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Clarins Joli Rouge Lipsticks

I’ll be honest in saying that when people ask me to recommend good makeup brands to buy from, Clarins is not the first to come to mind. Skincare? Yes it comes first hands down but makeup not so much. That said, as of late, Clarins as a brand has been upping their game so much that they are literally kicking aside, in my opinion the other makeup brands that I would normally recommend.


One of their most recent launches has been a massive selection of new shades to their Joli Rouge lipstick line and these are called the Joli Rouge Velvets. First off can we please just appreciate the packaging. It’s honestly so elegant with how simple and classic it is. A simple gold reflective tube, couldn’t be easier.


From the Joli Rouge Velvet range I have one shade called Soft Berry. This is a gorgeous brick nude shade that definitely has a mauve undertone running through it. The formulation of these is what I would call a comfort matte. They are super buttery and creamy to apply. They dry down matte but yet still have a nice slip to them that ensures your lips don’t go dry and flaky. If mattes simply aren’t your thing then they also have incredible shades in their Joli Rouge Brillants range.


The Brillants have a glossy finish to them which does mean they don’t last as long on the lips as the Velvets but that’s the only place where the differ. Other than that they have the same amazing creamy formula with amazing pigmentation. I have two shades for this range.


The first is Woodberry and this is very much a classic mauve shade that literally goes with any, and I mean any makeup look.


The second shade that I have is Joli Rouge and this is hands down on of the most stunning red lipstick shades that I have ever owned. It’s the perfect glossy, marilyn monroe red shade that makes your lips look super plump and hydrated.


These lipsticks retail for 24 euros each and are available at most Clarins counters right now.

-Talk Soon xx

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