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The SoSueMe ProBlender

It’s seems every single product that beauty blogger and Youtuber Suzanne Jackson brings out get so much hype and excitement over it and her ProBlender was no different. This is basically the SoSueMe brand’s version of the iconic Beauty Blender sponge and because of all the hype I was honestly expecting great things. I can… Continue reading The SoSueMe ProBlender

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Bronx Colors Cosmetics

Bronx Colors is a Swiss cosmetics brands that loves to keep up to date with every trend that happens in every season. I was very lucky recently to get sent a few pieces from their brand to try and test out and of course I just had to share my thoughts with my readers. Gel… Continue reading Bronx Colors Cosmetics

Makeup Tools

BrushWorks Silicone Sponge

A weird concept has recently been hitting the beauty world and that’s the use of silicone sponges to apply makeup. Since making it’s appearance almost every single brand under the sun has decided to jump on board and create their version just in case it takes off like the Beauty Blender did. To be honest,… Continue reading BrushWorks Silicone Sponge

Makeup Tools

Rubis Switzerland Tweezers

When the legend in the beauty world, that is Sali Hughes claims that Rubis Switzerland Tweezers are some of the best on the market than it simply makes all the sense in the world to want a pair. I was lucky in enough to get my hands on their brand new Action Painting Tweezers in… Continue reading Rubis Switzerland Tweezers

Makeup Tools

BrushWorks Multi-Tasking Sponge

After being hooked on The Makeup Gallery sponge for so long and then trying out the Basic Beauty Tools Superdry SpongeΒ and finding it amazingly good, I’m officially on the biggest hunt ever to try every single brands sponge I can get my hands on. Recently I was kindly sent this Brushworks Multi-Tasking Sponge to try… Continue reading BrushWorks Multi-Tasking Sponge

Makeup Tools

Basic Beauty Tools Superdry Sponge

Ever since the day the Beauty Blender made it’s iconic appearance into the beauty community, sponges have been the go to tool for applying ones makeup. There have been a lot of dupes since it’s release but some companies, such as Basic Beauty Tools have gone a whole different route and designed a sponge that… Continue reading Basic Beauty Tools Superdry Sponge