Sleek Cream Contour Palette

Ever since the disaster that was the SoSueMe Contouring Palette I have stayed as far away from cream contours as I always find the texture of them doesn’t sit well with my skin. That said, I recently received the Sleek Makeup Cream Contour Palette in the shade Light and can officially say I’ve been converted to using a cream contour.


The palette has a total of six pans in it along with an amazing sized mirror. The top row consists of shades that are perfect for brightening and highlighting the face. The bottom row is more suited to sculpting out the features of the face.

I personally prefer using these after applying primer and before my foundation. That why when I work my foundation on over them it blends them out further making them look natural on the skin. The formulation of these isn’t waxy at all and it doesn’t have any greasy or oily feeling to them at all.


The first shade is probably my favourite from the entire palette and that’s because it’s a yellow toned concealer. It’s very comparable to the Benefit Lemon Aid Concealer which is brilliant from getting rid of any sallowness under the eyes and brighten dark circles too.

I use the next two shades as basic concealer, sometimes I mix them and sometimes I use them individually, it all really depends on where I want to apply them. I do recommend layering them however as I’ve noticed going in heavy handed with these can cause them to cake on the skin.


The first shades from the bottom row are the ones I use for my contour. They’re great for us paler skinned girls as they aren’t too dark and yet they can also be used for dark skins as they are build-able. It’s worth baring in mind that this palette is also available in shades Medium and Dark so Sleek Makeup have definitely keep everyone included.

The last shade unfortunately doesn’t get much use by me as I find it to dark for anything really. That said I did try it out as a cream eyeshadow and it looked nice, giving a very natural everyday look.

Let me know your favourite contour product? and whether or not you even like the trend 🙂

-Talk Soon xx

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