L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay

I’ve probably started every haircare review post with this statement but I feel like I have to say it again to justify for the lack of haircare posts that I do. I’m not very loyal when it comes to haircare products so I tend to use them once, semi-finish the bottle and then move onto something else. The main reason for this is because I have normal hair, which makes it hard to get any bit of volume or hydration into it and tends to get oily on top and dry on the ends two days after I’ve washed it. I have to say that today is a day for me to be proud of myself as I’ve managed to finished not only a full bottle of shampoo but it’s matching conditioner too.


The shampoo that I’m talking about is theΒ L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary ClayΒ and this is a shampoo that is great if you have oily roots/scalp and yet find the ends of your hair to be quite dry. I personally found this shampoo to have an amazing lather which gave such good hydration to the hair. It also gave a very interest matte feeling to the scalp so if you do suffer from dryness there I wouldn’t recommend this at all.


The matching conditioner is even nicer to use than the shampoo. I apply this roughly around three-quarters of the way down my hair. Definitely avoid the roots with this one as it can be quite heavy. On the ends of the hair however it gives them an amazing bounce and keeps them silky soft.


The final product in the range is actually a clay mask that you use on the roots of the hair pre-wash, so before you even wet your hair. Honestly I didn’t like this product whatsoever. It’s very messy to use initially and then it’s very hard to wash out. Also the smell of it is very overpowering to the point where -even though it’s a semi nice smell-you end up getting sick of it.



That said I do highly recommend the shampoo and conditioner for those of you who have oily or normal hair types are they are absolutely lovely to use and feel amazing on the hair.

-Talk Soon xx

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