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It’s official, Halloween is over, November is here and the weather is simply put freezing. Let’s not put a dampener on things though shall we, as with colder weather comes richer makeup. By richer I mean we trade out the soft shades of peach and pinks for the richer browns and plums, we swap those coral lips for rich berry tones and there is no better collection on the highstreet at the moment than L.O.V Cosmetic’s Fall Collection which has an amazing foundation, a gorgeous palette and just the right about of vampyness to it’s lipsticks.


For most people, myself included, when the colder months come around we tend to switch out or regular foundation for something with a little more coverage. L.O.V has released a new foundation for it’s fall collection called the EXTRAordinary foundation. Packaging wise it looks like it’s going to be a cushion foundation and to be honest that’s what I thought it was when I initially saw it. It’s not, instead it’s got this really cool pump system to it that allows you to dispense just the right amount of product.


It’s packaging also makes it extremely handy for travel as it has a mirror, sponge and because of it’s dispensing system there is no risk of it spilling all over your purse/bag. Coverage wise I would call it a medium but it can definitely be built up. I have this foundation in the shade No.025 Sand Sophistication which is the second shade within the range. A bit dark for my pale complexion but it’s easily fixed with a few lightening drops (I use The Body Shop ones).


Once I have my foundation done I tend to like to move onto the rest of face especially if I’m not doing a strong eye makeup look. The first palette I have is L.O.V Cosmetic’s The Contourious Palette which is a 4-in-1 palette that can be used to sculpt and define the face. This palette has a love satin finish powder, the perfect sculpting shade for fair skintones, a gorgeous rose gold blush that is very comparable to Nars’s Orgasm blush and the worst cream highlighter I have ever used.


Yes a shocker at the end I know. To be frank the Luminizer is a major let down in this palette. It’s the only one that has a cream formulation to it and as a cream it feels very waxy. With regards to luminizing -it doesn’t, it simply reflects the chunky glitter that is suspended in the waxy cream. I know I’m being very harsh on this highlighter but that’s only because I was very impressed with everything else in this palette.

The powders are so silky soft, and blend to perfection. The blush has just the right pigmentation and is such a stunning shade. I highly recommend the contour shade in this palette if you’re pale and constantly struggle to find a shade to suit your skintone. The palette also comes with a mirror so it’s also great for travel. With so many redeeming qualities to this palette, you can see why I was so disappointed in the highlighter shade.


With the disappointment I suffered with the highlighter in the Contourious palette above, I really didn’t have high hopes for the Glowrious Palette. Boy was I mistaken. This palette makes up for that one crappy highlighter big time. Okay so in this palette you get 2 highlighter and a bronzer. The highlighters come in two different finishes; subtle and intense. Both of them are super creamy and buttery in texture and blend flawlessly.


My favourite out of the two is weirdly the soft illuminator, which is weird I know because I normally go for the highlight seen from space kind of look but this is a highlighter that gives you that candle light soft focus glow. It’s so soft and subtle and absolutely pretty to look at that’s for sure.

The bronzer is super glowly and one I only really recommend you use in the summer when you have a nice tan on.


Let’s talk eyes and L.O.V Cosmetics has gone and released three gorgeous palettes this season. I have the 710 palette called Devoted to Roses and as the name suggests it’s very blush pink, soft mauve toned that just labels it as a fall palette. I love the packaging of this palette! Hands down the best of all the palettes, with it’s rubberized feel it’s like I have a Nars palette without the big price tag.

The eyeshadows themselves are stunning. Texture wise they’re like butter and blend beautifully on the eyes with little to no fallout. I did find that the pigmentation of them was way better with a primer than without so I do recommend you use one with these shadows.



There are so many amazing mascaras to choose from when it comes to L.O.V Cosmetics but one of their more unique products is actually their Lash Primer and dual-ended mascara. The Lash primer is exactly what it says on the tin, a primer for your lashes to be applied before your actual mascara. I honestly found that this product made such a difference to my mascara, even the ones that I normally use and have fantastic lashes with-this product made them work even better.


It’s a white mascara that has a nice fat brush that really helps elongate the lashes and volumize them too. The Liason Mascara from L.O.V Cosmetics is a fiber lash mascara and has this really tiny brush to it that makes getting at every hair on your eyes so easy. Makes for getting super long lashes.


The other side has a nice black liner on it. It’s not the blackest I’ve ever used-that would be Avon Super Shock Liner and the L’oreal Infallible Gel Crayon-but it is a good black liner that lasts quite a good time on the eyes.


Last two products I have to share from the collection are both lip products and each one comes from a different range within the collection. The first is from the LipAffair Mattes and is in the shade Black Mood. Love, Love, Love the colour of this lipstick! Such an amazing statement lip for the winter months and a nice change to the typical red’s that we tend to see this time of year. I personally like pairing this lipstick with either MAC’s Nightmoth Lip Liner or the lip liner that I featured in my Catrice Dawid Tomaszewski Collection review.


The other lipstick is from their LipAffair Metallic range and this is very much hitting the nail on the head when it comes to the metalized lips trend we’re seeing everywhere at the moment. The shade that I have is called Cosmic Aura and is this stunning crimson red that has been shot through with metallized copper shimmer. So beautiful and definitely the shade to have for next month (I am not saying the C word-it’s way to early!).


Let me know what you’re favourite piece from the collection is and whether or not you’ve tried L.O.V Cosmetics yet?

-Talk Soon xx

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L.O.V. FatalMuse Liquid Matte Lipstick

It’s no secret on this blog that I am a huge fan of L.O.V. Cosmetics seeing as last month I did an entire three part series simply reviewing their products. I shall link those posts below in the case any of you didn’t catch them or are new to my blog. For today’s post I’m focusing on a newer release of theirs and that’s their FatalMuse Liquid Matte Lipsticks.


Whenever I hear the word Matte in liquid lipsticks I’m automatically turned off because I have this instinctive fear that it’s going to be super drying on the lips and I tend to prefer my lips to be hydrated (with the exception of when I want to wear my M.A.C Russian Red Lipstick). These are not drying whatsoever, they are actually really smooth on the lips and set almost with a velvet finish. Pigmentation of them is intense with a high colour payoff.


The applicator is nice and thin making it possible for you to initially go around your lips with it to outline them before filling them in completely with the flattened side of it. I have two shades out of the ten available and both of them I love completely because they’re nice vampy shades that are perfect for the coming fall months.


The first of the two shades that I have is No. 770 Extrovert which is a nice berry shade with a slight red undertone to it. I found these to last roughly 8 hours on my lips without touch ups and through non-greasy food. With gresy food however they do tend to break down slightly because of the oil.


The second shade that I have is No. 780 Bold Attitude which is a nice cranberry shade and out of the two I definitely gravitate towards this one more. Layering wise these don’t cake especially if you stick to nice thin coats when applying it. That said because these are so opaque you really shouldn’t need more than one swipe.

-Talk Soon xx

Some Love πŸ’“ for L.O.V Cosmetics PTβ€’1

Some Love πŸ’“ for L.O.V Cosmetics PTβ€’2

Some Love πŸ’“ for L.O.V Cosmetics PTβ€’3

Disclaimer: Some of the products featured on this site have been sent for review consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored.
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Some Love πŸ’“ for L.O.V Cosmetics PTβ€’3

This is going to be my final post for LOV Cosmetics for the moment, I will of course be reviewing more of their products in the future. This post is gonna focus on some of their lip products the first of which is their lip liner in the shade 541 100% Grazia


My love for this lip liner has no end as it’s simply one of the best that I have ever used. My favourites have always been the Isadora Lip Liners which I reviewed in my Lipliner πŸ’‹ over Lipstick πŸ’„Β post and since trying this out I’m very much have popped it at the same level as those.


The formulation of it is super smooth and application which it glides on the lips like butter. It also has a handy brush applicator at the end that can be used for soften the line after you’ve applied it. Pigmentation is nice and opaque. The only really downfall of this product is that it does transfer because of it’s creamy formulation but that beats it drying the hell out of my lips that’s for sure.


With lip liner comes a matching lipstick and I have mine in the shade 541 Grazia’s Bordeaux which is a nice intense burgundy red shade that really reminds me ofΒ old movies when it’s on the lips.


Much like it’s lip liner the formulation of itΒ is super creamy and soft. It applies beautifully on the lips without dragging and without grabbing onto any dry patches.


Β Last lip product that I have is the LOV Cosmetics LOVlicious lip gloss which to be quite honest I did not like whatsoever. The formulation of it is very sticky on the lips to the point where if you apply to much at any point you get that stringing effect between the lips.



The applicator is nice and is able to provide enough product on it to ensure that you can cover your entire lips but because of it’s shape it offers no precise whatsoever. Over lipstick it can be considered to be opaque but on it’s own the coverage just isn’t quite there.


I hope you guys enjoyed all these posts and reviews on LOV Cosmetics. I have certainly loved trying out and using the products and highly recommend them and the brand itself.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: Some of the products featured on this site have been sent for review consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored.
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Some Love πŸ’“ for L.O.V Cosmetics PTβ€’2

In my first post on LOV Cosmetics I did a full review of some of their base products and for todays post I’m going to follow it up with a full review of some of their eye products. I will probably be doing a part 3 which will most likely focus on some of their lip products.


Let’s start things off with the product that most people can’t go out in public without and that’s mascara. If I had to describe this mascara I would compare it to George Clooney-it gets better with age. The more this mascara dries out the better it applies, the more volume you achieve and the more dramatic the lashes. It’s got a very curved wand to it, and the formulation when I initially got it was very wet and gave a very natural effect when applied.


I automatically popped it aside as a hate, but a few days later I was stuck for mascara and so I tried it again and noticed it was a tad bit better. Now roughly 3 weeks in it’s basically my go to. I just recommend that when you go to by a new tube of this to make sure you’ve got enough of your old tube left so you can let the new one dry out a little.


The LOV Cosmetics Best Dressed eye liner is a gel liner in handy pencil like form. It’s also very highly comparable to the black liner from L’oreal that I recently reviewed (review linked below.) . I like this eyeliner, there’s nothing special about it. It gets the job done, has a great formula and doesn’t budge once it’s dry.


The end of the pencil has a built in topper so you can always have a sharp point to your liner. The pigmentation is very very good in that the black is super intense and has no greyness or brown in it whatsoever. You need a good gel liner than I would totally recommend this.


The same can be said about their Confidental liquid eyeliner. This is a felt tip liner and it has an extremely fine point to it to make sure you are able to create the perfect winged flick. I personally love how intense the pigmentation is with these liners as they’re so opaque and there is no patchiness to them whatsoever.


As far as black liners go these are some of the best that I’ve tried and I think the only other brand that does similar quality ones to these is L’oreal but it should be notedΒ that these are more affordable than L’oreal price wise. When I plan on repurchasing, L’oreal has been pushed aside and these will be the ones I will go for.


Nude liner is just as essential as black eyeliner in any makeup collection. You should always ensure that you pick a nude liner that has a long-lasting formulation to it as most of the time the place of application for a product like this will be your waterline and you don’t want it to budge.


With regards to LOV Cosmetics nude liner I found it’s formula to be nice and creamy and very long-lasting. I applied it on my waterline in the morning and it was still there when I went to take my makeup off at night. Because of the type of nude shade it is you can definitely double this pencil up as a pin-point concealing pencil if you’re ever in situation where you’re stuck for concealer.


Let’s finish off this review with some eyeshadows and I’ve got two different formulations of them to share with you. The first is this champagne, almost icy white shade called 340 Winter Dessert.


I didn’t like this eyeshadow at all, it has little to no pigmentation to it whatsoever and the glitter it has is very chunky which results in a lot of fallout. The lack of pigmentation also makes it look like you just thrown a loose glitter on your lids and walked out the door.


The shade 120 Misty Earth which is a nice neutral brown, I absolutely adore. This is completely matte and blends to utter perfection. Looks so stunning on both brown and green eyes and is so pigmented that a little goes a long way.


Both these eyeshadows come with a mini eyeshadow applicator that always end up in the bin and have a handy mirror in the lid of their compact.

I should have part three up soon which ill be a review on some of the LOV Cosmetics lip products so make sure to subscribe in order not to miss that!

-Talk Soon xx

L’oreal Infallible Gel Crayon

Disclaimer: Some of the products featured on this site have been sent for review consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored