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Some Love 💓 for L.O.V Cosmetics PT•2

In my first post on LOV Cosmetics I did a full review of some of their base products and for todays post I’m going to follow it up with a full review of some of their eye products. I will probably be doing a part 3 which will most likely focus on some of their lip products.


Let’s start things off with the product that most people can’t go out in public without and that’s mascara. If I had to describe this mascara I would compare it to George Clooney-it gets better with age. The more this mascara dries out the better it applies, the more volume you achieve and the more dramatic the lashes. It’s got a very curved wand to it, and the formulation when I initially got it was very wet and gave a very natural effect when applied.


I automatically popped it aside as a hate, but a few days later I was stuck for mascara and so I tried it again and noticed it was a tad bit better. Now roughly 3 weeks in it’s basically my go to. I just recommend that when you go to by a new tube of this to make sure you’ve got enough of your old tube left so you can let the new one dry out a little.


The LOV Cosmetics Best Dressed eye liner is a gel liner in handy pencil like form. It’s also very highly comparable to the black liner from L’oreal that I recently reviewed (review linked below.) . I like this eyeliner, there’s nothing special about it. It gets the job done, has a great formula and doesn’t budge once it’s dry.


The end of the pencil has a built in topper so you can always have a sharp point to your liner. The pigmentation is very very good in that the black is super intense and has no greyness or brown in it whatsoever. You need a good gel liner than I would totally recommend this.


The same can be said about their Confidental liquid eyeliner. This is a felt tip liner and it has an extremely fine point to it to make sure you are able to create the perfect winged flick. I personally love how intense the pigmentation is with these liners as they’re so opaque and there is no patchiness to them whatsoever.


As far as black liners go these are some of the best that I’ve tried and I think the only other brand that does similar quality ones to these is L’oreal but it should be noted that these are more affordable than L’oreal price wise. When I plan on repurchasing, L’oreal has been pushed aside and these will be the ones I will go for.


Nude liner is just as essential as black eyeliner in any makeup collection. You should always ensure that you pick a nude liner that has a long-lasting formulation to it as most of the time the place of application for a product like this will be your waterline and you don’t want it to budge.


With regards to LOV Cosmetics nude liner I found it’s formula to be nice and creamy and very long-lasting. I applied it on my waterline in the morning and it was still there when I went to take my makeup off at night. Because of the type of nude shade it is you can definitely double this pencil up as a pin-point concealing pencil if you’re ever in situation where you’re stuck for concealer.


Let’s finish off this review with some eyeshadows and I’ve got two different formulations of them to share with you. The first is this champagne, almost icy white shade called 340 Winter Dessert.


I didn’t like this eyeshadow at all, it has little to no pigmentation to it whatsoever and the glitter it has is very chunky which results in a lot of fallout. The lack of pigmentation also makes it look like you just thrown a loose glitter on your lids and walked out the door.


The shade 120 Misty Earth which is a nice neutral brown, I absolutely adore. This is completely matte and blends to utter perfection. Looks so stunning on both brown and green eyes and is so pigmented that a little goes a long way.


Both these eyeshadows come with a mini eyeshadow applicator that always end up in the bin and have a handy mirror in the lid of their compact.

I should have part three up soon which ill be a review on some of the LOV Cosmetics lip products so make sure to subscribe in order not to miss that!

-Talk Soon xx

L’oreal Infallible Gel Crayon

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Primark/Pennys Paint Pots

It seems as of late Primark Beauty has really been uping their game when it comes to their makeup and skincare releases. Their most recent release has got to be these new paint pots that I discovered while browsing their many stands looking for their new bronze and pink highlighter powders, which FYI I didn’t actually find. Now if I was to describe my thoughts on these products it can probably be stated in two words: IT’S COMPLICATED.


The paint pots themselves come in the typical packaging of a glass jar with twist on lid to ensure the product does not dry out. I, myself have three different shades of these paint pots however I’m not sure exactly how many colours were released overall. The first of these shades is possibly the only one out of the three that I can say a good thing about.


The colour of it is a nice subtle gold tone that is great for using as a base for powder eyeshadows. Personally I think this only works for me because of how light the shade colour is. The pigmentation of this shade, is intense on initial application but I find that it loses its shine and metallic finish the more I blend it out on the eye.


The second shade I have is this bronze shade that would be consider two tones darker than the gold shade above. I’m describing this shades more than giving you guys the names of them because unfortunately these don’t have any shade names or numbers to indicate what shade colour they are. You simply have to go by the colour visible through the glass jar and the sticker on the lid.


This bronze shade is ok…and I say that with a heavy heart as I can’t really find any other word to describe it. When you go to apply this, it gives such an incredible bronzey metallic shade but the minute you go to blend it out it loses that metallic shade and becomes a boring brown. Also I found as you blend it tends to become patchy and slightly ball up in the creases of the eye. Layering powders over it cause it to become overly chunky and crease in the exact same places where the creases are too.


The exact same thing can be said for this next shade which is meant to be an intense emerald green colour. This shade is even worse than the bronze because the end result of all your blending and applying is just a dark, patchy smudge on your eyelid. I honestly couldn’t make this work no matter how little nor how much I applied of it and blended. I event tried packing it and it just resulted in a lot of creasing on the eyelid.


These retail for just two euros a piece so I’m not bothered that they didn’t work for me as they are relatively inexpensive but I definitely don’t recommend them at all. These were a complete fail of a product and bar the golden shade which I honestly think only works for me because it’s so light of a colour, they are patchy unblendable products.

-Talk Soon xx


Beauty Belle Eye Masks

I have to say that after I had tried the Beauty Belle Snow Algae Mask on my skin and seen how much of an improvement it has made it to, I couldn’t wait to try out their Timeless Truth Bio Cellulose Eye Mask. This mask has only to claims to it in that it’s supposed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and make your under eye area look more radiant. When it comes to under eye masks I tend to only really use them before I have to apply on a heavy makeup look as they tend to ensure my under eye area doesn’t crease. I recently had a friends birthday so I thought t was about time I put these to the test.


Like all sheet masks and eye masks, this also comes in the traditional single use sachet packaging. I like the gold tone that they used for the colour scheme, it gives this product a very high-end feel to it. Inside the packet you receive the pre-soaked eye patches inside a nice plastic try.


The patches themselves are your typical kidney shaped patches that fit perfectly under the eye area. I found these very cooling and hydrating on the skin when I first applied them. I left them on for roughly 20 minutes and afterwards my undereye definitely felt plumper and more hydrated. Any fine lines that I had were highly minimised and even some of the darkness of my dark circles was reduced. Very Impressed!


The fabric of these patches is slightly thicker than any of the other eye patches that I normally use and to be honest that just made me like these all the more. A packet of these retails for 4.47 euros a packet and is available via the Beauty Belle website which I have linked below.

-Talk Soon xx

Beauty Belle Website

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Isadora Kohl Kajals

When it comes to eyeliner I tend to stick to brands I know and love simply because my eyes are extremely sensitive. They’re so sensitive that I tend to have to fork out 30 euros every 3 months for either the Ren Express Make-Up Remover or my Holy Grail Product which is the LancĂ´me Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover as they are the only two eye makeup removers that I have found that don’t cause any irritation to my eyes. The two brands that I tend to stick with for eyeliners are Urban Decay and Maybelline but my recent discovery of the Isadora Kohl Kajals liners has me re-thinking that I shouldn’t be just sticking to those two brands.


I’m going to be completely honest and say that if I wasn’t sent these products to try out I probably would never be reviewing them because of my fear of irritating my eyes. Now you guys are probably going to think that I just used them because they were sent to me but no, what made me use them was the fact that they had the words “Fragrance Free” and “Clinical Tested” on the back of their packaging, something I would have never seen in stores.

SAM_2703I have these Kajals in two very classical shades that is 01 Black and 00 White. As you can see from the pictures the liners come in very sleek black packaging. Isadora have styled these liners very much to look like the old Arabic liners that were used back in the day. You don’t get a lot of product in each liner, just 1 gram. Though I like the way these liners look, I don’t think it’s very practical. Once you start using these liners regularly that nib is going to flatten down and then it would very difficult to use as an eyeliner and get any real precision with it.


The formulation of these liners is beautifully creamy and soft. It’s last a really long time in the waterline without fading or smudging. The pigmentation of them is very intense and there is no patchiness whatsoever with them. It’s so hard to find a good black and white liner these days that has the pay-off in both colour and longevity the these have.


Out of the two I think the white shade has got to be my favourite. Mainly because I have black liners that I like and love from other brands but I don’t have and white liners that I adore. Also bare in mind that Isadora is a incredibly affordable brand and these eyeliners only retail at 10.50 euros a piece, compared to the 19.50 euros of Urban Decay their a bargain.


For me I think I need to get into the habit of actually reading the products ingredients and seeing if their suitable for sensitive eyes before just walking past them in the store and going to what I know. I have reviewed other products from Isadora including their amazing blushes so I’ll link them below also.

-Talk Soon xx

Isadora Perfect Blush

Lipliner 💋 over Lipstick 💄

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Nugg Beauty Eye Masks

I’ve taken a break from trying out the Nugg Beauty facial masks to test out their Eye Masks. If your interested in reading my thoughts on the facial masks that I’ve tried out from the range than I’ve linked them at the end of this post. For reference for this post I am a sufferer of really dark circles under my eyes. I have a small amount of fine lines around my eyes that unfornately have come with age. My many reason for using these masks is to try and reduce the darkness and to smooth out the skin surrounding the eye.


A packet of the Nugg Beauty Eye Masks comes with 6 sachets of single use product (though I found even when trying to apply a thick layer you really only use half of the sachet for both eyes) and 12 patches made of a really breathable fabric that ensure maximum absorption of the product into the skin. The product has a very gel like texture to it that when applied onto the skin gives an instant cooling sensation without the need to put them into the fridge (though if you do put them into the fridge this sensation is amplified).


The product is nice and light on the skin and I liked that they made the fabric light as well. Initially I felt a slight sting to my under eye are when it came to them but that faded after roughly 30 seconds. They say to leave them on for 15 mins but personally I left them on for a good hour before peeling them off. I do thoroughly recommend these for sleeping in. My skin afterwards appeared a lot more hydrated which reduced the darkness around and really smoothed out the skin. The main selling point with these masks is that their great for depuffing the eye area and I completely back that claim especially if you decide to store them in the fridge and use them first thing in the morning (great for using after a long night out too)

The eye mask retails for roughly 12.99 euros and you can get them from Castle Pharmacy here in Waterford. It is also available for purchase from the Nugg Beauty website. Have you ever tried these? Or any other eye masks? please recommend in the comments below.

-Talk Soon xx

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EyeCandy Lashes

I sometimes feel like a broken record when I say that I don’t wear lashes everyday, and to some people it’s like I’ve spoken a cardinal sin. People these days are rocking lashes every single day and lashes for me are a strictly special occasion product and even then I like the ones that simply enhance what I already have by making them longer and fuller. I was recently sent a few lashes by the brand EyeCandy and though these lashes are good quality lashes I’m afraid I myself am not a huge fan of them.


I got sent three pairs in total, two of them are from their volumize range and the other is from their maximise range. Out of the three the 006 pair are the only ones I liked simply because they’re so natural looking on the eyes. Like I said these are very high quality lashes, the band is super thin and this pair specifically felt lightweight on the eyes. Brand wise the lashes are not for the faint of heart, they are designed to be noticed and to make a statement.


The second pair from their volumise range that I have is the number 004 and I honestly couldn’t wear these for longer than an hour because of the weight of them on my eyes. They are super thick, though the band is thin which shows how high quality they are. Cheap lashes then to come with a thick plastic band that you always feel whenever you blink. I recommend if you are going to be wearing lashes this thick to not bother really with an eye makeup look as the lashes will just end up covering it anyway. The same can be said for this next pair which is from their maximise range.


These lashes numbered 015 are the thickest out of the three I was sent and that because they’re actually layered lashes. By that I mean they’re two sets of lashes on top of on another and meshed together via the lash band. These are really not for me, I couldn’t wear them, they were just to thick and I naturally have small eyes so they just looked super unnatural on me. I thick these would be great if you were into cosplay or even for Halloween or even if you worked in theatre because they really give that over the top, dramatic look to the eyes.

All in all these lashes are high quality, have a nice thin lash band and are generally inexpensive. Would I wear them everyday, nope. Nor would I recommend them to daily lash wearers. I think these types of lashes are best reserved for costume parties and those that have a profession that requires heavy makeup.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: Some of the products featured on this site have been sent for review consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored


Nyx Prismatic Eyeshadows

The only thing I’ve ever featured from NYX Cosmetics on my blog is a review of the NYX White Liquid Liner. It’s not that I don’t like the brand NYX, I do, sometimes I even love it. My only issue is that when a brand has products that retail for more than 15 euros/20 euros than it’s not really a drugstore brand it’s very much high end especially in price. NYX cosmetics always markets itself as affordable and drugstore so that’s why I don’t gravitate towards it a lot. That being said I have found something from NYX that is very drugstore in price and that I absolutely love. These are the Nyx Prismatic Eyeshadows.


I’m going to touch briefly on packaging because we all love packaging 😉 These eyeshadows don’t come in anything fancy if I’m honest and they shouldn’t need too. The product inside gives this product the wow factor it needs. There’s nothing worse than buying the fanciest product out there in packaging and then it ending up being a bad product. Simple plastic packaging and the clasp comes in the shape of the a bow, too cute!


These shadows are jam packed with really intense pigmentation and really intense shimmer. Formulation wise the shadows are super soft and buttery. The shimmer in them isn’t chunky or flaky and it has an amazing metallic sheen to it when it’s applied. Some of these eyeshadows are dual-chrome and some of them are just really intense single color shades. The two that I’ve picked up are dual-chrome  as I’m a lover of dual-chrome anything lolz :P.


The first shade that I have is very iconic with these eyeshadow range and that’s the shade PS05 Mermaid Sirene. This is a gorgeous turquoise green shade that is shot through with gold/blue shimmer depending on what base you apply it on. I personally love applying these shade over a blue eyeshadow because it brings out the gold shimmer in it. Also if you apply these eyeshadows just to the centre of the lid it makes for a amazing halo effect with your eye look.


The second shade that I own from the range is PS01 Frostbite and this is very much a white based silver shadow that has purple shimmer running through it. I love this for highlighting the inner corner of the eyes. It is so intense that you don’t even need a primer underneath it for it to last all night.


These eyeshadows retail for 7 euros a piece which is super affordable. I personally picked mine up from Boots but you can get these online from NYX also. Have you tried these? And if you have let me know your favourite shade so I can pick it up to try myself.

-Talk Soon xx