Essence Spring Summer 2018 Update!

Long time readers of this blog know it’s no secret that I have an unhealthy obsession with the beauty brand Essence Cosmetics. It’s available in almost every store here in Ireland, it’s relatively inexpensive and almost all of their products work like a dream. The other great thing about this brand is that every 6 months or every season they tend to update their collection/product line to keep up with new trends and in season colours. All of these products are available now as they’ve been released from the month of February and I hope to be reviewing some of them in future posts.

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Get You Glitter On! Loose Glitter & Pigments
Available in 9 Shades.

“Course glitter flakes, colorful confetti or glitter dust-the various glitter pigments offer everything you need for a breathtaking, individual look. Each glitter already creates an amazing wow-look worn solo, but in combination with other glitter shades or types, they make a real statement! No matter whether for the face or body: get your glitter on!”

The Sili Helpers

“A silicon tool to apply the “get your glitter
on!” glitter particles in an optimal and clean manner. The slim, slanted glitter & pigment applicator allows an easy and accurate application of glitter and pigments.”

essence the sili helpers 01 with pouch


Get Your Glitter On! Tattoo Your Body Tattoos

“With these cool tattoos, you can conjure-up doodles on the skin-for an individual style!”

Get Your Glitter On! Glitter Primer

“This primer is the ideal base for applying all kinds of glitter and can be used on face and body.”


essence get your glitter on! glitter primer 01
01 Transparent

My Only 1 Eyeshadow Palette

“22 Colours for breath-taking make-up styles. Subtle nudes, cool nearly-black shades and bright pop-art colours-with this eyeshadow palette, there’s no limit to creativity nd anything is possible.”

Mix & Match Your Look Palette

“An all round palette for the eyes, lips and face, which offers endless possibilities like contouring, chroming or striking looks for the lips and eyes. Eight bold colours as well as white can be applied individually or mixed in the special “mixing zone”. The creamy textures turn to powder upon application and ensure eye-catching styles.”

My Only 1 Lipstick Palette

“There are no limits to creativity with this lipstick palette. It contains 22 colours with a light texture, which can be mixed and matched to create new favorite shades in the special “mixing zone”. Includes an applicator for easy application.”

Holo Wow! Dewy Lip Shine
Available in 5 shades.

“The gloss with a light-reflecting, holographic shine creates fantastic holo effects on the lips. Worn solo or as a topper, it gives any lipstick applied underneath a new dimension.”

3D Dewy Look Stick

“This practical stick ensures an ultimate “dewy” summer glow by emphasizing the cheekbones without any glitter or shimmer. Enriched with shea butter, it offers a light wet-look without leaving a greasy film behind.”

Holo Wow! Sparkle Stick

“The practical stick with fine holographic pigments in pink and gold conjures-up shimmering highlights on the cheekbones.”

Holo Wow! Prisma Jumbo Eye Pencil
Available in 4 shades.

“Magical blue, fascinating pink, radiant white and bright green–all with an iridescent colour effect–create long-lasting eyeshadow or eyeliner styles.”

Holo Wow! Eye & Face Palette

“Four holographic shades for the eyes and face can be changed to suit the mood: all colours can be intensified with the matt black, or lightened with the holographic silver. Absolutely unique!”

essence holo wow! eye&face palette
04 Holo Wow!

Glow To Go Highlighter Palette

“The palette contains two highlighters and bronzers each, which can be applied solo or combined to create a radiant, sun-kissed look on the face, décolleté or shoulders.”

essence glow to go highlighter palette 10
10 Sunkissed Glow

Glow To Go Illuminating Setting Spray

“The spray sets the make-up in place and instantly creates a radiant look with its light-reflecting pigments. The soft-focus effect evens out small skin irregularities.”

essence glow to go illuminating setting spray

Glow Like A Mermaid Highlighter

“The highlighting powder with six radiant colours is reminiscent of a mermaid’s tail and provides the cheeks and face with the shimmering glow of a magical underwater world.”

Brighten Up! Peach Powder

“The mattifying powder in a soft peach shade ensures a silky finish and is ideal for the “baking” technique.”

essence brighten up! peach powder 10
10 Peach Me Up!

Eyeshadow Boxes
Available in 4 shades

“Each of the four extraordinary palettes not only offers a selection of highly pigmented shades, but also lets your eye make-up tell its very own story. No matter whether you go for nude shades with the “million nude faces” version, soft to intensive rosé shades with “in love with rose” or gorgeous “mermaid” looks with holographic effects with “to the moon and back”–all palettes contain ten highly pigmented, long-lasting eyeshadows with matt and pearly effects.”

I Love Effects Eyeshadow Base

“The base intensifies the effect of the eyeshadow applied on top and prevents it from settling in the crease of the lid.”

ess. I love effects eyeshadow base

Volume Booster Lash Primer

“The primer is enriched with acai oil and mango butter and is applied underneath mascara to give the lashes an extra volume boost. Can be used with any mascara.”

essence volume booster lash primer

Volume Hero Mascara Power Black

“The new hero mascara guarantees extra volume and maximum lashes. The large elastomer volume brush captures lots of texture and is sure to reach every single lash.”

essence volume hero mascara power black

Super Curl Volume Mascara Eye-Opening

“The mascara with a curved elastomer brush ensures endless volume with a breathtaking curl and an eye-opening effect.”

essence super curl volume mascara

Eyeliner Pen Long-Lasting
Available in 4 shades

“The long-lasting eyeliner ensures absolutely accurate eyeliner styles in four new and bright trend colours.”

Make Me Brow Eyebrow Powder
Available in 2 shades.

“Thanks to its special applicator and light, powdery texture, this eyebrow powder is ideal for filling and shaping the brows. For bold and accurately defined wow brows!.”

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My Must Haves Eyebrow Powder
Available in 2 shades

“In addition to eyeshadows, lip and face products, two new eyebrow powders are now joining the “my must haves” range and offer even more variation when putting together individual palettes. Simply place in the multifunctional palettes using the special click-in mechanism.”

Prime + Studio HD HYDRA Primer Spray

“The primer spray with coconut water prepares the skin for flawless, long-lasting make-up. It refreshes, provides moisture and visibly minimizes pores.”

essence prime + studio hd hydra primer spray

You Better Work! Gym-Proof Primer

“Look good while you work out: not a problem with this primer, which has a sweat-proof formula to last during sporting activities and protects the skin with an SPF of 20. It also visibly reduces the pores, conceals skin irregularities and makes unevenness disappear–the ideal preparation for flawless make-up.”

essence you better work! gym-proof primer

Colour On! Shine On Lipstick
Available in 12 shades

“The soft lips tick texture can be intensified with each application to allow subtle as well as bold looks. Twelve colours with a gorgeous shine turn these lipsticks into the ideal daily companions.”

Colour Boost Vinylicious Liquid Lipstick
Available in 7 shades

“These liquid lipsticks offer high colour pigmentation and a breathtaking, glossy finish reminiscent of melted latex. Available in a cool tube design and a varied colour range.

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Stay 6h True Lipliner Waterproof
Available in 8 shades

“The soft lipliner with intensive colour dispersion is waterproof and lasts for up to six hours.”

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Draw the Line! Instant Colour Lipliner
Available in 12 shades

“These supple lipliners are colour-coordinated with the ultra last instant colour lipsticks and effortlessly glide over the lips to outline them. With an integrated sharpener.”

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Smoothie Gloss
Available in 5 shades

“As trendy as fruit smoothies: the lipglosses in the five fragrances mango, peach, strawberry, raspberry and blackberry–all with medium coverage.”

Tint & Colour Shot
Available in 5 shades

“The pleasant, light tint-texture stains the lips and offers a velvety-matt finish with medium coverage and a subtle boost of freshness.”

Hydra Nail Care Serum

“The hydrating and moisturizing water-infused nail care is enriched with aloe vera to ensure healthy-looking nails and cuticles.”

essence hydra nail care serum

Fix It! Nail Glue

“The strong nail glue fixes torn nails and can be used for the application of artificial nails or nail art designs. Suitable for all types of nails.”

essence fix it! nail glue

Tropical Hand Mousse

“Moisturizing hand mousse, enriched with monoi oil and aloe vera. The non-greasy mousse texture with an exotic fragrance pampers the hands and nails, and leaves them feeling soft.”


Stamp It! Clear Stampy Set

“Positioning your favorite designs on the nails is super easy with the completely transparent silicon stamp pad-now all nail artists can see exactly what they’re doing! The set comes in a cool paper box and includes a stamp and a scraper to remove excess nail polish.”

essence stamp it! clear stampy set

Stamp It! Stampy Design Plate
Available in 2 designs

“Two templates for countless, insta-worthy styles: one contains strong girl power images, the other offers geometric and minimalistic images for a cool look.”

Metallic & Glow In The Dark Nail & Finger Tattoos

“Temporary nail and finger tattoos with metallic effects that glow in the dark upon exposure to light turn the hands into true eye-catchers.”

esssence metallic & glow in the dark nail and finger tattoos
01 Let Metals Go Glow

Moonicure Nail Stickers

“Moon manicures are easier than ever with the self-adhesive nail stickers in two half-moon motifs and different sizes. If necessary, the stickers can also be cut into the desired shape.”

esssence moonicure nail stickers
01 Half Moon Glam

Nails in Style-Crystal Style

“Transparent “stiletto nails” are a mega trend: simply leave transparent, paint or decorate with the 19 stickers. There’s no limit to your creativity! Easy to apply thanks to the included, transparent adhesive pads.”


essence nails in style 04
04 Clear For You?

So Fluffy Nail Stickers

“Stick on… The popular nail stickers with a variety of designs are being enhanced with trendy effects! All wishes are sure to be fulfilled and you can design your nails to suit your mood.”

essence so fluffy nail stickers 11

2 in 1 Colour Correcting & Contouring Brush

“The two different brush ends allow smooth correction: the short bristles can be used to apply concealer textures evenly and the longer bristles are ideal for contouring the face.”

essence 2in1 colour correcting & contouring brush

Flat Powder Brush

“The brush with extremely soft, long bristles has been especially developed for the application of pressed or loose powder. The fan-shape offers a large surface area to set make-up in place–quickly and easily.”

essence flat powder brush open

Makeup Buffer Brush

“The flat surface of the brush is perfect for creamy or liquid textures, no matter whether foundation, bronzer, blush or even day cream. Apply in dabs for an especially flawless look.”

essence make up buffer brush open

Precise Eyeliner Brush

“An improved version of the original gel eye-liner brush. Super accurate, this eyeliner brush is suitable for the application of gel eyeliners as well as creamy eyeshadow or expressive pigments.”

essence precise eyeliner brush

Smudging Brush

“The brush with short, thick bristles ensures smokey looks. It helps smudge the eyeshadow along the upper and lower lashline and is ideal for creating trendy ombré looks on the lips.”

essence smudging brush open

Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via Essence Cosmetics Brand PR and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Essence Cosmetics™.
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Bare Minerals Invisible Glow Highlighting Powders

If I had to pick a high end brand other than Urban Decay to be my favourite it would definitely be BareMinerals. There is very little that I’ve tried from BareMinerals that I didn’t like and because of that I have quite a few of their products within my cosmetics collection. Recently I picked up their Invisible Glow powders because ever since I discovered the soft illuminator from the L.O.V Fall Collection 2017 I have been hooked on subtle highlights for my complexion. It just looks so pretty and natural and soft.


There are two shades available in the range and the first shade is the lightest of the two. It’s called Fair to Light and is a white pearl-scent shade with peach shimmer running very, very subtly through it. The powder is very finely milled and on the face it blends out seamlessly without any harsh lines. The shimmer isn’t chunky but lovely and soft almost candle lit glow like. If I was to compare this to anything currently on the market I would say it’s very similar to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. 


The second shade is called Medium and is definitely darker in colour than the previous shade. This is very much a peach toned highlighter but again because it’s so softly and finely milled it looks very subtle on the skin. I personally like taking this down a bit onto my cheek bones because I find the colour of it warms up my skintone whilst adding a nice glow to it overall.

These compacts currently retail for 30 euros each and I picked mine up from Debenhams Ireland who tend to do discount offers of 10-15% of makeup on a monthly basis so you can pick up this compact for less than 30 for sure.

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Limited Edition: Catrice Soleil D’été

A brand new limited edition collection from Catrice Cosmetics set to be released mid-July and to be available up until mid-September. This collection is all about achieving that metallic and bronzed look that’s very on trend at the moment. There are seven products in total in this capsule collection and as always with these kind of overview posts, all the images and details will be below.

-Talk Soon xx

Duo Highlighter
C01 Gentle Sun Glow

“GLOWrious. A two-tone highlighter with a soft, slightly creamy texture and shimmering powder finish. Suitable for all skin types. Thanks to the shimmering bronze core and gorgeous rosé shade, the duo highlighter can be used to create many different looks.”


Golden Lip Booster
C01 Golden Sun-bath

“Glossy Gold. The metallic gloss with a lip-boosting effect creates a shiny gold finish. Applying it on it’s own results in exciting metallic effects while the booster offers a soft, golden shimmer when applied on top of colour lipstick.”

csm_225127000_6ac3b01f44Metal Eyelight
Available in two shades

“Magnificent Metals. The gel-like eyeshadow with a metallic finish is easy to blend and can be intensified by applying several layers. In addition to creating expressive smokey eyes, the metallic eyeshadow in light champagne or bronze khaki is also ideal for setting targeted shimmering accents.”

Metal-Infused Eye Palette
C01 Metal Muse

“Metallic Eyes. Different effects ranging from matt to metallic: five perfectly aligned eyeshadows with a powdery texture for various expressive eye makeup styles. The high-quality packaging with an intergrated mirror has a unique graphic design.”

Metalip Colour
Available in three shades

“Creamy metallic. Metallic effects with a high coverage meet upon a pleasant cream texture. The lipsticks in three trend colours ensure an extravagant look. A peachy nude tone, rosewood as well as an elegant rosé create the matching lips to go with an all-over glow. In their golden packaging, the metalips are particularly eye-catching.”

Sheer Serum Bronzer
C01 InsTANned Complexion

“Fluid Glow. The liquid bronzing serum creates soft, golden accents. Extremely versatile: applied solo or mixed with foundation, the bronzer ensures a sun-kissed complexion. Liquid and creamy textures offer natural-looking results-especially for the complexion. The practical pipette applicator allows a simple accurate, dosage.”

csm_225125000_192ca97d0aSun Stripping Bronzer
C01 Each and Every Sun

“Beautiful Bronze. A fine, matt bronzing powder ideal for the ‘contouring’ and ‘sun-stripping’ makeup trends. The mattifying powder suits every skin tone.”

Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via brand PR representatives and are for illustrative purposes only. All images remain property of Catrice Cosmetics™



Highlighter, Lip Products

New in Sleek Makeup

Sleek Makeup has released a new highlighting palette and after going crazy over their Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette and their Sleek Cleopatra Highlighting Palette I just knew I had to have this one two. Along with releasing their new highlighting palette they also released three new metallic matte me lip creams alongside it. I only picked two of these lip creams because the third shade is very similar to a lipstick I already own by Estee Lauder.


They’ve gone for a different layout this time with regards to the highlighting palette and they’ve also included an extra shade making it five instead of four. Three of the shades are a cream formulation and two are powder. The palette itself is silver this time instead of gold but it still has the really cool reflective outer packaging and includes a giant mirror.


Though the shade names are listed on the back of the palette their is no indication on either the palette or the box it comes in on which shade is which – major flaw in my opinion, they may as well have not named them. My favourite shade has got to be the bottom right hand corner shade which I think is called Sweet Delusion as it’s this gorgeous white highlight with a stunning green shift to it. Both it and the centre shade are very unique in my opinion.

Names below are listed according to how I perceived them to be named.

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When it comes to the metallic matte lip creams I have to say I am a bit disappointed in the formulation of these. They’re so patchy which genuinely surprised me because I have some of the regular matte lip creams and they’re super opaque and very long lasting. These were neither but I will say that the colour selection of them is so unique that they’re still worth getting especially cause they only retail for 6.99 euros a piece.


I picked up two out of three shades and the first shade that I got is Volcanic and this is the most unique out of the three shades. It has a dual-chrome effect to it which means it’s basically two colours in one. Both these lip creams come in the standard Sleek Makeup square tube packaging with a doe-foot applicator.


From the two shades, even though Volanic is the more unique shade, I personally prefer Rusted Rose which is gorgeous burgundy red shade that looks amazing on the lips. This one is also less patchy than Volcanic bit it is still sheer with just one coat. These lip creams do layer up beautifully though.

This collection is already available in all stores that stock Sleek Makeup and the highlighting palette retails for 13.49 euros in case any of you were wondering.

-Talk Soon xx

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New in BarryM

BarryM Cosmetics has got to be one of the most price friendly brands in the drugstore. Their products don’t reach anything over 10 euros and most of the time they tend to have a three for two offer going on. For the summer they’ve really been launching some great products into their line and I’ve managed to pick of a few to show you guys.


First up is their new Flawless Hydro Fix Primer Water which, lets be honest, is a direct dupe for the Smashbox Primer Water. I have to say I’m a huge fan of this product. Your meant to use it in place of your typical primer but I personally use it in conjunction. I apply on my primer and then mist a light layer of this over it. It’s basically making your primer last longer so in turn your primer makes your makeup last longer.

SAM_3138The actual mister on the bottle is great too, it doesn’t splatter nor spritz. It disperses the primer water in a nice light mist evenly over the face. The only real thing I didn’t like about this product was it’s smell. It does have a slight chemically waif to it. Also if you use this to wet an eyeshadow it does work but you have to work super fast at blending because once the shadow sets ain’t nothing gonna make it move.


Liquid highlighters are probably my favourite thing ever to mix in with foundation for that dewy summer look. The Light Me Up! liquid highlighter from BarryM is a great one to use for that because it doesn’t have any chunky glitter in it. It’s very similar in consistence to the L’oreal True Match Liquid Highlighters that I still love and use.


Though it looks super dark in the bottle, it does come out more of a rose gold shade and when mixed with your foundation it gives you a nice sunkissed effect to your complexion. Again I only have one issue with this product and that’s that you don’t get a whole lot of it, and because I mix it with my foundation I know I’m going to be going through it super quick.


Ever since seeing swatches of this palette on Instagram I simply knew I needed it in my life. The Cosmic Lights palette comes with six beautiful shades of highlighter, four a cream formulation and two are powder. It also has a cute little mirror in the lid so extra brownie points for that.


Packaging wise it really isn’t the greatest. It comes in cardboard that feels like it’s gonna fall apart or rip at any second. That said the actual product is amazing. All of the cream formulations are nice and creamy to apply. They don’t have the highest intensity nor pigmentation but that’s to be expected as the idea of this palette is to layer the powder highlights over the creams. The powders are super soft too and they have great pigmentation which makes them a dream to blend.

BarryM wouldn’t be BarryM without a nail polish collection launch now would they. And they sure didn’t disappoint by releasing 5 new shades to add to their Molten Metals line. I picked up four of these shades but I won’t be saying anything about them here as I’m planning on doing a separate review for them with swatches of all of them on my actual nails so stay tuned.


Those are all the new products that I’ve picked up recently from BarryM though I’m sure those weren’t their only new launches. Let me know in comments if you’ve gotten anything new even if it’s not BarryM, it’ll give me an excuse to pop into Boots 🙂

-Talk Soon xx


Superdrug Haul

When it comes to purchasing affordable makeup the main place to head to here in Ireland is Boots. But Boots doesn’t really carry every single brand and I’m forever stalking the UK beauty brands Instagrams and crying over the fact that I just can’t get these products here. You guys are probably gonna say “just order it online” but I’m personally the type of person that has to swatch everything before buying. It’s why I do overview posts of collection rather than just buying them online and featuring them.

Time to get to the point, I recently spotted, while having a nice day out with the hubby, a Superdrug in Wexford Town, Ireland. Because of time constraints I couldn’t pop in for than a minute but asking on Twitter a lot of people redirected me to the Superdrug available in Omni Park Shopping Centre in Dublin , where I was headed over the weekend. Let me show all the naughty purchases that I got and FYI I was really feeling spendy on the day 🙂 .


I picked up a few skincare bits from the B is For Beautiful which is exclusive to Superdrug. To be honest most of the brands that I got products from are exclusive to Superdrug. I got their Glycolic Cleansing Peel, which is a nice exfoliating face wash that has Glycolic Acid in it. It also comes with a muslin cloth that you use wet to take it off.


I got a bottle of their Hyalronic Acid Facial Spritz which is meant to be a refreshing spray that can be used on bare skin and over makeup to re-hydrate the skin instantly.


The was an offer in store that when you purchase an product from the line you get a packet of their wipes free so I got that too.


The next item that I got is one of the new scents from the fragrance brand So…? I don’t normally pick up inexpensive perfume because I have quite a lot of higher end bottles on the go but I’ve always wanted to try these fragrances. They had an offer that made the price of the bottle 4.95 euros so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to check it out. The scent that I got is Dark Romance which is a very strong and sexy scent perfect for wearing on a night out with friends.


Everything else that  I got is makeup and the main brand that I bought from is MUA Cosmetics which I gotta say is an amazing brand simply for the value of the products. Their so inexpensive!! I got four products in total and all of them are highlighters. Don’t judge lolz.


The first is one that the minute I knew Superdrug had MUA I wanted to get. This is the Liquid Highlight Cushion in the shade Glow Beam. It’s a perfect example of those cushion foundations except this one has a highlighter instead. The highlighter itself is a very gold toned highlight with a silver undertone.


I also got the Light Illuminating Highlighter Stick and this one I’m hoping will be a favourite like my Maybelline Master Strobing Stick. I also picked up one of their Undress Your Skin powder highlighters in the shade Rosewood Glimmer. The one I was after was actually the blue shade version but it was out of stock. This one is beautiful though, a nice deep dual-chrome red that would look incredible as an inner corner highlight.


Last of the MUA highlighters that I got is the Strobe and Glow Highlighting Kit. This is a dual highlighter set where the bottom layer of the compact is a cream highlighter and the top is a powder. The idea is that you layer these one on top of the other which I tend to do with highlighters anyway. A highlight ain’t a highlight unless it can be seen from space.


Makeup Revolution was another brand that they had fully stocked in the store however I didn’t see any of the Skin Kiss Highlighters that I wanted or much else for that matter. I did pick their Aqua Seal Primer and Sealant which they say can be used as a primer or on top of eyeshadows to seal them in for a longer lasting look. Thought I would give it a go but to be honest they don’t really give you much in it. I also got one of the Vivid Baked Blush in the shade Bang Bang You’re Dead.


A few products were on clearance so I took full advantage and went through the stock meticulously. I managed to get two of the B is For Beautiful Vibrant Eye Shimmers which are cream eyeshadows very similar to MAC Paint Pots. The shades that I got are 057 Copper & 146 Royal. These were only 65 cents a piece. Total bargain!


Last of my haul is the Tanya Burr Cosmetics eyeshadows palette in Midnight Smoulder. This is a quad and the fours shadows in it are very blue in colour. I have to say swatching them I like the pigmentation however I did find them a bit powdery in texture. This was also on clearance I got it for only 77 cents. Another bargain if I do say so myself.


As an added bonus to an incredible shopping day the girls in Superdrug actually gave me a free tote bag to go with my purchases. Woohoo! Also if you guys would like me to review any of the products that I got in todays haul please let me know in the comments below.

-Talk Soon xx

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Technic Cosmetics

For the past few months I have been putting a few items from the brand Technic Cosmetics to the test and trying them out. The main reason for this is simply because this is an incredibly affordable brand that has a large selection of products so it would be a tad disappointing for me not too. All of their products tend to retail here in Ireland for less than five euros and are available in most drugstores and pharmacies.


The first product that I have is their Colour Correcting Setting Powder and this is a relatively newer product to their range. The powder itself is actually yellow in colour and comes packaged in this clear plastic tub with a corresponding lid in the same yellow as the powder. The tub itself is actually clear and you get a whopping 20 grams of product in it so it will last you quite a while.


You also get a powder puff inside that also helps to keep the powder inside the holes. Personally I found the puff too thin to actually use and it really didn’t help keep the powder inside the tub at all. The powder itself, once you get past how messy it is, is actually a lovely powder to use. My biggest concern was that it would create a cast on the face considering it’s colour but it didn’t do that whatsoever. The powder itself is really fine, so it simply just sinks into the complexion and brightens it thanks to the yellow pigment of it. I totally recommend this as a vanity table powder, not good for travel as it will get everywhere.


The next product was the one I was most excited to try as their have been rave reviews on both Twitter and Instagram about it. This is the Technic Cosmetics 24cT Gold Highlighting Powder. Whether it has actual gold in it or not, I have yet to discover but I honestly didn’t like this powder as a highlighter. And I really hate myself for saying that because it looks absolutely stunning in it’s compact. It even has this really cool design effect as an embossing but I found that it was over pigmented, too dark and too chunky to be used as a highlighter.


Now makeup is makeup, and it’s so not necessary to only use a product as it’s described so I went ahead an used this as an eyeshadow instead because the colour of is simply beautiful. It worked absolutely perfect like this. I found that blending it into the eyelid got rid of some of the chunkiness. Pigmentation wasn’t an issue considering it was already highly pigmented as a highlighter so that completely translated on the eyes.


This shade mixed with a classic winged liner and your good to go. I just have too look at it as a big pan of eyeshadow :).


Their Mega Lash Mascara has got to be my favourite product that I have tried from them to date. They claim that this mascara is “Mega Volumising” and I totally agree. If your looking for really intense, really big lashes than this mascara will certainly give you that. The pigmentation of it is a perfect intense black and it dries almost instantly so you don’t have to wait before going in with more coats. It also layers nicely so you don’t get any clumps with additional layers of it on the lashes.



I was genuinely surprised that I liked this mascara as much as I did as it has a plastic bristle wand to it and I am a lover of the natural bristles mascara wands. I’ve been using this mascara for roughly two months now and it’s only now starting to dry out a bit. I know your only meant to use mascaras for 3 months at a time but I honestly think as long as you keep it sanitary and for your use only, you can definitely get at least 6 months out of a tube of this mascara.

SAM_2864Final product that I have from them is their Brow Definer brow pen in the shade Medium Brown which if I’m honest as a colour is a tad to light for my brows. The product itself is actually a liquid and comes in this pen with a felt tip applicator that is not that dissimilar to a liquid liner. I have actually tried this as a liquid liner and it works really good if not better than it’s intended brow use.

SAM_2873The felt tip actually has a flatted edge to it , and so you rotate it depending on whether you want fine strokes or broad strokes when filling in your brows. It does a good job at filling in the brows I will say that but I honestly found it a bit harsh. Because of it liquid formulation, it’s really difficult to achieve a natural look with this product. The only effect you get is that tattoo HD brow look that is very Instagram popular. Might be for some people but for me it was too fake looking. I personally prefer a soft looking brow that looks natural.

SAM_2888Those are all the products that I have been trying out recently from Technic Cosmetics. Have you guys ever tried this brand? Let me know if you have and what products you recommend below!

-Talk Soon xx

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