Catrice Kaviar Gauche 2017

A new limited edition collection has been released by Catrice Cosmetics for the month of November and it’s another collection based on Kavier Gauche which is a popular German bridal brand. This is the third limited edition collection that Catrice has released based on Kaviar Gauche. The collection I think will be available up until mid January.

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Blush & Contour Brush

“Brush for blush and contouring with synthetic bristles perfect for cream and powder textures.”


Brush Bag

“High-quality brush bag in an elegant nude tone with space to store five brushes.”

Eye Blender Brush

“Brush for blending textures with soft bristles and a rounded brush shape.”


Eye Lid Brush

“Brush for application on the lid with dense synthetic bristles for cream and powder textures.”


Eye Shadow Palette
C01 Sans Souci

“Eye shadow palette with soft nude and brown shades that have both matte and shimmering effects.”

C01 Eclat D’Or

“Golden Highlighter with a powder texture that is suitable for all skin tones.”

Highlighter Brush

“Highlighter (Fan) brush that has a special shape for an accurate application for powdery textures.”


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šŸƒšŸ‹ CliniqueFIT šŸ‹šŸƒ

“When it comes to wearing makeup to the gym, I highly recommend not too. The reason being quite simple, when you sweat pores open and those open pores then absorbed the makeup you have on leading to blocked pores which leads to acne/whiteheads/blackheads etc,. That said I do know quite a lot of people, my friends included that cannot go to the gym without a little something. Clinique has recently answered their prayers and released an entire range of makeup and products specifically designed for use in the gym. The range is waterproof, sweatproof and long-lasting.

Post-Workout Face & Body Swipes
14 dollars/ 12 euros approx.

“Cleans away dirt, oil and sweat that can cause pores to clog or lead to breakouts. Refreshes skin, preps for makeup.”


Workout Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 40
38 dollars/Ā  32.50 euros approx.
Available in four shades:
-Light Medium

“Lightweight, sweat-and humidity proof foundation that keeps up with your highly active life. Medium coverage, natural-matte finish wears for 12 long-lasting hours. Protects with SPF 40. Won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. Oil-Free.”


Post-Workout Neutralizing Powder
29 dollars/25 euros approx.

“Colour-correcting powder instantly neutralises and conceals redness. Blends easily.”


Lip & Cheek Flush
23 dollars/20 euros

“Sheer gel adds healthy looking touch of colour to lips and cheeks. Fade resistant. Oil-Free.”

Pink In Motion

Workout 24 hour Mascara
24 dollars/20 euros approx.

“Volumizing mascara defines lashes. Life-proof formula is sweat resistant, humidity resistant and wears for 24 smudge-free hours.”


Post-Workout Mattifying Moisturiser
29.50 dollars/25 euros approx.

“Instantly hydrates thirsty skin. Lightweight, oil-free moisturiser controls oil and shine as it mattifies.”


Workout Face & Body Hydrating Spray
14 dollars/12 euros approx.

“An instantly refreshing spray that rehydrates and renews skin post-workout or anytime.”


Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via the Clinique website and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Cliniqueā„¢.

Urban Veda Launch Event

LastĀ Saturday I was lucky enough to attendĀ the launch of the new brand Urban Veda here in Waterford in Shaws Department stores. Urban Veda is a natural skincare brand that prides itself on using only organic ingredients to create it’s products. The range consists of four different skin care regimens and each regimen is tailored depending on ones skin type and skin concerns. Each regimen also has it’s own scent andĀ outer packaging colour so thatĀ there’s no need to remember the name of the line or the name of the product but just the colour of it.


The event itself was displayed rather neatly in the centre ofĀ Shaws Department near the beauty section. The entire range was aligned on the shelves, whichĀ each of the different regimens getting it’s own shelf. They looked so pretty and colourful and to be honestĀ the packaging is one of simplest yet eye-catching packaging that I’ve seen from a skincare brand.


Ciara, theĀ Urban Veda representative was present on the day to explain everything that there is to knowĀ about the brand itself. She also explained that all of the products can be used on sensitive skin and acne prone skin. The great thing about this range is that it comes with a do it yourself questionnaire that can be filled out in order to allow you to know which rangeĀ is best suited to your skin type. The Reviving range is the one that can be used universally however it is rose scented and I know not everyone likes rose.


In total there are four ranges. The Radiance range used Tumeric as it’s active ingredient in order to brighten theĀ complexion as it’s a natural anti-oxidant.


The Soothing rangeĀ uses sandalwood which is an antimicrobial and an antiseptic. The helps greatly with those of us that suffer with dehydrated and sensitive skin.


The PurifyingĀ range uses Neem Oil which has cleansing, toning and moisturising properties which is perfect for use on oil skin types.


As I’ve already mentioned the Reviving range can be used on all skin types as it’s a very nourishing range due to the rose flower water that is in it. Ciara said that she personally tends to recommend this line from Urban Veda for those that have mature skin or are tired. I personally think this line would be amazing for those that are just after having a baby. You can even gift basket the whole range and it would make an amazing baby shower gift.


Urban Veda have also released travel sizes of all there products so I’ve want to get them to try the brand before getting the full size. They also have parcels of their products in which you get three full sized products at a slightly lower price point that if you were to buy them individually.

I got given so many samples of the products on the day from the very generous Ciara and I also picked up the Soothing Hydrating Toner myself to try so I will of course have reviews coming up soon for all those products as soon as I’ve given a proper testing.

-Talk Soon xx


Flormar Future Historical Collection

A while back I did an overview post about the Flormar Future Historical collection that they brought out at the start of February. I promised you guys that that post was just a sneak peak and that I would definitely be trying to get my hands on some of the products from the limited edition collection. My luck did not disappoint and I have managed to getĀ  the Anti-Blemish Foundation and one shade of the New Age Liquid Lipsticks. I’ve been trying them out and playing with them throughout February and I think it’s about time I share my thoughts on them.


Let’s start off with the foundation as it’s probably the best product from the collection. It’s main claim is that it’s Anti-Blemish and being bold enough to put it into the name means it has to be. I myself don’t have any major problems with my skin so I can’t really test out this claim however I have found this foundation to be super high coverage, long lasting and it did not break me out what so ever.


The bottle is glass and comes with a pump to dispense the 30mls of product that it contains. Initially the foundation comes out a shade lighter than your own skin tone but then as you blend it re-adjusts slightly to the right shade. The foundation retailed I think for 11.95 euro and I got mine in the shade 03 Light Ivory


Also from the range I picked up one of their New Age Matte Liquid Lipsticks in the shade 06 Seductive Cherry. Formulation of this lippie is oh my god insanely good! It applies on very thinly yet even and automatically dries down to a nice velvet matte finish that isn’t drying and completely transfer proof.


It has your typical doe-foot applicator which I’ll be honest, I found a bit big for getting a nice shape to the lips. Would have preferred a more curved applicator similar to the YSL Glossy Lips applicator. This retailed for 7.95 euros which in comparison to most liquid lipsticks is really affordable.


The shade that I got is the darkest from the range and to be quick frank the most popular. The collection is still available but I’ve found that in most retailers that have it this shade is completely sold out. It’sĀ a nice cranberry red liquid lipstick that lies between a burgundy and a bright red so it really gives you that old vintageĀ red lip that was worn back in the days of the black and white movies.


If you want to see what else is available in the collection than I highly recommend reading my overview post about the collection, Flormar Future Historical. Like I said the collection is still available but it’s selling out fast so get a move on it if you like anything from the release.

-Talk Soon xx


Essence Spring Summer 2017

I recently posted an overview post on the Essence Try It, Love it collection which was really a capsule collection of all the new releases that Essence Cosmetics was planning for the Spring Summer of 2017. A sneak peak collection in all honesty. They’ve finally released allĀ  of the SS17 products in their entirety and I’m going to show you all that’s available in this post. These products are available to purchase now wherever you can find an Essence Cosmetics stand.

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My Must Haves Palettes and Refills

“Four-Colour and eight-colour palettes are waiting to be personalized. There are 20 eyeshadows, 5 blushes and 3 lip powders to choose from with various effects. Also included: A pink lip base for the lip powder, a highlighter and bronzer as well as a fixing powder.”

Empty Four Colour Palette (1.90 euros)

Empty 8 Colour Palette (2.50 euros)

Available in 20 shades
Price: 1.90 euros each

Highlighter Powder

01 Let It Glow

Bronzing Powder

01 Hello Sunshine

Fixing Powder

01 Fix It, Baby!

Matt Blush
Available in 2 shades

Satin Blush
Available in 3 shades

Lip Base

01 All About That Base

Lip Powders
Available in 3 shades

The Cushion Eyeliner
3.80 euros

“Cushion: The mega trend from Asia! The integrated sponge is soaked with a highly pigmented eyeliner texture and dispenses just the right amount for the perfect eyeliner styles-no matter whether you’re going for accurate lines or cool cat eyes.”

01 Black

All About Toffee Eyeshadow Palette
4.95 euros

“The eyeshadow palette offers eight trendy, perfectly aligned colours-from light shades to medium and dark nuances. The soft and long-lasting with various effects allows you to create diverse looks.”

006 Toffee

Volume Stylist 18hr Curl and Hold Mascara
3.80 euros

“The creamy black texture with micro styling waxes provides the lashes with long-lasting volume and incredible curl.”


Volume Stylist 18hr Lash Extension Mascara
3.80 euros

“The diamond shape of the brush contains lengthening fibers to create long, full lashes.”


Lash Princess Sculpted Mascara
3.80 euros

“Dramatic volume or defined lashes-the new mascara with a special tapered brush can do both and sculpts the lashes individually.”


Get Picture Ready Eyeshadow Palette
6.25 euros

“The new eyeshadow palette ensures a ‘picture ready’ look any time and any place with seven perfect aligned nude nuances with a matt, slightly shimmering or metallic finish.”


2-in-1 Highlighting & Contouring Sticks
4.95 euros
Available in 2 shades

“Contouring & Highlighting is as easy as child’s play with the practical duo sticks thanks to its creamy powdery texture.”

Rainbow Prismatic Highlighter
4.40 euros

“The powder in rainbow colours creates an iridescent, multi-coloured prism-glow on the cheeks.”


10 Be A Unicorn

BLUSHplay Sculpting Blush Palette
4.95 euros
Available in 2 shades

“Applied individually, the perfectly aligned blush shades are ideal for contouring, but they can also be mixed and matched for a fresh look.”


Sculpting Eye Pencil
2.90 euros
Available in 3 shades

“The dark colour is ideal for the lash line and for contouring the lid. The light colour is perfect for highlighting the inner corners of the eye and the waterline.”

Eye & Face Palette
4.95 euros
Available in 2 shades

“Colour-coordinated eyeshadows, a blush and two highlighters turn these two palettes into absolute it-pieces for the eyes and face.”

01 Glow For It
02 Rise and Shine

Instant Matt Make-Up
4.95 euros
Available in 3 shades

“The smooth texture with a medium to high coverage and mineral powder pigments mattifies the complexion for up to 18hrs-and feels wonderfully light on the skin.”

Camoflage Full Coverage Concealer
3.10 euros
Available in 2 shades

“Long-lasting and highly pigmented, the liquid-creamy texture reliably covers-up dark circles under the eyes and other skin irregularities. For a natural wide-eyes look.”


Luminous Matt Bronzing Powder
3.80 euros
Available in 2 shades

“The matt texture with a silky -shimmering core creates a subtle sun-kissed look.”

Colour Correcting Liquid Concealer
3.10 euros
Available in 3 shades

“The creamy-liquid texture has a light cooling effect and neutralizes all kinds of skin irregularities. To be applied under concealer.”

Instant Matt Setting Spray
Price: 3.80 euros

“The light transparent spray-enriched with a natural complex of active ingredients-mattifies the skin, sets makeup in place and makes it last longer.”


Colour Boost High Pigment Nail Polish
2.30 euros
Available in 10 shades

“The high-pigmented nail polishes in trendy pastel and intensive colours ensure summery nail styles! The shiny formula has high coverage and offers a smooth finish with just one application.”

French Manicure Perfecting Nail Polish
2.30 euro

“A soft shimmer and subtle French white make the nails look beautifully groomed and natural.”

01 Let’s Be FRENCH

Glam & Care Luminous Nail Polish
2.30 euros
Available in 7 shades

“The new nail polish range strengthens & protects the nails. It also creates a soft glow with light shimmer effects. Contains Kukui Oils.

Out of Space Nail Polish
2.50 euros
Available in 7 shades

“Holographic, iridescent and metallic nail polishes in bright colours ensures a trendy prism-effect.”

Stand Out! 3D Touch Manicure Stickers
1.60 euros

“Simply place the sticker on the nail and apply the nail polish on top to give the nails a trendy 3D effect in designs such as knit pattern and tribal variations.”

01 Stand Out From The Crowd

Glamaxy Top Coat
2.50 euros

“Top coat with multi-coloured particles reminiscent of cellophane creates cool space nails.”

34 Glamaxy Far, Far Away

Anti Nail Bite Nail Polish & Top Coat
2.30 euros

“The bitter taste of the nail polish helps prevent nail biting to ensure long and naturally beautiful-looking nails. For use as a nail polish or a top coat.”


All in One Ridge Filler
2.30 euros

“The base coatĀ evens out ridges and irregularities, strengthens the nails with it’s keratin ingredients and makes the application of colour nail polish easier than ever.”


SOS Protect & Resist
2.50 euros

“The protecting base-enriched with natural ingredients like white tea and tangerine oil-improves the resilience of nails.”


Ā Shine, Shine, Shine Lipgloss
2.50 euro
Available 13 shades

“The smooth supple texture creates an extreme shine with a wet look effect on the lips. From the nude nuances to intensive colours to prism glow effects.”

Ultra Last Lipliner
2.30 euros
Available in 6 shades

“The soft lipliner with an intensive colour-dispersion is waterproof and last up to 6hrs.”

Fade Your Shade Lipstick
3.50 euro
Available in 2 shades

“As a topcoat, the white and black-red lipstick blends & fades the lipstick colour to create a trendy ombrĆ© or ‘bitten lip’ effect with a matt finish.”

Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via the Essence Cosmetics website and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Essenceā„¢


Bioderma New Additions

There was a time when Bioderma was a skincare brand that only existed for me through the girls on YouTube who were lucky enough to travel to France and be able to purchase it. Nowadays that’s not the case as Bioderma has become a world requested brand and every single country wants to stock and sell because it’s so good. They’re constantly growing and so is their product range. Recently they’ve vamped up their Atoderm range by adding three new products to the line. I hope to be able to provide reviews of the new products but for this post I’m simply going to be showing you what they are.


Two of the releases are bodycare products and each of them has a different formulation. One of them is a gel shower gel, and this one is meant to be super gentle on the skin. Both of these shower gels have a bit of a cleansing property to them which you want when it comes to cleaning the skin on your body. They’ve released these new shower gels in 1 litre bottleĀ sizes and 200ml. The 200ml one is great for travel or if your trying it out for the first time to see if you like the product. It’s great that they have the larger option because I know from my own experience that shower gelĀ tends to get used up fairly quickly.

The second formulation is actually an oil shower gel, and this one is really targeted towards skin that has a lot of irritation associated with it. Irritation of the skin can sometimes come about from de-hydration or from skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis and this type of product is great for soothing and re-hydrating the skin without any harsh ingredients.

thumbnail_atoderm%20hands%20%20nails%20rrp%20e5-50Last addition to the Atoderm line is a Ultra Repair Hand Cream and this is for those of use who suffer with super dry hands in the winter. I myself have been using the NĆ¼gg Beauty De-Stress MaskĀ followed by the Mandara Spa (review coming soon) hand cream but that’s on it’s last legs so I’m looking forward to trying a new hand cream when this is released.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: All images used in the post have been acquired via brand PR representative and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Biodermaā„¢.


Flormar Future Historical

For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile, it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Flormar Cosmetics. I’ve featured products from the brand before in my Flormar Goodie BagĀ post. For the month of February, Flormar has decided to release a Limited Edition collection called Future HistoricalĀ  and it features some beautiful looking makeup šŸ™‚ This isĀ forĀ definiteĀ going to be a preview post as I’m planning on picking up some of the products to try out for myself. I of course shall review them asĀ soon as I can.

-Talk Soon xx

Anti-Blemish Foundation
11.95 euros

“TheĀ foundation of the future. It’s not just buildable for hiding blemishes, it’sĀ packed with calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients that will help to heal and prevent blemishes.”

Radiant Touch Concealer
7.95 euros

“Luxuriously smooth concealer with a softĀ and creamy texture that gives a natural radiant finish. Ideal for all skin types giving instant cover to imperfections, blurringĀ the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while helping to hide dark circles and signs of fatigue.”

Push Up Definition Mascara
9.95 euros

“A creamy and soft textured mascara that lifts from root to tip, that gives major volume to the lashes without clumping. Due to its formula, it allows for multiple coats for that extra wow. Intense and immediate jet black colour release upon application.”

New Age Matte Liquid Lipstick
7.95 euros

“A soft smooth and velvety liquid that sets into a super matte but non-drying lipstick . It gives rich, opaque colour with incredible staying power. It’s so easy to apply with a soft lip sponge applicator and there is no lip liner required.”

Colour Stretch Eyeshadow
6.95 euros

“Light mousse-like creamy texture shadows with intense colour that are quick and easy to apply. The colour stretch eyeshadows are so easy to blend and give a shimmering finish that lasts all day long.”

Perfect Matte Nail Enamel
3.50 euros

“A velvet matte finish nail enamel with a fast drying formula, shine free effect and high coverage. Apply over a base coat and use a matteĀ  top coat for the ultimate matte effect.”

Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via brand PR representatives and are for illustrative purposes only. All images remain property of Flormarā„¢