LA Girl Pro Concealer

LA Girl Cosmetics has finally arrived in Ireland and with it, it has brought it’s very hyped about Pro Concealer for me to try. I’ve literally been wanting to try this concealer ever since I saw Tati from GlamLifeGuru rave about it on her YouTube Channel and to be honest, I’ve been following Tati for roughly three years now and love most if not all of her makeup and beauty recommendations so I knew this was a must have for me when I saw it in stores.


I didn’t like it. Shocker, I know. I was genuinely expecting to love this product considering it comes in a cute little squeezy tube that has a nice brush tip applicator-you get 18mls of product for less than 5 euros, but, and there is a but,  I found the consistency of it and the coverage of it way to thin and watery for my liking. It literally didn’t do anything for me so I ended up using another concealer on over it …which kinda defeated the purpose of using it really.


Colour wise, they have a large selection. Major brownie points for them in my book for that alone. More brands need this kind of selection when it comes to their face products. Unfortunately the pigmentation wasn’t there, it didn’t cover my dark circles and it didn’t get rid of the redness of the few pimples I tend to get when it’s my time of the month.



If you are looking for a concealer that’s around this price point but works in my opinion then check out the Collection Cosmetics Lasting Perfection and the Seventeen Skin Wow! Concealer which are both available at Boots.

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Ghost Fragrances For Christmas

Recently I did my 2017 Beauty Gift Guide and in it I mentioned how gifting perfume to a person can sometimes be a bit of a hazard. This is really only because not everyone likes the same scents, and what may smell lovely to you may not necessary be pleasant to someone else. Ghost Fragrances however have done something unique this Christmas in that they’ve brought out various different gift sets in each of their different scents meaning there will be something that will definitely appeal to everyone. I was lucky enough to get scent some of the mini sets to review but I’m going to leave them until the end and quick list the info of the other gift sets first along with prices.

Limited Edition For Christmas 2017

Exclusive to Superdrug

Ghost Beauty Collection
45 Pounds

Contains: 30ml Ghost Deep Night Perfume, 5ml Ghost Original Traveller, 10ml Ghost Eclipse Traveller, Deep Night Nail Polish, Candle, Eyeshadow Palette, Makeup Bag.

GHOST Beauty Box

Ghost Mini Trio
 12 Pounds

Contains: 10ml Ghost Deep Night Traveller, 10 Ghost Eclipse Traveller, Lipgloss.


Exclusive to The Perfume Shop

Ghost Christmas Star
40 Pounds

Contains: 30ml Ghost Dream Fragrance, 5ml Ghost Original Traveller, 5ml Ghost Sweetheart Traveller, 10ml Ghost Dream Night Traveller, 10ml Ghost Eclipse, 10ml White Light. [In this you’re basically getting every single scent available within the ghost range].


Ghost Whitelight Gift Sets: 50ml
 38 pounds

Contains: 50ml Ghost Whitelight Fragrance, 10ml Whitelight Traveller, lipgloss, nail polish, mirror, makeup bag.

Ghost_Xmas17_Whitelight 50ml

30ml Gift Set
27 Pounds

Contains: 30ml Ghost Whitelight Fragrance, Mirror.

Ghost_Xmas17_Whitelight 30ml

10ml Stocking Stuffer
8 pounds

Contains: 10ml Traveller and Nail Polish

Ghost_Xmas__Whitelight Mini

Exclusive to Boots

Ghost Sweetheart 30ml Gift Set
27 Pounds

Contains: 30ml Sweetheart Fragrance and Candle

Ghost_Xmas17_Sweetheart 30ml

Everything else is not exclusive to any one store. As far as I know you can purchase the rest from all of the suppliers which I’m going to list below.

Ghost Dream Gift Set: 50ml
38 Pounds

Contains: 50ml Dream Fragrance, 10ml Traveller, Mirror, Diary, Pen, 2 Nail Polishes.

Ghost_Xmas Dream 50ml

30ml Dream Gift Set
27 Pounds

Contains: 30ml Dream Fragrance and Mirror

Ghost_Xmas_Dream 30ml

10ml Dream Stocking Stuffer
8 Pounds

Contains: 10ml Traveller and Nail Polish

Ghost_Xmas__Dream Mini

Ghost Sweetheart 50ml Gift Set
38 Pounds

Contains: 50ml Sweetheart Fragrance, Candle, Body Butter, 2 Nail Polishes, Makeup Bag

Ghost_Xmas17_Sweetheart 50ml

5ml Sweetheart Stocking Stuffer
8 Pounds

Contains: 5ml Traveller and Nail Polish

Ghost_Xmas__Sweetheart Mini

Ghost Eclipse 30ml Gift Set
 27 Pounds

Contains: 30 Fragrance and Candle.

Ghost_Xmas17_Eclipse 30ml

10ml Eclipse Stocking Stuffer
8 Pounds

Contains: 10ml Traveller and Keyring

Ghost_Xmas__Eclipse Mini

Deep Night

This is available in both a 50ml gift set and a 30ml gift set and I will add images below of them but first let me introduce you to the Mini Set that is one of the two that were sent to me to review.


I highly recommend this scent for anyone who loves deep, rich fragrances that have a slightly woody undertone to them. I think is a great scent for wearing on night outs or even date night. The bottle is simply stunning, coming shaped like a crescent moon and in a gorgeous purple shade to illustrate the darkness and depth of it.


This is a 10ml Traveller but to be honest it will last quite a while as the fragrance itself is rather intense and so a small application of it will last all night. The set does come with a gorgeous vampy burgundy nail polish which has full opacity with a single coat. That said it does look nicer with two coats applied and a shiny top coat to intensify it.

50ml and 30mls Ghost Deep Night Gift Sets

Ghost Original

Definitely lighter and less woody in scent the original Ghost fragrance is perfect for everyday wear. It definitely doesn’t last as long as the Deep Night on the skin but I do find it fresher and more wearable. Also gift wise it will probably smell nicer to most people than Deep Night would.


The bottle is shaped like an elegant hourglass and has a soft pewter blue color to it. My only grip with these stocking stuffers is that I wish they weren’t stopper bottles. I know they’re small but there are many small perfume with actual spritzers to them and I wish these were some of them.


The nail polish that comes with this perfume is a light dusky pink shade and is definitely more sheer than the one that comes with Deep Night. It looks perfect opaque with two coats. Both of these sets retail for 8 pounds/12euros a piece.

50ml and 30ml Ghost Gift Sets

Personally I think one of these fragrance should be a good match for someone this Christmas. A great idea would be to purchase the stocking stuffers and add them to their stocking and see which of them they prefer. Have you ever had a Ghost fragrance? If so which is your favorite?

-Talk Soon xx

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Face Powders, Primer

Natural Collection Revamp

Recently I was browsing the main make-up stands of Boots, as a beauty and makeup obsessed person tends to do whenever she has spare time on her hands, and noticed that their in-house brand Natural Collection has revamped their products. Now Natural Collection for those of you who don’t know is a brand that is owned directly by the Boots company and is mainly considered to be targeted at teenagers and people who are just starting out with using makeup. Their other makeup brands Seventeen & No.7 are meant to be for the older age groups but personally I think that’s rubbish. A good product is a good product & to be quite frank I like purchasing from any brand that I like-so sale tactics be damned.


Lady Luck had my back on the day as there was a three for two offer running on the brand. The first of the three products that I picked up is the Natural Collection Hydrating and Radiance Primer. I’ll be honest-I’ve always been wary of Natural Collection when it comes to their base products simply because they’ve always looked either heavy in the tube or way to dark. This primer however looked like a good shade to match my skin tone and with the new packaging I just knew I would have to try it out.


Formulation wise I really love this primer, it’s nice and light on the skin and skins in rather quickly too. It did feel super hydrating when I was applying it and because it’s a primer it did set to a slight tacky finish. With regards to the radiance side of things, there is no chunky glitter! Major brownie points as chunky glitter tends to always make an appearance with lower priced brands. I did find that this primer worked great when it was mixed in with foundation too.


My next two purchases as part of the three for two offer where blushes from their Blush & Glow selection. I got the shades Peach and Pink. These are beautiful compact powder blushes which have a distinct split between the two shades available in the pan. Both blushes have a shimmer/iridescent shade on one half and a soft matte shade on the other. Mixed together they work beautifully too.


For the Pink Blush & Glow you get an amazing warm pink shade for the matte side and an intense icy pink shade for the shimmer. I should point out at this point that you can if you want too, use the shimmer sides of these blushes for highlight, they are both sheer enough and highlighty enough for it.


The Peach Blush & Glow has slightly a better shade of matte blush for the coming winter months. It’s a stunning warm brick peach that’s not dissimilar too No.7’s Honey Blush (HG Blush for me). The shimmer side with this blush however is definitely more intense and obvious in colour in comparison to the Pink Blush & Glow. It’s this icy white shade that is shot through with gold reflects. Super pretty as an inner corner highlight.


I have to say I am a huge fan of this revamped makeup range that is Natural Collection. Let’s just hope they start bringing out some new products now that they’ve upped their game a bit.

-Talk Soon xx


✨ Shades of Prismatic ✨

I’ve already done a review of the Nyx Prismatic eyeshadows here on my blog so I shall link it below in case you haven’t had a read of it already. As of recently they have launched an entire new set of shades and I managed to pick up two of them. They’re slowly rolling into stores and even Pro stores don’t have all of the shades yet so be patient. The two shades that I managed to get are Voodoo and Glass Slipper and both of these are dual-chrome which is custom when it comes to the prismatic shadows. These shadows only retail for 7 euros a piece ad I got mine from Liffey Valley Boots in Dublin. This blog post is simply a quick upload just so I can show you swatches of the shades as I’ve already reviewed them in a previous post.

-Talk Soon xx



Glass Slipper


Review of the Nyx Prismatic Eyeshadows:
Nyx Prismatic Eyeshadows



New Additions to my Sleek Collection

Sleek Makeup definitely has to be considered my favourite drugstore brand. It’s definitely the one that has the majority of my makeup storage space and I’m always adding to it as it’s so affordable as a brand. For the spring and summer Sleek Makeup have released 3 new shades of their Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks and 3 new shades of their VIP lipsticks. I quite literally drooled over them when I saw them on Twitter (Follow Me: @SooSoBeauty). When I managed to find a Sleek Makeup stand I just had to pick up on of the newly launched shades and a little extra as always.


The Matte Me lip cream shade that I got is the shade Crushed Lavender 036 and this is a very pale lilac purple shade. The packaging of it is like all of Sleek’s lipgloss and liquid lipsticks square tubes. It has the logo written on the handle of the applicator and the applicator is your traditional doe-foot.



The shade itself is absolutely beautiful but be warned that it does make your teeth look very yellow. Also I found that it’s not the most faltering shade to be worn with minimal makeup, you really need to go full glam to make this kind of shade work.


The something extra that I got is their Enchanted Forest 098 eyeshadow palette. My main reason for picking up this palette is because I saw Beauty Blogger Nadiene (@JustNadiene) do an incredible makeup look using this and the soon-to-be released Distorted Dreams highlighting palette so I knew I just had to have it in my collection.

The highlighting palette for those of you who are curious will be available to purchase from the 31st of May. Their also releasing three new metallic liquid lipsticks on the same date to go with the launch of the highlighting palette.


Last item I actually got for free as the offer in store was spend over 15 euros (which I did) and get the Sleek Makeup Dip It Eyeliner in the shade Black for free.  This is a matte liner that has a thick felt tip as an applicator. I tend to not like these kind of brushes for my liners but it was free so I wasn’t going to not get it lolz :P.


Let me know what new purchases you’ve made recently and whether or not your excited for their new highlighter palette! I know I am 🙂

-Talk Soon



Superdrug Haul

When it comes to purchasing affordable makeup the main place to head to here in Ireland is Boots. But Boots doesn’t really carry every single brand and I’m forever stalking the UK beauty brands Instagrams and crying over the fact that I just can’t get these products here. You guys are probably gonna say “just order it online” but I’m personally the type of person that has to swatch everything before buying. It’s why I do overview posts of collection rather than just buying them online and featuring them.

Time to get to the point, I recently spotted, while having a nice day out with the hubby, a Superdrug in Wexford Town, Ireland. Because of time constraints I couldn’t pop in for than a minute but asking on Twitter a lot of people redirected me to the Superdrug available in Omni Park Shopping Centre in Dublin , where I was headed over the weekend. Let me show all the naughty purchases that I got and FYI I was really feeling spendy on the day 🙂 .


I picked up a few skincare bits from the B is For Beautiful which is exclusive to Superdrug. To be honest most of the brands that I got products from are exclusive to Superdrug. I got their Glycolic Cleansing Peel, which is a nice exfoliating face wash that has Glycolic Acid in it. It also comes with a muslin cloth that you use wet to take it off.


I got a bottle of their Hyalronic Acid Facial Spritz which is meant to be a refreshing spray that can be used on bare skin and over makeup to re-hydrate the skin instantly.


The was an offer in store that when you purchase an product from the line you get a packet of their wipes free so I got that too.


The next item that I got is one of the new scents from the fragrance brand So…? I don’t normally pick up inexpensive perfume because I have quite a lot of higher end bottles on the go but I’ve always wanted to try these fragrances. They had an offer that made the price of the bottle 4.95 euros so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to check it out. The scent that I got is Dark Romance which is a very strong and sexy scent perfect for wearing on a night out with friends.


Everything else that  I got is makeup and the main brand that I bought from is MUA Cosmetics which I gotta say is an amazing brand simply for the value of the products. Their so inexpensive!! I got four products in total and all of them are highlighters. Don’t judge lolz.


The first is one that the minute I knew Superdrug had MUA I wanted to get. This is the Liquid Highlight Cushion in the shade Glow Beam. It’s a perfect example of those cushion foundations except this one has a highlighter instead. The highlighter itself is a very gold toned highlight with a silver undertone.


I also got the Light Illuminating Highlighter Stick and this one I’m hoping will be a favourite like my Maybelline Master Strobing Stick. I also picked up one of their Undress Your Skin powder highlighters in the shade Rosewood Glimmer. The one I was after was actually the blue shade version but it was out of stock. This one is beautiful though, a nice deep dual-chrome red that would look incredible as an inner corner highlight.


Last of the MUA highlighters that I got is the Strobe and Glow Highlighting Kit. This is a dual highlighter set where the bottom layer of the compact is a cream highlighter and the top is a powder. The idea is that you layer these one on top of the other which I tend to do with highlighters anyway. A highlight ain’t a highlight unless it can be seen from space.


Makeup Revolution was another brand that they had fully stocked in the store however I didn’t see any of the Skin Kiss Highlighters that I wanted or much else for that matter. I did pick their Aqua Seal Primer and Sealant which they say can be used as a primer or on top of eyeshadows to seal them in for a longer lasting look. Thought I would give it a go but to be honest they don’t really give you much in it. I also got one of the Vivid Baked Blush in the shade Bang Bang You’re Dead.


A few products were on clearance so I took full advantage and went through the stock meticulously. I managed to get two of the B is For Beautiful Vibrant Eye Shimmers which are cream eyeshadows very similar to MAC Paint Pots. The shades that I got are 057 Copper & 146 Royal. These were only 65 cents a piece. Total bargain!


Last of my haul is the Tanya Burr Cosmetics eyeshadows palette in Midnight Smoulder. This is a quad and the fours shadows in it are very blue in colour. I have to say swatching them I like the pigmentation however I did find them a bit powdery in texture. This was also on clearance I got it for only 77 cents. Another bargain if I do say so myself.


As an added bonus to an incredible shopping day the girls in Superdrug actually gave me a free tote bag to go with my purchases. Woohoo! Also if you guys would like me to review any of the products that I got in todays haul please let me know in the comments below.

-Talk Soon xx


Soap & Glory The Fab Pore

I think this is a first feature for the brand Soap & Glory here on my blog, which is a surprise because I absolutely love their products. Their Kick Ass Concealer is a holy grail product for me as it’s a direct dupe for the Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage but I disgress. Today I’m here to talk to you guys about this incredible mask called The Fab Pore which is a 2-in-1 facial mask and peel.


Now this product is targeted for oily/combo skin but to be quite frank I say ignore that because personally I think everyone needs this in their skincare arsenal. A tub of this contains 50mls of the interesting looking green clay mask. The peel side of things comes from the fact that there are tiny little granules as part of the masks texture.


Another great property of this mask is its smell! OMG it smells soo good, like fresh pine trees on a winter morning, ok I’m exaggerating but you get what I mean. I smells fresh, clean, minty and a bit like sea. The main selling point with this mask is that it helps minimise the appearance of pores and help reduce their size. To be honest I didn’t find much of a difference with regards to my pores after using this mask so I really don’t think those claims are 100% accurate.


However the main reason why I think everyone should go out an try this mask for themselves is that it genuinely clears and brightens every inch of ones complexion. I used this once, I repeat once and the sun marks that I usually have to cover with foundation were 2 shades lighter. By the third use they were gone.


Basically what I’m saying is that if you have any sort of discoloration to your skin than this is the mask that you need to get. Simple as that, I didn’t find good for anything else but if it gets rid of discolouration it doesn’t need to be. Full price this retails for 13.99 euros but Soap & Glory always are on buy one get the other half price in Boots.

-Talk Soon xx