Catrice Kaviar Gauche 2017

A new limited edition collection has been released by Catrice Cosmetics for the month of November and it’s another collection based on Kavier Gauche which is a popular German bridal brand. This is the third limited edition collection that Catrice has released based on Kaviar Gauche. The collection I think will be available up until mid January.

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Blush & Contour Brush

“Brush for blush and contouring with synthetic bristles perfect for cream and powder textures.”


Brush Bag

“High-quality brush bag in an elegant nude tone with space to store five brushes.”

Eye Blender Brush

“Brush for blending textures with soft bristles and a rounded brush shape.”


Eye Lid Brush

“Brush for application on the lid with dense synthetic bristles for cream and powder textures.”


Eye Shadow Palette
C01 Sans Souci

“Eye shadow palette with soft nude and brown shades that have both matte and shimmering effects.”

C01 Eclat D’Or

“Golden Highlighter with a powder texture that is suitable for all skin tones.”

Highlighter Brush

“Highlighter (Fan) brush that has a special shape for an accurate application for powdery textures.”


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Gioventu Natural Vitamin E Oil

One thing I absolutely love doing with my blog is introducing new brands to my readers and for today’s blog post I have the new skincare brand Gioventu Cosmetics to talk about. Gioventu Cosmetics is a 100% natural and cruelty free brand that is currently in it’s start up stages. I was lucky enough to be sent one of their all natural Vitamin E Oils to try out and why not let you guys know what I think.


Vitamin E, when used in skincare is well known to improve the appearance of fine wrinkles and make the skin super soft. The fact that this product is an oil means that it’s super concentrated, which is why you only get 15 mls of product in the squeezy bottle packaging. I honestly cannot complain about the amount either because it only retails for 2.99 pounds (3.50 euros approx.) and so it’s one of the most inexpensive skincare product I think I’ve ever featured on my blog.


The texture of this oil is really lovely. It feels nice and light on the skin and absorbs almost instantly without leaving any greasy residue behind. You can use this oil on it’s own by simply dispensing 3-4 drops in your hands and massaging it all over the face or you can do what I do which is mix it in with either your day or night moisturizer basically converting it into a beauty booster product.

I honestly cannot get enough of this oil since receiving it as it has made my skin look so smooth. I’ve added a link to the Gioventu Cosmetics website below and a link to the Vitamin E Oil as well in case any of you want to find out more about this product or even pick it up for yourselves.

-Talk Soon xx

Gioventu Cosmetics Website

Vitamin E Oil

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Phyto ‘Phytoelixir’ Hair Oil

Hair Care is something I really struggle with when it comes to writing reviews about it on my blog simply because I am never truly loyal to a single haircare brand long enough for me to see a significant difference in my hair. Recently however I won a massive hamper containing a bunch of Phyto Haircare products and since then I have been using them non-stop so expect to see a bunch of upcoming posts from me about their products.


The product that I’m featuring for today’s post is the Phyto PhytoElixir which is basically their version of a hair oil. I absolutely love everything about this product, from the packaging to the actual oil itself. The packaging is gorgeous 75ml glass bottle that is see-through, meaning you can totally see when you’re going to run out. It has a pump dispenser which gives it even more brownie points as I’ve always found pipette droppers messy when it comes to oils.


The oil itself is actually a nice texture as it’s got that dry feeling to it so it really doesn’t make your hair feel greasy at all. Once you rub it into the ends of your hair, it soaks almost instantly and completely hydrates any brittleness the hair may have. As an added bonus it also smells amazing and though it says use twice a week, I’ve been using it everyday in morning and my hair has been loving it.

Let me know what you use to take care of your hair and keep it in good condition 🙂 any excuse to try new products!

-Talk Soon xx


🍁 🍂 L.O.V Fall Collection 2017 🍂 🍁

It’s official, Halloween is over, November is here and the weather is simply put freezing. Let’s not put a dampener on things though shall we, as with colder weather comes richer makeup. By richer I mean we trade out the soft shades of peach and pinks for the richer browns and plums, we swap those coral lips for rich berry tones and there is no better collection on the highstreet at the moment than L.O.V Cosmetic’s Fall Collection which has an amazing foundation, a gorgeous palette and just the right about of vampyness to it’s lipsticks.


For most people, myself included, when the colder months come around we tend to switch out or regular foundation for something with a little more coverage. L.O.V has released a new foundation for it’s fall collection called the EXTRAordinary foundation. Packaging wise it looks like it’s going to be a cushion foundation and to be honest that’s what I thought it was when I initially saw it. It’s not, instead it’s got this really cool pump system to it that allows you to dispense just the right amount of product.


It’s packaging also makes it extremely handy for travel as it has a mirror, sponge and because of it’s dispensing system there is no risk of it spilling all over your purse/bag. Coverage wise I would call it a medium but it can definitely be built up. I have this foundation in the shade No.025 Sand Sophistication which is the second shade within the range. A bit dark for my pale complexion but it’s easily fixed with a few lightening drops (I use The Body Shop ones).


Once I have my foundation done I tend to like to move onto the rest of face especially if I’m not doing a strong eye makeup look. The first palette I have is L.O.V Cosmetic’s The Contourious Palette which is a 4-in-1 palette that can be used to sculpt and define the face. This palette has a love satin finish powder, the perfect sculpting shade for fair skintones, a gorgeous rose gold blush that is very comparable to Nars’s Orgasm blush and the worst cream highlighter I have ever used.


Yes a shocker at the end I know. To be frank the Luminizer is a major let down in this palette. It’s the only one that has a cream formulation to it and as a cream it feels very waxy. With regards to luminizing -it doesn’t, it simply reflects the chunky glitter that is suspended in the waxy cream. I know I’m being very harsh on this highlighter but that’s only because I was very impressed with everything else in this palette.

The powders are so silky soft, and blend to perfection. The blush has just the right pigmentation and is such a stunning shade. I highly recommend the contour shade in this palette if you’re pale and constantly struggle to find a shade to suit your skintone. The palette also comes with a mirror so it’s also great for travel. With so many redeeming qualities to this palette, you can see why I was so disappointed in the highlighter shade.


With the disappointment I suffered with the highlighter in the Contourious palette above, I really didn’t have high hopes for the Glowrious Palette. Boy was I mistaken. This palette makes up for that one crappy highlighter big time. Okay so in this palette you get 2 highlighter and a bronzer. The highlighters come in two different finishes; subtle and intense. Both of them are super creamy and buttery in texture and blend flawlessly.


My favourite out of the two is weirdly the soft illuminator, which is weird I know because I normally go for the highlight seen from space kind of look but this is a highlighter that gives you that candle light soft focus glow. It’s so soft and subtle and absolutely pretty to look at that’s for sure.

The bronzer is super glowly and one I only really recommend you use in the summer when you have a nice tan on.


Let’s talk eyes and L.O.V Cosmetics has gone and released three gorgeous palettes this season. I have the 710 palette called Devoted to Roses and as the name suggests it’s very blush pink, soft mauve toned that just labels it as a fall palette. I love the packaging of this palette! Hands down the best of all the palettes, with it’s rubberized feel it’s like I have a Nars palette without the big price tag.

The eyeshadows themselves are stunning. Texture wise they’re like butter and blend beautifully on the eyes with little to no fallout. I did find that the pigmentation of them was way better with a primer than without so I do recommend you use one with these shadows.



There are so many amazing mascaras to choose from when it comes to L.O.V Cosmetics but one of their more unique products is actually their Lash Primer and dual-ended mascara. The Lash primer is exactly what it says on the tin, a primer for your lashes to be applied before your actual mascara. I honestly found that this product made such a difference to my mascara, even the ones that I normally use and have fantastic lashes with-this product made them work even better.


It’s a white mascara that has a nice fat brush that really helps elongate the lashes and volumize them too. The Liason Mascara from L.O.V Cosmetics is a fiber lash mascara and has this really tiny brush to it that makes getting at every hair on your eyes so easy. Makes for getting super long lashes.


The other side has a nice black liner on it. It’s not the blackest I’ve ever used-that would be Avon Super Shock Liner and the L’oreal Infallible Gel Crayon-but it is a good black liner that lasts quite a good time on the eyes.


Last two products I have to share from the collection are both lip products and each one comes from a different range within the collection. The first is from the LipAffair Mattes and is in the shade Black Mood. Love, Love, Love the colour of this lipstick! Such an amazing statement lip for the winter months and a nice change to the typical red’s that we tend to see this time of year. I personally like pairing this lipstick with either MAC’s Nightmoth Lip Liner or the lip liner that I featured in my Catrice Dawid Tomaszewski Collection review.


The other lipstick is from their LipAffair Metallic range and this is very much hitting the nail on the head when it comes to the metalized lips trend we’re seeing everywhere at the moment. The shade that I have is called Cosmic Aura and is this stunning crimson red that has been shot through with metallized copper shimmer. So beautiful and definitely the shade to have for next month (I am not saying the C word-it’s way to early!).


Let me know what you’re favourite piece from the collection is and whether or not you’ve tried L.O.V Cosmetics yet?

-Talk Soon xx

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Nail Polish

Catrice Brown Collection 💅🏻

One of my favorite things about Autumn when it comes around is the fact that I get to go back to wearing gorgeous dark rich nail colours on my nails. Now I know I can do it all year round, they are my nails and all but I always feel that summer should be embraced with the trends that it brings with it which is why I tend to reserve the more darker shades for Autumn and Winter. Recently Catrice Cosmetics released it’s A/W 2017 permanent line collection and within it is the Brown Collection.

20171005_080624The Brown Collection is a set of five nails polishes, a in varying shades of brown making them very autumnal indeed. Unfortunately I could only find four out of the five shades though I did search high and low for the fifth with no success. Shade No.1 is called Fashion Addicted and it’s your typical basic muted brown shade with a gorgeous soft silver shimmer running through it.


SAM_3651All of these polishes come in same packaging which is a rectangle shaped bottle with a rose gold lid. The rose gold lid is plastic and can be removed to show the black handle of the nail polish brush. These polishes all apply super opaque even with only one coat. I found them to be quick drying with thin layers and not so quick with thick.


SAM_3649The second shade in the collection is called 02 Sophisticated Vogue and it is more of a champagne brown. All of these polishes when applied with a good base coat and top coat are chip resistant. I found if I was lazy and didn’t bother with the extra steps of base & top coat that they would chip almost instantly.


SAM_3653Shade three of the collection is probably the brightest of the set and it’s this almost burning copper red shade, similar to the leaves of  the trees. This shade is called 03 Goddess of Bronze. With regards to longevity these polishes lasted for approx ten days on my nails and I’m a person who uses there hands alot whether it’s cleaning, washing or typing.

SAM_3655Last shade that I have from the set is called 04 Unmistakable Style and it’s actually my favourite out of the ones I owe. This is the most stunning dark auburn brown shade with deep red shimmer running through it. On the nails this polish has so much depth to it that it looks like a gel polish.

lbeOK_ca225714-catrice-nagellack-brown-collection-nail-lacquer-pure-eleganceThese polishes retail for 3.50 euros each. The fifth shade I believe is called 05 Pure Elegance and is similar in colour to the fourth polish just without the shimmer.

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Face Powders, Primer

Natural Collection Revamp

Recently I was browsing the main make-up stands of Boots, as a beauty and makeup obsessed person tends to do whenever she has spare time on her hands, and noticed that their in-house brand Natural Collection has revamped their products. Now Natural Collection for those of you who don’t know is a brand that is owned directly by the Boots company and is mainly considered to be targeted at teenagers and people who are just starting out with using makeup. Their other makeup brands Seventeen & No.7 are meant to be for the older age groups but personally I think that’s rubbish. A good product is a good product & to be quite frank I like purchasing from any brand that I like-so sale tactics be damned.


Lady Luck had my back on the day as there was a three for two offer running on the brand. The first of the three products that I picked up is the Natural Collection Hydrating and Radiance Primer. I’ll be honest-I’ve always been wary of Natural Collection when it comes to their base products simply because they’ve always looked either heavy in the tube or way to dark. This primer however looked like a good shade to match my skin tone and with the new packaging I just knew I would have to try it out.


Formulation wise I really love this primer, it’s nice and light on the skin and skins in rather quickly too. It did feel super hydrating when I was applying it and because it’s a primer it did set to a slight tacky finish. With regards to the radiance side of things, there is no chunky glitter! Major brownie points as chunky glitter tends to always make an appearance with lower priced brands. I did find that this primer worked great when it was mixed in with foundation too.


My next two purchases as part of the three for two offer where blushes from their Blush & Glow selection. I got the shades Peach and Pink. These are beautiful compact powder blushes which have a distinct split between the two shades available in the pan. Both blushes have a shimmer/iridescent shade on one half and a soft matte shade on the other. Mixed together they work beautifully too.


For the Pink Blush & Glow you get an amazing warm pink shade for the matte side and an intense icy pink shade for the shimmer. I should point out at this point that you can if you want too, use the shimmer sides of these blushes for highlight, they are both sheer enough and highlighty enough for it.


The Peach Blush & Glow has slightly a better shade of matte blush for the coming winter months. It’s a stunning warm brick peach that’s not dissimilar too No.7’s Honey Blush (HG Blush for me). The shimmer side with this blush however is definitely more intense and obvious in colour in comparison to the Pink Blush & Glow. It’s this icy white shade that is shot through with gold reflects. Super pretty as an inner corner highlight.


I have to say I am a huge fan of this revamped makeup range that is Natural Collection. Let’s just hope they start bringing out some new products now that they’ve upped their game a bit.

-Talk Soon xx


Essence Coast’ N’ Chill Trend Edition

So it’s been a minute since I last did an overview post on any collections which are being released. For today’s over view post I’m going to be focusing on Essence Cosmetics Coast ‘N’ Chill Trend Edition which as far as I know isn’t actually available in Ireland. That said, not all my followers are from Ireland either (which makes me super happy) so I’m sure this post will be helpful to someone. As far as I know this collection will be available till the end of of October.

Makeup Lightening/Darkening Drops
Available in two shades

“An individual dosage of these drops can make any liquid foundation lighter or darker as needed. Ideal when the seasons are changing and tans gradually fade away.”

Eyeshadow and Eyebrow duo brush

“The slanted bristles are ideal for emphasizing the brows while the rounded end of the brush is perfect for applying and blending eyeshadow.”

Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Palette

“Create trendy eye and eyebrow make-up styles with the silky-matt powder, which has a gorgeous colour gradient ranging from dark to light brown to a highlighter shade.”

01 Good Vibes Only!

Blush Pebbles

“Different coloured blush pearls in rose and gold shades conjure-up fresh accents with a light bronzing effect on the cheeks.”

Caring Lip Balm
Available in two shades

“The moisturizing balm ensure soft lips and leaves behind a hint of rosewood, which looks especially flattering with a late summer tan.”

Velvet Matt Liquid Lipstick
Available in two shades

“The long-lasting, velvety matt texture can be intensified with each application. Rosewood and dark mauve are a perfect match for a late summer evening at the beach.”

Strobing Palette

“The three perfectly aligned shades ensure a summery glow-to make the warmer months of the year last a little bit longer.”

01 Be Happy & Shine More!

Nail Sticker

“The self-adhesive nail stickers with cool images can be combined with a nail polish or worn on their own for a real coastal feeling.”

01 The Coast & My NAils

Nail Polish
Available in four shades

“Nail POlishes with a high coverage in soft colours.”

-Talk Soon xx

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