🔥🔥 Naked Petit Heat 🔥🔥

I have a confession to make. I’ve never been into the Urban Decay Naked Palettes and I honestly don’t know why. I always find them over hyped. Sometimes I buy into the hype and go to my local UD counter to pick one up…see the shades in the palette and decide against it. It’s mostly because there is not a single Urban Decay Naked Palette available that I would use every single shade in it. Until now that is.


When the Urban Decay Heat Palette launched I had the same feeling I had with the other palettes. It had shades in it that I wouldn’t use. Then the Urban Decay Petit Heat launched and I was hooked. I had finally found MY naked palette and boy is it gorgeous. Let’s talk packaging. True to it’s name -it’s tiny, so small that it’s smaller than your mobile. It has the most gorgeous flaming roses imprint as the cover design and it’s simply perfect for travel.

Inside you get six gorgeous warm toned eyeshadows. Five of them are mattes and one is a satin finish. You get two perfect transition shades with Vibrant and Hot Spell. The pigmentation on all these eyeshadows is so intense.


Shades Wild Thing, Heist and Strike are the accent shades in the palette. they can used to deepen the outer edge of the eyes or even to create an all-over smoky eye. The colour you choose will determine the effect you get on the eyes. Personally my favourite shade has got to be Heist, it simply makes brown eyes pop.


Last shade in the palette is Inhale and this is the shade you use to highlight the inner corner or even use it as the eyelid shade to brighten the look. It’s great as a browbone shade and when you wet it with a bit of Fix+ it literally looks like metallic foil on the eyes.


I absolutely love and adore this palette. I’ve been switching between it and the Madison Makeup Ireland BerryBold palette. Retail price is 32 euros but if you wait until Debenhams has 20% off it’s beauty range then it’s price is a beautiful 25.60.

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Face Powders, Highlighter

Sleek Cleopatra Highlighting Palette

Everybody and I mean everybody when crazy over this palette when Sleek Makeup initially released the first image of it over on Twitter. I was no exception because after trying out the Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette I knew this was going to be just as good as that palette if not better. Let me tell you, it certainly did not disappoint!


Let’s quickly get the gorgeous packaging out of the way. It’s exactly the same as the Solstice Palette in that they’ve chosen to put the product in this incredible gold reflective acrylic casing. The letters spelling the word Sleek are displayed prominently on the lid in a slight varying shade of gold. We’ll just ignore the crappy brush they’ve added….which I’ve already managed to lose…


Inside you get a mirror of course as with all Sleek Makeup palettes and 4 highlighters in differing tones of gold. Two of the highlighters are cream and two are powder. Personally I found the powders to be a lot more pigmented and faltering on the skin than the cream formulations.



The first shade from the palette is called Sphinx  and this is the darkest and most intensely pigmented shade from the palette. This is very much a true gold highlight that I love to use on the inner corner of the eye. I would personally find it to be incredible for those of us that have darker skin tones or olive skin tones as it will play off the depth of the skin and bring it to life. Just my opinion of course! Use whatever one your like the most.



The second shade is called  Delta and this is the first of the cream shades. I found this to be the sheer sister of Sphinx in the fact that it has the same undertone and is very similar in colour to it but it’s a different formulation. To be frank I didn’t really like the cream formulations in this palette for use as actual highlighters. Personally I found them better used as cream coloured bases under gold tones eyeshadows.


Shade 3 is Dynasty and this is the traditional yellow gold colour that people tend to think of when you say the colour gold. Love using this shade as both a cream colour base for under shadows and a brow highlight! Because it’s sheer it gives a nice intense highlight on the brows without being over the top. The tone of this particular highlight makes it more faltering as a brow highlight for me compared to Delta.



Last shade in the palette is actually my favourite and this is called Goddess. A true ethereal highlight, with a soft pink almost like pink quartz shot through with a gold shimmer. I tend to use this on top of the Maybelline Master Strobing Stick to really give you that highlight on fleek effect! Total lover of this combination.

All in all I totally recommend this palette and it’s sister palette the Solstice highlighting palette from Sleek Makeup they are hands down the best highlighting palettes on the market and they are super affordable. If your interested in knowing what else I have in my makeup collection from Sleek then check out my Sleek Collection post.

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Bourjois Palettes

I don’t believe I’ve featured anything from Bourjois before on my blog but that’s simply because I haven’t been seeing anything new and exciting being released from them for a good while now. They’ve finally changed, and to my bank accounts delight I’m loving everything their bring out starting with these two incredible palettes.


I bought these palettes from Boots as they were running a 2 for 15 euros promotion however if you want to purchase just the one they retail for 15.49 euros a piece. A bit pricey in my opinion for a drugstore brand but for the quality and the texture of these shadows it is so worth it. The first of the palette is the more wearable of the two and this is the Bourjois Les Nudes eyeshadow palette.


I want to touch really quickly on packaging because it’s one of the nicest that I’ve seen in a while from a brand. The palette itself is made of this sturdy heavy weighted plastic that in no way feels cheap. It comes with a built-in mirror and the cool thing is the lid actually swivels so you can rotate the mirror a full 360º degrees. You get 8 shadows in the palette, their number 1-8 (very un-creative Bourjois!)  and you also get the straight to the bin sponge applicator too.



Palette number two is the Bourjois Le Smoky palette and this has more dark, rich and shimmery shades compared to the Les Nudes palette. I personally like both palettes but if I was to choose I would pick the Le Smoky. Formulation of the shadows is like butter, super smooth and non-powdery. They blend beautifully and only have a little fall down more so with the dark shades than the lighter ones.


With the release of these palettes I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what else Bourjois is planning on releasing for the winter months. These palettes are as far as I know permeant to their range.

-Talk Soon xx

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New Cargo_HD Illuminating Palette

Newly released from Cargo Cosmetics this month is their Picture Perfect Illuminating Palette. This palette contains 3 different illuminating powders that have been formulated specifically for high definition  filming and photography.

“Formulated for high definition filming, Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Illuminating Palette contains specialized photochromatic pigments that reflect light to provide a radiant picture perfect finish.”


The palette retails for 34 dollars which is roughly 30 euros. The three shades available in the palette are:

  • Bright
  • Beam
  • Bronze


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Lip Products

Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette

Hey guys, this is just a quick post about the newly released Limited Edition Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette. This is a palette that has 12 shades, of different finishes in the one place. It is limited edition so if you want it you’ll have to pick it up quick. The palette also comes with a lip brush and retails for 35 dollars/30 euros approx.3605971262920_vicelipstick_blackmail_alt1

“No matter what you’re in the mood for, this limited-edition palette has it all. Experiment with 12 unique shades and ALL SIX finishes of Vice Lipstick in this one set. You’ll never run out of options. Haven’t tried Vice Lipstick yet? The pigment load is insane! Just one swipe provides a BIG laydown of color. Every shade applies smoothly (without dragging or skipping), hugs lips, and feels amazing.”


12 Shades:

  • Sheer Shame
  • Firebird
  • Big Bang
  • Disobedient
  • EZ
  • 714
  • Vanished
  • 1995
  • Ex-Girlfriend
  • Amulet
  • Conspiracy
  • Blackmail

As far as I know this palette is currently available online, however I’m not sure if it’s available in stores yet. I personally won’t be picking this up because I have most of the shades in actual lipstick bullets but I think this is a great purchase because you get 12 lipsticks for the price of 2.

-Talk Soon xx

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Rouge Bunny Rouge Caliche Palette

It’s very hard for me to choose which brands I feature on my blog, especially  because I can’t get all brands here in Ireland where I live. That being said I know I have followers from other areas of the world who would love to know about their new releases and that’s why today I’m bring you Rouge Bunny Rouge. They have recently brought out a new palette for the Autumn season. The palette itself is called Caliche and showcases 4 shades in a gorgeous plum tones.

It’s the lush abundance of pinks from the softest pearlescent cream-rose to sheer hot pink to dusty mauve and anything in between that creates the flattering harmony of our Autumn Beauty Look, ROSE GARDEN MELODY.”


For the campaign for the release of is product RBR have also put together a great makeup look on their campaign model. I’ve added a link to the Tutorial if any of you are interested in checking out the pigmentation and the colour payoff of the shades available in this compact.


The palette is currently available on the RBR Web Boutique online but will be available in all RBR retailing stores in October for those of you who want to get their hands on it. Also if you do pick this up make sure to review for RBR on their website because you get entered into a raffle and they give out free prizes as a result.

-Talk Soon xx

Tutorial Video

Rouge Bunny Rouge Website

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Primark New Metals Collection

I really do love it when Primark/Pennys launches a new collection within their beauty range simply because they tend to come up with some creative products. Now the quality might not always be there but what do you really expect with most of the products being under a fiver. The collection that I’m showcasing in todays posts is one that is very much being constantly added by Primark/Pennys. They initially started with just nail polishes but now they’ve added to it so much that they even have eyelash curlers in the collection. Hope you enjoy the post.

-Talk Soon xx

“Primark’s latest PS…Beauty drop takes on futuristic glamour this season with a collection inspired by the dazzling properties of metal.”

PS…Radiance Powder
3 euros


PS…Body Bronzer Chubby Stick
6 euros


PS…Super Sculpt Highlighter
4.50 euros


PS…Large Bronze


PS… Illuminating Concealer
3 euros
Available in 3 shades

Shade: Light
Shade: Peach
Shade: Green

PS…Concealer Palette
4 euros


PS…Illuminating Palette

penneys_8112116919926533PS…Strobe Crayon Trio
3.50 euros


PS…Strobe Cream
4 euros
Available in 2 shades

Shade: White
Shade: Pink

PS…Lip Duo
3 euros
Available in 3 Shades

Shade: Pink
Shade: Nude
Shade: Red

PS…Metals Nail Varnish
2 euros
Available in 4 shades

2 euros
Available in 4 Shades

PS…Gold Eyelash Curler
1.50 euro


PS…Gold Heart Sharpener
1 euro


PS…Gold Scissors
1.50 euros


Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via brand PR representatives and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Primark TM.