Kiss NY Pro Acrylic Nails

Fake nails and lashes tend to be two makeup items that I like to reserve for when I have a special occasion like a wedding or a birthday to go to and really want my makeup to pop. I’m not loyal to any one brand when it comes to deciding what nails and lashes to use for any one makeup look but recently I have been trying the Kiss NY Pro line for both and have been really enjoying them. I am planning on leaving my thoughts on the lashes for another post and for this post I’m going to be talking all about the Acrylic French Nude Nails.


The first thing I have to say I really like about these nails is that they are not to thick and not to long either. They have a very natural appearance to them and it certainly helps that they do because when applied they don’t look like they’re fake at all. In the packet you get 28 nails, nail glue, a nail file and a cuticle stick. Also if you’re not a fan of gluing the nails to your own then there is also a set of stickers that you adhere to the back of these nails to make them press-on.


I think the only bad thing I can say about these nails in all honesty is that if you have rather large hands then you are going to find it hard to get these nails to work with your natural nails. There are different styles within the Kiss NY Pro nail range but I personally don’t find them as natural looking on the nails as these.


The application of these is super easy. You only need one drop of the glue and the nail will stick beautifully. The glue has a pink tint to it that makes them look even more natural on. It’s not messy at all and I found when I went to remove one of the nails to see if it came off easily, that it did with just a 10 minute soak in acetone.


Wear-test wise these nails latest a good 2 weeks on my nails without losing their shape or falling off. After the two weeks they started to fall off one by one but if you have the glue on hand at all times then you can definitely get 3 weeks wear with these if you wanted. Let me know your favourite fake nails to use when you need to add that extra something to your look.

-Talk Soon xx

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