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Essence Cosmetics Create & Transform Palette

Essence Cosmetics has been upping their game lately with regards to their Trend Limited Edition releases. They have ventured into full, all-in-one palettes which is major thing when it comes to a brand like Essence as most of their products are individuals so it’s a nice change to see a big palette from them.


This is the Essence Create & Transform palette and it contains 15 pans which consist of contour powders, blush powders, highlighting powders and three gorgeous transformer shades along with a dewy gloss pan.


The only thing I wish this palette had is a mirror as it’s big enough to hold one and it doesn’t have one. The palette also comes with a flat eyeshadow brush, which didn’t really make any sense to me as this is a face palette but there really isn’t anything stopping you from using these shades as eyeshadows.


First three shades are the contour shades, and these are so good for us paler skin toned girls as they are light enough that they don’t look orange when applied. These shades are also perfect for using as the transition shades when using them as eyeshadows.



There are six really gorgeous blush shades, some are nice and bright and there are also some lovely neutral shades that can be used with a range of makeup looks. I have to say all the powders are amazing in both formulation and pigmentation. They have great colour pay-off and they blend out brilliantly.


For highlighting there are two shades as well as three transformer shades which are meant to be used over the regular highlighters to intensify them and make them pop just that bit more. I personally found the transformer shades to look incredible one their own firstly and on the inner corners of the eyes.


The final pan is a gloss, which I have not removed the plastic film from and I honestly don’t plan too as I personally think it will just get super messy and the powders will probably end up in it. You can just use Vaseline or cosmetic gloss instead of it. Personally think they should have sold it separately as a larger pan or made a little kit of the palette and the gloss in a tube.

Those are all my thoughts on this gorgeous palette from Essence. I believe it’s out now and available up until the end of  May.

-Talk Soon xx

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Madison Makeup Berry Bold Palette

Madison Makeup is a brand, that in the few short months that it’s been released here in Ireland, has taken the world by storm. It’s a brand that has built a well-deserved reputation for being affordable, with great packaging and products.


One of their more popular products is their Berry Bold palette due to the fact that a lot of people compare it to the coveted Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. However where the ABH Palette retails for a whopping 49 euros, this palette comes at the lovely price tag of 19.99 euros.


The Berry Bold palette comes in a nice sturdy blush pink cardboard, flip open packaging. It has a great big mirror on the inside which automatically makes it that much better in my book. There is just something wonderful about having mirrors in palettes.


Also inside the palette you get 10 beautiful rose and neutral toned eyeshadows. The formulation of the eyeshadows is beautiful. They are buttery soft with great pigmentation and have little to no fallout. They are also so easy to blend out and wear perfectly throughout the day.


My favourite thing, personally about this palette is the fact that you can create a full eye look with just this one palette. It has two great transition shades which are named Neutral and Velvet.



The coloured eyeshadows are great for popping all over the lid and have two different finishes. Starlight and Berry are both satin/shimmer and Blush, Mika, Scarlet and Burnt are mattes so you can definitely do a soft look for the day and then go for a bit of sparkle for the night.


The last two shades in the palette are great for highlighting both the browbone and the inner corner of the eyes and they are Do and Twinkle.


Another reason why I will always recommend this palette over the ABH Palette every time is because, not only do you get 10 great eyeshadows but you also have four absolutely stunning highlighters as well. There is also nothing stopping you from using these as highlight shades on the eyes as well.


Mia and Bella are both pearl toned highlighters which I love using on my browbone. Daisy is my favourite of the four and it’s a soft rose gold shade that looks amazing on us pale skinned gals. Last shade, Fifi, is the darkest of the four and is a true pink bronze highlighter. I tend to use this over blushes as a topper.


The palette is available here in Ireland in most retailers and for everyone not living here, you can get this palette via the Pretty Little Thing website which I have linked for you below.

-Talk Soon xx

Pretty Little Thing Website

Disclaimer: Some of the products featured on this site have been sent for review consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored.

Limited Edition: Catrice Soleil D’été

A brand new limited edition collection from Catrice Cosmetics set to be released mid-July and to be available up until mid-September. This collection is all about achieving that metallic and bronzed look that’s very on trend at the moment. There are seven products in total in this capsule collection and as always with these kind of overview posts, all the images and details will be below.

-Talk Soon xx

Duo Highlighter
C01 Gentle Sun Glow

“GLOWrious. A two-tone highlighter with a soft, slightly creamy texture and shimmering powder finish. Suitable for all skin types. Thanks to the shimmering bronze core and gorgeous rosé shade, the duo highlighter can be used to create many different looks.”


Golden Lip Booster
C01 Golden Sun-bath

“Glossy Gold. The metallic gloss with a lip-boosting effect creates a shiny gold finish. Applying it on it’s own results in exciting metallic effects while the booster offers a soft, golden shimmer when applied on top of colour lipstick.”

csm_225127000_6ac3b01f44Metal Eyelight
Available in two shades

“Magnificent Metals. The gel-like eyeshadow with a metallic finish is easy to blend and can be intensified by applying several layers. In addition to creating expressive smokey eyes, the metallic eyeshadow in light champagne or bronze khaki is also ideal for setting targeted shimmering accents.”

Metal-Infused Eye Palette
C01 Metal Muse

“Metallic Eyes. Different effects ranging from matt to metallic: five perfectly aligned eyeshadows with a powdery texture for various expressive eye makeup styles. The high-quality packaging with an intergrated mirror has a unique graphic design.”

Metalip Colour
Available in three shades

“Creamy metallic. Metallic effects with a high coverage meet upon a pleasant cream texture. The lipsticks in three trend colours ensure an extravagant look. A peachy nude tone, rosewood as well as an elegant rosé create the matching lips to go with an all-over glow. In their golden packaging, the metalips are particularly eye-catching.”

Sheer Serum Bronzer
C01 InsTANned Complexion

“Fluid Glow. The liquid bronzing serum creates soft, golden accents. Extremely versatile: applied solo or mixed with foundation, the bronzer ensures a sun-kissed complexion. Liquid and creamy textures offer natural-looking results-especially for the complexion. The practical pipette applicator allows a simple accurate, dosage.”

csm_225125000_192ca97d0aSun Stripping Bronzer
C01 Each and Every Sun

“Beautiful Bronze. A fine, matt bronzing powder ideal for the ‘contouring’ and ‘sun-stripping’ makeup trends. The mattifying powder suits every skin tone.”

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Disney Alice Makeup Palette

Christmas and the New Year celebrations are officially over and all the gorgeous gifts that were displayed gloriously in stores for purchase have been discounted. Sales are in full swing and though I have a couple of haul posts coming up, I have also made a few makeup purchases from Boots the first of which I’m going to be discussing in todays post. Being a married adult of 24 years I have very little items in my live that sparkle memories of the past. Disney however holds a very special place for bring back my childhood and I’m positive I’m not alone in this. My favourite princess has always been Jasmine from Aladdin and The Lion King is a movie that will always bring me to tears.


It’s seems Alice in Wonderland however takes the cake (see what I did there 😉 ) when it comes to brands picking a Disney movie to create cosmetics around. Urban Decay did it with the release of their Alice Through The Looking Glass Eyeshadow Palette and now Mad Beauty has done it with this palette. Full price the palette retailed for 9.50 euros in Boots however with the sales I managed to pick it up for 4.75 euros, definitely a bargain.


Packaging is super cute! Though not sturdy. It is cardboard though not of the wafer thin quality. Illustrations of Alice, Cheshire Cat, roses and of course Red Hearts decorate the palette elegantly whilst still maintaining that Disney feel to it. The palette opens up and first thing I noticed is that it does not have a mirror …brownie points have definitely been lost. In place of the mirror we get a gold shadow image of Alice with the quote “Curiouser and Curiouser” written next to it in the same gold colouring.


Inside you get 6 eyeshadows, 2 useless sponge applicators and a highlighter. The eyeshadows don’t have names, which considering it’s a Disney palette is really upsetting because naming them would have been super easy. Formulation wise, 3 mattes and 3 shimmers and all of them have epic pigmentation. They blend out super easily on the lid but I did find it a bit hard to remove some of the darker shades because of how pigmented they are.

The highlighter is simply stunning! A true gold highlighter that doesn’t have an overspray to it (though I’ll be honest I thought it did when I first got it). The shimmer runs through the entire powder evenly. No chunky glitter whatsoever, and it blends out beautifully on the skin. The sponge applicators are getting tossed into the bin right after I’m finished this post 😛 .


All in all I think this is a brilliant palette for all ages especially for the price. Even full price its worth getting it if I’m honest. I would totally recommend this for those of you just starting out in makeup or have a teenager in your life just starting out in makeup and love Disney. I got mine as I said from Boots but it is available from Mad Beauty’s Website though for how long I’m not sure

-Talk Soon xx



Note Cosmetics

Oh this is a very special post indeed because I’m going to be reviewing a few select products from a newly launched brand here in Ireland, Note Cosmetics. It’s so rare that new brand launches happen in Ireland because we’re such a small country in comparison to the UK and the US. Note Cosmetics as far as I know isn’t a new brand to the market because it is available in Turkey (I personally saw it there when I was on holidays) and other countries but it has only been available on the Irish market for the past month.


All the products that I’m featuring in todays post I picked up from Sam McCauleys Chemist in Waterford. They’ve switched out their Gosh Makeup stand for the Note Cosmetics one. Though the gosh stand will be missed I’m am more than delighted to have something new to play with. For my first product I really wanted to test out their eyeshadows so I picked up their eyeshadow palette in 105 (I’m upset that they don’t name their palettes only number them.)


This palette has five shades in a nice slim compact that weirdly has this half mirror that you can only see your eyes in. Personally for me, either put a full mirror or don’t put one, half way just doesn’t cut it.


The first shade is the highlighting shade and to be honest I wasn’t really impressed with. It has a slight chalky consistence and I found that it really didn’t give me enough of a highlight for the inner corner. This really only works for me to blend with other shadows or for under the brow bone.


The second shade has got to be my favourite from this palette! It’s so beautiful in texture, consistence and blend-ability. Buttery smooth this silver metallic shade applies onto the eyelids like a dream. Truly love this shade and to frank I think all of their shades should have this top notch formulation.


Shade number three I don’t love but I don’t hate. It’s a beautiful colour and it has some of that buttery texture that shade 2 has but it’s just as chalky as shade 1. If I had to pick one to remove from the palette this would be the one.


Fourth shade is a basic matte black. This shade is the main reason why I picked up the palette. I’m sick of brands bring what they call a matte black shade to their makeup lines only for it to be a muddy black, or a charcoal grey trying to be a black. I want to find a true black that doesn’t come from a palette that costs 30 euros. This shade isn’t black enough for my unfortunately. It’s formulation is beautiful and for the price a great shadow to have in your collection but I don’t know if it’s visible in the pic but this shade does have a brown undertone running through that kinda ruins it’s intensity as a black shadow.



For the final shade in the palette Note Cosmetics decided on a black eyeshadow with holographic glitter running through it. This shade is very similar to the second shade in the palette pigmentation and formulation wise. It’s really the perfect shade for creating that lived in smoky eye night out look. Out of 5 this palette is a 3.5 for me but I would repurchase it just for the shades that I love in it.



Other than the palette I also picked up 2 of their eyeliners. One of them is their Ultra Black Liner which is a liquid liner. I am 98% in love with this liner. The pigmentation of it is spot on with how black it is. Formula is nice an creamy with how it applies. My only issue with it is the length of it’s applicator wand is too long…for me that is to get a nice steady grip with it.



The other liner is their Ultra Rich Color Eye Pencils in the shade 02 Cafee (they name their pencils but not their palettes…come on Note Cosmetics!). The formula of this pencil is cream to powder which makes it perfect for getting a blended liner look as it doesn’t set quickly and blends out quite easily.



All in all my thoughts on the line are fairly positive ones in that they have some great products. Overall on the stand, I should mention that color selection wise on the base products they don’t have much. The shades are all for what’s considered (by makeup standards) normal to medium skin tones so us pale girls and dark toned girls can just pretend that the range doesn’t have base products. Other than that I thoroughly recommend you go and check out the line!

-Talk Soon xx


Lip Products

Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette

Hey guys, this is just a quick post about the newly released Limited Edition Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette. This is a palette that has 12 shades, of different finishes in the one place. It is limited edition so if you want it you’ll have to pick it up quick. The palette also comes with a lip brush and retails for 35 dollars/30 euros approx.3605971262920_vicelipstick_blackmail_alt1

“No matter what you’re in the mood for, this limited-edition palette has it all. Experiment with 12 unique shades and ALL SIX finishes of Vice Lipstick in this one set. You’ll never run out of options. Haven’t tried Vice Lipstick yet? The pigment load is insane! Just one swipe provides a BIG laydown of color. Every shade applies smoothly (without dragging or skipping), hugs lips, and feels amazing.”


12 Shades:

  • Sheer Shame
  • Firebird
  • Big Bang
  • Disobedient
  • EZ
  • 714
  • Vanished
  • 1995
  • Ex-Girlfriend
  • Amulet
  • Conspiracy
  • Blackmail

As far as I know this palette is currently available online, however I’m not sure if it’s available in stores yet. I personally won’t be picking this up because I have most of the shades in actual lipstick bullets but I think this is a great purchase because you get 12 lipsticks for the price of 2.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via the Urban Decay website and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Urban Decay TM.


Limited Edition Cargo Cosmetics Palette

It seems Cargo Cosmetics is ready for the winter months and it should be seeingas the summer is almost and the weather is slowly but surely getting colder even as I type. To welcome the change in seasons Cargo Cosmetics has decided to bring out a new Limited Editon palette that is very much cool-toned. This palette is called the Chill in the Six Eyeshadow Palette.

“Inspired by a wintry snow-filled night in Toronto, this palette features cool toned purples, blues and silvers, as well as rich shades of brown and warm maple.”


The palette is priced at 34 dollars (30 euros approx.) and includes 12 shades. Six of the shades are matte and six of them are shimmers.

  • Yonge St [Matte]
  • Maple [Shimmer]
  • Blizzard [Shimmer]
  • Ice [Matte]
  • Artic [Shimmer]
  • 1996 [Shimmer]
  • Dundas St [Shimmer]
  • Goose [Matte]
  • Eh! [Shimmer]
  • Hockey [Matte]
  • The North [Shimmer]
  • Ontario [Matte]

832f86fe-c5e5-4a14-85b8-da23e69a966fAlso included in the palette is a versatile dual-ended eyeshadow brush and a black eye liner (sharpenable) pencil. All of the eyeshadows are also paraben free in formulation. Remember this palette is Limited Edition so if your are interested in picking this up than I recommend you do so quickly.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via Cargo Cosmetics website and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Cargo Cosmetics TM.