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Clarins KISS Lipbalm

So it’s been about a minute since I last blogged anything on this website and the reason for this is because I was away on holidays. Most of the blog posts that were posts were pre-scheduled as I knew I wouldn’t really have access to internet while I was away. That said I’m back now and ready to get back into the swing of things with some new blog posts. Any requests leave them in the comments below.


With me being on holidays in the very hot country that is Lebanon, I ended up suffering from very dehydrated lips. My saviour as always came from the incredible brand that is Clarins Skincare. It’s very typical of me whenever I have something bothering my lips to head straight for the Clarins counter because I know their products work. Their Lip Oil is one of my favourite product ever and would have worked wonders had I remembered to pack it.


Instead of purchasing something I already knew I had back home I decided to take a chance and picked up their new KISS Lipbalm. This come in a cardboard tube with very cute and fun loveheart and kisses popped all over it. The lipbalm itself is amazingly hydrating and develops a slight pink tint as it reacts to the pH of the lips.

At only 14 euros a price tag I highly recommend this for anyone thinking of a new purchase from Clarins or even just needing a new lipbalm. It’s honestly the only thing that saved my lips over the summer. I also managed to pick up all three of their new Instant Light Lip Perfectors which I shall have a review of soon enough so stay tuned!

-Talk Soon xx


Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

Biggest downfall of this product is it is not cheap 😥 but boy is it good!!!!. I got this about 2 months ago and its a mini travel size version (30ml) of the full thing which I think sells in both a 50ml size and a 70ml size. Now the cost of this product is, and I dare say it, 17 euros which is pretty pricey for a 30ml hand cream. However it is amazing and I’m going to tell you why 🙂


Let’s start of with how cute the packaging is. This bottle is so small it literally fits into the palm of my hand. I love the plain white container, gives it a very classy look and the gold band around the lid adds a touch of expense to the products packaging. When I first opened this to try it, it was the smell that drew me. It smells like oranges and omg! does it smell good. Now I’m not normally a girl for fruit smelling things but this smell is so light and soft that its just irresistible.

The cream itself comes out white with a light orange hue from the tube. It applies beautiful even across the hands and doesn’t leave any greasy residue that you get with Lanolin based hand creams. Its fast absorbing, I found myself able to go about the house and touch things in a matter of seconds after applying the cream to my hands rather than having to wait a good five minutes for the cream to dry.


Its especially useful for the summer months of the year when the weather is especially hot and the skin on the hands are the first thing to become dehydrated. So dry hands beware with this stuff cause it’s very hydrating and gives a sort of plumping effect to the palms and back of the hands when applied.

All in all this is a good hand cream to have. People who don’t like the smell of oranges may not like it as much as I have but if your looking for a good hand cream than this is a guaranteed product. I know the price is super pricey but like I said I’ve had it for 2 months now and I’m only half way through the tube so it does last a while if your up for the splurge. Will definitely be repurchasing this when I run out 🙂

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Clarins Summer 2017 Limited Edition Collection

The newest collection release from Clarins has hit counters since the 9th of April and is absolutely beautiful in both packaging and product. The collection consists of four products in total, two of which are Limited Edition. The first product is the iconic bronzer that Clarins releases ever summer. This bronzer is so popular and I love that Clarins changes the way it looks from year to year but keeps the amazing formulation of it the same.

Limited Edition Summer Bronzing and Blush Compact
30 pounds/35 euros

“For a natural sunkissed glow”

The second product is a 4-shade eye palette which has a great selection of nude eyeshadows. The star of the palette has got to be the burnt orange shade which definitely would look amazing placed in the crease of the eye and blended.

Limited Edition 4-colour Eye Palette
34 pounds/40 euros

“A vitamin-packed palette of intense colours”

Last of the collection is two new shades of eyeliner from Clarins existing liner range which happens to be waterproof. One of the shades, 06 Gold is actually an old goodie which they have brought back, I actually own this liner from a collection they release a few years ago.

Waterproof Eye Liner Pencil
17.50 pounds/20.50 euros
Available in two new shades

“For a dramatic look that will not smudge”

Most of these products are actually sold out on the Clarins website but I know for a fact that their still available on counters. This collection is exceptionally popular so I recommend for those of you would like to get going and pick these up

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via the Clarins Cosmetics website and are for illustrative purposes only. All images remain property of Clarins™.

Lip Products

Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Paints

I was planning on doing a new releases post based solely on Maybelline because they have so many new products on the market this month it’s actually insane. The only problem with that is that I live in Ireland and so most new releases reach us when they aren’t so new *sigh*. Scratching that plan I’ve decided I would just review these new releases as I find them and so today I bring you a review of the Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Paints.

SAM_1893Now these did take me a while to find and that’s mostly because they have a different name in the US. The are called Color Jolts in the US and I had assumed that they were called the same here in Ireland. They’re not, here in Ireland they have named them colour Drama for some reason. Anyway I picked up two of these because Boots was having a buy one get second half price offer so I said why not. The first shade that I got is 110 Never Bare



This is a gorgeous your lips but better colour, especially if you have a lot of natural pigmentation in your lips like I do. I really like the packaging of this lip paints even though they look small. You get 6.4 mls of product in the tube and my favourite thing about them the sponge applicator. Yes it’s very similar to the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfectors applicator but I still think it was a good idea that they copied them.


Because the product is quite thick in formulation I think the sponge applicator enables you to apply the right amount of product without getting a thick layer of product onto the lips, which can be quite uncomfortable to wear espically with the darker shades. Speaking of darker shades the second that I got is 370 Vamped Up.


True to the name this is a really intense deep purple shade that looks really vampy when applied onto the lips. Pigmentation is a little bit sheer but if you apply a lip liner under it you should be fine.


As far as I know these cost me 7.99 euros a piece but because of the offer I managed to get them for less than 15 euros. I bought these in Boots but I think you can get anywhere that sells Maybelline at this point.

-Talk Soon xx


Lip Products

Project Lip Oil Comparison + Giveaway


After writing four posts for this series I finally have gathered my thoughts on the winner of them all. I’m going to be comparing them all in the following categories: Price, Packaging, Applicator and Formulation. As a bonus I’m finally going to be doing my first giveaway and it shall be of the winning Lip Oil! Details on how to enter will be at the end of the post.


The most expensive of the Lip Oils has got to be the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils and that’s really because Clarins is a high-end brand. These lip oils retail for 19 euros a pop but the real question is are they worth it? If this was the only lip oil on the market like it was last summer, absolutely yes! However after trying out the different drugstore versions with the Essence Lip Oil being the least expensive at 3.49 euros I would say no. The Essence one works just as well as the Clarins if not better without the heavy price tag. For me price wise Essence wins.


All of the lip oils come in an acrylic tube. The difference between them is the size and thickness of those tubes. The fanciest is of course Clarins as this Lip Oil has a square thick acrylic tube that is small in size and compact. The BarryM Lip Oil packaging I personally hate! They have a defect in that there is not stopper when you pull out the applicator meaning the brush is covered in product. It’s also super messy to get back into the tube. The tube is also unnecessary long. The Catrice and Essence lip oils are similar in size however the design of the Catrice makes it the winner for Packaging in my books.


Each of these lip oils has a different applicator. The Clarins one for me is rather big which makes it great for covering the entire lip area in one swipe however I find that sometimes it dispenses to much product. The BarryM has a nice felt tip applicator that is straight in appearance and rotates when applying product against the lip. Because of the flaw in it’s packaging it still doesn’t work for me I’m afraid. The Essence one has your typical doe-foot applicator and favourite is the Catrice which has a heart shaped doe-foot perfect for hugging the curves of the lips.


Formulation is a bit of a tough one for me because they all claim to do the same thing. They all state that they hydrate and moisturizes the lips without being sticky. I don’t find this with all of them however. The Clarins one is lovely and thick making it very hydrating but also very sticky. It’s perfect when you need an overnight balm but for under lipstick it will take to long to be absorbed into the lips. The BarryM formulation is nice and light however I found that it doesn’t really last on the lips for than 2 hours. I’m finding I’m constantly needing to reapply. The Essence is lovely in texture however I didn’t really find it hydrating , it really just gave slip to the lips by sitting on them. My Favourite is the Catrice, major hydration and non-sticky and lasts for a good solid 6 hours without food! Love it!

I’m sure you guys have guessed which one is the winner by now but in case you haven’t its the Catrice Luxury Lips. I’m going to be giving this away to one lucky person. The competition is only open for those of you who live in the UK & ROI I’m afraid. Rules are below! enjoy!

-Talk Soon xx

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Winner will receive 3 Catrice Lip Oils, one in each shade from the range. They must reside within the UK & ROI in order to be eligible for entry. In order to be considered please do the following:

  • Comment on this post what new project you would like to see on my blog.
  • Follow My Blog
  • Like this post
  • Follow me on Twitter: @SooSoBeauty

Winner will be announced on the 2nd of August 2016. One entry per person only.



Lip Products

Project Lip Oil: Essence

You guys probably know the drill by now with regards to this project. I decided to this because I wanted to find alternatives to the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils because it is a rather high end lip oil in bought product and price. I have already done reviews for both the BarryM Lip Oil and the Catrice Lip Oil so go check them out before you read this one. Today post features the Essence  Prettifying Lip Oil in shade 01 I Care For You, Honey.


“Lip Oil for soft and smooth lips. With jojoba oil, Non-Sticky.”

Packaging is very very similar to the Catrice lip oil packaging in that it comes in an acrylic tube with a white applicator top. The applicator is a bit different in that it’s as narrow as the BarryM applicator but it does have a doe-foot end. This retails for 2.50 euros and I picked mine up from Pennys/Primark


The product itself has a very strong scent that isn’t unpleasant but isn’t the greatest at the same time. Formulation wise I think this sits in between the Clarins ones and the Catrice/BarryM ones, the Clarins is a very thick formula and the Catrice/BarryM have a slightly thinner consistency. This sits exactly in the centre. in that it’s not to thick and doesn’t apply thinly either.


The shade like I said is called 01 I Care For You, Honey and though it’s yellow in the tube it really doesn’t provide any colour on the lips whatsoever. The other two shades available in this range are called 02 First Help, Pinky and 03 SOS, My Heart. I will make a comparison post comparing the four an tell you which of the four is my favourite.

-Talk Soon xx


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Clarins Mineral Palette

Clarins is one of those brands that I tend to gravitate towards whenever I’m looking for a new skincare product be it a cleanser, moisturiser or even just a lip balm (love their Intensive Hydration lip balm) but it’s not a brand that I tend to go to for makeup. Recently I did a review on the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils for my Project Lip Oils and so when I went to the clearance event at my local pharmacy, I ended up going to the Clarins counter to see what was available makeup wise.


I ended up with a quad eyeshadow palette called the Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette and this palette is called 10 Iris Blossom. According to the palette instructions these eyeshadows can be used both wet & dry and are meant to be long lasting. I personally haven’t used them wet as I only like using pigments wet but I will say pigmentation is good as is longevity.


The palette does come with a lovely red velvet pouch so you can store it in and I love these little touches that high end makeup brands do with their products. The palette does have a mirror and unfortunately those stupid sponge applicators. Colour wise the selection is very neutral except for the pop of colour with the slight purple shade. The shadows are also embossed with an iris flower image and the Clarins lettering of course.


The first shade in the palette is a nice everyday soft shimmer brown. The formulation of these shadows is very good, buttery and soft and they blend perfectly. All of them bar shade three have a satin-shimmer finish to them.


The second shade is the perfect one to use when looking to brighten up an eye makeup look. I personally used this in the corner of the eye. I found layering this over a cream base really intensifies the reflective shimmer running through the actual shadow.


As mentioned above, shade three has a different finish from the other three. It’s matte and I like that, it’s not everyday you get a quad with a good intense black eyeshadow. Pigmentation on this eyeshadow allows it to be a true black, no grey tones or ashiness whatsoever. Any shimmer you see in the image above is from previous shadows because I just wipe the previous shade with a wipe before reswatching.


Last shade is the only really out there colour in the palette. It’s a deep purple with purple shimmer running through it. I will admit that in the palette it does look like plain old purple but when I swatched it, it does has an iridescence to it that gives it a reflection blue tone.

I really do recommend Clarins eyeshadows. They are excellent quality in my opinion and are of a decent price tag. If you guys are interested in seeing what else I got with this palette then check out my Beauty Haul

-Talk Soon xx