Catrice Blush Flush Limited Edition Collection

The trend of draping has been almost as popular in the makeup world this year as contouring was two years ago and strobing was last year. To make sure you have the right tools to achieve this trend Catrice Cosmetics has based it’s recent limited edition collection for February on it, and has released a total of 6 products in varying shades to help achieve the perfect draped look.

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Double Faced Brush
5.50 euros

“High-quality, double-ended face brush with synthetic bristles for a particularly flexible application. The end with the slightly wavy, black bristles is especially good for the smooth application of powder while the straight, light bristles perfectly blend creamy textures into the skin.”

Catrice_Blush_Flush_Double_Face_Brush €5,50_preview

Ombré Blush Palette
5.50 euros
Available in two shades.

The blush palette with a soft powder texture unites various effects ranging from matte to shimmering. The gorgeous colour gradient allows individual application possibilities for a radiant, fresh look.”

Fluid Glow
5.50 euros

“The liquid blush has a slightly shimmering finish and an ideal dosage thanks to its pipette applicator. No matter whether used as a base underneath powder formulas or applied solo, the Fluid Glow is extremely versatile.”

C01 Eternal Glow

Blushing Mousse
4.50 euros
Available in three shades.

The blush with a mousse texture has a beautiful matte finish. Its sponge applicator ensures an accurate application. To intensify the effect of powder textures, simply apply the mousse as a base.”

Butter to Powder Blush
4.50 euros
Available in three shades.

“With an innovative hybrid texture, which transforms the buttery formula into a powdery finish and offers an intensive pigmentation for especially fresh looking colour.”

Cushion Powder Cheeks
5.50 euros
Available in two shades.

“The creamy powder texture is located in the cap of the stick and has a sponge applicator for easy blending-ideal for on the go!”

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Face Powders

Isadora Perfect Blush

If I had to choose a least favourite makeup item I would always say blush simply because I don’t feel like it suits me to be honest. I tend to do a full makeup look and always discard blush. When I do remember to add it I tend to go for more neutral, low pigmented shades so that it looks like I don’t have it on anyway. Recently I discovered the Isadora Perfect Blush and to be quick frank ever since I have loved applying blush and incorporating it in with my makeup application.


I have three different shades of these blushes, and they each come in the same basic black packaging. They have a clear area to their lids in order for you to see what the shade is without having to actually open it. Normally I would be complaining about how the compact has no mirror but because it’s blush and not powder or eyeshadow I think it was a good decision not to add a mirror. Nobody really tops up their blush throughout the day like they would their powder or concealer.


My favourite shade from the three is actually what appears to be the brightest out of them. The shade Pinky Peach is this gorgeous muted peachy pink shade that has a shot of subtle iridescence running through it. I have to say the formulation of these is simply beautiful, they blend in so flawlessly into the skin and don’t cling to any dry patches what so ever.


My second favourite has to be 64 Frosty Rose and to be honest I don’t think it’s named very well, this is more of a peachy brown shade than rose. It also happens to be the most pigmented of the three but can definitely be sheered out by blending it in with your brush.


The texture of these blushes is like butter and everytime I pull them out of my makeup drawer I simply have to swatch them just to feel their texture it’s so nice.


Last of the blushes is called Dusty Rose and this one is named perfectly. It’s that really brown undertoned pink shade that tends to go with any makeup look. That said I’m not a huge fan of pink blushes and so I found the peachy shades a lot more faltering on the skin.



I definitely have a new appreciation for blush, and now genuinely love using it on the days that I decide to do my makeup. These blushes retail for 12.95 euros each and will be available to purchase on March 17th.

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Cargo Cosmetics Beach Blush

Cargo Cosmetics just sent me an email telling me about their new 4 Beach Blushes so I thought I would write this post up so I can tell you guys about them. These blushes retail for 30 dollars a piece (that’s roughly 28 euros). They are available for purchase now.

“All the benefits of blush & bronzer in one convenient compact! Four harmonious shade stripes blend together on the skin for a perfectly balanced cheek colour with a radiant warmth”

Features & Benefits

  • Flattering on all skin tones
  • Subtle hints of shimmer add a youthful glow
  • Paraben Free

Coral Beach:


Echo Beach

echo_beachMiami Beach


Sunset Beach


Which one is your favourite? Personally I’m really drawn to Echo Beach because I like all the warm shades in it.

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