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Clarins Water Lip Stains

Hold the phones! This is not a drill…..but I think I found the PERFECT and I mean perfect summer products for the lips. These have literally only launched on Clarins counters yesterday and they are the Clarins Water Lip Stains and they are beautiful.


The lip stains come looking like they’re little nail polishes but obviously they’re not. Each bottle color corresponds with the color that you will get when you initially apply the lip stain on. Once they wear down they tend to be similar in shade color. I have to give a huge shout out to whoever designed the applicator on this product because it’s literally the best for getting a nice even coat on the lips in one go.


When first applied these give such plumpness to the lips, they are super glossy giving that high shine editorial effect. Pigmentation wise they pack a punch and all in the one coat. Once the gloss of them wears down, you’re left with a lovely soft matte stain to lips that, if I was to describe the color of it, is a nice soft Camilla pink. There are four shades in this total and the first of them is called Rose Water.


Shade two is for those of us who love to rock a amazing coral lip during the hotter months of the year. This shade is called Orange Water. 


No lipstick range is ever complete without a bold red shade and this is the perfect high pigmented red that Marilyn Monroe who have loved to own.


The shade is called Red Water and I personally love this with a minimum makeup look on the eyes in order to keep it the main focus in any makeup look.


This last shade is called Violet Water and it is my favourite of the four. I can never say no to a good strong vampy purple lippie and this definitely delivers. It’s not as deep as some purple lippies can be but it does have the strongest pigmentation with regards to the stain it leaves behind once the gloss of it wears down.


As mentioned these launched yesterday so they are available right now at all Clarins counter nationwide. I believe they retail for 21 euros a piece which in my opinion is very affordable given how unique of a product they are.

-Talk Soon xx

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