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The SoSueMe ProBlender

It’s seems every single product that beauty blogger and Youtuber Suzanne Jackson brings out get so much hype and excitement over it and her ProBlender was no different. This is basically the SoSueMe brand’s version of the iconic Beauty Blender sponge and because of all the hype I was honestly expecting great things. I can unfortunately say I have been sorely disappointed as this blending sponge is one of the worst I’ve ever tried.


Bold claim, I know. To be honest though I don’t say it lightly, so let me break it down for you guys as to why I don’t like it. Firstly the sponge texture when you get it out of it’s plastic packaging feels rather rough. It’s also got little to no bounce to it whatsoever but this is me talking about it un-dampened.

Dampened the sponge didn’t increase it in size at all, and visually it also looked like it didn’t soak up any of the water while I was running it under the tap either. Applying my foundation with it was terrible, it basically placed the foundation on my skin like a coating rather than blending it in/sheer it out to be skin like. This made my makeup look heavy and caked on. I also found it so hard against my skin, to the point where I would considered it sore to bounce against my face.


Personally I think this is a product to be avoided from the SoSueMe line. Oh I should mention that the sponge costs 7.49 euros which considering Primark/Pennys sells two beauty blender sponges for 1.80 euros is very up there in price.

I’m still looking for the day where I will actually find a product from the SoSueMe makeup line that I actually like so if you guys know of any please let me know.

-Talk Soon xx

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Makeup Tools

BrushWorks Multi-Tasking Sponge

After being hooked on The Makeup Gallery sponge for so long and then trying out the Basic Beauty Tools Superdry Sponge and finding it amazingly good, I’m officially on the biggest hunt ever to try every single brands sponge I can get my hands on. Recently I was kindly sent this Brushworks Multi-Tasking Sponge to try and test out and to be honest I think I have found another favourite.

SAM_3052When I first saw this sponge I automatically thought Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge dupe but this in all honesty is so much better. It expands more when it’s wet and is softer to use. The main thing I like about this sponge is that it’s got two different sized points to it. The smaller side I found great for applying my concealer and the bigger I simply use to apply my foundation. The rounded edges of it is amazing for any buffing out you may want to do.

Probably my most favourite thing about this sponge is that it’s great for buffing out any cream highlighters over powders/foundations, lessen the chances of it becoming cakey. Brushworks sponges are available to purchase from Tesco’s and sometimes I can find them in TKMaxx Stores.

-Talk Soon xx

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Makeup Tools

Basic Beauty Tools Superdry Sponge

Ever since the day the Beauty Blender made it’s iconic appearance into the beauty community, sponges have been the go to tool for applying ones makeup. There have been a lot of dupes since it’s release but some companies, such as Basic Beauty Tools have gone a whole different route and designed a sponge that is unique to their brand and niche.


The most unique thing about Basic Beauty Tools approach to the design of their sponge is the holder that stores it. This holder is called the Spongedry and it’s a means of placing your sponge in a area, that isn’t an unhygienic surface and keeping it clean until it dries after use.


The Spongedry holder is super compact and slim and can be reverted from holder form to a flat set-up in order to slot it into the travel pouch that it comes with. This means that you can take your Spongedry stand wherever you go, to any hotel room, to any vacation home and still have a place to keep your sponges safe and bacteria free.


The holder can be used for any brand of sponge, not nessacary the Basic Beauty Tools sponges though I have to say the Basic Beauty Tools Foundation Blender is one of the nicest sponge that I have used in a while. I typical use the inexpensive sponges from The Makeup Gallery (which is a brand available in Dealz Ireland Stores), and these sponges have the same bouncy texture and softness to them that those do.


Basic Beauty Tools sell these sponges in various different colours, and the same goes for the holder. So if purple isn’t your favourite colour like it is mine, you can totally pick up the Spongedry in white or black or pink depending on your preference. I have linked the Basic Beauty Tools website below in case you wish to pick up one for yourself. Keep in mind that both the holder and sponge come together so it’s definitely good value for your buck.

-Talk Soon xx

Basic Beauty Tools Website

Disclaimer: Some of the products featured on this site have been sent for review consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored.

Makeup Tools

Claire’s Accessories Sponges

I was recently wandering around town and realized that I hadn’t popped in Claire’s Accessories in awhile. To be honest I never used to visit but ever since I discovered the Icing Brushes I’ve made it a point to pop in every now and again. My visit this time did not disappoint as they were having a buy 3 products get 3 products offer in store. For my purchases I ended up get three different versions of the Claire’s Blending Sponges and I’m so delighted with my find.


The first of these Blending sponges is actually three mini ones. These very much look like the beauty blender minis but I will say that they are a tad bit bigger in size. The texture of the sponges for all of them, not just these small ones, is really soft and bouncy. These 3 sponges in a pack retail for 5.99 euros.


I personally always use my sponges wet however for these I found not wetting them worked better as they tend to absorb the excess concealer while still blending out the concealer to give an airbrushes finish. I’ve photographed a wet sponge next to a dry one so you can see the difference in size.


The next sponge that I have is basically these sponges in large format and it can be considered to be a Beauty Blender dupe. I won’t lie the Beauty Blender is way softer than these sponges but for not wanting to pay 20 euros for a sponge these work fairly well in place of it.


This sponge retails for 4.50 euros. I found the pointed edge great for blending product around the nose and chin area and the rounded edge for actually applying foundation. If you use this sponge on it’s side, it’s great for blending in foundation into the skin for a really natural finish.


Last sponge that I purchased is more of an hourglass shaped sponge. Same texture as the other versions in the post and amazing to use wet. I like the hourglass shape because I found that the area where it curves actually hugs the hollows of the face making this amazing for applying cream contour. This sponge also retailed for 4.50 euros.


The only downer when it comes to these sponges is that I have a feeling that their not latex free because of the texture of them. I could be wrong so if anybody does know please leave a comment below! If your not a fan of the colours of these sponges, don’t worry they come in all the colours of the rainbow and their all the same price regardless of the colour you select.

-Talk Soon xx