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Primark Beauty New Lip Kit Shades

This item is probably considered to be the biggest dupe in the beauty industry for the very coveted Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits. Introducing the Primark Beauty version, which has a liquid lipstick and lip liner packed together as a set. Now I personally have never used these kits and certainly don’t plan too cause to be frank I’m one of those people that just prefers good ole fashioned lipsticks but I thought I would do this post to show you guys the four new shades that Primark/Pennys has launched for these kits.

Each of these lip kits retails for four euros and are available now in most Primark/Pennys stores nationwide.

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🍭 🍬 PS…Eye Candy 🍭 🍬

Primark/Pennys have done it again, they’ve hit the nail on the head with the amazing new release of their Eye Candy collection which is available in all stores now. I was planning on doing a simple overview post on the collection but when I saw the actual products instores I couldn’t not pick up a few of the pieces to try out.



The star of the collection has got to be the nine pan eyeshadow palette. Upon initial glance at the palette you would immediately compare the packaging to the BHCosmetics ShaaanXO Palette or to Kylie Cosmetics. Personally I thin Primark/Pennys could have afforded to pop a mirror into it but overall I like the bright bubblegum pink that they used as the colour for the scheme of the collection.


Like I said this palette comes with nine eyeshadows, six are matte and three are shimmers. The mattes are super soft and smooth and blend out perfectly. I will say the shimmers are more pigmented and pack more of a punch on the eyes when applied.



The palette is very cool toned when it comes to the shades of the actual shadows. Colour range wise it has one base lid shade ad 3 really good shades for using as transitional colours. The shimmers are amazing for packing onto the lid. You don’t even need to use all of the colours as a single shade looks beautiful all on it’s own.


As part of this collection they also released three pigments. I have to admit I don’t like these as much as I like the palette. The colours are absolutely beautiful and they swatch gorgeously on the back of my hand. My only issue is that when I go to blend this pigment out after packing it on, the shimmer tends to disappear and it’s really the shimmer that makes this pigment unique.


The pigment retails for 2.50 euros and the palette for 6 euros so their both bargains. The collection also has three new shades of matte lippies and a face kit.

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Primark/Pennys Paint Pots

It seems as of late Primark Beauty has really been uping their game when it comes to their makeup and skincare releases. Their most recent release has got to be these new paint pots that I discovered while browsing their many stands looking for their new bronze and pink highlighter powders, which FYI I didn’t actually find. Now if I was to describe my thoughts on these products it can probably be stated in two words: IT’S COMPLICATED.


The paint pots themselves come in the typical packaging of a glass jar with twist on lid to ensure the product does not dry out. I, myself have three different shades of these paint pots however I’m not sure exactly how many colours were released overall. The first of these shades is possibly the only one out of the three that I can say a good thing about.


The colour of it is a nice subtle gold tone that is great for using as a base for powder eyeshadows. Personally I think this only works for me because of how light the shade colour is. The pigmentation of this shade, is intense on initial application but I find that it loses its shine and metallic finish the more I blend it out on the eye.


The second shade I have is this bronze shade that would be consider two tones darker than the gold shade above. I’m describing this shades more than giving you guys the names of them because unfortunately these don’t have any shade names or numbers to indicate what shade colour they are. You simply have to go by the colour visible through the glass jar and the sticker on the lid.


This bronze shade is ok…and I say that with a heavy heart as I can’t really find any other word to describe it. When you go to apply this, it gives such an incredible bronzey metallic shade but the minute you go to blend it out it loses that metallic shade and becomes a boring brown. Also I found as you blend it tends to become patchy and slightly ball up in the creases of the eye. Layering powders over it cause it to become overly chunky and crease in the exact same places where the creases are too.


The exact same thing can be said for this next shade which is meant to be an intense emerald green colour. This shade is even worse than the bronze because the end result of all your blending and applying is just a dark, patchy smudge on your eyelid. I honestly couldn’t make this work no matter how little nor how much I applied of it and blended. I event tried packing it and it just resulted in a lot of creasing on the eyelid.


These retail for just two euros a piece so I’m not bothered that they didn’t work for me as they are relatively inexpensive but I definitely don’t recommend them at all. These were a complete fail of a product and bar the golden shade which I honestly think only works for me because it’s so light of a colour, they are patchy unblendable products.

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March Releases for Primark

Primark/Pennys have recently brought out their new releases for March 2017 and they’ve really taken inspiration from Instagram when it comes to these two releases. The first collection is based on achieving that flawless effect for the perfect Insta Selfie. The collection is called InstaGirl. It’s got 17 products in total and each of them is priced from as low as 2 euros to as high as 5 euros (if you can call that high).

Kimball-0881101-PS INSTA FACE STICK, grade J All, Wk 23, €5, $6
Priced @ 5 euros

The second collection actually consists of two lips kits each a different colour. These look very similar to both the Kylie Cosmetics lip kits and the BarryM limited edition lip kits that were released just last month. In comparison though both of these are significantly a lot cheaper than both of those kits.

These lip kits are 4 euros each and are available in most primark/pennys stores right now. I love the fact that they’re matte, makes for a nice change in the coming summer months.

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New PSBeauty Face Masks

I love face masks and have reviewed quite a few on my blog to show that love. Brands such as Nugg Beauty, L’oreal Paris and Beauty Belle do some of my favourite face masks. I also like Primark/Pennys for masks as well. I know, it’s weird, Primark/Pennys isn’t the first place to come to mind wen one asks were can I get a good face mask but they honestly do some of the best and I have reviewed some of them via my Primark Skincare….PS post. Recently they’ve actually expanded the range and added new masks to it. These masks are super affordable with most of them coming in at the 1 euro mark and are available to purchase in all Primark/Pennys stores now.

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Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask
1 euros

“To cleanse the day away; the deep cleansing bubble mask has oxygen rich foam that bubbles, massaging into the skin for a deep cleansing effect. The mask conditions with refreshing blueberry extract along with a natural blend of papaya, green tea and bamboo.”


Calming Heat Therapy Mask
1 euros

“For a really relaxing treat the calming heat therapy mask heats up on contact with water to give a warming feeling while hydrating and conditioning the skin with glycerine, avocado oil and a natural of apricot, jasmine and ginseng.”


Soothing Clay Mask
1 euros

“Kaolin clay and bentonite absorb excess oils and impurities from the skin in the smoothing clay mask while aloe vera, shea butter and mango extract soothes and conditions.”


Purifying Peel Off Mask
1 euros

“Reveal a fresher complexion with the purifying peel off mask containing refreshing and toning cucumber. The gel formula sets on the skin and peels off leaving the face freshened with jasmine and ginseng.”


Cranberry Lip Patch
 1.50 euros

“For kissable lips the cranberry lip patch hydrates using shea butter, tones with cranberry and witch hazel and soothes with allantoin.”


Cucumber Eye Pads
1.50 euros

“Reduce dark circles with the cleansing and toning cucumber eye pads. These contain a natural blend of mulberry, liquorice and green tea to revive and brighten skin around the eyes and soothe with aloe vera.”



Vitamin E Eye Patches
1.50 euros

“Restores the skins natural elasticity with the Vitamin E eye patches. The key ingredients in these soothing and moisturising patches are the anti-oxidant vitamin E, moisturising vitamin B5, allantoin and rose water.”


Hydrating Avocado Sheet Mask
1.50 euros

“Everyone’s favourite super food, the avocado, is the hero in the hydrating avocado sheet mask. This moisturising sheet mask hydrates with avocado oil and contains marine collagen to boost skin condition.”


Brightening Pearl Sheet Mask
1.50 euros

“Rejuvenate tired skin with the brightening pearl sheet mask. Pearl extract and vitamin B5 soothes while star anise and witch hazel refresh.”


Vitamin E Sheet Mask
1.50 euros

“To give your skin some real nourishment the vitamin E sheet mask uses a natural blend of papaya and green tea for conditioning and vitamin B5 for moisturising.”


PS Aloe Nose Strips
1.50 euros

“Unclog pores in one step with the PS aloe nose strips. After the pores have been unclogged the ingredients of witch hazel, aloe and allantoin tone and soothe.”


Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via brand PR representatives and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Primark™


Primark Metallic Cream Eyeshadows

A while back ago I got sent the press release for the Primark/Pennys (as it’s called here in Ireland) Metals Collection. I ended up doing an overview post of the collection which can be read here: Primark New Metals Collection. From that collection I was super excited to get my hands on the Metallic Cream Eyeshadows. I had wanted to get all four shades however I only managed to pick up three of them due to the fact that the first shade is super popular.


Now none of these eyeshadows are named or numbered and can only be differed from one another by the thin band on the tube that shows what the colour is. The first shade is very much what I would consider a soft rose gold shade that has a slight pinky undertone running through it.


The formulation of these eyeshadow is super creamy and highly pigmented. There’s not a lot of play time with these so I do recommend you work on one eye at a time when using them.



The second shade is a lot more of a bronze gold shade. This one is great if your looking to create a nice brown smoky eye look. I love that these eyeshadows come in a squeezy tube as I think any other type of packaging would cause them to dry out rather quickly. Each tube give you 9.5 mls of product (0.32 oz) and retail for 2.50 euros each.


The last shade that I own is the perfect gunmetal grey shade for creating an intense black smoky eye. These are a bit tough to blend, and you do tend to lose some of the shimmer when blending but for the price I think that’s to be expected.


I have tried using these as bases for eyeshadows, so in place of an eye primer but they do cause the eyeshadows to crease. If you stick to layering cream eyeshadows over them you don’t get this problem. Would I recommend you get these? To be honest, their not a must have. If you like products that you can slap on and be out the door with using 4 different colours than yes these are great for that kind of thing. If your into playing with your makeup then I don’t think these would make an essential addition to your collection.

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PS…Beauty Bath & Body Range

Primark (Pennys in Ireland) are expanding their bath and body range just in time for the cold and drying autumn/winter months. They are bring out 3 new scents and each of these scents is considered to be one collection. Each scent will be in the form of a Body Butter, Body Lotion, Body Scrub, Body Mist and Hand Cream plus Shower Gel. Images and prices will be below as always. All products should be in Primark/Pennys stores on the 1st of September 2016

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Coconut Crème

“Contains Natural Coconut and Aloe Vera Extracts”





Pink Grapefruit

“Contains Natural Pink Grapefruit, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Extracts”


Strawberry Sorbet

“Contains Natural Strawberry, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Extracts”


Body Butters
3 euros

Body Lotion
2.50 euros

Body Mist
1.50 euros

Body Scrub
2.50 euros

Shower Gel
2.50 euros

Hand Cream
1.50 euros

Disclaimer: All images used in this post have be sourced via brand PR representatives and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Primark TM.