Essence Eyeshadow Box Palettes

It’s no secret on my blog that Essence Cosmetics is one of my all time favorite brands as it has amazing quality products at a nice low price. Recently I was lucky enough to get my hands on their eye-shadow box palettes when I attended an event they held in Dublin. These are four palettes that each have a different theme and color way.


All four of these palettes come in a slim narrow shaped palette that makes them great for travel as they are so light. Each palette contains a total of ten shadows, some are matte, some are satin and others are shimmer in their finish.


Let me start off with my favorite of the four and that’s the In Love With Rose palette.  This palette has four matte shades, three satin shades and two shimmer shades. Out of the four palettes, this palette has definitely got the best pigmentation and texture when it comes to their matte shades. I also love the different rose tones as they look so nice and soft on the eyes making this palette great for using everyday.


The Million Nude Faces palette is the one to go for if your a fan of neutral shadows. This is also the palette to go for if you want some great transition shades for popping into the crease.


I personally love this palette for the shimmer shades that are available in it. They really pack a punch on the lids and look so stunning on almost any eye color. You can definitely amp up the intensity if you want by spritzing your brush with Fix+ or a setting spray but to be honest they work perfectly dry.


The Mermaid palette definitely wins when it comes to choosing the best design on these palettes. I just love how cute the little mermaid looks in her sea-shell. Shade wise this palette is a bit all over the place. There are some greens and blues…but then you have your pinks and a single gold shade as the tenth shade.


I love the shades don’t get me wrong and the formulation and pigmentation of it is just as good as the others but I really don’t understand the mixture of colors that make up this palette. It’s definitely not possible to create an entire eye look with just this palette, whereas it is with both the Million Dollar Faces palette and the In Love With Rose palette.


Last palette is the To The Moon And Back palette and this one is even worse than the Mermaid one when it comes to the range of shades it has. They are all shimmers for one and most of them are on the dark side with regards to their shade.


Even though I don’t get the shade range in both this palette and the Mermaid palette I don’t think they are bad palettes. They are great if your looking for a palette to use in conjunction with other more neutral palettes. Otherwise if you’re looking for a palette that can do it all stick with either the In Love With Rose palette or the Million Dollar Faces palette.

These palettes are available on all Essence stands right now and I believe they retail for 4.95 euros a piece.

-Talk Soon xx

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