Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

Biggest downfall of this product is it is not cheap 😥 but boy is it good!!!!. I got this about 2 months ago and its a mini travel size version (30ml) of the full thing which I think sells in both a 50ml size and a 70ml size. Now the cost of this product is, and I dare say it, 17 euros which is pretty pricey for a 30ml hand cream. However it is amazing and I’m going to tell you why 🙂


Let’s start of with how cute the packaging is. This bottle is so small it literally fits into the palm of my hand. I love the plain white container, gives it a very classy look and the gold band around the lid adds a touch of expense to the products packaging. When I first opened this to try it, it was the smell that drew me. It smells like oranges and omg! does it smell good. Now I’m not normally a girl for fruit smelling things but this smell is so light and soft that its just irresistible.

The cream itself comes out white with a light orange hue from the tube. It applies beautiful even across the hands and doesn’t leave any greasy residue that you get with Lanolin based hand creams. Its fast absorbing, I found myself able to go about the house and touch things in a matter of seconds after applying the cream to my hands rather than having to wait a good five minutes for the cream to dry.


Its especially useful for the summer months of the year when the weather is especially hot and the skin on the hands are the first thing to become dehydrated. So dry hands beware with this stuff cause it’s very hydrating and gives a sort of plumping effect to the palms and back of the hands when applied.

All in all this is a good hand cream to have. People who don’t like the smell of oranges may not like it as much as I have but if your looking for a good hand cream than this is a guaranteed product. I know the price is super pricey but like I said I’ve had it for 2 months now and I’m only half way through the tube so it does last a while if your up for the splurge. Will definitely be repurchasing this when I run out 🙂

-Talk Soon xx


#PamperWeekend: Ko•To•Ha London

This is going to be part five of the my ongoing series #PamperWeekend where I basically show you all the amazing skincare products that I have been loving recently. Make sure to tweet me using the hashtag all the products you’ve been loving too so that I can get some more inspiration.

Ko•To•Ha London is a relatively new skincare brand that has only really been on the market for roughly two years. It’s a natural organic brand which means it only uses natural based ingredients in it’s products. Most of it’s ingredients are herbal and are obtained via the far east.  For me, this is the first time I’ve ever tried anything from this brand and I thought it would be a good idea to include it as part of my #PamperWeekend series as some of these products are absolutely amazing to use.


These first two products are actually hair products in that they are shampoo and conditioner. I have to say these are probably my favourite products out of the ones I own. Both the shampoo and conditioner use Tsubaki and Argan Oil as their active ingredients. The shampoo has a very oil like consistency to it, that if I’m honest had me worried at first that it would cause my hair to get oily too quickly after washing but it doesn’t. Instead it’s actually very hydrating and nourishing for the scalp. Because of it’s texture it doesn’t lather as much as other shampoos but the lather it does create is sufficient enough to clean the hair. I also found that my hair looked a lot more shiny afterwards and I think that’s probably because of the Argan Oil in it.


The matching conditioner has a completely different texture and consistency to it in that it’s more like your average cream conditioner. I only ever use conditioner on the ends of my hair as applying it to the scalp causes my hair to get oily the very next day (normally I get oily on 3rd day hair). I like this conditioner and I think it works great with the shampoo, I just don’t think it’s anything special. The shampoo is definitely something unique to this brand but the conditioner for me, I found comparable to your basic conditioner that you can get from your local supermarket.


The Moist Water from Ko•To•Ha London has a very misleading name to it in that I was expecting this to be a water spray similar to the Caudalie Hydrating Mist or La Roche Posay Zerosinc but it’s actual a toner. Probably the nastiest smelling toner I’ve ever used too but that said my skin absolutely loves this stuff. It’s so cooling and whenever I wipe it across my skin it absorbs almost instantly like my skin is craving for another swipe. I’ve actually decanted some of this into a little spray bottle and have taken to misting my face with it throughout the day because it’s just that good.

SAM_3256As a beauty junkie I am a huge fan of serums as they can be sometimes doubled up as primers under foundation. The Ko•To•Ha London Rejuvenation Serum is a great example of that. It has the consistency of milky water and when it’s rubbed into the skin it creates a lovely hydrating tacky surface that is perfect for layering your foundation/bb cream/tinted moisturiser over it.


Last product from this brand is probably the only one I didn’t like and it’s their Olive and Coconut hand cream. This is a very very very thick hand cream and one I would only subject to using at night directly before bed. I would have been okay with doing that if it wasn’t for the super over powering smell of it. It smells of olives as you can guess but it’s a very artificial scent that just didn’t work for me so this product, for me anyways, is a pass.


From this brand I would definitely have to say that both the shampoo and the moist water toner are must haves and I totally recommend them. The conditioner and the serum I also love but I think both these products can be found in other brands and possibly with a lower price tag.

-Talk Soon xx

Ko•To•Ha London Website

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Crabtree & Evelyn La Source

Way back around Christmas time I was invited to the Crabtree & Evelyn Feast party which was for the launch of all their Christmas gift sets. I was gifted in my goodie bag three of the Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams and one of them was the La Source hand cream which is probably one of my favourite scents that they make. I’m thinking I’m not the only one who likes it as Crabtree & Evelyn have released an entire collection of products based around the La Source scent and special ingredients. All La Source products have the Crabtree & Evelyn rejuvenating marine blend in them which makes for amazing hydrating and caring products.


I was lucky enough to be sent three of the products from the newly released collection to try out and the first is definitely my favourite out of the lot, La Source Overnight Hand Therapy. This product is hugely loved by the UK beauty blogger Estee Lalonde and for good reason. It is a hand cream that is applied at night in order to repair any damage or wear and tear that the hands have suffered during the day. Because of the gorgeous scent it has it also helps lull me to sleep and is very relaxing and therapeutic to use.


The consistence of it, as expected from an overnight hand cream, is very thick and buttery. I’ll be honest that it does feel very heavy upon initial application and that it does take a while for it to sink in. Please don’t use it until you’re 100% sure you’re going to sleep afterwards as the slip it gives won’t let you be able to use your phone or even really touch anything. Once it has sunk in however (i.e. the next morning) you are left with the most incredibly soft and velvety hands ever. I’ve also noticed that the nails do benefit from this hand cream also.


The next product that I have is the La Source Foam Foot Soak crystals and I’ve only really used these once. They are amazing crystals that you pop into a 1/4 filled bath or even a small basin and they foam up to give you this amazing silky water that is great for relaxing tired feet. I ended up using one straight after one of my dinner parties that almost always have me standing up in heels for longer than required.


The crystals come packaged individually in plastic packets. You get 5 packets in the box and you do need the entire pack for a proper foot soak. I would say these would be amazing to use if you have one of those at home foot spa machines. You would definitely get the best use out of them that way but I found in the bath worked the best for me.


Last of the products that I have is the La Source Body Wash and to be frank there really isn’t anything special about this body wash. Yes the iconic scent of La Source is infused into it but it’s just a regular body wash in the end. You do get 250mls of product so it does last quite awhile and it did lather up beautifully when I used it. I do like it but I also like my cheapo Nivea body wash too. This retails for 15 pounds/17 euros so it isn’t cheap.

I should mention that these are available in all Arnotts stores here in Ireland and that the foot soak crystals are 12 pounds/15 euros and the overnight hand cream is 19 pounds/21 euros approx.

-Talk Soon xx

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Mandara Spa Bodycare

I have to say that there’s nothing better than going to the Spa and getting pampered. The sense of relaxation and zen that comes after having all the muscles in your body massaged is one that I wish I could experience everyday. Though I wish it, I know its not practical nor cheap to go to the spa every single day. The solution bring the spa home! The Mandara Spa UK range is the perfect bodycare range to use to recreate the spa feeling at home. All of their products are luxurious and feel like silk against the skin. They of course smell amazing as well and I have a few products from their Butter Collection to review today.


The hero product of this collection is the Bath Milk and in all honesty it’s my favourite product from the range overall. I tend to have baths roughly around 2 times a week because I find they’re the best way to get all the kinks out my body that I tend to get while cleaning the house. Normally I use a bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics but since getting this bottle I’ve been used two capfuls of it instead. This is a Bath Milk so it doesn’t foam up like a bath foam or  a bath bomb would. Instead it creates a silky white texture to the water that is super hydrating and makes the skin look and feel extremely soft.


If you’re not a bath person, there is also a Shower Cream available in the collection.  For me, I’m a shower person for morning washes. Night-time I always go for baths. The Mandara Spa Shower Cream not only looks really luxurious in the bottle, it feels just as good. You only need the tiniest amount on your lofa to create a lot of lather meaning the bottle will last a long time.


The final product that I have from the range is their Hand Butter, and I’m so glad that they named it a Hand Butter not hand cream. The consistence of it is very much like that of butter, thick & incredible soft. I honesty don’t like using this during the day because it’s just to thick and ends up making my hands really slippy. That said, I do love using it right after I do the dishes in the evening because that when I wine down for the night and get ready for bed. I also re-apply it before going to sleep as I end up waking up with super soft hands that smell great.

There are three scents available within this range. Mango & Coconut, Ylang Ylang and Coconut and the scent that I have Milk & Coconut. The range also has a body butter available.

-Talk Soon xx

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Crabtree & Evelyn Goodie Bag

If you’ve read my recent post all about the lovely night I had at the Merrion Hotel, Dublin for the Crabtree & Evelyn Christmas PR Event than you would know that at the end of that night I was gifted with a lovely gift bag from the girls at Rachel Dalton Communications. For this post I’m simply going to be going through the lovely box of hand creams that I got inside my gift bag.


On the night of the event we had the pleasure of getting our hands massaged by the lovely Sinead (who works professionally as a hand massager…didn’t know there was such a job if I’m honest!) and she used the scent Gardener on my hands for my massage.

sam_2568 Gardener is a lovely spicy warm scented hand cream that is perfect for the autumnal months. It’s probably the heaviest of the three but it’s also my favourite simply because of the scent.



The second scent in the set is called La Source and I found this to be quite light and refreshing almost as if they managed to capture the scents of the sea within the cream. Texture wise all three of the hand creams are the same. They only really differ with their scent and their outer packaging colour.


Last of hand creams is Caribbean Island Wild Flowers and this is a floral scent that is lighter than Gardener but heavier than La Source in fragrance. I’m not a fan of this scent in all honesty but I will still use it because I love how hydrating these hand creams are however I find that if I use them throughout the day they can cause my hands to become overly slippey so I tend to only really used them at night, so they can soak in as I sleep.

I honesty had one of the nicest nights for the event, the food was great and the company even better! Though these are part of the Crabtree & Evelyn Christmas releases you can still purchase these hand creams individually.

-Talk Soon xx


Nügg Beauty De-Stress Mask

I think this is the fourth mask that I’ll be featuring on the blog from Nügg Beauty. For any of the others check out the links at the bottom of this post but for today I’ll be focusing on their De-Stress mask. This mask is without a doubt a life saver! I mean as much I love the others in the range this one is simply the best for calming the skin and taking away any stress that the skin might be feeling. With the ever-changing weather and the bitter wind that Irish weather brings in it’s winter months, my skin, especially my hands have been feeling dry, sore and very very stressed.


Now masks are generally intended for the face but Nügg Beauty actually recommends their masks for use on the face, neck and hands (and if you have enough of one, the tops of the feet). I’ve been using this mask for my hands as of late and they’ve simply become refreshed. I apply a small amount, not to much, I don’t slather it on like I would if I was applying it to the face. Just enough to maintain a thin layer of it across the hands. Once the mask has sunk in I don’t wash it off, straight in with your favourite hand cream is the way to go (I’ve been using the Mandara Spa one …review coming soon!)


I definitely recommend this in place of all of those sheet hand masks I’ve been seeing these days. It’s less messy, less expensive in the long run and more beneficial for the skin in my opinion. I always recommend you store the excess mask in a small acrylic pot once you open the pod.

-Talk Soon xx

Nugg Beauty: Hydrating Mask

Nugg Beauty: Revitalizing Face Mask

Nugg Beauty: Face Mask Exfoliator

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Pressie from the Hubby

I’m not one to normally talk about my private life here on my blog simply because I find that’s not really what my followers are looking for when it comes to my content. I mostly write reviews and my trips to various events that I get invited to as a blogger. I love doing that because I feel it gives great content to my blog and it is why most of my followers follow me. Today I’m not going to be talking about major personal stuff, just simply this gift that my husband who I’ve only been married to for 12 months now bought me simply because he wanted too.


I present to you the newly released Arlestenne gift box from L’Occitane. I love L’Occitane and though I’ve never featured them on my blog I’m a huge lover of their products and it seems my husband has noticed (trust me this is an incredible thing…anyone in a relationship would no this. The colour scheme for this release is simply on point for anything girly and feminine as they’ve used a mixture of cool and bright pinks and reds to bring it to life. You can totally reuse the box that the collection comes in to safe keep little treasures of your life in once you’ve removed everything from the inside.



First item is the star of this box and that is the Arlestenne Eau de Toilette fragrance (75ml). This smells amazing! Very floral and mostly rose scented so if you don’t like roses stay away from this. It’s not overpowering in any shape or form. It’s nice and subtle and very very sophisticated to wear both during the day and throughout the night. No granny perfumes here thank you :).


The bottle is simple and classy with the traditional L’Occitane old style metal cap to seal closed the sprayer. The base of the bottle has been etched with the texture of rose petals and to tie it all together with the collection, the actual perfume liquid is tinted a lovely light pink shade. I personally am in love with this scent and have been wearing it since I’ve received it.


Within the rounded box I’ve also received a Velvet Hand Cream (30ml) in the same corresponding scent as the fragrance. It comes in the typical L’Occitane tin tube packaging. The cream itself has a nice light and fluffy texture to it and it sinks into the hands relatively fast without causing any greasiness.


I’ve also received a 75ml bottle of the Shower Gel of the same scent. I love getting the same scent in shower gels as the perfumes because you can then layer them and make the scent last that much longer. The size of this bottle makes it so handy for travel so I think I’ll save it for when I go on a getaway with my husband as I love the scent that much. I should mention that the shower gel is clear … the bottle is coloured pink much to my disappointment 😦 .


Final item really isn’t all that interesting but it’s one I love non the less. It’s the perfumed soap belonging to the collection. These soaps from L’Occitane (not just this scent) are my go to soaps for when I want to get super fancy for when guests and friends come over. I always make sure to have one on hand ready to unwrap it from it’s paper packaging and prop it straight into the soap dish in my bathroom for them to use. This one just happens to be in a great scent.


That’s all that I’ve received within my little pressie (that really isn’t that little) 😉 unless you count the samples. I would really love to know if you’ve received any surprise gifts recently from either your husband, boyfriend or even loved one. It’s also a great one to get someone who loves fragrance for Christmas too.

-Talk Soon xx

P.S: It was a gift so sorry I don’t have any of the prices for any of the products and I really don’t want to spoil it by popping in to check 🙂 xxx Hope you guys understand ❤