet Cheeks one. That’s not to say this isn’t a nice palette-it is. It’s just I personally don’t see myself reaching for this sort of palette once the summer months are over simply because of the shade range in it. They are all pastels, 6 are matte, 2 are shimmer and one is a satin finish.


The pigmentation of these shadows is really good with little to no fallout whatsoever. I love that they have a good few transition shades throw in the mix, means I don’t have to use another palette with it. Price wise it’s the same as the Sweet Cheeks palette at 6 euros.


Also for the eyes I have one of the five Eye Candy Eyeliners in the shade Tutu. This is a pale pink shade that is simple perfect for brighten the eyes and making them look bigger. It’s a really creamy pencil and it lasts so well in the waterline which is something not all eyeliners can do.

The price of this is only 1.50 euros and I’ve been using it in place of my HG Rimmel London Nude Eyeliner ever since I got it. Looks like a winner to me.


No collection would be complete without a few lip products and this collection is no different. First up we have our typical lipsticks in the form of the Jelly Belle Jelly Lipsticks. These come in four shades and retail for 2 euros each so nothing that breaks the bank.


If I was to describe the formulation of these I would say they are very much like a lip-balm. Sheer and very moisturising on the lips. They give a nice amount of pigmentation for how sheer they apply. I have two of the four shades and they are Cherryade which is a soft pastel pink and Pink Laces which is more of a coral pink.


Last of the products that I have from the collection are the Pillow Talk Matte Lip Cushion Liquid Lipsticks. The name of them says it all. They are a matte formulation liquid lipstick which I found to be a tad bit drying but nothing that a good lip-balm underneath didn’t fix.


I hate the cushion applicator, it has the tendency to get clogged with the product because of how thick the consistency is of the actual liquid lipstick. I does feel soft on the lips however and it gives a nice soft look to finish of the product. I have all three available shades and these retail for 3 euros each. The shades are Cuddle, Jelly Bean and Honey Bun.

So let’s recap! The must haves are definitely the Sweet Cheeks Palette, the Cushion Blushes, the After Glow Highlighters and the Eye Candy Eyeliner. The okay stuff are the Cloud Cream Blushes, Pillow Talk Liquid Lipstick & Sugar Rush Palette. Personally think you should do a pass on the Cheek Tint and Shimmer Powder.

-Talk Soon xx

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Primark/Pennys Nudes Collection

I think the Nudes Collection by Primark Beauty has got to be their most hyped and raved about release since they started doing makeup. The collection is very elaborate in that is stretches across everything. It has lip products, eye products, tweezers, makeup brushes, sponges and of course the most popular item, a contour set. Now, I was invited to the launch of the collection but unfortunately I couldn’t make it due to a harsh flu that decided to visit me the week of the event. Cause of that I only have the products that I managed to pick up in stores to review for this post but I will of course include images of the other products in the collection at the end.


As mentioned the most popular item from the collection has got to be the contour set. This set contains 4 items and retails for 8 euros, bringing each individual item’s price to a simple 2 euros. The set is very very similar to the KKW contour set …so similar in fact it’s basically the same packaging that has the  same amount of product with the  same shades and includes the same brush.


The only differences really is the price tag and the extra highlighter pen that is present in this set. I personally don’t like it when less expensive brands copy more high-end brands outright and I normally don’t review them but with the major difference in price tag between this and the KKW one, I think I can make an exception just this once.


Let’s begin with the contour pen. It’s double ended and both sides contain a cream contour. One side is simply lighter than the other. I have to say I really love the formulation and the texture of this pen. Both sides are super creamy and blend out beautifully on the skin. It doesn’t cling to any dry patches and looks really natural. Both shades are matte and both shades in my opinion work great on pale & medium skin tones, I personally don’t think these would show up on darker skins.


The double ended highlighter pen has a concealer for brighten whatever areas of the face you want on one side and a illuminating highlighter on the other side. I will say that the concealer side doesn’t have any coverage to it. You can’t really use it for concealing your dark circles or blemishes-it really is only good for creating a brighten effect on the face. The illuminating side hasn’t got any glitter associated with it. It looks more like a wet shine on the skin. It’s definitely not my favourite when it comes to choosing highlights but I don’t hate it.


The separate highlighting pen is definitely more of a intense highlight than the one in the double ended one. It has more of a shimmer effect associated with it and I personally think it’s nicer than the one included in the illuminating pen. All in all this contouring kit is great for those of us who struggle with contour as it basically helps you achieve the look with three simple products.


The last item in the set is the double-sided brush. I both love and hate this brush. I love the bristle side of the brush as it is super soft and works great for blending out, not only the products in this set but other cream products as well. The sponge side is really only go for blending out concealer under the eyes but my main issue with it is that it doesn’t wash well and it gets dirty really quick. With it being a sponge, bacteria becomes an issue so I’m not the biggest fan of it’s sponge side.


The next item that I picked up from the Nudes Collection is this two pack of tweezers. They are simply gorgeous, and I love the colour of them. One of the tweezers has a slanted ended which is great for removing thick hairs.


The other has a pointed end which is better for more detailed work and fine hairs. I also found them both great for popping on lashes with. They work beautifully considering they were only 2 euros in price.


Last product from the collection that I made mine was this lovely packet of sponges. I love primark/pennys sponges and think their great when damped for using to apply foundation. At 2.50 euros a price tag I thought way not give these a go. Plus they’re a gorgeous nude colour and look very nice in my Basic Beauty Tools Superdry stand.


Have you seen the new Primark Nudes Collection in stores? What do you think of it? Or are you not a fan of Primark makeup? Let me know in the comments below!

-Talk Soon xx

Other Products Within the Collection





Singles in Pennys/Primark

The title of this blog post may slightly be a tad misleading in that if you’re single and looking for a hot guy (or gal) to date please don’t go to Pennys/Primark as you will be sorely disappointed. However if you’re looking for a MAC Cosmetics dupe to their single eyeshadow refillable pan palette system that they are famous for than by all means go, because Primark has just hit genius status in my book.


I was honestly shocked when I was browsing the makeup stalls in Pennys and spotted these Custom Eyes palettes. Now when it comes to these you have two options. You can fill a nine pan palette which retails for 3 euros or you can fill a four pan palette which retails for 2 euros. Yes, just like MAC you do have to pay for an empty palette which you then fill with single eyeshadows.


I personally went for the 9 pan palette because I knew I would be putting together this review and wanted to try out as many of the eyeshadows and the quality of them as possible. Each single eyeshadow retails for 1 euro so a total of 9 euros was spent on the eyeshadows plus the palette brings everything to 12 euros. Bargain right, looks much nicer than the 49 euros one has to spend to get a MAC one.


As with all Primark/Pennys makeup some of these eyeshadows are a bit hit or miss and like everything in makeup I do have my favorites and ones I wish I had passed on to be honest. The pans are relatively the exact same size as the MAC ones though I think these might be just a smidge bigger but not by much.


The first shade that I have is probably one of the ones I could do without. It’s a good eyeshadow don’t get me wrong, it has amazing pigmentation, the shimmer is intense and it applies on the eyes like butter. To be honest they all do bar one shade which I will get to. This is the shade Gold Digger and much like the names states it’s a nice sharp gold, which unfortunately is available in almost any versatile eyeshadow palette so its nothing special.


This next shade is hands down my favorite of the 9 eyeshadows, mostly because it can be doubled up and used as a highlighter if you love your highlight to be shining to space like I do. This eyeshadow is called Opal and is an intense shimmery lilac shade that looks so soft and angelic on the eyelids. Personally I love wearing this all over the lid on it’s own with some fluttery lashes and calling it a day.


Above I mentioned that there was one eyeshadow that just did not do as well as the others with regards to quality. This eyeshadow is the most powdery and chunky out of all the ones that I picked up. Yes, it has some nice pigmentation but it’s simply not worth using it with the amount of mess it creates with all the fallout it has.


This dark purple shade is called Royal and I really wanted to love it because purple is my favourite colour but unfortunately this just did not cut it at all. Definitely one I wish I had passed on.


Blue eyeshadow is not a colour most people like to wear but lately I’ve been noticing that there are some brave souls popping it on and looking amazing in it. I definitely want to be one of those brave souls so when I saw this shade I had to add it to my selection.


Definitely a satin finish eyeshadow, this is the shade Tidal and it is the perfect jean denim blue. It packs some pigment when it’s applied but blends beautifully. I even find it dark enough that people with blue eyes don’t have to worry about washing out their eye colour by wearing this.


I think this next shade is one of the more popular shades from the choices that were available, probably because it’s the shade that everyone will feel the most comfortable in.


I have to say though this looks like your typical shimmery brown that you can get in most neutral palettes, I don’t actually have any palettes that have a colour quite like this. It’s a very unique brown in that it is very intense and almost has a blackened undertone to it. The shade is called Hot Coco and it really does give the effect of molten chocolate on the eyes.


The next shade I have in my palette is another one that I really wish I had passed on because it’s simply not that unique and can be found in most versatile eyeshadow palettes.


This is the shade Cranberry and just like it’s name, it’s a satin finish cranberry eyeshadow. I find this very comparable to the Cranberry single eyeshadow from Clarins and MAC’s single eyeshadow Cranberry too. So if you have either of those you don’t need this.

For the first slot in the last row of the palette, I went for the only matte shade that spark my interest. Surprisingly I found the texture of this matte shadow to be very soft and smooth. It applied just as well as the others on the eyes and there was no powdery dust floating everywhere when I dipped my brush into it.


Colour wise this is what I would call an aquamarine green and is great for popping on the lower lash line when you want to add a pop of colour to you’re makeup look. The shade is called  Sea-foam.


Keeping in the green family, this is a gorgeous shimmery khaki eyeshadow that goes by the name Basil. Real basil (the herb) is a bit brighter in colour so I don’t know why they named it Basil.


This eyeshadow does have a slight shift to it, giving off a slight reflect of gold shimmer depending on how the light hits the eyes. I personally love how unique this eyeshadow is and highly recommend it to anyone looking to fill a palette themselves.


Last eyeshadow in my palette is probably the most used shade out of all of them. This is a simple browbone highlight shade called Stripped which I use to…you guessed it, highlight my browbone.


Though it looks super intense in the swatch below, with a light hand it’s very natural and just gives a subtle glow to the arch of your brow area. I love this eyeshadow so much and it even looks nice all over the lid with a classic winged liner and mascara.


So those are my nine eyeshadow picks that I got to fill my 9-Pan palette from Pennys/Primark. I absolutely love that they’ve brought in this system and hope they introduce more shades to the line as the seasons change and new trends appear in the makeup world.


Do let me know in the comments below which shade is you’re favourite of the nine. Also if you have one of these filled please leave any recommendations for shades that I don’t have 🙂

-Talk Soon xx

Face Powders

PS…Pressed Powders

When it comes to powders, I am never one to faff around much. I look for a good, finely milled powder that will set my foundation without causing it to become heavy looking or cake. It was that simple to me. Recently however I’ve been seeing many of my favorite bloggers and youtubers using powders that have a slight tint of colour to them to achieve certain finishes on their skin. It definitely got me intrigued so when I saw that Pennys/Primark had their version of these kinds of powders in store I decided to test them out.


Both of these powders come in the same packaging, a very sturdy compact made out of transparent acrylic plastic that surprisingly feels really high-end even though these have a price tag of 4 euros. These don’t have a mirror and to be honest that doesn’t bother me as much as it normally would because I wouldn’t take these powders with me on the go. I personally have found myself only using these within my initial application of makeup and then using a normal translucent powder for touch-ups throughout the rest of the day.


The first of these powders is the PS…Rice Pressed Powder and this I have been using for setting my concealer under my eyes specifically. Because of the yellow tone this powder has it creates a brightening effect which helps eliminate any darkness that the concealer didn’t from under the eyes. It also sets the concealer beautifully as both of these powders are super finely milled and go on super smooth upon application.


The second powder is the PS…Rose Pressed Powder and this I use all over the rest of my face. The rose tint in this powder is meant to add radiance to any dull or sallow skin. I have quite a yellow undertone to my skin, plus add that I’m super pale so I’m always looking for something to take that dullness out of my skin.

Comparing the two powders, I personally found that the rice powder did in fact brighten my under eye area, this one however I couldn’t honestly see a difference between it and my regular translucent powder that I use. So I would say if you’re thinking of investing in these kinds of powders to only go for the rice version.

-Talk Soon xx


Primark/Pennys Velvet Finish Foundation

I genuinely find it so rare to find a makeup product that I don’t like probably because makeup has really come a long way in recent years and the days of plastic feeling junk being popped on our faces is gone. That said sometimes it does happen that I pick up a product, thinking it’s gonna be brilliant only to be sorely disappointed. This happened with the Primark/Pennys Velvet Finish Foundation. I need to state for the record that I love Primark/Pennys makeup products and have so many positive reviews of their products here on my blog so this review has got nothing to do with the fact that the product came from Primark/Pennys. I feel like I needed to say that because a lot of people think that anything from Primark/Pennys is going to be crap because it doesn’t have a corporate umbrella backing it. Not true, but I digress, let’s talk about this foundation and why I didn’t like.


The foundation has a lovely price tag of 6 euros and that’s probably the only good thing I’m going to say about it. I hate the packaging. It comes in a fairly hefty frosted glass bottle and has a dropper applicator to get the product out. This becomes so messy because the product tends to cover the entire dropper and so when you go to put the dropper back into the bottle, any product on the sides of it will pool out around the rim of the opening. It honesty drives me up the wall because it’s not only messy but you’re wasting so much product!


With regards to the foundation itself I didn’t like it either. It highlighted every pore, every dry patch of skin, every fine line around my eyes and nose and it looked so patchy even after blending for a good solid half hour. I tried applying it with both a dampened sponge and a brush and both gave the same result. Not only that but this also look really heavy on the skin and almost like I covered my face with a mask of foundation.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever tried such a bad foundation and highly recommend you stay clear of this should you see in stores. Let me know if you’ve tried any bad foundations lately-just so I can stay clear of them! Wasting money is not fun at all. Oh and by the way, I got this in the shade Porcelain which was actually a colour match so I was double disappointed.

-Talk Soon xx



PS…Beauty Priming Oil

I really used to be the type of girl that would walk into Primark (Pennys here in Ireland) and never be caught dead checking out their makeup or beauty products because to be quite frank they were crap. Things have definitely changed and they are constantly upping their game with every single new release they bring out in stores. One of these new releases is their PS…#InstaGirl Priming Oil and the main reason I wanted to try this is because I’ve never had a primer in the form of an oil before.


The oil itself is what I would consider to be a dry oil. It doesn’t have that greasy feeling that some oils do and it absorbs into the skin relatively quickly. That said it did feel slight heavy on my skin but I definitely liked the instant glow it gave. I did try applying this primer a number of ways; first I did the go ole fashion way by popping three to four drops onto the fingers and pressing it into the skin. This way worked like a dream and I did find that my foundation looked nice and dewy all throughout the day without any fading or patchiness.

The second way I tried applying was by adding it and mixing it in with my foundation. This way actually got rid of the heavy feeling of it on my skin, however I only recommend you do this with a matte finish or velvet finish foundation as a dewy finish will cause you to look like a grease ball by the end of the day and nobody wants that!


I have to say I really like this primer, it does the job exactly how it says it will on the packaging. My only complaint is the packaging, its in a glass bottle! Pretty to look at but not the easiest to travel with at all. Furthermore I think the bottle should be just a tad bit bigger. You only get 20mls of product whereas most primers come in either 30ml tube or 50ml tubes.

This primer retailed for 6 euros so it isn’t expensive but it’s also not the cheapest in Primark stores that’s for sure. Let me know if you’ll be picking this up to try or if you have other recommendations for primers.

-Talk Soon xx

Lip Products

Primark Beauty New Lip Kit Shades

This item is probably considered to be the biggest dupe in the beauty industry for the very coveted Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits. Introducing the Primark Beauty version, which has a liquid lipstick and lip liner packed together as a set. Now I personally have never used these kits and certainly don’t plan too cause to be frank I’m one of those people that just prefers good ole fashioned lipsticks but I thought I would do this post to show you guys the four new shades that Primark/Pennys has launched for these kits.

Each of these lip kits retails for four euros and are available now in most Primark/Pennys stores nationwide.

-Talk Soon xx

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