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Madison Makeup CityGlam Palette

Recently I did a post reviewing the gorgeous Madison Makeup Berry Bold Palette and to be quite frank since I got that palette I have not put it down! It’s that good. I was very recently lucky enough to be sent their new highlighting, bronzer and blush palette and because I was already in love with their BerryBold palette I had very high exceptions for this one too.


I can safely say it did not disappoint whatsoever. It comes in the same thick cardboard flip-up palette packaging as the BerryBold but this one has this cool 3D graphic art design on it. Inside the palette you get a nice sized mirror, 6 highlighters, a blush shade and a bronzer.

Formulation wise it was a bit of a mixture, some of the highlights were nice and smooth and others were a bit chunky in consistency. All of them however gave a blinding highlight effect on the skin and I personally think there is a shade to suit all skin types in this palette.


The blush shade definitely has a very chunky texture to it but that doesn’t translate once it’s applied to the cheeks. It’s a gorgeous soft peach shade that is shot through with gold reflects/shimmer. I found this to be a great dupe for the iconic Nars Orgasm blush that almost everyone and their mom loves.

Finally the bronzer, it’s 100% matte and I love that it is. It’s got the softest texture of all the pans in this palette plus it’s really light in colour so it’s gonna work great for those of us who have ghost skin. Though it’s light, it is very buildable so even those who have a darker skin tone can wear this without a problem.


All in all this is an amazing palette if your looking to add a few new highlighters to your collection.  I will be honest and say that if I was given a choice between this and the BerryBold I would go for the BerryBold as that has both eyeshadows and 4 highlighters in the single palette. This is definitely one to go for however if you have loads of eyeshadow palettes and just want something for the rest of the face.

-Talk Soon xx

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Limited Edition: Catrice Soleil D’été

A brand new limited edition collection from Catrice Cosmetics set to be released mid-July and to be available up until mid-September. This collection is all about achieving that metallic and bronzed look that’s very on trend at the moment. There are seven products in total in this capsule collection and as always with these kind of overview posts, all the images and details will be below.

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Duo Highlighter
C01 Gentle Sun Glow

“GLOWrious. A two-tone highlighter with a soft, slightly creamy texture and shimmering powder finish. Suitable for all skin types. Thanks to the shimmering bronze core and gorgeous rosé shade, the duo highlighter can be used to create many different looks.”


Golden Lip Booster
C01 Golden Sun-bath

“Glossy Gold. The metallic gloss with a lip-boosting effect creates a shiny gold finish. Applying it on it’s own results in exciting metallic effects while the booster offers a soft, golden shimmer when applied on top of colour lipstick.”

csm_225127000_6ac3b01f44Metal Eyelight
Available in two shades

“Magnificent Metals. The gel-like eyeshadow with a metallic finish is easy to blend and can be intensified by applying several layers. In addition to creating expressive smokey eyes, the metallic eyeshadow in light champagne or bronze khaki is also ideal for setting targeted shimmering accents.”

Metal-Infused Eye Palette
C01 Metal Muse

“Metallic Eyes. Different effects ranging from matt to metallic: five perfectly aligned eyeshadows with a powdery texture for various expressive eye makeup styles. The high-quality packaging with an intergrated mirror has a unique graphic design.”

Metalip Colour
Available in three shades

“Creamy metallic. Metallic effects with a high coverage meet upon a pleasant cream texture. The lipsticks in three trend colours ensure an extravagant look. A peachy nude tone, rosewood as well as an elegant rosé create the matching lips to go with an all-over glow. In their golden packaging, the metalips are particularly eye-catching.”

Sheer Serum Bronzer
C01 InsTANned Complexion

“Fluid Glow. The liquid bronzing serum creates soft, golden accents. Extremely versatile: applied solo or mixed with foundation, the bronzer ensures a sun-kissed complexion. Liquid and creamy textures offer natural-looking results-especially for the complexion. The practical pipette applicator allows a simple accurate, dosage.”

csm_225125000_192ca97d0aSun Stripping Bronzer
C01 Each and Every Sun

“Beautiful Bronze. A fine, matt bronzing powder ideal for the ‘contouring’ and ‘sun-stripping’ makeup trends. The mattifying powder suits every skin tone.”

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Maybelline Bricks Bronzer

So I may have mentioned in my review of the Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Paints that I’ve been seeing so many releases from Maybelline online it’s not even funny. The only problem is they take forever to reach here in little ole Ireland. So basically I’m reviewing them as I find them. Today’s winner is the Maybelline NY Bricks Bronzer


Packaging is boring as hell, simple plastic compact. The only fancy thing about it is that it’s rose gold in colour. I like that the lid is see through so that you can see the product through the packaging. The shade that I have is 01 Blondes and it’s , as far as I know, the only shade that this product comes. The fact that is has 01 in front of it’s name though indicates that Maybelline might be working on darker shades to be released in the future but don’t quote me on that.


Inside the palette you get a very generous amount of bronzer and a not so generous amount of highlighter which drives me crazy about this palette because I love the highlighter more than I love the bronzer.


That being said the bronzer isn’t bad, it’s got a great buttery formulation that is super smooth when applied and the pigmentation is pigmented enough that you get something applied onto the skin but it’s not too pigmented that you get an over load of product. As Goldilocks once said …It’s just right.


The real star of this palette though is the highlighter! You can see fro the palette that it is very similar to the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks (I’ve never owned them but I have swatched them and I think this is nicer) The pigmentation on these is so beautiful and rich and super glowy on the skin. This is the highlighter for you if you’re looking for the JLO Glow.

My only complaint is that I wish there was more of the highlighter in the palette because I’m going to run out of the highlighter and still have a ton of the bronzer let 😦 other than that it’s a great new product from Maybelline and I can’t wait to get my hands on the other new releases they bring out. Oh this retailed for 8.49 euros and I got mine from Boots as always

-Talk Soon xx



DuWop Sundrops

As most of you know I’m away on holiday in Turkey however that doesn’t stop me from blogging and reviewing products that I’ve taken away with me. Before leaving Ireland I got in touch with DuWop Cosmetics and they kindly sent me a little package in the post with two of their products from their online website store. I’ve decided to do two separate posts, on post for each product as I’ve been loving them so much I honestly think they deserve it. For this post I’m featuring their DuWop Sundrops.


I personally found this to be a great dupe for my recently reviewed Sleek Makeup Barekissed Illuminators. The only difference between them is the way this products sets and the colour. Before I get to ahead of myself let me make a quick comment on the packaging. The product comes in a pump dispenser bottle. I believe its completely plastic, even the clear bit. Aesthetically it isn’t the most pretty of bottles and the pump part of it doesn’t have a tube that leads into the bottle mean you kind have to turn the bottle upside down before being able to use the pump to dispense product.

SAM_1467Texture wise the formulation is nice and thick but applies very smoothly to the skin. Coverage depends on the amount of product that you dispense obviously. The only thing is that this formulation compared to the Sleek Makeup Barekissed Illuminators takes longer to set, and has a bit more tackiness to it when applied.

SAM_1451I love the colour of this product! The shade is like a rustic bronze, and the shimmer running through it is lovely fine silver particles that have the most beautiful effect on the skin in the sun! I personally love applying this product in place of a bronzer and even sometimes bring it onto my neck and chest area for that added special touch.

SAM_1458As far as I know this product retails for 28 dollars (roughly 24 euros) so its a little bit more expensive than the Sleek versions however you won’t find the same colour within the Sleek Range. You get 18 mls of product in total. My next post from DuWop Cosmetics will feature their Lip Venom which is their icon product and what their known for. Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: Some products of the products featured on this site have been sent for consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored.

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Catrice Denim Devine

Catrice is a very inexpensive Germany makeup which is available in most European countries. I honestly like this brand for it’s limited edition collections that they bring out but I’m not a huge fan of their permanent collection products so I tend to pick up only the limited edition stuff. This time I’ve picked up two products from their newly released Denim Devine collection.

Image Remains Property of Catrice Cosmetics TM

In this collection there are 5 nail polishes, 2 lip products, 1 blush and 1 bronzer and 1 eyeshadow palette. I, Myself only picked up one of the lip glosses and the blush. I swatched the bronzer and loved the texture and consistency of it but it was very sheer in application. The lip gloss shade that I picked up is called C01 Women’s Cut and it retails for 3.95 euros.


The lip gloss has your traditional doe-foot applicator though the actual sponge is slightly longer and thinner than other lip sponges that I’ve seen. The product itself comes in this clear acrylic tube that has the brand name and a cool design across it in rose gold. The wand also has a rose gold top to it. All very pretty!


Colour wise this shade is very much a peachy pink colour with a soft gold shimmer running through it that creates a 3D effect on the lips when applied. It applies very smoothly and creamy to the lips and doesn’t have any bumpy, sticky lip gloss problems that some glosses tend to have.


The blush that I picked up comes in similar packaging in that it’s acrylic and has rose gold detailing on it. The blush is called C01 Stone Blushed. This is a really pretty light coral shade that applies so softly on the cheeks for that really natural flushed look to the cheeks. I feel in love with this colour the minute I swatched it.


The powder itself has this quilted effect embossed on it which is very eye catching. The powder is also very finely milled and not powdery at all. This retails for 4.50 euros.


I will say this collection is Limited Edition so if you do see it and are interested in its product pick up what you can because it won’t be around for long.


-Talk Soon xx

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Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Palette

Because I feel like there’s an overload of Urban Decay on my blog I’ve decided to postpone just for a bit the goodie-bag post and the makeup look but I do promise I will get them up and going soon. For a bit of change I have decided to review the new Rimmel London Kate Sculpting palette. Contouring and Strobing are such a major trend in the makeup industry at the moment that almost every single brand are releasing some from of highlighters and contour powders. Personally I like that Rimmel have released palettes because it tends to be one of the more affordable brands on the highstreet.


Kate Moss is the brand ambassador for Rimmel and she has put her name to three sculpting palettes, one for lighter skin tones called 001 Golden Sands which unfornately isn’t available for purchase here in Ireland. The second one is called 002 Coral glow and this one I found that the highlighter wasn’t pigmented enough and the bronzer wasn’t light enough for fair skin and wasn’t warm enough for darker skins. The blush in the palette is beautiful though but for me to like only 1 out of the three makes it a dud in my books. I’ve added a picture of it in case anyone is interested in picking it up and goes looking for it.

For myself I picked up the darkest shade 003 Golden Bronze ironically but it was simply because I liked the highlighter and the blush in this palette. The bronzer is a bit to dark but I can use it as a blush if I really want a natural flush to the cheeks. This palette retails for 6.99 euros and is available in both Boots and Superdrug. I advice you to wait for them to do a 3 for 2 offer on th range before picking them up that why you can get other products for less.


The only thing I don’t like about this product is the packaging. Yes it does have this nice rose gold band outlining it but it is made of plastic and to top it off it doesn’t contain a mirror so you really can’t take it on the go. It’s a nice purchase for everyday use but personally I don’t find it anything special. The blush shade I found it to be similar to a Sleek blush called Rose gold which also happens to be a dupe for Nars Orgasm.

Nothing much else to say about thus palette other than it’s an alright purchase. Let me know if you guys are planning on picking any of the three palettes up.

-Talk Soon xx