BeautyPro Black Peel Charcoal Mask

Charcoal has got to be the best ingredient ever when it comes to masks. It makes putting on a face mask that more enjoyable and not only that it’s detoxify and purifying properties are great for the skin. Now normally when it comes to charcoal masks I simply use my favourite which is the L’oreal Paris Pure Clay Face Masks but recently I was sent a sample of the BeautyPro Black Peel Charcoal Mask and I can say the minute I read the word Peel I knew I needed to try it out ASAP!


The mask itself comes in a 7ml sachet packet which I found gave me two full uses out of it so it’s a very generous amount. To apply it I use one of my silicone paddle brushes and I found this gave a nice thin layer all over though I’m sure applying it with your finger tips will work perfectly also. I left the mask on my skin for roughly 20 mins and as it dries it does tighten the skin slightly.

SAM_4638 Once it was completely dry-I simply peeled it off. Here was were I was a bit worried as I’ve heard that some peel-off masks are very painful but I can happily report that this wasn’t. It came off like a dream and removed every single blackhead and dry skin that I had (I tend to get them mostly around my nose area and this got rid of them all).  My skin felt so soft afterwards and it didn’t have that tight dry feeling to it that some masks can cause sometimes.


This mask is available to purchase from the BeautyBelle website which I have linked below and I believe it comes in a packet of three for roughly 5.55 euros (Bargain!)

-Talk Soon xx

Beauty Belle Website

4 thoughts on “BeautyPro Black Peel Charcoal Mask

  1. Definitely a must-try. Thanks so much for sharing, and I love your blog!

    Please check out my blog if you get the chance! Would love if you could comment and subscribe!


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