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It seems one collection wasn’t enough for Catrice Cosmetics for the month of July. They have decided to release another and this is also limited edition however this one will only be available until the end of August whereas their Limited Edition: Catrice Soleil D’été collection will be available until the end of September. I’m not entirely sure if this collection will be available in Ireland but I do know it is available in most of Europe.

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Blush & Bronze

“Two subtly shimmering blush & bronzer nuances create a fresh and natural-looking, tanned complexion. The fine powder with a boat embossment offers two perfectly aligned shades for a beautiful effect on the skin. In addition to the make-up technique contouring, blush & bronze is also ideal for the latest trend Sun-Stripping”


Cool & Matt Lip Colour
Available in two shades

“The cool & matt lip colours unite a creamy texture that spreads evenly across the lips and intensive colours with a high coverage and matt finish.”

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Cool & Matt Primer Stick

“A perfect, matt complexion is easy to achieve with the cool & matt primer stick. The stick is ideal as a preparation for foundation, and also great as a quick fresh up, thanks to it’s pleasant cooling effect on the skin. It is perfect travel companion and prevents the skin from sweating in hot temperatures. The mattifying effect means there is no need to use a powder with a matt finish-this way, the complexion looks fresher and more radiant.”

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Eyeshadow Palette

“Twelve powder eyeshadows with various effects and a mirror as well as an applicator are part of this must-have palette. The harmonious combination of colours ensures perfect 50’s eye make-up styles.”

Liquid Liner
Available in two shades

“Metallic, glossy pastel blue and midnight blue with a matt finish create expressive make-up styles.”

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Nail Laquer
Available in four shades

“These long-lasting nail polishes with various effects in unique packaging are absolute must haves this summer. Reserved champagne with a glittering finish, trend orange with no effect, elegant navy wit a discreet pearl effect and soft pastel blue with a light shimmer  create nail looks that are perfect for the sunny time of the year.”

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Radiant Glow Mist

“This refreshing spray is offset with a subtle shimmer-for a gorgeous summery glow. Thanks to it’s moisturising formula, the radiant glow mist has a cooling effect and provides the skin with the moisture it needs especially in the warm weather. Thanks to the practical pump dispenser, it’s easy to distribute the product on the skin evenly.”


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Limited Edition: Catrice Soleil D’été

A brand new limited edition collection from Catrice Cosmetics set to be released mid-July and to be available up until mid-September. This collection is all about achieving that metallic and bronzed look that’s very on trend at the moment. There are seven products in total in this capsule collection and as always with these kind of overview posts, all the images and details will be below.

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Duo Highlighter
C01 Gentle Sun Glow

“GLOWrious. A two-tone highlighter with a soft, slightly creamy texture and shimmering powder finish. Suitable for all skin types. Thanks to the shimmering bronze core and gorgeous rosé shade, the duo highlighter can be used to create many different looks.”


Golden Lip Booster
C01 Golden Sun-bath

“Glossy Gold. The metallic gloss with a lip-boosting effect creates a shiny gold finish. Applying it on it’s own results in exciting metallic effects while the booster offers a soft, golden shimmer when applied on top of colour lipstick.”

csm_225127000_6ac3b01f44Metal Eyelight
Available in two shades

“Magnificent Metals. The gel-like eyeshadow with a metallic finish is easy to blend and can be intensified by applying several layers. In addition to creating expressive smokey eyes, the metallic eyeshadow in light champagne or bronze khaki is also ideal for setting targeted shimmering accents.”

Metal-Infused Eye Palette
C01 Metal Muse

“Metallic Eyes. Different effects ranging from matt to metallic: five perfectly aligned eyeshadows with a powdery texture for various expressive eye makeup styles. The high-quality packaging with an intergrated mirror has a unique graphic design.”

Metalip Colour
Available in three shades

“Creamy metallic. Metallic effects with a high coverage meet upon a pleasant cream texture. The lipsticks in three trend colours ensure an extravagant look. A peachy nude tone, rosewood as well as an elegant rosé create the matching lips to go with an all-over glow. In their golden packaging, the metalips are particularly eye-catching.”

Sheer Serum Bronzer
C01 InsTANned Complexion

“Fluid Glow. The liquid bronzing serum creates soft, golden accents. Extremely versatile: applied solo or mixed with foundation, the bronzer ensures a sun-kissed complexion. Liquid and creamy textures offer natural-looking results-especially for the complexion. The practical pipette applicator allows a simple accurate, dosage.”

csm_225125000_192ca97d0aSun Stripping Bronzer
C01 Each and Every Sun

“Beautiful Bronze. A fine, matt bronzing powder ideal for the ‘contouring’ and ‘sun-stripping’ makeup trends. The mattifying powder suits every skin tone.”

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Nail Polish, Nails

Catrice IcoNails Gel 💅🏻

Catrice Cosmetics has launched their IcoNails Gel Nail Polishes that I mentioned in my recent post on their Provocative Collection. They have revamped their entire nail polish range into this new gel formula. There are a whooping 45 shades available and they only retail for 2.95 euros. The great thing about these is that there is no rush to run out and get them as these are part of permanent range. Below I will be posting images of some of the shades though not all of them otherwise it would be a super long post of just images. Let me know if you plan to pick up any of these polishes for the summer 🙂

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Catrice IcoNails Gel
2.95 euros
Available in 45 Shades

“The innovative nail polish formula ensure a perfect gel finish and maximum durability in 45 brilliant colours. The nail polish, which are enriched with acai berry, have a high-shine finish thanks to the incorporated GLOSS SEAL’R™  technology. The new professional brushes allows a particularly simple and accurate application.”


IcoNails Gel Top Coat
3.95 euros

“The IcoNails Gel Top Coat with hybrid technology is ideal for sealing the colour and enhancing the shine for up to 10 days. This top-coat creates a strong gel-shine protective barrier on top of nail polish to extend it’s durability.”



Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via brand PR representatives and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Catrice Cosmetics™

Provocative by Catrice

A while back ago I did a huge overview post about the Provo Catrice [Limited Edition] collection and recently I was lucky enough to be sent some bits from it. This collection really brings together a lot of the trending makeup that’s popular nowadays, such as softly lined eyes and softly stained lips. I personally absolutely love this collection as it’s so beautifully designed in packaging and the quality of these products is just incredible especially considering that most of these are less than 6 euros.


If your thinking of just getting one item from this collection then I highly recommend you pick up just the eye palette C01 Une Touche ProvoCATRICE. This palette has four beautiful shades and one eyeliner shade. The only real drawback of it is that there is no mirror, a mirror in my opinion would have made it the perfect palette for travelling.


All of the shades are super neutral but highly pigmented. You get two matte shades (Shade 1 & 4) and two shimmer shades (Shade 2 & 3). My favourite has got to be shade 2 which is a gorgeous dual-chrome gold/peach reflect shade. For the eyeliner shade I highly recommend wetting your brush with a bit of setting spray or MAC Fix Plus before dipping into it, as applying it dry I found it to go on slightly patchy.

Ever since discovering the wonderful blushes that are the Isadora Perfect Blush I’ve been slightly hooked on blush so when I saw that there were Ombré blushes in this collection my excitement was through the roof.


Rightfully so, these blushes are absolutely a dream to put onto the cheeks. They’ve got amazing colour payoff and blend beautifully without clinging to any patchiness on the face. I have both shades from the range and the first of them is the lighter of the two.


This is the shade C01 Raspberry Belle and is a lovely soft pink shade. Both of these blushes have very fine shimmer in them but that simply adds a healthy glow to cheeks when their applied.


My only real warning about these blushes is that there is a lot of powder kickback when your dipping your brush into the powder. I highly recommend you tap off the excess ofthe brush before blending them onto your cheeks. Out of the two shades I have been personally reaching for the darker of the two, C02 Berry Bow


This shade is a deeper richer version of the first blush even though looking at them in the pans they look completely different. On the cheeks though the are the exact same except this shade is just that hint more dark.


This next product I actually purchased myself as I wanted to be able to review the entire makeup part of the collection for you guys (I didn’t get any of the nail polishes because I’m waiting for their Iconic Nails to launch-overview post coming soon!).


This is the highlighter of the collection, though it sure doesn’t look that way. They’ve marketed it as a scented powder and yes it does have a nice subtle scent of cotton candy to it. I personally would compare this to the S&G Glow All Out powder which is a shimmery powder that can really be applied all over the skin to give you a slight dewy look to the skin. Oily skin people stay away from this product it isn’t your friend but for everyone else, go ahead it’s so beautiful. The shade is called C01 Transparent Shimmer.


Lashes seem to be getting just bigger and bigger and I’ve seen some people rocking fake eyelashes just to go to work. Now I’m not as glamourous as that but I do like me a good strong eye look with mega lashes to complete it. This product will definitely help to achieve that. This is the Volume Lash Dust in the shade C01 IrresistibleEyes and it’s basically a translucent powder in brush-on form.


I’ve seen Youtuber Melissa Alatorre apply to her first coat of mascara translucent powder, leaving it to dry and then going in with a second coat and they simply look Va Va Voom! This does the exact same thing. It’s simply easier and less messy to use. It has a  sponge tip to it that I really wish looked like an actual mascara wand but instead it’s just flat. I would say this isn’t the greatest product to use if you wear contacts as it could get on them.


No makeup collection is complete without a few good lip products and this collection is no different. Keeping on the softly stained lips, this collection brings two gorgeous shades of Cushion Powder Lipsticks. These are lipsticks which are in powder form and are applied via a sponge tip.


The actual lipstick comes in the lid of the product and you simply twist off the lid to apply with the sponge tip. I have to say these aren’t the easiest lipstick to apply because of the sponge being so soft and big. It tends to make getting a precise application very difficult. That said, the pigmentation of these is beautiful and they feel like velvet on the lips.


The two shades are C01 Raspberry Belle and C02 Berry Bow and yes they do have the same names as the blushes 🙂 totally not a typo on my behalf.


This collection, like I’ve said is limited edition and is available I would say up until the first few days of July so I highly recommend you pick it up as soon as possible if you’ve seen something you like.

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Provo Catrice [Limited Edition]

The latest collection from Catrice Cosmetics which will be available from mid-May until the end of July. This collection is limited edition and is inspired by this seasons latest lingerie trends which have been seen of the catwalks of fashion shows. The collection has a total of 5 products with varying shade options available. As always, images and prices are below 🙂

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Eye Palette
5.50 euros

C01 UneToucheProvoCatrice:
“Two shimmering and two matte eyeshadows in fashionable shades with a silky powdery texture as well as a matching eyeliner in oxblood red.”


Cushion Powder Lips
5.50 euros
Available in two shades

“The cushion powder lips in a pink or a light berry shade offer an intensive colour and create a silky finish on the lips.”

Scented Powder
5.50 euros

C01 Transparent Shimmer:
“Finely ground, transparent body powder with a pleasant fragrance and a subtle shimmering finish.”



Volume Lash Dust
4.50 euros

C01 Irresistible Eyes:
“Micro-Fine, white powder particles intensifies the volume of the lashes. Simply add on top of mascara and then add another coat of mascara for a fabulous effect.

Gradation Blush
4.50 euros
Available in two shades

“Ensures a radiant complexion; the powder blush in pink or berry. Each blush consists of a light, shimmering tone and a darker, matte shade that blend together into a beautiful colour gradient.”

Nail Laquer
3.50 euros
Available in 5 shades

“Nail polishes with iridescent effects and a long-lasting formula.”

Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via brand PR representatives and are for illustrative purposes only. All images remain property of Catrice™


Catrice Marina Hoermanseder Collection

Catrice Cosmetics have gone and done it again, releasing one of the most beautiful collections for the Spring. They have decided to collaborate with one of Berlin’s most famous fashion designers, Marina Hoermanseder. Now Marina is a designer that is well know for her signature design of including buckle styled belt details in all her clothing pieces and this is also reflected in this collection. Unlike most of my Catrice Cosmetics posts that I tend to do, in which I just use images for the products, today I actually have two products from the collection to review for you guys. I will of course pop information about the other pieces from the collection below also.


As it’s a spring collection all the colours used for both the packaging and the products are light, pastel shades that really bring forth the idea of Spring. The eyeshadow palette, and I’ll be honest, I initially thought this was a blush, is presented beautifully in this rose gold compact that has a pink buckle belt design on the front. It has a mirror so major thumbs up from me. Inside you get four different shades of eyeshadow and they all have a embossing of, you guessed it buckle belts.


The shadows themselves are super soft and buttery texture wise. The shades themselves really complement each other both on the eyes and in the pan. This palette really only let’s itself down when it comes to the actual pigmentation of the eyeshadows. The only one that has really any colour to it is the dark brown shade. The others are just a shimmer shadow tinted with the shade of the eyeshadow. They don’t really give any high intense colour at all.


I personally would prefer this had she marketed it as a highlighter than an eyeshadow palette as the pink and gold shade look stunning on the tops of the cheekbones and in the inner corner.


That said there is actually a highlighter within the collection and I have to say if you only want to buy one item from the collection get the highlighter. It’s simply stunning!!  Rather than being a pressed powder this highlighter actually comes in the form of highlighting pearls and so the packaging is actually a jar instead of a compact.


The lid of the jar has Marina’s signature design embossed on it in rose gold along with her actual signature. That is something that comes on all the products, her signature which I think is a nice personally touch on her behalf.


The highlighter is a mixture of white iridescent and pink iridescent pearls that when mixed together give a very intense, very pigmented silver shimmer shade. If I had to compare it to anything already on the market it would be to the Bareminerals Glow Powder that was just recently released. The eyeshadow palette retailed for 5.50 euros and the highlighting pearls for 4.50 euros and are available until the end of the April. Remember this collection is Limited Edition so if you want anything from it you must get it quick. The rest of the collection is below along with the prices of everything.

-Talk Soon xx

Lip Colour
5.50 euros
Available in two shades

“Two lipsticks with a creamy formula for glossy lips-soft nude and pink with intensive colour dispersion.”

Cream Blush
4.50 euros

“The creamy texture of the blush has a light, powdery finish and blends effortlessly.”

Catrice Marina Hoermanseder Cream Blush
C01 Blushed Blossom

Nail Laquer
3.50 euros

“Longlasting nail polishes in four spring shades with a matt or glossy finish.”

Beauty Bag
5.50 euros

“The soft touch bag with a unique belt design offers space to store the most important beauty companions.”

HighCatrice Marina Hoermanseder Beauty Bag

Highlighting Brush
4.95 euros

“The premium, soft and thick bristles are ideal for applying and blending powder textures.”

Disclaimer: All HD images used in this post have been acquired via brand PR representatives and are for illustrative purposes and hence belong to Catrice Cosmetics™. All other images belong to the author of this blog.



Catrice Pulse of Purism

So last month Catrice Cosmetics released their limited edition collection called Catrice Limited Edition Eyeconic Art Collection and now for the month of March and April they have decided to release another limited edition called Pulse of Purism. This collection is very spring oriented with a lot of the products having pastel colours and floral names.

Two-Tone Lipstick

“Rose Mallow. The two-tone lipstick with a golden, shimmering centre provides soft, lightly pigmented colour with a glossy finish.”

Brow Pomade Stick

“Fixing tool. The practical brow pomade can be used to contour, fill or set the brows in place. This creamy texture in an ash tone may suit many skin tones and hair colours.”

Nail Laquer

“Springtime. In addition to their long-lasting formula and intensive coverage, the nail laquers in three trend colours also stand out for their perfect shine.”

Nail Stripes

“Delicately designed. Nail stripes, the trend accessory, bring an elegant and intricate design onto the nails. The golden foil is self-adhesive and can be applied on top of clear of coloured nails as well as directly on the natural nail.”

C01 Simple Understatement

Powder Blush

“Best of coral. The blush with a silky powder texture emphasizes the cheekbones in a bright coral pink. For an especially fresh-looking complexion that lifts the mood in springtime and is sure to evoke feelings of happiness.”

C01 Pure Hibiscocoon

Pure Metal Palette

“Metallic Atomosphere. The two palettes each contain three baked, powdery eyeshadows with a metallic effect. Champagne, silvery blue and copper on one hand, taupe, white and bronze on the other reflect the light like liquid metal. Can be applied wet or dry.”

C01 MEtal, Myself and I

C02 By All Means, MetalEYES

Pure Radiance Glowrizer

“Glowing perfection. Ensures a subtle, radiant glow and evens out irregularities of the skin. The primer with light-reflecting gel pearls. The dispenser gently crushes the pearls during the pumping process and turns them into an innovative, smooth texture with a fresh fragrance.”

C01 Natural Glow

Top Coat

“Melted Metal. The top coat dries matt and has hard bristles to create a unique ‘brushed metal effect’. The polish with a long-lasting texture can either be applied on top of colour nail polish or solo on the natural nail.”

C01 Minimalist Melted Metal

Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via the Catrice Cosmetics website and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Catrice™