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Essence ‘Hello Happiness’ Trend Edition

Even though January is considered to be the month that the New Year starts in, I always feel like September is the month where the year really starts. It’s probably because it’s the month that indicates the end of summer, the start of schools and colleges and the beginning of a new season. For me whenever September comes around, I love to re-vamp not only my wardrobe but also my makeup and brush collection and it just so happens that Essence Cosmetics seems to be in the same mindset as me with the launch of their new trend edition ‘Hello Happiness’


This trend edition is dedicated in it’s entirety to makeup brushes and keeping them clean, pristine and in great condition. The collection in total is composed of seven brushes in total along with a cute brush bag and brush cleansing soap for keeping your brushes clean. From this collection I was kindly sent the foundation brush and the cleansing soap. I did try to get some of the other brushes to add to this review but it seems they’re flying out of the stores like there’s no tomorrow.


The foundation brush is the smallest of the brushes handle-wise, coming almost like a travel brush to be frank. It has super dense and very tightly compacted bristles which stops it from absorbing to much of your foundation as it is applying it. Application wise it applies almost any base I’ve used with it (Urban Decay Naked Skin, Bareminerals BarePro, Garnier BB Cream and Rimmel Fresher Skin) flawlessly and without any brush stroke marks or streaking.


I did wash this brush after every application with the cleansing soap and it washes beautifully. No shedding and no soap residue remains on the brush either. Also the brush itself is super soft when you first get it-it stays soft even after washing. The cleansing soap I found worked really nice to remove almost all traces of makeup from this brush.


I did try it with some of my other brushes and found that with synthetic hair brushes it did great but with natural hair brushes it kind of left a residue on them. It made them feel almost plastic, like there was some sort of coating on the hairs of the brushes. The packaging of the cleansing soap does clearly state to use only with synthetic brushes but I personally never follow the rules when it comes to makeup and products. Also I simply rewashed the brushes my usual way with baby shampoo and they went back to normal.

essence hello happiness! brush bag open

I highly recommend these brushes and the cleansing soap for any of your synthetic brushes. They are amazing quality and that’s not the best part. Every single one of these brushes retails for less than 5 euros and with brushes being so expensive these days that’s definitely a bargain.

-Talk Soon xx

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So Eco Brushes

The type of brush and the brand of brush you use can sometimes make or break your make up. Brushes that are too dense can make your makeup go on too thick and cause it to cake. Brushes that are not well made can cause brush strokes to be visible on the skin when trying to blend out your foundation into that perfect base. My favourite brands for good quality brushes is Real Techniques, EcoTools and So Eco and recently I was lucky enough to have two new brushes added to my So Eco brush collection and so I thought I would share them with you.


The first of the brushes is the So Eco Stippling Brush. This is a dual fibre brush, which means some of the bristles of the brush are short and some of them are long. This stops the brush from picking up to much product and so it makes it great for applying highlighter and bronzer to the skin.


All of So Eco brushes are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. Plus they’re cruelty free. Which makes the bristles super soft and of a high quality, so you definitely don’t get any brush strokes with these brushes. The handle of these brushes is made of actual wood, so no synthetic or look-alikes but actual wood, so they of course have that high-end feel to them even though they’re super affordable.


The second brush that I own is their Multi-Tasking Brush which is a big, wide fluffy brush that looks perfect for the application of powder foundation, regular powder and blusher.


These brushes also wash beautifully without shedding or losing their softness. I wash my brushes with the Primark/Pennys makeup soap in case anyone was wondering.  These definitely are some of the best affordable brushes on the market and I totally think everyone should have a few in their collection.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: Some of the products featured on this site have been sent for review consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored.

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Youngblood Christmas Gifts

I can’t believe we’re already in December and only a few days away is Christmas. I’ve already begun to notice that people are getting more and more shopping crazy and that the stores are getting busier and more crowded as the days pass. It can be difficult knowing what to get your friends and family but that’s why I think this post should help anyone who has a person in their life who loves makeup. I’m going to be showing you everything that Youngblood Cosmetics are going to be bring out for Christmas.

Contouring is a trend that has hit the cosmetics industry hard and by hard I mean every brand under the sun wants to get in on it with their product. The star for this year has got to be the SoSueMe by Suzanne Jackson contouring palette but because that’s in such high demand it can be a tad bit hard to find. Youngblood Cosmetics has their version, and even though it’s a little bit more expensive (coming in at 43 euros) than the SoSueMe one it’s comparably similar.

“An all essential palette to shade and highlight like a professional, whilst incorporating the additional skin nurturing benefits of mineral make-up.”



If your looking to purchase for someone whose just starting out in makeup than this kit should fit the bill. The Youngblood Purely the Basics kit contains everything that a person could need for their first experience with makeup. As an added benefit it’s all mineral makeup, meaning they aren’t clogging their young healthy skin with bad ingredients that can be in some less expensive kits. This kit comes in at a price of 42.50 euros and contains a total of 4 full sized products.

“This kit gives you everything you nee in order to achieve a flawless look without clogging pores and flaring up acne including mineral foundation, mineral rice setting powder, crushed mineral blush and a kabuki blending brush.”


A kit that goes great with the one I just featured is the Youngblood Whiplash Mascara Set as no look is completed without a bit of mascara. This retails for 35 euros but the great thing about it is that your getting a lash primer in the kit as well as a mascara so you know that whoever receives this will have incredible looking lashes.

“Our whiplash mascara set includes a mineral lash primer and our signature mascara. Perfect for an eye-catching look.”


One of the best presents to give and receive during Christmas is a good quality brush set especially because buying brushes individually these days can be a bit expensive. Youngblood have decided to put together a 6 piece brush set in a handy travel case that contains almost everything brush wise that you would need to create an entire face. Price is 40 euros.

“Made from the highest-grade natural and synthetic materials, this brush set can be used to sculpt, bronze and complete any look on the  go!


Everybody loves a good lipstick/eyeshadow for the holidays and I personally think they make the best stocking stuffer. These lippies and eyeshadows may be a little bit pricey but their formulation cannot be doubted on how good it is. Best to give something that will be used and loved.

Intimatte Lipsticks (19.50 euros each)
“Formulated with emollients and vitamin E, the luxurious lipsticks will give you a beautiful matte look that will last for hours.”

Pressed Eyeshadow Duos (25 euros each)
“Our pressed eye shadow duo’s come in four dazzling shades, Virtue, Graceful, Charismatic and Desire. These colours which come in matte and shimmery shades are perfect for a party ready look this season!


I hope these posts help out any of you who are reading and if your interested in reading other posts like these for inspiration please check out the links I’ve left below.

-Talk Soon xx

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Shadow Switch: Dry Brush Cleaner

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to clean makeup brushes every single time you decide to do a strong eye makeup look. Me, personally I find whenever I use blacks and dark colours that my makeup brushes always look like I’ve used them to clean the fireplace afterwards. I want to introduce you guys to the item that has changed the way I clean my makeup brushes. This is the Beauty Essentials Shadow Switch: Dry Brush Cleaner.


This product is simply a dry coarse sponge in simplistic tin packaging. It can be used by swirling a dirty makeup brush clockwise against the sponge and the brush will instantly become product free! Yes I know! I didn’t believe this would work when I first got it either but after seeing it preform it’s magic with my own eyes I’m certainly  a believer now :). You can now do your entire eye makeup look with the one makeup brush now if you want to.

sam_2173I should say that this sponge only removes powder eyeshadows. I found that it didn’t quite lift cream products completely from my brushes when I tried to clean them with it. But for powder it’s perfect. To clean the sponge you simply wash it once a month with warm water and baby shampoo. It needs to be replaced every three months just to be hygienic (kinda like the Beauty Blender Sponge). I personally think that everyone who works as a professional makeup artist should have one of these in their kit for use in between clients.

Because I was sent this product as a PR sample it’s not in the most updated version of this packaging so I’ve included images of how you’ll receive this product should you  decide to purchase it now. As far as I know it’s going to be available in Sephora Stores. You can currently get this via the Beauty Essential Amazon Store which I’ve linked below 🙂

-Talk Soon xx

Beauty Essentials Amazon Store

Disclaimer: Some of the products featured on this site have been sent for review consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored.

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Fuschia Makeup Brushes Part 2

So in Part one of this two part review I featured all of the base brushes available in the Fuschia Makeup Brush Kit that I purchased a while back. I did mention in that review that this kit that I’m reviewing today isn’t actually available anymore however they do have an updated version of it on their website which I shall of course link at the end of the post. This kit comes with 4 base brushes which I spoke about in Part one and 7 eye brushes which I’m going to go into more detail in today’s post.



My favourite brush from the 7 is the eye blender brush and this is very similar to the MAC 217 brush which is weird because I don’t actual like the MAC 217 (I know shock horror). This brush is great for applying a wash of cream product all over the lid, blending out shadow, defining the crease and laying down a transition shade. Very much a multi use brush. It’s also the only one in the kit that comes with white bristles out of the eye brushes.





You get 2 shader brushes, one has shorter bristles and is a bit more compact making it great for packing shadow/product onto the lid.




The other has longer bristles which are cut to form a slightly curved angle. At first I though this would annoy me but I’ve actually found it great for getting a shape formed on the outer corner of the eye whilst also being able to apply a second eyeshadow shade.


Brush number four is a pointed shadow brush which is perfect for applying shadow on the lower lash line and for really craving out the crease to achieve that cut-crease look that is very editorial these days.


For the inner corner of the eyes the kit does come with a short bristled detailer brush, perfect for adding any small additions to your eye makeup look.


My second favourite brush is the angled liner brush and I’ve found this the best thing ever for applying gel liner. It’s bristles are so pinched together and long enough that you have flexibility with the brush but it does flare or cause thickness with your application.


There’s also a flat liner brush however I personally didn’t like this for liner application, it’s really not as pinched together bristle wise to get a really perfected application in terms of liner. However I did find it great for eyebrows especially when your using gel like products such as brow pomades and brow waxes.


Let me know what you guys thought about my reviews on these brushes and also let me know if you want me to do a review about the Real Techniques brushes…I think I own them all bar the Bold Metals range.

-Talk Soon xx

Fuschia Makeup Ten Piece Brush Set


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Fuschia Make-Up Brushes Part 1

Good makeup brushes these days are not hard to come by with some many good brands being on the market like Spectrum, Zoeva, Sigma and of course Real Techniques. That being said most of those brush brands are rather expensive because they tend to sell their makeup brushes individually rather than as a set. And if they do sell them as sets you don’t always get all the brushes that you need or want. Me personally I love Real Techniques as a brush brand and totally recommend them but since they released their bold metals range with a single brush retailing for 22 euros minimum I’ve been a bit withdrawn from them as a brand and so my search for an alternative range began.


Fuschia Make-up is an Irish owned brand and of course I have to support my fellow sisters in anyway I can but honestly it’s not just about supporting them, their brushes are actually brilliant quality and well priced. The set that I’m going to be reviewing today isn’t available anymore however they have a more updated version of it present on their website for the exact same price that I paid for mine so I will of course be linking that at the end of the post.


All the brushes are beautifully presented in this black faux leather travel case that I have been using for carrying my brushes during travel since I got this set. It has two sides for clenching in the brushes and then a pencil case centre so you can add eyelash curler or a sharpener if you want or even a few brushes from different brands that you like. The biggest brush in the set is the powder brush and this used to come with a plastic covering however I managed to toss that….whoops


The bristles on this brush like all the brushes are super soft and not scratchy. This brush does have some density to it but just the right amount so that when you apply powder you can get some coverage off of it without it being too caked on.



You also get a dual-fibered stippling brush which I personally love to use for blushes and highlighters. Like all dual-fibered brushes it picks up product with the longer bristles and then blends it out with the shorter bristles for a flawless finish on the skin. The longer bristles are white which I prefer because it allows me to see if the brush is clean or not when I wash it. Speaking of washing these wash beautifully, washed them roughly 10 times now and their still as soft as when I bought them.



Next in line is the angled blush brush which I personally love using for contour and bronzer because of the angle. It really helps to hug the curves of the face. I have found that with this brush it tends to start losing its shape if you over wash it so make sure you pop on a brush guard when its drying so as to maintain that angled shape.


The last base brush in the kit is the Flat Foundation Brush and it’s basically what it says on the tin. A brush that I use to apply my foundation. No matter what foundation you use because of it being a flat brush it will apply it full coverage. I recommend using a stippling brush or a buffing brush if your looking for a more sheer look (real techniques do affordable versions of both of those brushes).


Because this post is already super long and I’ve only done the base brushes I’m going to do the eye brushes in the kit in Part 2 so stay tuned for that.

-Talk Soon xx

Fuschia Makeup Ten Piece Brush Set

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So Eco Makeup Brushes

Recently I was lucky enough to be sent some makeup brushes from a brand called So Eco. So Eco is a brand that prides itself on being 100% environmentally friendly. Everything they make or produce is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and reusable, including the brushes they sent me. I got sent 7 brushes in total, 2 of which are for face products and the other 5 for the eyes.


The first brush I’m going to talk about is the So Eco Foundation Brush. This is your traditional flat shaped foundation brush that is great for achieving that high coverage look with your base makeup. All the bristles of the brush have been hand-cut and trimmed into shape so it means you have no blunt bristle ends. And yes this makes a world of a difference because these brushes are the SOFTEST I’ve ever used! Even softer than the Real Techniques brushes and that’s saying something because I adore my Real Techniques brushes.


The second face brush that I got is the So Eco Blush Brush and this one is my favourite from all that was sent to me. Again this brush is super soft, almost like having silk brushing your skin when using this.


Size wise, it’s not to big and not to small, it’s perfect for getting blush directly onto the apples of the cheeks. The brush is also dome-shaped which I found helped blend my blush really well as to get no harsh edges or streaks.


The next 5 brushes that I got actually all come in a kit. The kit is called the So Eco Eye Brush Kit and it’s a great kit I think for those of us who are just starting out in makeup and have no clue as to which brushes they should buy. I love the handy travel case that they come in. It’s made out of this canvas like material that is really flexible so you don’t have a bulky case within your travel suitcase.


The first brush in the kit is actually my most used brush out of the five. Because it’s head is so small it’s great for precision work. It may be called Small Eyeshadow Brush but I’ve also found it great for spot-concealing and lipstick application.


Never follow the label guys when it comes to brushes. If it works for you with a certain product use it for that product. Bristles are synthetic so don’t be afraid to use these brushes with cream products.


The second brush in the kit is called the Large Eyeshadow Brush and this is basically the older and bigger sister of the first brush.


I have a ton of this shaped brush in my brush collection because it’s great for laying down a base eyeshadow and blending it all over the eyelid quickly. I also find for concealer you can’t go wrong with this brush either.


Right the kit has been going well up until now, but I have to say I hate this next brush! Yes hate is a strong word but it’s how I feel about this particular brush. It’s the Fine Liner Brush and there ain’t nothing fine about it.


If you look at the bristles in the photo (took these photos the minute I got them so no they are not washed) you can see that they flair out in every direction. This is the same for when the gel is on the brush. Also the bristles in my opinion are too long for easy liner application, they need to be shorter and more compacted into the brush wand to get a nice sharp fine line.



All that being said about the Fine Liner Brush the kit does make up for it by adding in a Flat Liner Brush which I love! Great with black eyeshadow and even better with brow products. It gives great control because the bristles are nice and short and the handles of these brushes are not too long.


Last brush is the Lash & Brow Comb and it basically does what it says on the tin. Nothing special about this brush, you can get it from any brand and it will work the same as this one. The bristles on the brush side are a bit coarse for my taste, I know it’s for brows but they’re still on your face, it does need to be a small bit softer in my opinion than it is.


I have to say that overall I really like this brand for brushes. It’s an added bonus that their 100% environmentally healthy and aware. I totally recommend their face brushes, some the softest I’ve ever used. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: Some of the products featured on this site have been sent for review consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored.

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