Alien Flora Futura by Thierry Mugler

It’s very very rare, if ever that I review perfume on my blog. There have been some posts, I won’t lie, and if you’re interested in them I will have them linked below. The main reason why I don’t review perfume is because I wholeheartly believe that perfume is a personal and private thing. Everyone is different, with different tastes and a different sense of smell. So what I might find uplifting and floral others might consider to be grannish and old-fashioned. It’s simply comes down to preference.

The latest fragrance release by brand Theirry Mugler is, however, another story. Alien Flora Futura, with it’s key notes of citrus, jasmine and sandalwood, is a fragrance in my opinion that’s perfect for everyones tastes.


I really want to get into the actual smell of the perfume itself (which is simply amazing!) but before that I have to praise the artistic creativity of the person or persons responsible for designing the crystal perfection that is the bottle. It literally looks like an pink diamond, and with all the angular and sharp edges that it has it makes such a unique addition to anyones vanity table.

With the first spritz of Alien Flora Futura, you are transported into floral heaven. I must stress how soft and feminine the scent is-nothing about this whatsoever is overpowering or heavy. As the top note dies down, the more the musky and deep scent of sandalwood become more apparent. I use the word musky, because it definitely has that intensity of a nighttime sexy perfume but because of it being balanced by the floral notes, it can definitely be worn during the day as well.


I personally found that two spritzes of this perfume was more than enough to last me throughout the day, including the few days in which we had a bit of sun here in Ireland (when I say few I mean one…spring where are you?). I didn’t need to top up at all and I should mention that almost everyday that I wore this perfume I got complimented on it and asked what it was. I highly highly recommend you head to a perfume counter near you and have a quick spritz as I know you won’t be disappointed by it.


The bottle pictured is the 60ml size and this retails for 63 euros but there is also a smaller size (pictured above) and this retails for 48 euros. Retailers who stock this include Arnotts and Debenhams.

-Talk Soon xx

Ghost Fragrances For Christmas

Jo Browne Fragrance

Pressie from the Hubby

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Ghost Fragrances For Christmas

Recently I did my 2017 Beauty Gift Guide and in it I mentioned how gifting perfume to a person can sometimes be a bit of a hazard. This is really only because not everyone likes the same scents, and what may smell lovely to you may not necessary be pleasant to someone else. Ghost Fragrances however have done something unique this Christmas in that they’ve brought out various different gift sets in each of their different scents meaning there will be something that will definitely appeal to everyone. I was lucky enough to get scent some of the mini sets to review but I’m going to leave them until the end and quick list the info of the other gift sets first along with prices.

Limited Edition For Christmas 2017

Exclusive to Superdrug

Ghost Beauty Collection
45 Pounds

Contains: 30ml Ghost Deep Night Perfume, 5ml Ghost Original Traveller, 10ml Ghost Eclipse Traveller, Deep Night Nail Polish, Candle, Eyeshadow Palette, Makeup Bag.

GHOST Beauty Box

Ghost Mini Trio
 12 Pounds

Contains: 10ml Ghost Deep Night Traveller, 10 Ghost Eclipse Traveller, Lipgloss.


Exclusive to The Perfume Shop

Ghost Christmas Star
40 Pounds

Contains: 30ml Ghost Dream Fragrance, 5ml Ghost Original Traveller, 5ml Ghost Sweetheart Traveller, 10ml Ghost Dream Night Traveller, 10ml Ghost Eclipse, 10ml White Light. [In this you’re basically getting every single scent available within the ghost range].


Ghost Whitelight Gift Sets: 50ml
 38 pounds

Contains: 50ml Ghost Whitelight Fragrance, 10ml Whitelight Traveller, lipgloss, nail polish, mirror, makeup bag.

Ghost_Xmas17_Whitelight 50ml

30ml Gift Set
27 Pounds

Contains: 30ml Ghost Whitelight Fragrance, Mirror.

Ghost_Xmas17_Whitelight 30ml

10ml Stocking Stuffer
8 pounds

Contains: 10ml Traveller and Nail Polish

Ghost_Xmas__Whitelight Mini

Exclusive to Boots

Ghost Sweetheart 30ml Gift Set
27 Pounds

Contains: 30ml Sweetheart Fragrance and Candle

Ghost_Xmas17_Sweetheart 30ml

Everything else is not exclusive to any one store. As far as I know you can purchase the rest from all of the suppliers which I’m going to list below.

Ghost Dream Gift Set: 50ml
38 Pounds

Contains: 50ml Dream Fragrance, 10ml Traveller, Mirror, Diary, Pen, 2 Nail Polishes.

Ghost_Xmas Dream 50ml

30ml Dream Gift Set
27 Pounds

Contains: 30ml Dream Fragrance and Mirror

Ghost_Xmas_Dream 30ml

10ml Dream Stocking Stuffer
8 Pounds

Contains: 10ml Traveller and Nail Polish

Ghost_Xmas__Dream Mini

Ghost Sweetheart 50ml Gift Set
38 Pounds

Contains: 50ml Sweetheart Fragrance, Candle, Body Butter, 2 Nail Polishes, Makeup Bag

Ghost_Xmas17_Sweetheart 50ml

5ml Sweetheart Stocking Stuffer
8 Pounds

Contains: 5ml Traveller and Nail Polish

Ghost_Xmas__Sweetheart Mini

Ghost Eclipse 30ml Gift Set
 27 Pounds

Contains: 30 Fragrance and Candle.

Ghost_Xmas17_Eclipse 30ml

10ml Eclipse Stocking Stuffer
8 Pounds

Contains: 10ml Traveller and Keyring

Ghost_Xmas__Eclipse Mini

Deep Night

This is available in both a 50ml gift set and a 30ml gift set and I will add images below of them but first let me introduce you to the Mini Set that is one of the two that were sent to me to review.


I highly recommend this scent for anyone who loves deep, rich fragrances that have a slightly woody undertone to them. I think is a great scent for wearing on night outs or even date night. The bottle is simply stunning, coming shaped like a crescent moon and in a gorgeous purple shade to illustrate the darkness and depth of it.


This is a 10ml Traveller but to be honest it will last quite a while as the fragrance itself is rather intense and so a small application of it will last all night. The set does come with a gorgeous vampy burgundy nail polish which has full opacity with a single coat. That said it does look nicer with two coats applied and a shiny top coat to intensify it.

50ml and 30mls Ghost Deep Night Gift Sets

Ghost Original

Definitely lighter and less woody in scent the original Ghost fragrance is perfect for everyday wear. It definitely doesn’t last as long as the Deep Night on the skin but I do find it fresher and more wearable. Also gift wise it will probably smell nicer to most people than Deep Night would.


The bottle is shaped like an elegant hourglass and has a soft pewter blue color to it. My only grip with these stocking stuffers is that I wish they weren’t stopper bottles. I know they’re small but there are many small perfume with actual spritzers to them and I wish these were some of them.


The nail polish that comes with this perfume is a light dusky pink shade and is definitely more sheer than the one that comes with Deep Night. It looks perfect opaque with two coats. Both of these sets retail for 8 pounds/12euros a piece.

50ml and 30ml Ghost Gift Sets

Personally I think one of these fragrance should be a good match for someone this Christmas. A great idea would be to purchase the stocking stuffers and add them to their stocking and see which of them they prefer. Have you ever had a Ghost fragrance? If so which is your favorite?

-Talk Soon xx

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BloomTown Roll-Oil Infused Oils

Fragrance really isn’t something I mention quite a lot on my blog simply because I think the type of scent a person choose for themselves is a very personal thing and no two people like the same fragrance. That said I have to do a blog post on these very unique fragrances that were sent to me from BloomTown UK to try out.


Now these fragrances aren’t your typical spray and go perfumes, no their actual oils which have been infused with a specific scent which I think is such a unique concept and more brands need to start upping the their game making products like these.


Each oil is named after the type of scent it embodies. The Woods has a love soft herbal and earthy scent to it that tends to remind me of long walks between the trees. The Hedgerow is the complete opposite being a stronger more intense scent of the garden with a sharp fruity note of blackberry. I personally love both and have been using them almost everyday as their quick potent and last a very long time on the skin especially if you apply them to your pulse points.


Because they have a roll-ball packaging it also makes them great for popping into your handbag or taking them in you travel case when going on holidays.

SOSO20 (2)

These aren’t the only scents you can get, they have quite a variety on their website which I shall of course link below along with a handy discount code (above) that gives you 20% off your purchase.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: Some of the products featured on this site have been sent for review consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored.



Pressie from the Hubby

I’m not one to normally talk about my private life here on my blog simply because I find that’s not really what my followers are looking for when it comes to my content. I mostly write reviews and my trips to various events that I get invited to as a blogger. I love doing that because I feel it gives great content to my blog and it is why most of my followers follow me. Today I’m not going to be talking about major personal stuff, just simply this gift that my husband who I’ve only been married to for 12 months now bought me simply because he wanted too.


I present to you the newly released Arlestenne gift box from L’Occitane. I love L’Occitane and though I’ve never featured them on my blog I’m a huge lover of their products and it seems my husband has noticed (trust me this is an incredible thing…anyone in a relationship would no this. The colour scheme for this release is simply on point for anything girly and feminine as they’ve used a mixture of cool and bright pinks and reds to bring it to life. You can totally reuse the box that the collection comes in to safe keep little treasures of your life in once you’ve removed everything from the inside.



First item is the star of this box and that is the Arlestenne Eau de Toilette fragrance (75ml). This smells amazing! Very floral and mostly rose scented so if you don’t like roses stay away from this. It’s not overpowering in any shape or form. It’s nice and subtle and very very sophisticated to wear both during the day and throughout the night. No granny perfumes here thank you :).


The bottle is simple and classy with the traditional L’Occitane old style metal cap to seal closed the sprayer. The base of the bottle has been etched with the texture of rose petals and to tie it all together with the collection, the actual perfume liquid is tinted a lovely light pink shade. I personally am in love with this scent and have been wearing it since I’ve received it.


Within the rounded box I’ve also received a Velvet Hand Cream (30ml) in the same corresponding scent as the fragrance. It comes in the typical L’Occitane tin tube packaging. The cream itself has a nice light and fluffy texture to it and it sinks into the hands relatively fast without causing any greasiness.


I’ve also received a 75ml bottle of the Shower Gel of the same scent. I love getting the same scent in shower gels as the perfumes because you can then layer them and make the scent last that much longer. The size of this bottle makes it so handy for travel so I think I’ll save it for when I go on a getaway with my husband as I love the scent that much. I should mention that the shower gel is clear … the bottle is coloured pink much to my disappointment 😦 .


Final item really isn’t all that interesting but it’s one I love non the less. It’s the perfumed soap belonging to the collection. These soaps from L’Occitane (not just this scent) are my go to soaps for when I want to get super fancy for when guests and friends come over. I always make sure to have one on hand ready to unwrap it from it’s paper packaging and prop it straight into the soap dish in my bathroom for them to use. This one just happens to be in a great scent.


That’s all that I’ve received within my little pressie (that really isn’t that little) 😉 unless you count the samples. I would really love to know if you’ve received any surprise gifts recently from either your husband, boyfriend or even loved one. It’s also a great one to get someone who loves fragrance for Christmas too.

-Talk Soon xx

P.S: It was a gift so sorry I don’t have any of the prices for any of the products and I really don’t want to spoil it by popping in to check 🙂 xxx Hope you guys understand ❤


Jo Browne Fragrance

I believe this is going to be my very first fragrance post that I’ll be doing on my blog! Which surprises me a little because I’m a huge lover of fragrances and perfume. Really the main reason why I haven’t featured any on my blog yet would simply be down to the fact that I know that everybody’s preference when it comes to fragrance and scents varies. Not everyone likes floral scents, or musky scents and I know some people who don’t even like perfume, they prefer man’s cologne instead.


The perfume that I’m featuring today comes from an Irish brand named after it’s owner Jo Browne. The interesting thing about this perfume is that it comes in a roll-up tube because it’s actual a solid perfume. I’m more of a spritz and go kind of girl but ever since discovering this brand I’ve been hooked on the fact that I can carry my perfume with me wherever I go and not have to worry about breaking any glass bottles. Also the scent from a solid perfume lingers longer than that of a spritz. I love the packaging of this especially because it comes in proper wood and not some cheap imitation of it. The letters are all etched into the wood meaning they won’t rub off, which can be bothersome if you had more than the one scent.


My scent is called Floral Note and it’s a mixture of Lemongrass and Wild Jasmine making for quite a fresh citrus scent at first and then dies down to a soft floral one. When smelling straight from the tube it’s obvious that the Lemongrass is the most dominant note. The perfume is made with organic beeswax that melts rather nicely against the warmth of the skin.


The retail value for these perfumes is 18 euros regardless of the scent and they are available in both Castle Pharmacy Waterford and via the Jo Browne website which I’ve linked below.

-Talk Soon xx

Jo Browne Website

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Elizabeth Arden Always Red Femme

I’ve always done overview posts about Elizabeth Arden’s new fragrance releases in the past (check out Green Tea Nectarine Blossom) and though I don’t end up buying them myself I think personally that new fragrance releases is something that should always be mentioned somehow because everybody has a different scent of smell. What I like in a perfume may not be to someone else is taste and vice versa. Iconically Elizabet Arden has their Red Door fragrance so this fragrance is basically a more amped up version of that one. Hope you enjoy!

-Talk Soon xx

“Inspired by the intriguing and dynamic woman with a sexy, feminine sway in her step, Elizabeth Arden introduces the latest trend additions to the ALWAYS RED fragrance family: ALWAYS RED FEMME.  The new scent was expertly crafted for trendsetter who is always on the move and sets the pace of the city. Through her black silhouette with accents of leather and lace, this city girl is unabashedly feminine and boldly takes an all-or-nothing approach to life. She’s ready for everything the city has to offer-and more!”


100mls (Eau de Toilette): 76 euros
50mls (Eau de Toilette): 54 euros
30mls (Eau de Toilette): 36 euros

Top Notes:

“Black Currant Bud, Pear, Lemon”

Middle Notes:

“Davana LMR, Mugnet, Jasmine, Peach Blossom.”

Bottom Notes:

“Vanilla, Moss, Cedarwood, Patchouli”

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Essence: Exit to Explore Trend Edition

Today I’m featuring an overview of the Essence Cosmetics limited edition collection that their releasing for the month of August and September. This collection is called the Exit to Explore trend edition collection. It has a variety of products, ranging from eyeshadows to hair ties. Theme is tropical based, and so the products all have cute tropical designs on them making a great collector piece. As always images and details of the individual products are below.

-Talk Soon xx

Available in 3 shades

“Chameleon Eyes! Three soft powder eyeshadows with high colour dispersion create intensive eye make-up looks in green, purple and apricot with an iridescent, holographic finish.”

01 you can, toucan.

01 you can. toucan02 queen of the amazons

02 queen of the amazons03 apricot cockatoo

03 apricot cockatoo

Refreshing Lipstick
Available in 2 shades

“Cooling Colour! The slender pen in warm apricot and warm pink provides the lip with a mint scent and a slightly cooling finish.”

01 pink parrot

01 pink parrot

02 apricot cockatoo

02 apricot cockatoo

Lip Glow
01 lily’s kiss

“Natural Glow. The transparent gloss develops and individual pink shade, subtly tints the lips and leaves them looking nice and shiny.”

01 lily's kiss

01 my heart is beating like a jungle drum

“Tropical! The blush with a unique colour gradient from apricot to pink gives the cheeks a fresh flush like you’ve just returned from an Amazon river cruise, with a colourful blossom design.”

01 my heart is beating like a jungle drum

Nail Polish
Available 4 shades

“Jungle-Like! Green with an oil-slick effect, shiny apricot, metallic purple with a foil finish and pink with a holographic shimmer bring the fantastic colour scheme of the amazon to the nails.”

01 liana’s in the jungle

01 liana's in the jungle

02 apricot cockatoo

02 apricot cockatoo2

03 queen of the amazons

03 queen of the amazons

04 pink parrot

04 pink parrot

Body and Cuticle Tattoos
01 feel the jungle vibes

“No matter whether parrots, hibiscus blossoms or palm trees, -the cool tattoos holographic effects can be applied on the selected areas of the body or on the cuticles as cheerful eye-catchers.”

01 Feel the Jungle Vibes

Hair Ties
01 my hair is a jungle

“In full bloom! Two frangipani flowers in white and purple give any hairstyle a tropical touch.”

01 My hair is a jungle

Like a Jungle Dream Eau de Toilette

“The beauty of nature! This fruity-floral fragrance with exotic coconut and flowery notes is sure to awaken a desire for exciting expeditions through the rainforest with its tropical flair.”

Like a Jungle Dream

Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via the essence cosmetics website and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Essence Cosmetics TM.