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Apple & Bears is a British owned luxury skincare brand that really looks and feels like the kind of products you would find in a five star hotel bathroom……that you would later steal and pack in your suitcase for the flight home. Stealing aside, these products are some of the nicest bodycare products I’ve tired in awhile.


First up and probably what they’re most known for is their Body Silk which is a body moisturizer. The reason why they’re called Body Silks is because they have an incredible silky texture to them as a cream and then once they sink into the skin they make it feel like silk. This has honestly been the nicest body moisturizer I’ve used this year and my only real issue is the fact that the bottle is sooooo tiny! That said this is a travel size and you can get big 250ml bottles should you so choose but even as a travel size I find it a bit minimal because this is something you use all over you’re body. It should be 100mls in size in my opinion. The scent of this Body Silk is Grapefruit and Seaweed but you can get other scents too. [Price: 6 pounds/7 euros approx.]


Their Body Wash is even nicer than the Body Silk. It has almost an oil like consistence to it, meaning you don’t need alot to get an amazing lather. The small bottle in this case would last you quite a long time and like the Body Silk you can get a larger size from their website. I have to say my favourite thing about this body wash was the scent, absolute bliss and amazingly luxurious. I honestly could not recommend this enough. [Price: 5 pounds/6 euros approx.]

I’ve added the Apple & Bears website below in the case any of you are going on holidays and need some nice body products to take with you. I absolutely love this brand and it’s products and think they would make a nice treat to oneself.

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Apple & Bears Website

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🛫 Urban Veda Radiance Travel Set 🛬

I’m going to refer you guys back to my Urban Veda Launch Event blog post as this post is about the lovely travel set that I received in my goodie bag. The travel set has three 50ml bottles of Body Wash, Body Scrub and Body Lotion and they come in a beautiful canvas bag. I think the bag is a nice touch as once your finished with the products you can definitely use it to store other products or like me jewellery. The set that I got is from the Radiance line but you can get the same travel set in the other three ranges as well depending on what scent you prefer and what you think is good for your skin.


Though the bottles look small you do get a good sized amount of product in them. I also found that you really don’t need a lot of it to get the desired effect with each of them. The body wash, I personally only use a pea sized amount. The same goes for the scrub but I use 2 pea sizes, one for each leg (I only use body scrubs on my legs). The body lotion is probably the one that will be used up the fastest.


With regards to the body wash I found it to lather amazingly. The scent of all these bottles is amazing. The key ingredient in the Radiance line from Urban Veda is Turmeric and true to the name this makes the skin brighter and more radiant after use.


The body scrub is probably my favourite item from this set. It has almost a gel like texture to it which makes it very moisturising in my opinion. The actual scrubby pieces aren’t harsh but at the same time they do exfoliate.


The body lotion is probably my least favourite and t’s not because I think it’s not good. It is. The texture is nice and light and I found it to absorb super quick into the skin. My only issue is that it’s scent lingers longer than I would like. The range smells amazing don’t get me wrong it’s just when it comes to body lotion I like the scent of to only be there while I’m applying it and then for it to dissipate. This one doesn’t and I found it to mix in with my perfume which isn’t very pleasant.

The Urban Veda range is available to purchase from all Shaws Department stores here in Ireland and for International readers you guys can get it via their website.

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Crabtree & Evelyn La Source

Way back around Christmas time I was invited to the Crabtree & Evelyn Feast party which was for the launch of all their Christmas gift sets. I was gifted in my goodie bag three of the Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams and one of them was the La Source hand cream which is probably one of my favourite scents that they make. I’m thinking I’m not the only one who likes it as Crabtree & Evelyn have released an entire collection of products based around the La Source scent and special ingredients. All La Source products have the Crabtree & Evelyn rejuvenating marine blend in them which makes for amazing hydrating and caring products.


I was lucky enough to be sent three of the products from the newly released collection to try out and the first is definitely my favourite out of the lot, La Source Overnight Hand Therapy. This product is hugely loved by the UK beauty blogger Estee Lalonde and for good reason. It is a hand cream that is applied at night in order to repair any damage or wear and tear that the hands have suffered during the day. Because of the gorgeous scent it has it also helps lull me to sleep and is very relaxing and therapeutic to use.


The consistence of it, as expected from an overnight hand cream, is very thick and buttery. I’ll be honest that it does feel very heavy upon initial application and that it does take a while for it to sink in. Please don’t use it until you’re 100% sure you’re going to sleep afterwards as the slip it gives won’t let you be able to use your phone or even really touch anything. Once it has sunk in however (i.e. the next morning) you are left with the most incredibly soft and velvety hands ever. I’ve also noticed that the nails do benefit from this hand cream also.


The next product that I have is the La Source Foam Foot Soak crystals and I’ve only really used these once. They are amazing crystals that you pop into a 1/4 filled bath or even a small basin and they foam up to give you this amazing silky water that is great for relaxing tired feet. I ended up using one straight after one of my dinner parties that almost always have me standing up in heels for longer than required.


The crystals come packaged individually in plastic packets. You get 5 packets in the box and you do need the entire pack for a proper foot soak. I would say these would be amazing to use if you have one of those at home foot spa machines. You would definitely get the best use out of them that way but I found in the bath worked the best for me.


Last of the products that I have is the La Source Body Wash and to be frank there really isn’t anything special about this body wash. Yes the iconic scent of La Source is infused into it but it’s just a regular body wash in the end. You do get 250mls of product so it does last quite awhile and it did lather up beautifully when I used it. I do like it but I also like my cheapo Nivea body wash too. This retails for 15 pounds/17 euros so it isn’t cheap.

I should mention that these are available in all Arnotts stores here in Ireland and that the foot soak crystals are 12 pounds/15 euros and the overnight hand cream is 19 pounds/21 euros approx.

-Talk Soon xx

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Tesco Beauty Haul

Tesco isn’t a place where I would normally go beauty shopping, I tend to do that in Boots. Tesco is more of the weekly shop type of place when it comes to me however I was recently browsing their many aisles and to my pleasure and great surprise they had a lot of their beauty aisle on clearance. I kind of went a bit crazy in all honesty and I thought it would be fun to show you guys what I got.


I got a mixture between haircare products and bodycare products and one makeup product too. First up is the Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner in Mystic Olive. I’m currently using the exact same shampoo and conditioner except in Delicate Oat from the range and I am really lovely the feel of my hair thanks to them so I thought I would pick up a different one.


Also for my cleaning my hair I got this Tresemme Pre-Conditioner which is a conditioner that you use before shampooing your hair. The idea is that conditioner weighs down hair and so by using it before hand, that weighed down feeling can be prevented.


The L’oreal Fibrology range is not my favourite range in the world because I simply do not like the shampoo and conditioner from that range. That said I am a huge fan of their thickening serum and their thickness booster so when I saw that the lather was reduced I simply had to get one. You use this in two ways, you can either dispense a small amount and apply it to the base of the scalp, wait a few minutes and then rinse or you can mix it in with a hair mask and use the mixed mixture as a two-in-one product. I tend to do both depending on what my hair needs/wants.


Toni & Guy was hugely discounted and I absolutely love their shampoo and conditioners but have never tried anything else from the line. I ended up picking the Glamour Serum Drops which is an oil based serum that helps prevent frizz and fly aways.


I also got their Casual Radiating Tropical Elixir which is a treatment product to be used on wet hair before styling. I’ve already tried this and love it. It doesn’t leave any greasy residue on the hair and I’ve found my hair feels lighter and softer with this in it than without it.


Last haircare product that I got is the Toni & Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum and this is really what it says on the tin. Its a finishing serum that is used to make your hair look and feel super soft and shiny.  All of these products where literally less than a fiver each! bargain much :).


Bodycare wise I got 2 deodorants, one body wash and one bath product. The bath product is the Simple Bath Cream and to be frank I got this simply because I love baths and have one at least twice a week.


I got the Nivea Lemon & Oil body wash which is another old favourite. It has an amazing fresh citrus scent that is absolutely perfect for using in the shower first thing in the morning to perk you up. I also love that it has small dispersable oil beads in it that gently exfoliate the body as you work it in with your lofa.


Deodorant wise I got one of the So…? fragranced deodorants in the scent Sexy which is a nice rich musky scent. I love the red bottle that is comes in and though I don’t like to use aerosol deodorants anymore because they contain aluminium I couldn’t pass up on the scent of this.


Last item from the bodycare products that I got is this Fresh Kidz Deodorant. This is the typical type of deodorant that I like to buy. It’s fragrance free so it doesn’t ruin my perfume smell, aluminium free and parabens free. Plus its a roller ball so it’s good for the environment too!.


Last and final item is the only makeup item that I got. This is another favourite of mine and to be honest I haven’t had it in awhile. The Garnier SkinActive BB Cream in the shade light is one of the best BB creams for those days when you don’t want anything heavy on your face. It light in texture and has amazing coverage too.

If you guys want reviews for any of the products that I’ve shown you in this haul please let me know in the comments below and I will definitely get on it 🙂

-Talk Soon xx


Mad Beauty Products

Mad Beauty is a brand that I discovered only recently when I picked up their Disney Alice Makeup Palette in Boots over Christmas. Ever since finding that little gem I have been looking for their products left, right and centre and unfortunately really only can find them here in Ireland via their website which I have linked below. They honestly sell some of the cutest products, most of them are Disney themed whereas others just have cute designs on them. They are probably the best brand to go for when looking for stocking stuffers or for gifts that are affordable yet nice looking at the same time.


I have two products from their range to share today and the first of them is this set of three mini bath bombs that are from their Disney Tinkerbell range. The bath bombs come individually wrapped which is handy in case should you want to split the pack up. Though each of the bath bombs has its own individual colour I found that they all have the same scent to them.


I used an entire bath bomb for each bath that I had simply because their size is to small to break it in half and use it on two separate occasions. Lather wise it wasn’t the best, it gave some bubbles but nothing like the amount you get when using the Lush bath bombs. Texture wise these are very moisturising on the skin and I found that I didn’t need to use body moisturiser afterwards because my skin felt perfectly hydrated from them.

The second item that I have from the Mad Beauty range is one of their hand sanitizer. They have such a huge selection of these on their website and each one comes with a different outer design and a different scent. The one I have is the Sweet Marshmallow Fragrance and it has this adorable little hot choco mug on the front with loads of marshmallows in it.


The packaging is plastic which makes for lightness and it has a handy clip seal to prevent any accidental sprays whilst its in your handbag. I found that you need to use roughly around 3 sprays to get enough product on your hands and with the bottle only having 15mls of product I think you’ll use it up rather quickly. Not a bad thing considering it’s relatively inexpensive. The scent for me is a bit sickly sweet and to be honest doesn’t last that long. All in all not a bad product but at the same time I’m not blown away by it.

The bath bombs retail for 4.99 pounds which is roughly 6 euros. I personally think getting 2 Lush Bath Bombs would be better value. The hand sanitizer comes in at 2.99 pounds which is 4 euros. I totally recommend checking out their makeup products & Disney range but other than that I think there are more affordable and better versions of their products elsewhere.

-Talk Soon xx

Mad Beauty Website

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Bioderma New Additions

There was a time when Bioderma was a skincare brand that only existed for me through the girls on YouTube who were lucky enough to travel to France and be able to purchase it. Nowadays that’s not the case as Bioderma has become a world requested brand and every single country wants to stock and sell because it’s so good. They’re constantly growing and so is their product range. Recently they’ve vamped up their Atoderm range by adding three new products to the line. I hope to be able to provide reviews of the new products but for this post I’m simply going to be showing you what they are.


Two of the releases are bodycare products and each of them has a different formulation. One of them is a gel shower gel, and this one is meant to be super gentle on the skin. Both of these shower gels have a bit of a cleansing property to them which you want when it comes to cleaning the skin on your body. They’ve released these new shower gels in 1 litre bottle sizes and 200ml. The 200ml one is great for travel or if your trying it out for the first time to see if you like the product. It’s great that they have the larger option because I know from my own experience that shower gel tends to get used up fairly quickly.

The second formulation is actually an oil shower gel, and this one is really targeted towards skin that has a lot of irritation associated with it. Irritation of the skin can sometimes come about from de-hydration or from skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis and this type of product is great for soothing and re-hydrating the skin without any harsh ingredients.

thumbnail_atoderm%20hands%20%20nails%20rrp%20e5-50Last addition to the Atoderm line is a Ultra Repair Hand Cream and this is for those of use who suffer with super dry hands in the winter. I myself have been using the Nügg Beauty De-Stress Mask followed by the Mandara Spa (review coming soon) hand cream but that’s on it’s last legs so I’m looking forward to trying a new hand cream when this is released.

-Talk Soon xx

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Mary Jean Body Butters

Body-care is not something I really give much importance to in my day to day life. It’s simply because I have my mind set to if it smells nice and sinks into the skin quickly it’s good, if it doesn’t its not. That being said I’ve really never given much thought to the ingredients that are in the many body products that I’ve used over the years. Mary Jean is a brand that was recently introduced to me on Twitter and after having a look at their products online, I actually got in touch with them like a eager little bunny. This resulted in them sending me out two of the Body Butters which I plan to review for you guys 🙂


Now I said that they sent me two but I have used the other one so much that its current state is un-photographable. That being said they’re both the same in packaging and vary only in smell and label colour (the Lavender one has a lilac coloured label). Packaging wise they’re a bit small, you only get 50 grams of product in the jar. With regards to me I found that a jar like this, used on a daily basis lasted for roughly 2 weeks for my full body, neck down.

sam_2402Though I wish it was in a larger jar, I absolutely love the consistence of this body butter. It has a solid form and melts into an oil when in contact with your body heat. It absorbs super fast into the skin  and the scent lingers for a good solid 12 hours. I really do recommend saving these for after morning showers just so you can retain the scent of it for the day. The two scents that I have are Tea Tree & Peppermint and Lavender. It’s a bit obvious that I prefer the Lavender one out of the two scents but that’s not to say the Tea Tree one isn’t nice.

sam_2403The scent of the Lavender one can be described a being the more feminine of the two, because it has a nice subtle floral note to it. The Tea Tree has a nice fresh scent to it that is very reminiscent of Pine Trees and early mornings. I think the Tea Tree one would be brilliant to use if you’ve got a cold or blocked nose as the scent of it is very uplifting.

Both these body butters are available on the Mary Jean website which I have linked below and retail for 9.99 pounds each (roughly 11.99 euros).

-Talk Soon xx

Mary Jean Website

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