Phil Smith Be Gorgeous De-tangling Brush

I think the most hyped about de-tangling brush in the beauty community has got to be the Tangle Teezer and it holds that title rightly so as every few months they release limited edition designs printed onto their brushes. I own a Tangle Teezer and I did reach a point where I could not be without it. Many companies have tried (some better than others) to create a dupe version but none in my opinion have succeed until now. The success comes from the incredible haircare brand Phil Smith who I have featured before on my blog in my Phil Smith Be Gorgeous blog post.


Phil Smith as a brand have brought out this de-tangling brush which can be used on both wet and dry hair. The brush itself has a typical brush shape in that you have your handle with the head that contains a soft cushion that holds the bristles. The bristles really are what make this brush unique. They are plastic and waved in shaped , the wave according to the Phil Smith brand are designed so that the brush glides through the hair gently and easily whilst removing any tangled hair at the same time.

I personally found this brush a dream to use. I typically have fine hair that does tend to fall straight anyway but when it’s damp, at the roots especially, it can become quite knotted together and this brush allows me to brush through that painlessly.


The only annoying thing about this brush is that because of the bristles being in a waved shape, they are theΒ  hardest thing ever to clean and remove any fallout that the hair has from them. But I personally love everything about this brush, the design of it, the bright rainbow colours and the way it glides through my hair painlessly regardless of whether its wet or dry.

This brush retails for on 5 pounds and is available from Sainburys in the UK and Northern of Ireland. It is also available via the Phil Smith website which I have linked below also.

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Provo Catrice [Limited Edition]

The latest collection from Catrice Cosmetics which will be available from mid-May until the end of July. This collection is limited edition and is inspired by this seasons latest lingerie trends which have been seen of the catwalks of fashion shows. The collection has a total of 5 products with varying shade options available. As always, images and prices are below πŸ™‚

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Eye Palette
5.50 euros

C01 UneToucheProvoCatrice:
“Two shimmering and two matte eyeshadows in fashionable shades with a silky powdery texture as well as a matching eyeliner in oxblood red.”


Cushion Powder Lips
5.50 euros
Available in two shades

“The cushion powder lips in a pink or a light berry shade offer an intensive colour and create a silky finish on the lips.”

Scented Powder
5.50 euros

C01 Transparent Shimmer:
“Finely ground, transparent body powder with a pleasant fragrance and a subtle shimmering finish.”



Volume Lash Dust
4.50 euros

C01 Irresistible Eyes:
“Micro-Fine, white powder particles intensifies the volume of the lashes. Simply add on top of mascara and then add another coat of mascara for a fabulous effect.

Gradation Blush
4.50 euros
Available in two shades

“Ensures a radiant complexion; the powder blush in pink or berry. Each blush consists of a light, shimmering tone and a darker, matte shade that blend together into a beautiful colour gradient.”

Nail Laquer
3.50 euros
Available in 5 shades

“Nail polishes with iridescent effects and a long-lasting formula.”

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Wet’N’Wild Photo Focus Foundation

It’s new.

It’s from an incredible brand.

Its affordable and it looks like its got a shade for everyone.

Wet’N’Wild has released it’s new foundation called Photo Focus which is meant to be the ultimate foundation for perfect photos. It claims to have no flashback, light reflecting pigments and a lightweight feel. The awesome thing about it is that it comes in 5 shades currently but more are to be added to the line in the coming months so I’m sure everyone will have a shade to suit them once the entire range is released. The retail price for it is 6.95 euros and I’ve added images of all the available shades below for you guys to have a look at.

-Talk Soon xx

“Photo Focus Foundation: Formulated with light-adjusting pigment, this foundation guarantees zero photo flashback, perfect every time under any light. Photo Focus Foundation has a lightweight matte finish, its ultra comfortable and lasts for hours with medium-to-full coverage. This foundation is available in five shades: Soft Ivory, Nude Ivory, Rose Ivory, Soft Beige and Golden Beige.”

Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via brand PR representative and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Wet’N’Wildβ„’.