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New Releases from L’oreal

It’s been about a month since I’ve last sat at a computer to write a blog post and can I just say it was a break that was very much needed. I managed to have a nice relaxed few weeks that didn’t have me constantly checking my social media or checking to see if my scheduled post went up on time. Now that those weeks are finished however I’m ready to get back into what I enjoy and that’s writing about makeup.


During my weeks off I picked up a lot of new releases especially from L’oreal Paris because they seem to be bringing out a new product every other week. I’m going to start off with the one product out of the releases that I picked that I liked. This is the L’oreal Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops in the shade 01 Sparkling Love.


This is a stunning liquid highlighter that looks like liquid gold on the skin. It has a dropper tool as it’s applicator and you get 15mls of product in the bottle. It’s so easy to apply and I found using a small damp sponge with it gives the best result finish wise on the skin.


I have a very much love/hate relationship with the Bonjour Nudista Awakening Skin Tint. This is marketed as a BB Cream however I find it more like a tinted moisturiser except it is so dry looking on the skin. I found the texture of it a bit like a gel and when applied on the skin it literally enhanced every pore & dry skin patch available. I didn’t like it at all.

That said, I did mix it with a serum/moisturiser/hydrating primer (only one of these at any one application) and it applied so beautifully. It really gave a gorgeous dewy finish to my skin that looked so perfect for the summer weather we’ve been having recently. See what I mean about the love/hate. I hate it on it’s own and love it mixed in with other products. I do however think that this product is not worth the purchase as I have other tinted products that give me a gorgeous dewy look to my skin without me having to mix them with anything.

SAM_4661 To go with the skin tint I decided to pick up the Infaillible 24H Concealer Pomade. This has been compared to the Nars Velvet Matte Concealer by a lot of my favourite bloggers and influencers. I HATE this concealer. It’s so thick and drying regardless of how you use it. I’ve tried it under the eyes-it creased. I’ve tried it on blemishes-it wiped off. Not only that it felt and looked very heavy on the skin-almost like it was sitting on top of it rather than look naturally sunk in.


Let me know if you’ve tried any new products (from any brand) recently that I just have to try so I can check them out.

-Talk Soon xx


L’oreal Infallible Gel Crayon

Another amazing new launch by L’oreal Paris is their new Infallible Gel Crayon Eyeliners. These liners are waterproof, budge-proof and come in nine beautiful, highly pigmented shades though we’ve only got five of the shades available here in Ireland. Personally, I’m absolutely in love with the formulation of these gel eye pencils as they remind me of an old favourite that has been discounted for some time now and that’s the Avon Super Shock gel liner if anyone remembers it.


Like I mentioned this pencils come in nine beautiful shades, some are more faltering than others colour wise but all of them have high and intense pigmentation. I managed to pick up three of these liners from Boots when they were on a 3 for 2 offer and the first shade that I got is 001 Back to Black which, since purchasing it, has become a holy grail product for me. I even prefer it to my Maybelline Master Precise Skinny gel eyeliner pencil.


These pencils have a gel formulation to them which means that once their applied they will set and become budge proof until you go in with an oil-based makeup remover to take them off. The downside to this formulation is that the pencil texture is very very soft so you will end up going through it very quickly and needing to replace it often should you so desire. These retail at roughly 7.99 euros a piece which isn’t the cheapest when you need to get a new one every month.


The second shade that I got is 005 Super Cooper and this shade is a stunning burnt metallic brown shade that looks amazing on both brown and green eyes. I will say that I wish the packaging of these was a twist up instead of needing to sharpen it as I feel if it was twist-up you’d probably get the most out of you product rather than wasting some of it while sharpening it.


The final shade that I picked up is 011 Violet  Va-Va-Voum which obvious has been named by a Nicki Minaj fan over in L’oreal HQ. This shade is probably the only real one out of the three that has some sheerness to it but I think that’s down to the actual colour of the liner rather than the formulation. The shade is actual supposed to be a pastel but Unfornately it doesn’t have the paleness to pull of the pastel effect it should. Instead it’s more of sheer lavender that looks almost light brown on the waterline.

It’s not a terrible shade but if you were looking at vibrancy when going for this colour than you will be sorely disappointed. I like it though and I love the formulation of this pencils so I definitely will be repurchasing them especially the black.

-Talk Soon xx


#PamperWeekend: L’oreal Hydra Genius Moisturiser

This is going to be part six of the my ongoing series #PamperWeekend where I basically show you all the amazing skincare products that I have been loving recently. Make sure to tweet me using the hashtag all the products you’ve been loving too so that I can get some more inspiration.

I hope everyone has been enjoying my new series so far but you can probably tell from it that I haven’t been having the best of luck with skincare in terms of moisturiser. Both the Urban Veda Purifying Moisturiser and the Environ Avst 1 Moisturiser were too thick for my skin and felt very greasy.


Recently while browsing the many aisles of Boots, I noticed that L’oreal Paris was after releasing a new moisturiser called Hydra Genius. Now this moisturiser has the words normal/combination skin so I thought it would be great to try out a moisturiser that was specifically designed for my skin type.


It was probably the best idea I’d ever had as I absolutely love this moisturiser and the way it feels on my skin. The packaging of it is this super sleek and very elegant glass bottle that has a pump dispenser to it. The colour of it is this lovely turquoise blue that is very eye-catching and looks super pretty on ones vanity.


The texture of this moisturiser is more of a gel than a cream. It uses Aloe Vera Water as it’s main ingredient so you can imagine how cooling and hydrating it is on the skin. You can use this moisturiser both morning and night but I personally have been using it at night instead of the Urban Veda one. The main reason for this is that it does have a slightly tacky feel to it once it dries down which I find really bothersome throughout the day. Asleep I honestly don’t care how it feels as long as there’s no residue in the morning and with this moisturiser there isn’t.


I highly recommend this moisturiser not just for normal/combo skin but for those who have both dry and oily skin as its so light and refreshing I think it would work for both. Price wise it’s mid range coming in at around 13 euros however I got it with it’s introductory price of 8.49 euros.

-Talk Soon xx


L’oreal Paris Eye Paints 👁🖌️

L’oreal Paris recently has been bringing out a lot of new releases and in those releases where these gorgeous eye paints which are essentially cream eyeshadows in handy brush-on form. Because of all the new releases I’m probably going to be reviewing a lot of L’oreal products in the coming weeks so I hope you guys enjoy that as I for one love L’oreal as a brand.


I got two different shades of these new eye paints and the first is the shade 101 Eternal White. My main thinking when I was picking up this shade is that it would be one heck of an amazing inner corner highlight as well as a browbone highlight. It did not disappoint, the colour of this shade is the most intense almost lit from within pearlescent white that has a hint of champagne shimmer running through it.


The formulation of these eye paints is incredible. They apply on so smoothly and they give you a bit of a window to blend and layer before completely setting into a budge proof finish. I also found that powder eyeshadows layer really well over these and that if you apply glitter to them while they’re still slightly tacky it sticks to them without any hassle too.


As I mentioned above these eye paints come in a handy brush-on form. The packaging is a nice minimal looking short tube that has the colour of the shade as the bottom part and the handle of the applicator as the top part. The applicator is a flattened doe-foot which is great for simply swiping across the eyelid and then you either use a brush or your finger to blend the product in.


I decided to go for one of the darker shades for my second colour as I wanted to see if these were patchy in anyway as patchiness doesn’t really show in the lighter colours. These is the shade 104 Unstoppable Teal and I can confirm that there is no patchiness whatsoever with the formulation of these shadows.

These are part of L’oreal Paris’s permanent range and I think there are roughly seven shades in total in the collection. These retail I think for roughly 7.49 euros a piece but Boots always have a 3 for 2 offer running most of the time on L’oreal.

-Talk Soon xx



L’oreal True Match Liquid Highlighters

The one brand that has yet to join the strobing trend has finally joined with this new release. L’oreal Paris are known for their True Match range and though it sometimes isn’t true to name, being that most people don’t have a shade in the True Match range, they have definitely hit the ball on the head with their latest release of the True Match highlighters. They have released 3 shades within the range however I believe one of the shades is a US only release so I won’t be mentioning it in this post because I couldn’t actually purchase it. The other two I have purchased and have put to a through test and am ready to share my thoughts on them with you.


Before I get into the product, let’s hit a bit on packaging. The highlighters come in a 30 ml squeezy tube that has a silver lid on it. Each tube colour corresponds to the shade of the actual highlighter. I love how they got even the iridescent that in the highlighter to be reflected in the actual packaging as well. The product is dispensed via a very slim nozzle which again I love because it reduces the possibility of this product become messy in the future. The first shade that I picked up in this range is called 301.R/C Rose Glace Glow


This shade is very much your pale skin girl highlight. It’s soft pink in colour and has a silver pearlescent to it to give you that high shine glow. I prefer this shade from the two but I do love both. Formulation is buttery smooth and it can be blended into the skin with your fingertips it’s that creamy.


The second shade that I picked up is called 101 D/W Golden Glow and this is very much your typical JLO golden bronze glow highlighter. I think the idea with these is that the pink is targeted towards us pale skin gals and the bronze I for warm, olive and dark skin tones. That being said I am able to wear both and my skin is known in the makeup world as Porcelain.


The only thing I didn’t like about these is that they are not good if you apply them over powder. The formulation of these cause the powder to move and hence you end up with a cake strobe rather tan a glow strobe.


I recommend you powder everywhere but where you need to apply this first and then apply this with whatever you use to apply highlighter. I personally use either a fan brush or just my fingertips with this product depending on how intense I want my highlight. Have you guys tried these? Let me know

-Talk Soon xx


L’oreal Paris Pure Clay Face Masks

Multi-masking has taken the beauty industry by storm but unfortunately not all the skincare brands on the market know what their doing when it comes to it. One brand that has come out on top is L’oreal Paris with the release of their Pure Clay face masks. They have released three in total, each designed for a specific skin concern though all of them state that they can be used on all skin types. I, myself have picked up all three because Boots where having an incredible offer where each mask only retailed for 7.50 euros so I got all three for less than 25 euros! Bargain!


Let’s start of with the Pure Clay Detox Mask which I believe is the most popular out of the three. This masks is a true clay mask in both texture and colour. It contains charcoal which gives it that really dark black colour. This mask really is for spot/breakout prone in skin because it states that it detoxifies and clarifies the skin, removing all bacteria and dirt from the skin that normally block the pores.


I personally love the smell of this one the most. It has this almost sweet fruity scent to it that’s not to strong and very pleasant especially because your applying this product all over your face. With this product I only found one negative and that is that it stains wash cloths like tar.


Literally ruined one of my favourite cotton wash cloths when I was removing this. It’s not the biggest concern because I now just leave that wash cloth for this one mask but it really should have a warning on it to avoid this happening.


My second favourite from the three is the Pure Clay Glow Mask and this is the only one out of the three that has a grainy like texture to it. This is one to use if you’ve got dry skin or a lot of dry patches associated with your skin type. It states that it brightens and exfoliates which makes it great for using just before you apply makeup for an occasion or night out.


This one doesn’t contain charcoal, instead they’ve used red algae to give it is cool redish colour. This also doesn’t stain your washcloths. Each jar of these masks contains 50 mls of product and though it says 10 applications on the box, you can get more if you apply these thinly. Because these are clay, they apply wet to the skin and then dry giving you a tight, facelifting effect to the skin which is an added bonus with these masks.


The last of the Pure Clay masks is the Purity Mask and this one is my least favourite simply because I experience something that I didn’t with the others. This mask’s main ingredient is Eucalyptus and before I continue I will say that I have Normal/Combo skin for reference. My skin, throughout autumn, winter and spring is Normal but it does get oily in the T-Zone in summer. Saying that my T-Zone is always my problem area. This mask states that it purifies and mattifies and so of course I thought it would be perfect for my sometimes oily T-Zone.


Upon application of this mask specifically onto my T-zone I got a really intense burning sensation right until it dried. Its a burning where you need to get the mask off, it’s just unpleasant and I didn’t experience this effect with the other two masks. Now this effect only happened to my T-Zone and not to the rest of my face (I applied the mask all over) so it’s grand for that. I just have an issue with that fact that I wanted this to mattify my T-Zone and yet I don’t like the feel of it on my  T-Zone so I don’t tend to reach for this one as much as the other two and would personally pass on repurchasing it again.

Let me know how you guys found these masks? I know most of you own them from my comments on the Boots Beauty Haul! post that I featured these in.

-Talk Soon xx


Boots Beauty Haul!

I’m going to quote Britney Spears and say “Oops I did it again” in that I went into Boots to get two things and came out with what I would only call a haul of goodies. I mentioned on Twitter (@SooSoBeauty) that I went to the Blanchardstown Boots and only managed to find 1 shade of the Natural Collection highlighters. I wanted all three shades so I headed to my parents house here in Waterford and headed straight into town the following day to hunt them down…..I got the 2 shades…and other things to haha 😛 I hope you enjoy this haul.


It only seems fitting that I start off with what caused me to make a big dent in my bank account. These are the newly released Natural Collection stick highlighters and as you can see from the picture their are three shades within the range. Natural Collection is really a brand that’s aimed for those of us that are just getting into makeup new. It’s super affordable with everything in their range retailing for only 2.79 euros.



The first shade from the range that I got is called Rose Glow and this is very much a pearlescent pink that has a slightly metallic sheen when applied onto the cheekbones.



The next shade that I got is called Coral Glow and this one has a bit more pigmentation in it. True to it’s name it has a very coral based tone to it. When applied it has a golden shimmer effect running through it.



Last shade is called Copper Glow and this would be the darkest and most pigmented from the range. I think this one would be most suited to those of use with a darker skin tone but I think us pale girls can get away with using it as a blush/bronzer product.


I then headed to the L’oreal counter to see what new releases they had going on. With highlighters being everywhere these days, they too had new highlighters on display. And with a 3 for 2 offer I couldn’t resist. My mother ended up picking the L’oreal cushion foundation for herself so I won’t be showing that but I picked up both shades of the L’oreal True Match Highlighters.


The first of the two is called Icy Glow and this is what I would consider the perfect shade for pale skin girls. It has a lovely soft pink sheen to it and a cool undertone too. The marketing behind this state that it can be used to prime the skin. To blend in with foundation. And to highlight the skin over foundation.



The second shade that I got is Golden Glow and this is such a stunning gold shade that I would love to convert into a eyeshadow haha. Really shiny, really pigmented and so easy to blend and apply onto the skin.


Last makeup item that I got is from NYX, now I will quickly mention that I did pick this up when I was in Blanchardstown Boots and not Waterford because Waterford doesn’t have a NYX counter. Of course you can always order any of these products of the Boots website (which I shall of course link below). I got the NYX Prismatic Eyeshadow in the shade PS05 Mermaid.


I think they named this eyeshadow perfectly. It’s a teal based eyeshadow with a gorgeous dual-chrome effect in the colour blue and gold. Super pigmented  and the formulation is just as creamy as a pressed pigment. Packaging is nice and cute, with the lock bit in the shape of a bow! Sucker for packaging lolz xx


Moving on from makeup, I got super excited when I went to the skincare lane and saw that they had the L’oreal Pure Clay masks in stock! I’ve been on the hunt for these for ages and am so happy that I managed to find them. I picked up all three of them and will hopefully do a review of them as soon as I’ve put them to the test.


The first of the three masks is the Pure Clay Detox Mask and this is for skin that requires it to be detoxified and clarified. It’s black in colour and I have to say it make look scary but it smells amazing.


The second one is called Pure Clay Purity Mask and this is for skin that requires it to be purified and mattified. I think this one would be perfect for those of you that have oily skin but L’oreal does state that these masks can be used on all skin types.


The last of them is the Pure Clay Glow Mask and this is perfect for brighten and exfoliating skin. It’s the only one out of the three that has a grainy feel to it.

That’s everything I picked up at Boots today guys! I love all my purchases and can’t wait to get into using them all. I will definitely be doing a review on the masks but if you guys want a review of anything else let me know below and I will try my best to get it up for you guys. Let me know what you’ve recently picked up from Boots (or any drugstore for that matter).

-Talk Soon xx

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