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Jewellery is something I have a huge passion for but I haven’t really shown my passion for it on my blog because I’ve really based my blog on being completely makeup retailed. I think for the year 2017 I’m gonna change it up a bit and make more beauty related and jewellery is beautiful so I think it slots in rather nicely. Now when I say jewellery I’m not talking about the pieces you get from pennys/primark for a euro. Not that there’s anything wrong with those pieces but I do like my jewellery to last longer than a month & to stay the same colour that I bought it.


Most of my jewellery comes from either Pandora or Alex and Ani however recently I’ve been very drawn to Swarovski jewellery and I’m going to show you some key pieces that I picked up recently from them. This first item I’ve had my eye one for quite some time, it’s one of their main piece for Spring/Summer 2016 so it’s not new to their line. This is part of the Sea of Sparkle collection and it’s one of the three rings that they released.


I love the  colours that they used to create this ring. I also like the structure of it and how it has a gap between the stones in the front. Makes it just a little bit unique next to the regular rings that I have in my collection. This ring retails for 129 euros full price.


These next two pieces are however relatively new to their line as they only launched this Autumn/Winter of 2016. This piece come from the Swarovski Winter Gardens Collection and I personally got the earrings and the bangle from the range.


The earrings give of a very teardrop effect when worn. They have a secure clasp to them which means they won’t be falling out of your ears when wearing them. My main reason for getting these pieces was that I was super drawn to the amazing onyx coloured crystals that Swarovski have used to create these pieces. The colour simply pops against the rose gold.


The bangle though beautiful, is probably not the most versatile piece to pick up from Swarovski probably because you can’t wear it on a daily basis. It has a flip back open and close effect to putting it on meaning that if it gets caught on anything it will unfornately slip of your arm. Learnt this the hard way, and do remember that these have crystals in them not cubic zircona meaning they will shatter and scratch easily if not careful. If you drop it though Swarovski do have an excellent customer service and will repair it within 3 weeks (it’s how I got mine fixed).


I got another bracelet set however this time the matching piece is actually a ring. This bangle is called the Swarovski Every Bangle and it’s definitely a more versatile piece than the one I showed above thanks to is closure.


This open actually has a open and close clip mechanism to getting it on and off. This means there’s no risk whatsoever of it accidently fallen off. It’s also a lot easier to pair with outfits as it doesn’t have any colour to it’s crystals & the rose gold is gorgeously beautiful as always.


The matching Swarovski Every Ring is just as nice as it’s bracelet. I had wanted to get this ring to fit my index finger however they didn’t have a big selection of sizes, something I noticed with most rings in Swarovski, so if you have large hands or simply what bigger sizes for different fingers their not really the best to cater to that particular thing. That said it’s still a gorgeous ring and so I ended up getting it for my ring finger, and wear it when I wear the matching bangle.

These last two items are actually my one year anniversary gifts from my husband. We hit our one year anniversary on the 16th of January and so he ended up surprising me with the classic Swarovski Crystalline Oval Watch in rose gold. I’ll be honest I’ve had my eye on this watch for quite a while and my husband went a step further an picked me up the Exclusive Set (which cannot be purchased anymore) and this comes with the Swarovski Subtle Bracelet and an extra leather strap that can be changed between the metal strap.



It seems he was inspired in store by Karlie Kloss’s poster showcasing the watch and got me a similar bracelet to hers to go with my watch. The only difference is hers is white whereas he got mine in the gold dust colour. This is one of the newer shades introduced into the Crystaldust cuffs.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what I’ve been loving from Swarovski as far as jewellery goes. I’m always on the hunt for new jewellery brands that are of a high quality so if you have an suggests for me please let me know in the comments below!

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: Karlie Kloss poster used in this post is official property of Swarovski™ and Karlie Kloss and is being used for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain.



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Primark Haul

I’m really nervous about writing this post partly because it’s going to be my first fashion piece on the blog and partly because I struggled so much with figuring out how to take the photos for it. Who knew clothes would be so hard to photograph! Don’t know how the fashion bloggers of the world do it on a daily basis but they officially have my respect 🙂 Anyway without further ado, here’s my attempt at a Primark Haul.


First item ironically enough isn’t actually from Primark/Pennys but I thought I would include it as it was the only item I purchased that isn’t from Primark. These are gorgeous hand-printed jeans from Next that have this beautiful gold leaf effect design on them. The design shines so much when it’s in the sun or under holo lights. I’ve paired them with these amazing shoes from Faith that have the same gold shine to them when worn.


Piece number two was very much an impulse purchase. I absolutely love wearing knee-length skirts but they have to be figure hugging for me to like them. When I saw this I knew I had to have it because of the amazing metallic gold colour that it is. To match I managed to find these gold pointed shoes that have a average height heel on them. The colours aren’t exact matches but I think that’s ok because I think mixing metals is definitely a trend that’s going around these days.


The cold-shoulder look is a style I hope never goes out of fashion because I love anything that shows of my shoulders. Shoulders surprisingly are a great way to show skin without being to revealing and yet still remaining sexy. I know it sounds weird but it’s true especially when you add a highlight to make the tops of your shoulders pop. This top has that cold shoulder effect, with the added bonus of it being high necked meaning it will still keep you warm. Not gonna lie it is a bit scratchy but I can get over that by wearing a strappy white camisole under it.


Ain’t nothing better than sequins! I’m like a magpie when it comes to anything that sparkles. This is a high neck sleeveless top that is great to team with a pair of nice jeans for a night around the town. I like that it’s not pink pink, but rather a blush pink which is so much more of a flattering colour. I totally recommend wearing little accessories with this top so it can remain the statement piece in your look.


Speaking of statement, leather always makes a statement. However I’m not one for wearing really leather (don’t think any animal should be made into clothes) but I still like the leather look. Pleather is the way to go, I found these jeggings which I love because of how smooth and sleek they look. I hate it when pleather has that creased effect to it.


I also like that they used silver hardware for the zip details along the pocket line because I always find silver goes better with leather than gold. Gold looks amazing with velvet (but we’ll get to that) These pants are figure hugging and super slimming on the figure. I have worn them with the blush pink sequin top and they look so good together.


These next few pieces are strappy tops. Sorry but I absolutely love a good strappy top. Their so handy to have in ones wardrobe to layer with by either wearing them under sheer tops or under nice blazer jackets. This first one is another one that looks gorgeous over my pleather jeggings. It’s also this lovely olive green shade and I like that it has this V-shape detailing to the cleavage area. It draws attention to the area very subtly.


This next top is not for the faint-hearted as it’s very revealing. I personally would not wear this alone. I prefer to layer it under sheer tops or low cut tops so that it’s peaking out from underneath. It comes in the same colour as the above top but it’s more cropped and it cannot be worn with a bra so make sure you size up if your a large-chested gal.


I mentioned velvet above and I got 2 pieces that are velvet in this haul. The first is this love camisole top. This is half and half, it front half is this lovely rich black velvet and the back half is completely sheer with this lace effect pattern to it. I found this looked really nice tucked into my metallic gold skirt that I featured above.


The other velvet piece that I got is this velvet dress. I couldn’t manage getting the entire dress in the pic but the end is mid length and basic black velvet. The only really detail to the dress is this nice twist effect that is has as it’s neckline. I paired this dress with my also Primark bought 3-D flower shoes and my Lipsy London Rose Gold Watch. I think rose gold looks amazing with black velvet.


I got this top simply because it says “Maybe Never” on it. It’s a basic t-shirt body top, and I love body tops because it means when I bend I don’t have to worry about flashing anyone lolz. This is also the least expensive item in my haul, I got it for just 3 euros.


This is the last top in this haul, and it’s very much another party top that are great from events and nights out. I love wearing this kind of thing when meeting up with friends as it’s not to much. This does have a one-shoulder effect to it when worn and I’ve paired it with the Pandora Butterfly Long Chain Necklace.


Two more items, and bought of these are some version of pants. The first I actually got because I had want to by it as a set with it’s blazer jacket, however I didn’t find the jacket in my size 😦 but I still like the pants enough to get them anyway. They are this lovely satin effect dress pants that have this nice white line travelling up the legs. This is super flattering as the effect give the illusion of longer legs. Dress pants are the best especially for the nights when your feeling bloated and don’t want to wear anything tight against your tummy.


Last item I got is this pair of leggings. These are very much party leggings with their sparkle effect. Be warned the glitter gets everywhere but thank god they’re not scratchy on the inside when worn. The stretchy band on the top makes it so these are super comfy to wear.

I know it’s been a long post guys! And for those of you who have read to the end thank you. Please let me know what you think of the pics below please cause I’m super worried that they’re not good enough.

-Talk Soon xx

All of these clothes were bought during the Christmas sales and so they may not be available for purchase anymore. All of the jewellery used is either from Pandora, Swarovski or Alex and Ani.


Mini Jewellery Haul

I’m in Turkey and when one is in Turkey one likes to do quite a bit of shopping. Especially when everywhere I go the streets are lined with small shops and mini carts and Bazaars that sell the most beautiful piece for less than nothing. Monday I went to the Duden Waterfalls here in beautiful Antalya, and when leaving there was an opportunity for a little spending.SAM_1564

Above is an image of the actual waterfalls.


First item I purchased in my little haul is a watch. This cost me only 15 tl which is roughly 5 euros. I was really drawn to the gorgeous blue of the flowers and to be honest we rarely get designs like this in Ireland. It’s a got a very antique feel to it because of the metal.


I couldn’t say no to buying something to accessorize my hair so I picked up this gorgeous jewel-encrusted clip. Again going with blue because I needed it to match a dress that I bought here in Turkey.


Next item is this gorgeous white bracelet! They had so many colours to choose from but I personally was drawn to the brightness of the white. It has this nice diamond shaped gem in the centre and I also love that they used gold hardware to surround it because I prefer it to silver.

Last purchase is actually for my handbag! I hate when a person is touching up their makeup on the bus or on the train and their using this small cutout mirror that isn’t the nicest thing to look at. Of course everyone has their own tastes but I personally love having a little compact that just as pretty to see as it is to hold. This mirror only cost 5 tl which is only 1.50 euros and its got this amazing design of two intertwined grapes on the front. The mirror itself is a dual mirror, one side is just a normal mirror and the other is one of those that make everything enlarged.


That was everything I picked up from that store. Walking forward a few steps we came across this beautiful stand that sold glass pieces as jewellery and I couldn’t say no! They are so cute! I picked up a total of 3 pieces, two of which are a set. I’m a lover of Fairies and adore anything associated with them.


I picked up this chain and earrings because of that. The fairy piece has these coloured wings and you can choose any colour you desire. I choose purple obviously because it’s my favourite colour. The earrings are also very light in the ears, I can’t even feel them on.


Last purchase was one that caught my eye right before I paid for the fairy pieces. it’s another necklace and this time I decided to change the colour. I went for a light periwinkle blue. The shape of it is like a cyclone and I just found it different and unique. All these pieces came to a total of 20 tl which is roughly 6.50 euros.


That’s everything I got jewellery wise. I of course have been shopping and picked up some fashion pieces but those shall be for another post. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what new pieces of jewellery you bought recently.

-Talk Soon xx

P.S. tl stands for Turkish Lera.