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Hello everyone, I know it’s been awhile since a new post has appeared on here. I’ve been a bit under the weather lately with the added bonus of being extremely overworked with college starting up. You many notice a new look to my site and it’s simply because I’ve been needing a little change in my life and thought why not change the one thing I visit on almost a daily basis-my blog. I hope you like the new look and without anymore of this lengthily introduction let me get onto the review.


I think sheet masking is something everyone who loves beauty does at least once a week especially nowadays where it’s possible to get a sheet mask for as little as one euro for certain brands. I personally love a good sheet mask and have reviewed many in previous posts (which I shall link below) but recently I was sent some sheet masks from the brand Maskorea to try out.


I have to say I found these masks to be quite unique in comparison to other sheet masks that I’ve used. They come with cleanser that is to be used before you apply your mask and with a night cream to apply afterwards. I honestly think this is a great bonus as it makes sense to apply a mask to clean skin so all the good ingredients can soak in properly.


Even though I like the pre-mask and post-mask steps that they include with the sheet mask, I don’t particularly like that actual mask. I’m not saying it’s bad because these masks have amazing ingredients in them such as Vitamin C and fruit extracts that help revive the skin but the actual mask material is actually so thin and flimsy that it just kept sliding of my face. It had no grip to it whatsoever so I ended up using them lying down. Not exactly practical.


That said, it’s probably the only thing I didn’t like about these masks. Other than that they have a ton of serum in them that you can wear them way longer than the recommended 20 mins and still feel like your skin is soaking up the ingredients. Each mask within the Maskorea brand has a different use depending on how exactly your skin is feeling.


The pink is for tired fatigued skin, so if you’ve had a late night the night before. The purple is probably more suited towards more mature skins as it contains Collagen to plump up the skin. The Blue one is actually my favourite and I love to use this one before applying my makeup as it gives such an insane glow to the skin that lasts all night.

These masks are available from the Maskorea website which I shall link below and retail for roughly 9 euros each.

-Talk Soon xx

Maskorea Website

Beauty Belle Snow Algae Mask

Primark Skincare….PS

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  1. I loved this entry. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time, and I’m definitely hooked. Looking forward to your future content.
    Stop by my space 🌎💫⚡️
    Mena 🌸✨🌷💕


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