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Bronx Colors Cosmetics

Bronx Colors is a Swiss cosmetics brands that loves to keep up to date with every trend that happens in every season. I was very lucky recently to get sent a few pieces from their brand to try and test out and of course I just had to share my thoughts with my readers.


Gel Liner is a product that is very hard to get right 90% of the time. It has to be creamy yet have some thickness to it texture wise. It has to be opaque and super black (except when its meant to be colored) and it has to not dry out within a month of taken the lid of the first time. The Bronx Gel Liner Pot definitely  ticks all those boxes for me.


This liner comes in a nice light plastic pot with a good strong lid to it. It also comes with a handy mini liner brush that it actually decent for a change and definitely can be used as a lip liner brush for the purse in the case you don’t need it for liner. I personally like to use my Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush for get liner as it can just be wiped clean after use and that way it doesn’t got hard with product on it.


Speaking of brushes, I got two amazing brushes from Bronx Colors to talk about too. The first is the BRP01 and this is a nice fat, fluffy brush that is super soft. The size and shape of it make it perfect for blush, powder and bronzers. It doesn’t leaves any harsh brush stroke lines behind and it blends out everything beautifully.


The other brush that I got is the BRP05 and I personally found this brush to be a great shape and size for using it to blend and buff shadow on the lower lash line. The bristles are just as soft as the powder brush so you can definitely see the consistence when it comes to the Bronx Colors products.


Last product I have from this brand is their 12 pan smokey undercover eyeshadow palette. I really have mixed feelings about this palette. The colour selection for it is simply beautiful and looking at it when you first open it up, it looks like the perfect palette for a great smokey eye. That said the eyeshadows themselves are a bit hit and miss.


Some have great pigmentation and blend smoothly with little to no fallout. Whereas others are super chalky and have little to no pigmentation to them and a crapload of fallout. I personally think there are better palettes on the market nowadays than this one, it’s definitely not one I would recommend.

If any of these products have caught your interest I have linked the website where you can pick them up from below

-Talk Soon xx

Bronx Colours

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W7 Makeup Mid Summer Nights Palette

Do you ever get those moments where in a certain brand that typically sells semi okay makeup, you find that hidden gem that is actually an amazing product. This is what’s after happening with me with regards to this palette by W7 Makeup. I’ve always gotten sucked into W7 Makeup’s products because of the amount of hype they get on social media and never have I tried a product from them that I have actually liked until now.


This is the Naughty Nine Mid Summer Nights palette and if you’re a devotee of MAC Cosmetics then this palette packaging shouldn’t be un-familiar to you. It’s literally a direct copy of the 9 pan palettes that MAC own. That aside, the eyeshadows in this palette are almost as good as the eyeshadows in those MAC ones.


The palette, very true to it’s name, comes with 9 eyeshadows and they are very much from the berry colour family. They range from almost a soft dusky mauve to an amazing intense cranberry red, with the odd gold and taupe shade thrown in for good measure.

These eyeshadows are buttery soft, blend out seamlessly and have almost little to no fallout whatsoever to them. I particularly like the pigmentation of the shimmer shades more than the mattes but that only because I prefer the colour of those shades.

This palette only costs 4.95 euros, putting that next to the 33.50 euros price tag of the MAC one, I can overlook the copyright details in the packaging.

-Talk Soon xx


🍑 Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette 🍑

Recently Too Faced Cosmetics released an entire new collection for their peach range called Peach Perfect. Rather than rushing out however to purchase said collection and ending up either loving or hating them, I thought it better to review the original product that started the craze that is peach-smelling makeup; the Sweet Peach Palette.


This eighteen shadow palette comes in a gorgeous light gradient to dark peach colored tin as it’s packaging. The palette does have a mirror in it’s lid so major brownie points for that and YES it does smell of candied peaches. There are a total of six matte shades, ten satin shades and two shimmer shades. Colour wise the palette has some good highlighting shades and warm toned browns plus of course the pretty peach shades and a few deeper darker shades popped in for good measure.


Out of all the formulations I found the satin finishes to have the best finish on the eyelids and the best pigmentation so it’s a very good thing that the majority of the palette is composed of this formulation. My favourite shade from the palette has got to Nectar and this is an interesting deep peachy gold shade that is probably the equivalent of the inside of a peach.

The palette does retail for a massive 47 euros and to be honest, now that autumn has reared it’s head, I don’t find the shades great to use as they’re more suited to spring/summer. It really depends on whether or not you can justify spending that price tag for a palette that you’ll only really use 5 months (if that) out of the year. Would you?

-Talk Soon xx


Essence Christmas: The Little X-Mas Factory

Much like my post on Charlotte Tilbury: Christmas which showcases everything she is bring out as gifts for the Christmas holidays, today I bring you Essence’s Holiday collection which just happens to the have the adorable name of The Little X-Mas Factory. This collection really is a great if your looking for Stocking fillers especially because everything is beautifully packaged and presented and of course it has that Christmas feel to them as well. As always with these kinds of posts that I do, images and prices will be below and I hope it helps you with deciding what to get your loved ones this holiday season.

-Talk Soon xx

Eyeshadow Palette
4.95 euros
North Pole Express Delivery

“Melting away! The eyeshadow palette with five shimmering colors creates stunning eye make-up styles-and the pressing on the texture is sure to make your heart melt, too.”


Liquid Gold Eyeliner
3.50 euros

“Golden times. The liquid eyeliner with a long applicator creates golden eyeliner styles for a glamourous look.”


3.80 euros
All I Want For X-Mas is You

“Under the mistletoe! The liptint stains the lips in a gorgeous bright pink that is sure to last”


2-in-1 Core Concealer
3.50 euros

“Elfin beauty! An elf-like complexion is not a problem thanks to the concealer-the transparent core evens out irregularities while the nude texture covers up impurities of the skin.”


Contouring Palette
4.10 euros
Elf Yourself!

“Fabulous face. The palette contains a dark color for shading and a highlighter shade to accentuate the features. With a cute gift-bow pattern on the surface of the texture.”


Nail Polish
2.50 euros
Available in 4 shades.

“Christmas Colors. Gold with a foil finish, white with a light shimmer as well as pink and pine without an effect are Santa’s favourites.”

I Still believe in Santa Claus

01-poishLet’s Take A Elfie!


Santa Baby


Meet Me Under the Mistletoe


Nail Jewellary Stickers
1.60 euros
Santa’s Back in Town

“Bling-bling! The stickers create a gold net on the surface of the nails to turn them into true gems.”


Super Rich Mini Hand Cream
1.90 euros
Available in 2 scents

Delicious care. The two hand creams with a vanilla and cookie fragrance come in a practical mini-size to pamper the hands of all hardworking Christmas helpers.”

Holiday Hugs


Mistletoe Kisses


Perfume (Eau de Toilette)
5.95 euros
It’s Magic

“Smells like x-mas. The warm, sweet fragrance is reminiscent of the wintery atmosphere of cozy, beautifully decorated Christmas markets. Chocolate-Cranberry and nectarine in the top note, freesia and peonies in the middle note and caramel, vanilla and tonka bean in the base note are the characteristic ingredients of this eau de toilette.”

Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via brand PR representatives and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Essence™.



Bourjois Palettes

I don’t believe I’ve featured anything from Bourjois before on my blog but that’s simply because I haven’t been seeing anything new and exciting being released from them for a good while now. They’ve finally changed, and to my bank accounts delight I’m loving everything their bring out starting with these two incredible palettes.


I bought these palettes from Boots as they were running a 2 for 15 euros promotion however if you want to purchase just the one they retail for 15.49 euros a piece. A bit pricey in my opinion for a drugstore brand but for the quality and the texture of these shadows it is so worth it. The first of the palette is the more wearable of the two and this is the Bourjois Les Nudes eyeshadow palette.


I want to touch really quickly on packaging because it’s one of the nicest that I’ve seen in a while from a brand. The palette itself is made of this sturdy heavy weighted plastic that in no way feels cheap. It comes with a built-in mirror and the cool thing is the lid actually swivels so you can rotate the mirror a full 360º degrees. You get 8 shadows in the palette, their number 1-8 (very un-creative Bourjois!)  and you also get the straight to the bin sponge applicator too.



Palette number two is the Bourjois Le Smoky palette and this has more dark, rich and shimmery shades compared to the Les Nudes palette. I personally like both palettes but if I was to choose I would pick the Le Smoky. Formulation of the shadows is like butter, super smooth and non-powdery. They blend beautifully and only have a little fall down more so with the dark shades than the lighter ones.


With the release of these palettes I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what else Bourjois is planning on releasing for the winter months. These palettes are as far as I know permeant to their range.

-Talk Soon xx


Limited Edition Cargo Cosmetics Palette

It seems Cargo Cosmetics is ready for the winter months and it should be seeingas the summer is almost and the weather is slowly but surely getting colder even as I type. To welcome the change in seasons Cargo Cosmetics has decided to bring out a new Limited Editon palette that is very much cool-toned. This palette is called the Chill in the Six Eyeshadow Palette.

“Inspired by a wintry snow-filled night in Toronto, this palette features cool toned purples, blues and silvers, as well as rich shades of brown and warm maple.”


The palette is priced at 34 dollars (30 euros approx.) and includes 12 shades. Six of the shades are matte and six of them are shimmers.

  • Yonge St [Matte]
  • Maple [Shimmer]
  • Blizzard [Shimmer]
  • Ice [Matte]
  • Artic [Shimmer]
  • 1996 [Shimmer]
  • Dundas St [Shimmer]
  • Goose [Matte]
  • Eh! [Shimmer]
  • Hockey [Matte]
  • The North [Shimmer]
  • Ontario [Matte]

832f86fe-c5e5-4a14-85b8-da23e69a966fAlso included in the palette is a versatile dual-ended eyeshadow brush and a black eye liner (sharpenable) pencil. All of the eyeshadows are also paraben free in formulation. Remember this palette is Limited Edition so if your are interested in picking this up than I recommend you do so quickly.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via Cargo Cosmetics website and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Cargo Cosmetics TM.


Sleek Whimsical Palette

If you guys have ever read my Sleek Collection post than you would know I’m a huge fan of Sleek Makeup as a makeup brand. They have some amazing products at some reasonable prices. My favourite items to purchase from their line is their palettes simple because their so pigmented and affordable. From time to time Sleek Makeup tends to release limited edition collections and my post today centres on their Whimsical Collection which they have released for Summer 2016. From this collection I only purchased the palette, however they have released 3 different shades of their VIP lipsticks and 3 different shades of cream blush sticks.


I have to say I love the design of the outer box. It’s very eye catching and bright making it so pretty for the summer months. I only wish that the palette was the same in design however they made the packaging of the palette with the same black acrylic as their permanent line of palettes. The only difference is that this has a catchy phrase “All the fun of the fair” written on it in periwinkle blue lettering. Also like their permanent line you get 12 shadows in the palette, each more pigmented than the other. You also get a lovely large mirror and a stupid sponge applicator.


Personally for me, when I first opened the palette I was super excited with the colour selection. However now after swatching them and playing with it a bit I found that some of the shades aren’t as pigmented as others and some are severely powdery to the point where they can dust of the eye lids when you’re trying to apply them.


The first shade in the palette has to be one of the more neutral shades out of the bunch. I would call the finish of this shadow a satin-shimmer because it basically feels like a pressed pigment. The shade is called Carousel and I would describe this as being a champagne shade that’s great for highlighting.


Next shade was the one that made me buy the palette if I’m honest. I don’t really own anything like it in my collection. The shade is called Shoot the Chutes and is a stunning turquoise iridescent green with a slight blue undertone to it. Very odd description I know but it’s how I see it.


Shade three is called Loop the Loop and is a peach. Nothing really special if I’m honest but a good addition to the palette colour range overall.


This shade is the first matte in the palette and it’s called Ferris Wheel. I will say that all of the mattes in this palette are terrible for being powdery, chalky and having a ton of fallout. Not a fan of the mattes in this palette.


Another matte is Twister, it’s not as bad as some of the others because it’s colour is more neutral than the rest. I have noticed that the less colourful the colour the less powdery/chalky it is.


Teacups is beautiful! Hands down another favourite next to Shoot the Chutes. It is a pink based peachy that has gold shimmer running through it. It has such an amazing three dimensional look on the eyes when applied that it’s perfectly fine to wear alone.


The shade Hit the Bell is a very neutral shade in that it is a shimmery brown mocha colour. If you combine this with Carousel then you got a nice easy going wearable neutral eye for the day. Even though they are both shimmers , on the lids they are very wearable during the day.



I’m going t group these next three shades together because each one is worse than the next. The shades are Swing Boats, Hook A Duck and Helter Skelter. All mattes, all powdery, all chalky and none of these colours are faltering.


I’m a lover of purple eyeshadow especially because my eyes are brown in colour. This shade Dodgems isn’t bad….but it’s not great either! you can find better if you really wanted this shade within your collection.


Last shade in the range is called Hall of Mirrors and it’s exactly that, a silver reflective colour. Lovely on the eyes, very faltering. Overall this palette has more dud eyeshadows than it does good ones. The good ones however are so unique that I personally can justify the price of paying 13.49 euros for technical half a palette. Would I recommend it? Honestly no! Their are nicer palettes from Sleek that are just as good for the summer months within their permanent line and they only retail for 9.99 euros. I recommend the Sunset Palette and the Vintage Romance palette. Have you guys picked this palette up by any chance? Let me know!

-Talk Soon xx