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Some Love ūüíď for L.O.V Cosmetics PT‚ÄĘ1

L.O.V Cosmetics is a brand that has only really been available in the last year here in Ireland. It’s stocked in almost every Shaws Department Store nationwide except unfortunately the Waterford store, which is the main reason why I haven’t featured it before. Still, that hasn’t stopped me from oohing and aahing over their gorgeous looking products over on Instagram and I was absolutely delighted when a massive parcel with my name on it arrive in the post containing a selection of their amazing products.


Within the L.O.V Cosmetics range, there is three different options available for foundation. The Undressed 12H Moisturizing Foundation is probably what I would consider their light to medium coverage option. I personally really like this foundation, it’s very lightweight and blends out flawlessly with both brushes and sponges. The shade that I own is 040 Honey-Moon and in all honesty this was way too dark for me especially because it’s the third shade option out of four and I normally tend to be the lightest shade available.


That said I did still try out this foundation, just around the house and found it very nice as an everyday foundation. Something just to pop on and be out the door. You do get your standard 30 ml amount of product in the tube which I have to say is not the most secure of packaging especially if you plan on travelling with this stuff. Finish wise it’s got a nice dewy effect to it and in terms of longevity, I found it lasted the 10 hours or so that I had it on without any issue whatsoever.


Moving on to the next step from foundation and that is concealer. This is the EffectFul Concealer Pen and to be honest I’m absolutely in love with this product! Move over Maybelline and Burberry cause they got nothing on how good this is. This concealer is an absolute life-saver¬†for anyone who suffers with dark circles under their eyes. As it is a brighten concealer is gets rid of those shadows without creasing and without¬†feeling heavy. This concealer isn’t made to be used on blemishes so if that’s what your after I do not recommend this, but for dark circle suffers¬†it’s a must.


The sponge tip applicator is probably the best thing about this concealer as it makes the product go on so flawlessly, almost as if it’s airbrushed. It also ensures that just the right amount of product is applied. Comparing this to the Maybelline sponge tip, I definitely prefer this one as it doesn’t get as messy and unhygienic as the Maybelline one does.


Last of the base products that I have to show you guys is¬†the L.O.V Cosmetics Perfectitude Translucent Loose Powder. Whoever designed the packaging of this product needs an award of recognition for their amazing work. It comes in the traditional jar that most loose powders come in but this has an added sifter¬†AND LID! It’s not messy to¬†open, apply or travel with like 90%¬†of loose powders tend to be.


It also has a handy and very soft fluffy powder puff which does apply a bit too much of the product in my opinion but works great when you have nothing else to use. The actual powder itself is very finely milled in texture and gives almost a velvet finish to the skin. I will say that this powder does have both Talc and Silica as ingredients so it will give a bit of a white cast in photos and high lighting.


I personally¬†tend to like to do my brows straight after I finish my base, because no matter how light or heavy I am with my eye makeup, I like a very natural looking brow. Brow products can be very hit and miss especially when they come from very affordable brands such¬†like L.O.V Cosmetics. This product is an exception though because¬†not only is the colour of just the right amount of ashiness so that the brows don’t look too warm but it’s also got a great shape to the tip of it and a spoolie brush at the end. All in all a great brow product in my opinion.


I have the L.O.V Cosmetics BROWttitude in the shade 230 Chocolate and as far as I know it comes in three other shades which can be suitable for both blondes and brunettes.


This next product is actually a bit of an odd one because it’s actually a cream eyeshadow however I’ve found it way better and more faltering as a cream highlighter for my cheekbones. Makeup is makeup guys and you should be allowed to break the rules when it comes to products and where they should be applied.


This is the L.O.V Cosmetics Metal Cream Eyeshadow in the shade 100 Metal Rose and it’s a gorgeous soft iridescent pink shade that I think will falter most pale complexions. If you’ve got darker skin then it will also look nice but it will just be a more intense highlight. With it’s doe-foot applicator it’s super easy to apply and blends out really nicely. I also found it great for layering, in that it doesn’t cake or get clumpy when a powder is popped on top of it.


I have also tired this out as an eyeshadow and personally wasn’t the biggest fan of it unless you’re planning on wearing it solely on it’s own. This is simply because I found whenever I went to blend it with my brushes, it tended to lose a bit of it’s intensity pigmentation wise and so didn’t really give the true colour payoff that it does when applied as a highlight.


For the final product in todays review, I have one of the L.O.V blushes in the shade 050 Mystic Sand and this is a stunning burnt reddish brown shade that warms up the cheeks to look like you’ve been slightly sunkissed. Pigmentation is a bit overloaded so use a light hand when applying this product but otherwise it blends flawlessly and lasts all day.


I will have a Part 2 and maybe a Part 3, reviewing more products from this line simply because I was so luckily sent quite a bit and I think trying to fit them all into one review would be a bit tough. These are all the base products and I think that I’ll probably have a review for the eye products that I got and the lip products too. Have you guys tried this brand yet? Let me know ūüôā

-Talk Soon xx

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Technic Cosmetics

For the past few months I have been putting a few items from the brand Technic Cosmetics to the test and trying them out. The main reason for this is simply because this is an incredibly affordable brand that has a large selection of products so it would be a tad disappointing for me not too. All of their products tend to retail here in Ireland for less than five euros and are available in most drugstores and pharmacies.


The first product that I have is their Colour Correcting Setting Powder and this is a relatively newer product to their range. The powder itself is actually yellow in colour and comes packaged in this clear plastic tub with a corresponding lid in the same yellow as the powder. The tub itself is actually clear and you get a whopping 20 grams of product in it so it will last you quite a while.


You also get a powder puff inside that also helps to keep the powder inside the holes. Personally I found the puff too thin to actually use and it really didn’t help keep the powder inside the tub at all. The powder itself, once you get past how messy it is, is actually a lovely powder to use. My biggest concern was that it would create a cast on the face considering it’s colour but it didn’t do that whatsoever. The powder itself is really fine, so it simply just sinks into the complexion and brightens it thanks to the yellow pigment of it. I totally recommend this as a vanity table powder, not good for travel as it will get everywhere.


The next product was the one I was most excited to try as their have been rave reviews on both Twitter and Instagram about it. This is the Technic Cosmetics 24cT Gold Highlighting Powder. Whether it has actual gold in it or not, I have yet to discover but I honestly didn’t like this powder as a highlighter. And I really hate myself for saying that because it looks absolutely stunning in it’s compact. It even has this really cool design effect as an embossing but I found that it was over pigmented, too dark and too chunky to be used as a highlighter.


Now makeup is makeup, and it’s so not necessary¬†to only use a product as it’s described so I went ahead an used this as an eyeshadow instead because the colour of is simply beautiful. It worked absolutely perfect like this. I found that blending it into the eyelid got rid of some of the chunkiness. Pigmentation wasn’t an issue considering it was already highly pigmented as a highlighter so that completely translated on the eyes.


This shade mixed with a classic winged liner and your good to go. I just have too look at it as a big pan of eyeshadow :).


Their Mega Lash Mascara has got to be my favourite product that I have tried from them to date. They claim that this mascara is “Mega Volumising” and I totally agree. If your looking for really intense, really big lashes than this mascara will certainly give you that. The pigmentation of it is a perfect intense black and it dries almost instantly so you don’t have to wait before going in with more coats. It also layers nicely so you don’t get any clumps with additional layers of it on the lashes.



I was genuinely surprised that I liked this mascara as much as I did as it has a plastic bristle wand to it and I am a lover of the natural bristles¬†mascara wands. I’ve been using this mascara for roughly two months now and it’s only now starting to dry out a bit. I know your only meant to use mascaras for 3 months at a time but I honestly think as¬†long as you keep it sanitary and for your use only, you can definitely get at least 6 months out of a tube of this mascara.

SAM_2864Final product that I have from them is their Brow Definer¬†brow pen in the shade Medium Brown which if I’m honest as a colour is a tad to light for my brows. The product itself is actually a liquid and comes in this pen with a felt tip applicator that is not that dissimilar to a liquid liner. I have actually¬†tried this as a liquid¬†liner and it works really¬†good if not better than it’s intended brow use.

SAM_2873The felt tip actually has a flatted edge to it , and so you rotate it depending on whether you want fine strokes or broad strokes when filling in your brows. It does a good job at filling in the brows I will say that but I honestly found it¬†a bit harsh. Because of it liquid formulation, it’s really difficult to achieve a natural look with this product. The only effect you get is that tattoo HD brow look that is very Instagram popular. Might be for some people but for me it was too fake looking. I personally prefer a soft looking brow that looks natural.

SAM_2888Those are all the products that I have been trying out recently from Technic Cosmetics. Have you guys ever tried this brand? Let me know if you have and what products you recommend below!

-Talk Soon xx

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Worth The Hype!?

Suzanna Jackson can probably be considered to be one of Ireland top bloggers and because of that influential status she¬†has¬†her own makeup line with an¬†army of royal followers behind it. Me, personally when it comes to the blogger herself, am indifferent as I’ve never met her in person and her style really isn’t anywhere near what I like so I tend not¬†to follow her on social media. Her makeup products however have always had rave reviews especially her iconic contouring palette. I’m not a contouring person as you guys well know if you’ve been visiting my blog for awhile now but I was gifted this palette as a prize when I attended the Flormar Event Dublin! #FabulousFlormar¬†and so I’ve done my best to try it out.


The palette is presented in slim cardboard packaging and has six shades inside it that can all be used to achieve the “perfect” contour look. Considering that the palette retails for 19.95 euros I think that the brand could have upped the price 2 euros and made the packaging a tad bit more robust. You don’t get a mirror, instead you get a very detailed explanation of how each shade is applied and where to put it is illustrated via the model image who is Suzanne Jackson herself. That, I like because it shows how immersed she is in her products and the¬†making of them.


Four of the shades are cream and the other two are powder. You get two concealing shades, two contour shades and 2 highlighting shades. Shade 1 is a concealing shade and I absolute hate it as a concealer. I have never experience such a cakey concealer in my life. It fills in every single pore and fine line and exaggerates it. This is made even worse when you go to set it with shade 3 of the palette.


Shade 2 of the palette is a contouring shade, and this is such a pain to blend. It literally takes forever, and you need to blend it like a crazy person because¬†otherwise it’s just this orange strip on your face. Yes, this raved about palette has a contouring shade with an orange undertone! Have no clue how it got to be considered as a universal palette that can be used on any skin tone because¬†the contouring shades¬†are simply to dark on fair skin.


The shade that is good for fair skins is the shade 4 which is the second concealing shade in the palette. Though it’s a good shade, because it’s the second concealing shade it has the same problem as shade 1 in that it settles into fine lines and pores and simply makes them look worse than they actually are.


Shade 3 is¬†a¬†matte highlighting powder that is meant to be used to set your under-eye concealer. When used with the concealer in this palette it just doesn’t work. I will say¬†though it does look lovely when using it with another brand concealer. I’ve tried it with my YoungBlood Concealer¬†and it looks stunning with it.


Shade 5 is¬†probably the only real shade that I like from this palette. It’s a stunning rose-gold cream highlight that looks¬†amazing on the¬†tops¬†of the cheekbones. I have used this layered under powder highlighter and makes the powder on top just pop. Honestly beautiful but I wouldn’t¬†buy this palette¬†just for the highlight.


Last shade¬†is a powder version of shade 2. It’s a bit¬†more cool toned and ashy so I’d say if you went in with a light hand it would look nice. Personally I think I prefer just to use something more guaranteed to give me the effect that I want.

Is this palette worth the hype? I think not, most of these shades are duds in my opinion¬†and the one that isn’t, ain’t worth the price of the palette.¬†If you were to use this palette the way Suzanne¬†Jackson states and illustrates on the flap cover than I think the end result would just be an overdone cakey face of makeup.

Have you guys tried this palette? I know some people love so let me know. She’s also recently released a highlighting palette and I really am tempted but after this disaster I’m a bit cautious.

-Talk Soon xx

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Isadora Perfect Blush

If I had to choose a least favourite makeup item I would always say blush simply because I don’t feel like it suits me to be honest. I tend to do a full makeup look and always discard blush. When I do remember to add it I tend to go for more neutral, low pigmented shades so that it looks like I don’t have it on anyway. Recently I discovered the Isadora Perfect Blush and to be quick frank ever since I have loved applying blush and incorporating it in with my makeup application.


I have three different shades of these blushes, and they each come in the same basic black packaging. They have a clear area to their lids in order for you to see what the shade is without having to actually open it. Normally I would be complaining about how the compact has no mirror but because it’s blush and not powder or eyeshadow I think it was a good decision not to add a mirror. Nobody really tops up their blush throughout the day like they would their powder or concealer.


My favourite shade from the three is actually what appears to be the brightest out of them. The shade Pinky Peach is this gorgeous muted peachy pink¬†shade that has a shot of subtle iridescence running through it. I have to say the formulation of these is simply beautiful, they blend in so flawlessly into the skin and don’t cling to any dry patches what so ever.


My second favourite has to be 64 Frosty Rose and to be honest I don’t think it’s named very well, this is more of a peachy brown shade than rose. It also happens to be the most pigmented of the three but can definitely be sheered out by blending it in with your brush.


The texture of these blushes is like butter and everytime I pull them out of my makeup drawer I simply have to swatch them just to feel their texture it’s so nice.


Last of the blushes is called Dusty Rose and this one is named perfectly. It’s that really brown undertoned pink shade that tends to go with any makeup look. That said I’m not a huge fan of pink blushes and so I found the peachy shades a lot more faltering on the skin.



I definitely have a new appreciation for blush, and now genuinely love using it on the days that I decide to do my makeup. These blushes retail for 12.95 euros each and will be available to purchase on March 17th.

-Talk Soon xx

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Jane Iredale Pure & Simple

Deciding which palette to pick these days can be a bit hard seeing as every brand under sun has at least one amazing palette associated with its makeup ranges. For me I tend to stick to eyeshadow palettes from brands simply because I find lip palettes become too messy with regular use, and face powders are better quality when they come individually. It seems that the make-up brand Jane Iredale has decided to make life a little bit easier for us with the release of their new makeup kit called Pure & Simple.


There’s no need to pick and choose with this palette as it comes with everything (bar mascara) that you would need in order to create an amazing natural looking makeup look. I have the kit in the shade Medium Light but it is available in 3 other shades


All of the makeup comes presented in this flip-open cardboard box. I will say I’m not a fan of the packaging¬†just ¬†because it’s cardboard, would have personally preferred a plastic container palette instead. The palette comes with two different shades of the Jane Iredale PurePressed Mineral Foundation which I have review before so check it out here: Jane Iredale PurePressed Mineral Foundation¬†.


The kit also comes with a blush shade that is great for adding warmth to the skin. The blush is pigmented enough that you get a nice even colour and not pigmented enough that it’s very buildable.


To apply the blush and the foundation powder the kit also has a mini kabuki brush that is split in half so that you can make into the shape of a flat foundation brush. The bristles of this brush aren’t that soft but it’s not bad when you need something for on-the-go.

Last of the powders in the kit are two eyeshadows, one a nice light neutral shade for applying all over the eyelid and the other a nice crease shade with a slight shimmer for definition. To apply the eyeshadows the kit has a dual ended sponge tip applicator but as you guys know these tools tend to go straight into the bin with me as I prefer to apply all my eyeshadows with brushes.


Last product in the kit is actually my favourite as it’s a multi use product. This is the Jane Iredale JustKissed Lip & Cheek Stain. Applied on the cheeks this gives a very dewy soft pink stain that really brightens the complexion. It’s not as easy to blend as a powdered blush but the end result in my opinion is total worth it.


On the lips it gives the same pink shade that lasts for up 6 hours with food. It’s formula is super hydrating on the lips and it honestly does not feel like your wearing lipstick when you have this one. It has more of a balmy feel initially and then once the slip is gone you don’t feel anything but there is still a soft pink shade.

The kit retails for roughly 45 euros/40 pounds and is available to purchase from the Jane Iredale website now. I’ve also linked the How To video which is available from the Jane Iredale youtube channel.

-Talk Soon xx

Jane Iredale Pure & Simple Kit Tutorial

Disclaimer: Some of the products featured on this site have been sent for review consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored

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Essence We Are…

Essence Cosmetics has a released a new Limited Edition collection for the month of January and February called We Are… The minute I saw this collection, Valentine’s¬†Day¬†was what sprung to mind given the design and colour scheme for the collection is red and pink with floating hearts¬†‚ô• . I have a few pieces from the¬†collection to show you guys today and at the end I’ll add in images of the stuff from the range that I couldn’t get.


The blush from the collection is definitely one of the more desired product from the release. I found it so hard to find this product as the stands I would go to would have most of the collection but this was always gone! Thank god for independent pharmacies that are long distance :P. The blush is a redish pink shade, and has a lighter iridescent pink in the centre of it. You can either use each shade separately or by mixing them together.


On it’s own¬†the redish pink side of the blush¬†definitely gives the better colour¬†pay off. Mixing the two shades gives a lighter pink-pink shade and on it’s own the lightest shade would be considered more suited to be¬†used as a highlight than a blush shade. I love the consistence of this powder because it doesn’t go on patchy like most lower priced blushes.


The shade name of the blush is called 01 You & Me=Awesome and I believed I managed to get this for 4.10 euros. You get 7 grams of product and it comes in a decent thick plastic compact which is rather sturdy given the overall price.


I was lucky enough to get sent these next two items from the collection. The first is one of the three lip liners available. I got the shade 02 P.S. We ‚ô• Red and this a really nicely pigmented red lip liner. This is a twist-up pencil which I love, means I don’t have to worry about needing a sharpener.


Now I no there’s nothing special about red lip liners, there is probably even cheaper ones than this one but I don’t think they will beat¬†it on formulation! This¬†is so creamy and buttery when applied.


It goes on completely smooth on the lips even if they’re not in the best condition. This retails for 1.90 euros and is very comparable to the Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liners which retail for 20 euros a pop.

The other two shades are 01 We ‚ô• Pink and 03 We ‚ô• Berry. The names of the shades are pretty explanatory as to the colours of the pencils me thinks ūüôā


Definitely the best designed product from the release! This is the We Are…Fabulous Velvet Matte Lipstick in the shade 02 We ‚ô• Red. Basically these lipsticks are meant to be corresponding shades to the lip liners. Outer packaging is a simple black tube and has these raised red hearts painted on it.


The best thing about this lipstick is that when you open it up and twist it up, the lipstick bullet is actually in the shape of an actual Heart!! Too cute for words.


The formulation of it is very similar to that of the lipliner. It’s nice an creamy but has a bit more of a grip to it due to it’s matte texture. On the lips over the liner it has a satin finish but on it’s own it’s simply matte.


The are two other lipsticks in the range and they have the same shade names as the lip liners. The lipstick retails for 3.10 euros. Below are the other products from collection.

Essence We Are…Amazing Creamy Eyeshadow Pen
3.50 euros

Essence We Are…Perfect Dip Eyeliner
3.50 euros
Shade: 01 Stay with me!

Essence We Are…Crazy lashes
4.10 euros



Essence We Are…In Love Nail Polish
2.50 euros

Essence We Are…Funny Lip Bag
3.80 euros


Essence We Are…Lovely Eau de Toliette
3.80 euros

This collection is available in stores up until the end of February.¬†Pennys/Primark stores do have this collection in¬†stores but if you cannot find it I recommend trying local pharmacies instead ūüôā

-Talk Soon xx

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Sleek Cleopatra Highlighting Palette

Everybody and I mean everybody when crazy over this palette when Sleek Makeup initially released the first image of it over on Twitter. I was no exception because after trying out the Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette I knew this was going to be just as good as that palette if not better. Let me tell you, it certainly did not disappoint!


Let’s quickly get the gorgeous packaging out of the way. It’s exactly the same as the Solstice Palette in that they’ve chosen to put the product in this incredible gold reflective acrylic casing. The letters spelling the word Sleek are displayed prominently on the lid in a slight varying shade of gold. We’ll just ignore the crappy brush they’ve added….which I’ve already managed to lose…


Inside you get a mirror of course as with all Sleek Makeup palettes and 4 highlighters in differing tones of gold. Two of the highlighters are cream and two are powder. Personally I found the powders to be a lot more pigmented and faltering on the skin than the cream formulations.



The first shade from the palette is called Sphinx  and this is the darkest and most intensely pigmented shade from the palette. This is very much a true gold highlight that I love to use on the inner corner of the eye. I would personally find it to be incredible for those of us that have darker skin tones or olive skin tones as it will play off the depth of the skin and bring it to life. Just my opinion of course! Use whatever one your like the most.



The second shade is called ¬†Delta and this is the first of the cream shades. I found this to be the sheer sister of Sphinx in the fact that it has the same undertone and is very similar in colour to it but it’s a different formulation. To be frank I didn’t really like the cream formulations in this palette for use as actual highlighters. Personally I found them better used as cream coloured bases under gold tones eyeshadows.


Shade 3 is Dynasty and this is the traditional yellow gold colour that people tend to think of when you say the colour gold. Love using this shade as both a cream colour base for under shadows and a brow highlight! Because it’s sheer it gives a nice intense highlight on the brows without being over the top. The tone of this particular highlight makes it more faltering as a brow highlight for me compared to Delta.



Last shade in the palette is actually my favourite and this is called Goddess. A true ethereal highlight, with a soft pink almost like pink quartz shot through with a gold shimmer. I tend to use this on top of the Maybelline Master Strobing Stick to really give you that highlight on fleek effect! Total lover of this combination.

All in all I totally recommend this palette and it’s sister palette the Solstice highlighting palette from Sleek Makeup they are hands down the best highlighting palettes on the market and they are super affordable. If your interested in knowing what else I have in my makeup collection from Sleek then check out my Sleek Collection¬†post.

-Talk Soon