PS…Beauty Priming Oil

I really used to be the type of girl that would walk into Primark (Pennys here in Ireland) and never be caught dead checking out their makeup or beauty products because to be quite frank they were crap. Things have definitely changed and they are constantly upping their game with every single new release they bring out in stores. One of these new releases is their PS…#InstaGirl Priming Oil and the main reason I wanted to try this is because I’ve never had a primer in the form of an oil before.


The oil itself is what I would consider to be a dry oil. It doesn’t have that greasy feeling that some oils do and it absorbs into the skin relatively quickly. That said it did feel slight heavy on my skin but I definitely liked the instant glow it gave. I did try applying this primer a number of ways; first I did the go ole fashion way by popping three to four drops onto the fingers and pressing it into the skin. This way worked like a dream and I did find that my foundation looked nice and dewy all throughout the day without any fading or patchiness.

The second way I tried applying was by adding it and mixing it in with my foundation. This way actually got rid of the heavy feeling of it on my skin, however I only recommend you do this with a matte finish or velvet finish foundation as a dewy finish will cause you to look like a grease ball by the end of the day and nobody wants that!


I have to say I really like this primer, it does the job exactly how it says it will on the packaging. My only complaint is the packaging, its in a glass bottle! Pretty to look at but not the easiest to travel with at all. Furthermore I think the bottle should be just a tad bit bigger. You only get 20mls of product whereas most primers come in either 30ml tube or 50ml tubes.

This primer retailed for 6 euros so it isn’t expensive but it’s also not the cheapest in Primark stores that’s for sure. Let me know if you’ll be picking this up to try or if you have other recommendations for primers.

-Talk Soon xx


Herbalife Skincare

When it comes to skincare, I tend to be a creature of habit and stick to the products that I know and love. This is obvious to anyone who watches my Instastories (@SooSoBeauty) but recently I was contacted by the lovely people who take care of Herbalife Skincare asking me to try out their newly launched skincare line.


New skincare? Who could say no! I should state for the record that my skin is normal with a slightly oily t-zone in the summer months and only get breakouts if a product doesn’t work for my skin or when it’s my time of the month.



The Herbalife Skin Polishing Citrus Cleanser is what is known as a physical exfoliator. It contains small beads made from Jojoba oil which burst when you massage it into your skin while cleansing. I personally loved this cleanser, it made my skin feel really clean without that stripped feeling to it. It was honest surprise because I normally don’t like cleanser that use beads but with these being natural, they were extremely gentle against by skin.


After cleansing, I always us a toner just to get rid of any residue. For this I’ve been reaching for the Herbalife Skin Energizing Toner which is actually a spritz on toner. I absolutely love that it has a spray on it. It makes it so easy and quick to use. It didn’t sting my skin at all which tells me that there is no crappy ingredients in it like Alcohol and I’ve also found it great for spritzing on over makeup just to refresh it a bit.


Last product I have is the Herbalife Daily Glow Moisturiser and my word this is probably the best moisturizer I have ever used that works like such an incredible primer as well. It has such a radiance to it as a cream, and this is certainly reflected when you rub it into the skin. It’s so natural looking and your skin simply glows with this moisturiser on. It’s subtle but that said it does still radiant through any foundation you apply over to give you a nice dewy finish.


I have honestly loved using these products over the past few weeks that I have had them however I need to say I didn’t like the smell of them. I don’t know what it is but them all smell so synthetic. The cleanser has a fake lemon smell to it, the toner smells like fake flowers and the moisturizer like fake soap. If you’re sensitive to smells (pregnant women beware) then I would take caution when trying these out. The smell doesn’t last though, it does fade the minute you move onto the next product in your skincare routine.


I personally didn’t experience any breakouts with these products and found them all to be very nice to use (bar the smell) and would highly recommend them as an excellant skincare routine for anyone looking for a simple step-by-step process.

-Talk Soon xx

Highlighter, Nail Polish

New in BarryM

BarryM Cosmetics has got to be one of the most price friendly brands in the drugstore. Their products don’t reach anything over 10 euros and most of the time they tend to have a three for two offer going on. For the summer they’ve really been launching some great products into their line and I’ve managed to pick of a few to show you guys.


First up is their new Flawless Hydro Fix Primer Water which, lets be honest, is a direct dupe for the Smashbox Primer Water. I have to say I’m a huge fan of this product. Your meant to use it in place of your typical primer but I personally use it in conjunction. I apply on my primer and then mist a light layer of this over it. It’s basically making your primer last longer so in turn your primer makes your makeup last longer.

SAM_3138The actual mister on the bottle is great too, it doesn’t splatter nor spritz. It disperses the primer water in a nice light mist evenly over the face. The only real thing I didn’t like about this product was it’s smell. It does have a slight chemically waif to it. Also if you use this to wet an eyeshadow it does work but you have to work super fast at blending because once the shadow sets ain’t nothing gonna make it move.


Liquid highlighters are probably my favourite thing ever to mix in with foundation for that dewy summer look. The Light Me Up! liquid highlighter from BarryM is a great one to use for that because it doesn’t have any chunky glitter in it. It’s very similar in consistence to the L’oreal True Match Liquid Highlighters that I still love and use.


Though it looks super dark in the bottle, it does come out more of a rose gold shade and when mixed with your foundation it gives you a nice sunkissed effect to your complexion. Again I only have one issue with this product and that’s that you don’t get a whole lot of it, and because I mix it with my foundation I know I’m going to be going through it super quick.


Ever since seeing swatches of this palette on Instagram I simply knew I needed it in my life. The Cosmic Lights palette comes with six beautiful shades of highlighter, four a cream formulation and two are powder. It also has a cute little mirror in the lid so extra brownie points for that.


Packaging wise it really isn’t the greatest. It comes in cardboard that feels like it’s gonna fall apart or rip at any second. That said the actual product is amazing. All of the cream formulations are nice and creamy to apply. They don’t have the highest intensity nor pigmentation but that’s to be expected as the idea of this palette is to layer the powder highlights over the creams. The powders are super soft too and they have great pigmentation which makes them a dream to blend.

BarryM wouldn’t be BarryM without a nail polish collection launch now would they. And they sure didn’t disappoint by releasing 5 new shades to add to their Molten Metals line. I picked up four of these shades but I won’t be saying anything about them here as I’m planning on doing a separate review for them with swatches of all of them on my actual nails so stay tuned.


Those are all the new products that I’ve picked up recently from BarryM though I’m sure those weren’t their only new launches. Let me know in comments if you’ve gotten anything new even if it’s not BarryM, it’ll give me an excuse to pop into Boots 🙂

-Talk Soon xx


Primark AW17

I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog lately and it’s genuinely not on purpose. Since the 27th of May it has officially been marked in every Muslim’s calendar that Ramadan, our fasting month, has started. Fasting, along with all my mini errands that I need to complete within the day have had me literally run of my feet. But I think that’s enough excuses, let’s get on to this blog post which is about the amazing time I had in Pennys (Primark) HQ looking at all the amazing new fashions trends which will be hitting the highstreet soon.


Three key colours dictate this years colder seasons and they are Red, Navy and Black. With such bold colours being the centre focus it only makes sense for them to have strong fabrics. Pennys wardrobe for AW17 consists of amazing pleathers, velvets and mesh detailing. I, for one am a huge fan of the pleather pieces within this range. One of my favourite piece from the collection has got to be the leather black jacket. Finally someone made a long one!


Another key piece has got to be this gorgeous velvet pleated navy skirt. I can totally imagine that this piece being a staple in almost every wardrobe. It’s very versatile and can be dressed up and dressed down depending on the mood and occasion. Personally I would dress it up with a pair of gorgeous embroidered boots, which were also key accessories for this season.


20170601_114338  penneys_785818

It wouldn’t make sense for Pennys to forget the party season and they definitely had some fun pieces to showcase including sequins booties, metallic dresses and gorgeous jewellery.

All in all I had an amazing time visiting the Pennys HQ and I hope this post has inspired you with ideas of what to get for the coming months. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see a Pennys haul anytime soon and it will give me an excuse to go shopping!

-Talk Soon xx


Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Primer

Primer is a product that I cannot go a day without using. I wear it even when I don’t plan on putting anything else on my face. It helps even out my pores and skin tone in one easy and simple step. Most of the primers that I use are very silicone based and I generally like them with that texture. My favourites are the L’oreal Mattifying Primer and the Clarins Instant Light primer. Recently I was sent the Jane Iredale Smooth Affair primer to try out.


The main selling point with this primer is that it’s meant to brighten the skin whilst helping with the appearance of pores and fine wrinkles. So it does have some anti-ageing benefits to it too. The texture of it is very cream based though it does have a slight silicone feel to it once it dries down on the skin. I found that my skin did look illuminated when I applied this as it does have a slight golden tint to it.


I liked how it absorbed into the skin, it felt a bit like a lightweight moisturiser if I’m honest. The only real issue I had with this primer was the scent of it. Jane Iredale claims that the “Light, fresh fragrance will lift your mood” however I found it to be very overpowering and heavy. For a brand that caters to sensitive skin, I’m not entirely sure how this product will react on sensitive skin to be honest.


The best thing about this product has to be that it can be worn alone and still give you a nice fresh illuminated look to your skin. I personally have been reaching for it almost every single day especially on the days when I don’t want to wear any makeup at all. A tube of this primer contains approx. 50mls of product and retails for 46 euros.

-Talk Soon xx

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Cellex-C Hydrasmooth Enhancer

Moisturizer is definitely one of the products within ones skincare that you can certainly save when is comes to purchasing it. Most of the benefits that the skin requires can be sought by using a good serum. Sometimes though I come across a product that can save me just a little more time when it comes to daily life and my routine. I’m talking about my recent discovery of the Cellex-C International Hydrasmooth Enhancer. For transparency I will say that I didn’t discover this by myself, it was sent to me but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a good product to own.


The jar contains 60mls of product within in it, and though the outer packaging is rather boring, the product itself has an interesting lilac colour to it. It does not smell great but then again I really wasn’t expecting it to with the entirety of the product being so clinical. The cream itself has a thick consistency similar to that of yogurt which makes sense seeing as the main ingredient is in fact a probiotic extract.


I have to say there is definitely an ingredient in this product that causes it to have the double effect of not only being a moisturizer but also acting like a primer on the skin. The texture of this cream when applied to the skin causes any pores, fine lines and wrinkles to instantly be redefined and perfected, giving that air-brush effect. It doesn’t contain any silicone so they’ve obviously used something else in it’s place.


The cream claims to “promote younger looking skin” and with the fact that it has a primer effect on the skin I do agree that it makes the skin look younger. However I have found that if I stop using it and use my regular moisturiser (Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb (Day)) with a different primer, my skin looks a bit lack lustre so the whole “promote” thing isn’t really true in my opinion.


Cellex-C products are available to Ireland via website and to those living in the UK you’ve got Harvey Nicholas as well.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: Some of the products featured on this site have been sent for review consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored


Jane Iredale Dream Tint

I recently did a review about the Jane Iredale PureMoist Lipstick in which I spoke all about how Jane Iredale is a natural makeup cosmetics brand so I’m not going to be a broken record and go back over that again. I will say however that since I’ve been trying out their products I’ve stalking their Instagram and Twitter feed for more information about their products.


Some of the most prominent products that featured on the Jane Iredale social media sites are their base products. One of the base products from Jane Iredale which I have been wearing almost every single day is their Dream Tint in the shade Lilac Brightener. I’ve been wearing this as a sort of primer/ daily moisturiser underneath the Jane Iredale Mineral Foundation. Because of it’s texture it makes for a nice canvas for the powder to cling to when applying it.


The shade Lilac Brightener is really a lilac tinted cream which I personally find great because my skin is very pale so it suffers from sallowness and the lilac tint counteracts this. There are more tinted versions of this that have actual coverage to them. The formulation of this is very light on the skin but at the same time it blurs fine lines and fills in pores sort of like a primer/moisturiser hybrid …a 2in 1 product.


This does contain a SPF of 15 but I’ve found no flash back even though I use the powder over it and that has SPF 20. It retails for 32 pounds/35 euros and is available to purchase from the Jane Iredale website which I’ve linked below.

-Talk Soon xx

Jane Iredale Website

Disclaimer: Some of the products featured on this site have been sent for review consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored.