This Is More-Holos Serum

A couple of months ago I won a little giveaway on Twitter and the prize was a little gem from the brand Holos Skincare which is an organic and natural Irish skincare brand. The product that I won was their This Is More Face & Eye Serum and since getting it in my mail box I have been using every single day that I’ve been feeling any dryness in my skin because the main ingredient in this is Hyaluronic Acid which we all know is amazing for re-hydrating the skin.


I have to say everything about this product is spot on for me. I love the packaging, the smell of it (It smells so so good!) , the texture of it and the way it feels on my skin. I find it like a mask of cooling water when applied and my skin instantly feels plumper and looks more hydrated.


I should also point out that you really don’t need alot of this product to get it applied to the entire face. I’ve had this for roughly 6  months know and I’m only a third through it. It comes with a dropper tool as it’s applicator and I found two-three drops roughly it more than enough.


The serum is available to purchase from the Holos Skin website which I shall link below (not affiliated) and retails for 42 euros

-Talk Soon xx

Holos Skin Website

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