Primark KPop Collection

Let me introduce you to what is probably the cutest collection to ever hit Primark/Pennys stores. Inspired by the many Korean beauty trends that we’re seen these days, Primark/Pennys has created an entire collection that shows off these trends at their best. We have cushion blushes, liquid highlighters, lip tints and much more so let me tell you about what’s good, bad and what’s a must have!


First products are definitely a must have and my favourite from the entire collection. These are the Primark Bubble Blush Cushion Blushers and they are simply beautiful for getting that really dewy healthy flush look on the face. The packaging is adorable. This can be said for the whole collection really. Each compact comes in the same colour as the blush itself, they all have mirrors in them which makes them even better as it means I can take them on the go.


I have three of the four available shades and each one retails for 5 euros which is a bit more pricey than normal Primark Blushes but I think that’s because this one is a cushion. The shades are Pastel Pink, Coral Dreams and Sugar Rush.


Also in the blush department in the collection are two cream blushes which are called Cloud Cream Creamy Blush. I know the cushion blushers are technically a cream but those have a bit of a dewy finish to them when they are applied onto the cheeks. These are matte and have an almost cream to powder formulation to them which makes the last longer on the cheeks. Both are great blushes it just depends on which finish you prefer.

These blushes only come in two shades and I have both. The shades are Sunset when is a gorgeous peach and Dreamy which is neutral mauve nude. These retail for 3 euros each so they are bit less expensive than the cushion blushes.


Last of the cream blush products is the Super Cheeky Cheek Tints (love the names of these products btw). This has a really interest cushion applicator that allows the product to spread out onto the cheeks almost like a mousse. It’s definitely the most pigmented of the cheek products but I have to say the colour of it isn’t my favourite.


The shade is called Bubblegum and true to its name it’s a popping pastel pink. It’s got a retail value of three euros so it’s the same price as the Cloud Creams but you get more product.


Personally I prefer both the cushion blushers and the cloud creams over this but again it comes down to how you like the finish of your blush. This gave a very glossy soft look to the cheeks which to be honest didn’t last as long as the other blushes.


Last cheek product is probably my second favourite product from the collection and another must have in my opinion. This is the Sweet Cheeks Blush & Highlighter Palette and isn’t it the cutest thing ever!! I love all the little details that went into making this palette. The heart shaped pans with the different emoji faces on them, the coloured squares to correspond to each blush/highlight shade and the “sweet as sugar” quote that you see when you open the palette. I’m not even mad at it for not having a mirror I love the quote detail so much.


All of these blushes/highlights are shimmery so I personally don’t use them as blushes on their own. I tend to layer shades Candy Floss and Bon Bon on over other blushes kind of like a topper. Shades Jelly Bean and Lemon Sherbet work great as highlighters especially when layered over the next products I’m going to talk about. Jelly Bean is the only shade that’s a dual-chrome that has an undertone of violet blue. The palette retails for 6 euros (BARGAIN!).


I have a lot of must haves from this collection and that’s only because these products are so good! And the After Glow Liquid Highlighters are no different. These are a dual-chromatic highlighters that come in frosted plastic tubes with handy sponge-tipped applicators. There are three shades available and they each retail for 3 euros each.

Formulation wise I found these highlighters to be very watery. Their also not mega shiny on the face so if you’re looking for that highlight seen from space effect with these it isn’t gonna happen unless you layer they with the Sweet Cheeks Palette.


The first shade is Shine Bright and this is the palest of the three. It’s a pale white silver that has a pink reflect to it. Shade number 2 is Glow Girl and I will say this is probably going to be the most popular of three. It’s a rose gold pink shade that has a slight silver shimmer running through it. Last shade is Diamond which is a super light blue that has a purple reflect. I absolutely love these highlighters and think they’re perfect for getting a nice everyday glow that’s going to look amazing come summer.


There is one body product available in the collection and that’s the Beamin’ Shimmer Powder. It’s basically an all over fine glitter that you can pop on your neck, arms, legs and décolleté for a nice golden glow. It retails for 3.50 euros and the shade of it is Star Cluster. It’s a nice product but nothing to write home about. The shimmer tends to disappear after about an hour of wear.


I have two eye products from the collection and the first is the Sugar Rush Palette. If I was to have a choice between the two palettes in this collection then I would said go for the Sweet Cheeks one. That’s not to say this isn’t a nice palette-it is. It’s just I personally don’t see myself reaching for this sort of palette once the summer months are over simply because of the shade range in it. They are all pastels, 6 are matte, 2 are shimmer and one is a satin finish.


The pigmentation of these shadows is really good with little to no fallout whatsoever. I love that they have a good few transition shades throw in the mix, means I don’t have to use another palette with it. Price wise it’s the same as the Sweet Cheeks palette at 6 euros.


Also for the eyes I have one of the five Eye Candy Eyeliners in the shade Tutu. This is a pale pink shade that is simple perfect for brighten the eyes and making them look bigger. It’s a really creamy pencil and it lasts so well in the waterline which is something not all eyeliners can do.

The price of this is only 1.50 euros and I’ve been using it in place of my HG Rimmel London Nude Eyeliner ever since I got it. Looks like a winner to me.


No collection would be complete without a few lip products and this collection is no different. First up we have our typical lipsticks in the form of the Jelly Belle Jelly Lipsticks. These come in four shades and retail for 2 euros each so nothing that breaks the bank.


If I was to describe the formulation of these I would say they are very much like a lip-balm. Sheer and very moisturising on the lips. They give a nice amount of pigmentation for how sheer they apply. I have two of the four shades and they are Cherryade which is a soft pastel pink and Pink Laces which is more of a coral pink.


Last of the products that I have from the collection are the Pillow Talk Matte Lip Cushion Liquid Lipsticks. The name of them says it all. They are a matte formulation liquid lipstick which I found to be a tad bit drying but nothing that a good lip-balm underneath didn’t fix.


I hate the cushion applicator, it has the tendency to get clogged with the product because of how thick the consistency is of the actual liquid lipstick. I does feel soft on the lips however and it gives a nice soft look to finish of the product. I have all three available shades and these retail for 3 euros each. The shades are Cuddle, Jelly Bean and Honey Bun.

So let’s recap! The must haves are definitely the Sweet Cheeks Palette, the Cushion Blushes, the After Glow Highlighters and the Eye Candy Eyeliner. The okay stuff are the Cloud Cream Blushes, Pillow Talk Liquid Lipstick & Sugar Rush Palette. Personally think you should do a pass on the Cheek Tint and Shimmer Powder.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: Some of the products featured on this site have been sent for review consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored.

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    1. I always get this complaint that there is no primark in other countries! They need to be world wide asap. Only blush I can recommend that you might be able to get is AUS that’s a cushion is the Lancôme Cushion Blushes but there is a major diff in the price obvs x

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