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MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics is the one makeup brand that when I see a counter for it, I run straight for the lipsticks and start swatching all of them immediately. I think they are kings/queens (I’m not labelling) of lipstick making. Because of my love for their lipsticks I tend to add one to my collection each and every time I find a MAC counter-which isn’t often as I live in Waterford & the closest counter is up in Dublin City.


My latest addition to my MAC Lipstick collection is the shade Smoke Purple which is a fairly famous shade as it’s the shade that the singer Lorde uses as her signature colour. I love dark and rich colours on my lips so whenever I’m going to spend 20 euros for a lipstick, I’m going to choose a colour that I will wear quite frequently. Smoked Purple comes in the iconic MAC bullet packaging, like all the other lipsticks they do, and is a member of their retro matte formulated lipsticks.

SAM_3577The colour is simply the most gorgeous deep vampy purple that, even though it’s a retro matte, is very comfortable on the lips and suits most if not all skin-tones. I personally love applying MAC’s Nightmoth lip liner on under it as this colour, because of how dark it is, can be a small bit patchy when applied on the lips just on it’s own. Nightmoth is literally the same colour but in lip liner form.

Please let me know what your favourite MAC Cosmetics lipstick is in the comments so I can add it to my list of lipsticks to pick up 🙂

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Lip Products

M.A.C Russian Red Lipstick

Whenever someone asks me “what’s your favourite lipstick?” my reply will always be MAC Russian Red lipstick. The main reason is because this lipstick is the one that I chose for my big day, my wedding. I think when someone chooses something for their wedding then in their eyes that product or item is perfect for them and that’s exactly how I feel about this lipstick.


Like 90% of MAC lipsticks it has the very iconic bullet shaped design for it’s outer packaging as it’s lipstick tube. The lipstick itself is one of MAC’s Matte formulated lipsticks and true to the formulation name, this lipstick has not a single bit of a shine to it whatsoever once it’s applied on the lips. In fact it’s so matte that it can be borderline drying on the lips if worn excessively.


I tend to avoid wearing this on a day to day basis instead reserving it for those special occasions when I want a true red. Also when I do want to wear it, I make sure to exfoliate my lips before hand with a lip scrub like the Primark Beauty: PS..PRO Lip Scrub and then applying a good hydrating lip balm or lip mask. My favourite lip mask is the Nugg Beauty: Lip Mask.


I think what makes this lipstick so special is the colour of it. It’s the most intense and flawless red shade that seems to falter almost every single skin tone that wears it. I say this is my favourite lipstick but I’m not alone in that statement. This lipstick is a favourite of a lot of makeup artist’s and beauty bloggers also.


Would you rock this red shade? If not let me know in the comments below what your fav MAC Lipstick is 🙂

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MAC Eye gloss in Pearl Varnish

So I have a new release from MAC. This is the MAC Studio Eye Gloss (limited edition) in the shade Pearl Varnish and it has just been released as part of the Future M-A-C 2016 Collection. In this collection the have released two varnishes one in Pearl and the other in Lightly Taupe. First let me explain what a Varnish is from MAC. It’s basically what makeup artists use on the eyelids of models when they want to get that wet/glossy look to the eyes. It’s very editorial makeup and is only really used for photoshoots as it doesn’t last long on the eyes and tends to crease.

SAM_0611I personally picked this up because I am a collector of makeup and don’t have anything like this in my collection. The product itself comes in the traditional black MAC Studio box. Of course you have to open this up and inside you get the good stuff that the actual Pearl Varnish. I bought the Pearl shade as I preferred the shade and I think it would suit my pale/fair complexion better.

SAM_0613The product itself is housed in a simple clear plastic jar with a black lid. Probably not the most glamourous packaging but it does the job well as the lid screws on tightly in order to minimize exposure to air. Also the actual jar is reinforced acrylic plastic so no danger of it breaking anytime soon.


Formulation wise this product is really sticky so I wouldn’t recommend it for those of you that have hooded eyes or sensitivity in the eye area. The glitter particles are also chunky but not in a bad way. You don’t feel them when their o your lid but they are big that they reflect the light as you move. So pretty!


This product retails for 21 euros and is currently available for purchase at all leading MAC retailers. I sound like a commercial ad for MAC lolz! Hope you enjoyed this review.

-Talk Soon xx

Lip Products

Ariana Grande MAC LipGlass (Limited Edition)

MAC is one of those makeup brands that has been around for years and years and that everyone under the sun seems to love. It’s also one of the first brands that makeup artists as a profession were drawn too which makes it extremely coveted. I, myself personally love MAC but I especially love it when they do all their limited edition collections every season. This season they collaborated with the singer Ariana Grande and though I’m not a fan of the singer herself I do love this collection.

Image remains property of MAC Cosmetics TM

There are only two products in this collection and to be honest I only liked one of the products and that was the lipglass however I am going to pop an image of the lipstick and its info at the end of the post for anyone who is interested in trying it out but be warned it is patchy when applied. The lipglass however is absolutely beautiful from its packaging to the application to the shade colour.


The product comes in a sturdy almost glass like packaging though it plastic which make it easier to carry around in your purse. It has a black lid and the applicator is your typical doe-foot applicator. When you pull the applicator out it has the appropriate amount of product on the tip to cover your entire lip area.


I won’t lie the formulation of this product is a little bit sticky but it is MAC’s version of a lipgloss which are generally meant to be sticky. The shade color is this light sheer pink  with silver shimmer running through it. It’s gorgeous applied on it’s own but it also goes well when applied over lipstick.


Both the lipglass and the lipstick retail at 19 euros which is a set price for most mac lipsticks and lipglosses. I personally love this product. I should mention the name of the lipglass is Viva Glam Ariana Grande. The lipstick shade is called the same.

Image remains property of MAC Cosmetics TM

Hope you guys have enjoyed this blog post. I’m planning on at least uploading twice a week though this could increase depending on my schedule.

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