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Apple & Bears is a British owned luxury skincare brand that really looks and feels like the kind of products you would find in a five star hotel bathroom……that you would later steal and pack in your suitcase for the flight home. Stealing aside, these products are some of the nicest bodycare products I’ve tired in awhile.


First up and probably what they’re most known for is their Body Silk which is a body moisturizer. The reason why they’re called Body Silks is because they have an incredible silky texture to them as a cream and then once they sink into the skin they make it feel like silk. This has honestly been the nicest body moisturizer I’ve used this year and my only real issue is the fact that the bottle is sooooo tiny! That said this is a travel size and you can get big 250ml bottles should you so choose but even as a travel size I find it a bit minimal because this is something you use all over you’re body. It should be 100mls in size in my opinion. The scent of this Body Silk is Grapefruit and Seaweed but you can get other scents too. [Price: 6 pounds/7 euros approx.]


Their Body Wash is even nicer than the Body Silk. It has almost an oil like consistence to it, meaning you don’t need alot to get an amazing lather. The small bottle in this case would last you quite a long time and like the Body Silk you can get a larger size from their website. I have to say my favourite thing about this body wash was the scent, absolute bliss and amazingly luxurious. I honestly could not recommend this enough. [Price: 5 pounds/6 euros approx.]

I’ve added the Apple & Bears website below in the case any of you are going on holidays and need some nice body products to take with you. I absolutely love this brand and it’s products and think they would make a nice treat to oneself.

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Apple & Bears Website

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🛫 Urban Veda Radiance Travel Set 🛬

I’m going to refer you guys back to my Urban Veda Launch Event blog post as this post is about the lovely travel set that I received in my goodie bag. The travel set has three 50ml bottles of Body Wash, Body Scrub and Body Lotion and they come in a beautiful canvas bag. I think the bag is a nice touch as once your finished with the products you can definitely use it to store other products or like me jewellery. The set that I got is from the Radiance line but you can get the same travel set in the other three ranges as well depending on what scent you prefer and what you think is good for your skin.


Though the bottles look small you do get a good sized amount of product in them. I also found that you really don’t need a lot of it to get the desired effect with each of them. The body wash, I personally only use a pea sized amount. The same goes for the scrub but I use 2 pea sizes, one for each leg (I only use body scrubs on my legs). The body lotion is probably the one that will be used up the fastest.


With regards to the body wash I found it to lather amazingly. The scent of all these bottles is amazing. The key ingredient in the Radiance line from Urban Veda is Turmeric and true to the name this makes the skin brighter and more radiant after use.


The body scrub is probably my favourite item from this set. It has almost a gel like texture to it which makes it very moisturising in my opinion. The actual scrubby pieces aren’t harsh but at the same time they do exfoliate.


The body lotion is probably my least favourite and t’s not because I think it’s not good. It is. The texture is nice and light and I found it to absorb super quick into the skin. My only issue is that it’s scent lingers longer than I would like. The range smells amazing don’t get me wrong it’s just when it comes to body lotion I like the scent of to only be there while I’m applying it and then for it to dissipate. This one doesn’t and I found it to mix in with my perfume which isn’t very pleasant.

The Urban Veda range is available to purchase from all Shaws Department stores here in Ireland and for International readers you guys can get it via their website.

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Dove DermaSpa Body Care Range

I feel like I want to write about something new and fresh other than makeup on my blog and so I went into Boots a while back ago, just browsing, not really shopping much, just searching for something extra that I can both use and enjoy and write about. I came across the Dove Body Care range. Now they released these ranges back in November I think but I’m not certain. Anyways I decided to grab what I thought I would use. Before I go into reviewing my products I’m going to go through the 4 collections and let you know what products are available in each.

Image remains property of Dove TM

These first two collections I didn’t purchase anything from because I knew I wasn’t going to use any of it if I did. Collection number 1 is the Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Range. This is basically 2 new body lotions from Dove that also provide a self-tanning element to the body when it is applied. It comes in 2 shades; Fair to Medium and Medium to Dark.

Image remains property of Dove TM

The other range that I didn’t touch is the Dove DermaSpa Goodness3 range. This range is targeted towards dry skin. It’s basically a collection of really rich and lavish products that can be used to hydrate and moisturise the skin so it doesn’t dry out. In the collection there’s the Dove Goodness3 Body Lotion, Silky Body Oil, Body Cream and Indulgent Hand Cream. I don’t really suffer from dry skin so I made a pass on these.

Image remains property of Dove TM

The third collection is the Dove DermaSpa Youthful Vitality collection. I picked the hand cream from this collection but it does also have a Body lotion and a Body Cream. Now this range is for those who have mature skin, now I’m only in my early twenties but I do cook, clean and wash dishes so my hands are a bit of a minefield when it comes to being taken care of which is why I picked this up. I have to say I love the packaging of these collections. Every product comes in very luxurious looking packaging. The products that I picked up all come in this almost silky tube. Each collection has it’s own colour and hence the lids all come in the colour of the collection which it’s from.


I genuinely love this hand cream, it currently lives next to my bedside table I love it that much. It’s thick but not too thick. It absorbs quickly into the hands without any sticky residue left over. It smells amazing and I have to say since using this I have felt a difference with the skin of my hands being firmer and more soft.

Image remains property of Dove TM


This next range is my favourite of the lot and it’s actually designed for all skin types so anybody can use them. They are the Dove DermaSpa Uplifted+ Range and I picked up both the Body Lotion and the Massaging Body Roll-on. It also comes with a Satin Smooth Body Oil but I’m not a huge fan of oils on my body. First up is the body lotion, similar to the hand cream it is thick but not too thick however it does need longer than the hand cream to absorb. I’m guessing that’s because your applying more and to more skin of course but it still makes your skin feel silky soft.


The Body Roll-on is amazing!!! I’ve honestly never seen anything like this on the market but if anyone has please leave suggestions below. This is basically a gel moisturizer for the body that has firming properties in it. I don’t how much of that I believe but using this gel is the best thing ever. As an applicator  it’s in this tube that has these 3 metal balls that you use to circulate the gel around the skin you want to firm. I use this for my chest area because I get stretch marks there due to having a large chest however you can use this wherever you deem necessary. I would say this product would be incredible for those of you who are expecting or have just given birth to avoid those stretch marks that giving birth can cause.


I picked up these products all from Boots on a 3 for 2 offer. I love them all which I’m happy about, no regrets! Hope you guys enjoy reading this post

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