Wet Brush Pro-Flex Dry

You may have seen a few weeks ago that I posted a review on the 💧💦 Wet Brush 💦💧which has now become the only brush I use whenever my hair is wet and I want to brush it out. Recently the Wet Brush distributor here in Ireland got in touch with me asking if I would like to try out the latest brush called the Flex Dry from the Wet Brush Pro line-you can guess I said yes because I honestly stand by these brushes.


The Wet Brush Pro is both the same as the original Wet Brush and also completely different. By that I mean, it can be used to brush out wet hair just like the original one can but this also has the added benefit of being great for drying wet hair. This brush is super flexible and has these spacious groves between the bristles which allows the hot air of a hairdryer to pass through the brush while your drying your hair.


The bristles are the same as the original in that they don’t damage the hair whatsoever while it’s wet. True to it’s name this brush is also super flexible and so it’s great to use on my poker straight hair as well as people who have more curly or coarse hair as it simply bends and works with the hair strand to brush it out.


Now the real question-do you need both? I personally don’t think so. If you’re a Wet Brush virgin then definitely skip the original and just pick up the flex dry as it can be used when blow-drying your hair and as a regular hairbrush. If you already have the original then I do recommend adding this one to you collection. If pink isn’t your colour these brushes are available, much like the original, in a spectrum of colours and sometimes they even bring out limited edition ones.

-Talk Soon xx

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