Alien Flora Futura by Thierry Mugler

It’s very very rare, if ever that I review perfume on my blog. There have been some posts, I won’t lie, and if you’re interested in them I will have them linked below. The main reason why I don’t review perfume is because I wholeheartly believe that perfume is a personal and private thing. Everyone is different, with different tastes and a different sense of smell. So what I might find uplifting and floral others might consider to be grannish and old-fashioned. It’s simply comes down to preference.

The latest fragrance release by brand Theirry Mugler is, however, another story. Alien Flora Futura, with it’s key notes of citrus, jasmine and sandalwood, is a fragrance in my opinion that’s perfect for everyones tastes.


I really want to get into the actual smell of the perfume itself (which is simply amazing!) but before that I have to praise the artistic creativity of the person or persons responsible for designing the crystal perfection that is the bottle. It literally looks like an pink diamond, and with all the angular and sharp edges that it has it makes such a unique addition to anyones vanity table.

With the first spritz of Alien Flora Futura, you are transported into floral heaven. I must stress how soft and feminine the scent is-nothing about this whatsoever is overpowering or heavy. As the top note dies down, the more the musky and deep scent of sandalwood become more apparent. I use the word musky, because it definitely has that intensity of a nighttime sexy perfume but because of it being balanced by the floral notes, it can definitely be worn during the day as well.


I personally found that two spritzes of this perfume was more than enough to last me throughout the day, including the few days in which we had a bit of sun here in Ireland (when I say few I mean one…spring where are you?). I didn’t need to top up at all and I should mention that almost everyday that I wore this perfume I got complimented on it and asked what it was. I highly highly recommend you head to a perfume counter near you and have a quick spritz as I know you won’t be disappointed by it.


The bottle pictured is the 60ml size and this retails for 63 euros but there is also a smaller size (pictured above) and this retails for 48 euros. Retailers who stock this include Arnotts and Debenhams.

-Talk Soon xx

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