Primark/Pennys Nudes Collection

I think the Nudes Collection by Primark Beauty has got to be their most hyped and raved about release since they started doing makeup. The collection is very elaborate in that is stretches across everything. It has lip products, eye products, tweezers, makeup brushes, sponges and of course the most popular item, a contour set. Now, I was invited to the launch of the collection but unfortunately I couldn’t make it due to a harsh flu that decided to visit me the week of the event. Cause of that I only have the products that I managed to pick up in stores to review for this post but I will of course include images of the other products in the collection at the end.


As mentioned the most popular item from the collection has got to be the contour set. This set contains 4 items and retails for 8 euros, bringing each individual item’s price to a simple 2 euros. The set is very very similar to the KKW contour set …so similar in fact it’s basically the same packaging that has the  same amount of product with the  same shades and includes the same brush.


The only differences really is the price tag and the extra highlighter pen that is present in this set. I personally don’t like it when less expensive brands copy more high-end brands outright and I normally don’t review them but with the major difference in price tag between this and the KKW one, I think I can make an exception just this once.


Let’s begin with the contour pen. It’s double ended and both sides contain a cream contour. One side is simply lighter than the other. I have to say I really love the formulation and the texture of this pen. Both sides are super creamy and blend out beautifully on the skin. It doesn’t cling to any dry patches and looks really natural. Both shades are matte and both shades in my opinion work great on pale & medium skin tones, I personally don’t think these would show up on darker skins.


The double ended highlighter pen has a concealer for brighten whatever areas of the face you want on one side and a illuminating highlighter on the other side. I will say that the concealer side doesn’t have any coverage to it. You can’t really use it for concealing your dark circles or blemishes-it really is only good for creating a brighten effect on the face. The illuminating side hasn’t got any glitter associated with it. It looks more like a wet shine on the skin. It’s definitely not my favourite when it comes to choosing highlights but I don’t hate it.


The separate highlighting pen is definitely more of a intense highlight than the one in the double ended one. It has more of a shimmer effect associated with it and I personally think it’s nicer than the one included in the illuminating pen. All in all this contouring kit is great for those of us who struggle with contour as it basically helps you achieve the look with three simple products.


The last item in the set is the double-sided brush. I both love and hate this brush. I love the bristle side of the brush as it is super soft and works great for blending out, not only the products in this set but other cream products as well. The sponge side is really only go for blending out concealer under the eyes but my main issue with it is that it doesn’t wash well and it gets dirty really quick. With it being a sponge, bacteria becomes an issue so I’m not the biggest fan of it’s sponge side.


The next item that I picked up from the Nudes Collection is this two pack of tweezers. They are simply gorgeous, and I love the colour of them. One of the tweezers has a slanted ended which is great for removing thick hairs.


The other has a pointed end which is better for more detailed work and fine hairs. I also found them both great for popping on lashes with. They work beautifully considering they were only 2 euros in price.


Last product from the collection that I made mine was this lovely packet of sponges. I love primark/pennys sponges and think their great when damped for using to apply foundation. At 2.50 euros a price tag I thought way not give these a go. Plus they’re a gorgeous nude colour and look very nice in my Basic Beauty Tools Superdry stand.


Have you seen the new Primark Nudes Collection in stores? What do you think of it? Or are you not a fan of Primark makeup? Let me know in the comments below!

-Talk Soon xx

Other Products Within the Collection




18 thoughts on “Primark/Pennys Nudes Collection

  1. I really like the look of this collection, but I’ve not been able to get to my Primark store to pick any up. I love the PS sponges too, so bouncy and really blend foundation, concealer and cream contour/highlight out lovely.
    I’ve got the MUR equivalent of the contour kit and like it, but I don’t like the sponge side if the brush either xx

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