Catrice Active Warrior Limited Edition Collection

The Gym is definitely the one place were makeup is a big no no. When you work out, the pores on your skin enlarge in order for the skin to breath and so any makeup on your skin would be absorbed and these would probably then lead to breakouts. But that said I know some people can’t go t the gym without popping a little something on before hand. Catrice Cosmetics has definitely come to their rescue with the release of this new collection called Active Warrior. All of the products in this collection are waterproof, sweatproof and long-lasting which is everything you need when it comes to products designed for the gym. The collection is limited edition and only available for the month of March and April so if you want anything from it I recommend you head to your nearest Catrice Cosmetics stand.

-Talk Soon xx

Epic Active-Proof Luminize
Available in two shades

“Creamy, waterproof highlighter with ultra-fine shimmer particles. The practical flock applicator ensures targeted highlighting of individual areas of the face”

Life-Proof Liner

“Waterproof, long-lasting kohl eyeliner, which unites the simple application of eye pencil with the precision of liquid eyeliner. With an inter-grated sharpener in the lid, the tip of the mine can be sharpened before every application.”

Sweat Solider Refreshing Wipes

“For on the go: practical refreshing wipes gently and effectively remove unpleasant smells. With an invigorating fragrance”


Epic Sex-Proof Lip Ink
Available in two shades

“Colour-intensive lip tint with a long-lasting staining effect. Two powerful shades, combined with light textures for pleasant wear. “

Instant Blurring Stick

“Mattifying primer stick with a visible soft-focus effect. Can be applied underneath foundation or simply as a touch-up on the go. “

Make-Up Freezing Powder

“Mattifying, delicate face powder with a soft-focus effect. Sets make-up in place for especially long-lasting performance. Waterproof and sweat-proof. “

Make-up Freezing Spray

“Setting Spray with a fine spray nozzle for long-lasting make-up. Can be used as a primer, fixing spray or refreshment to go. Sweat-proof!”


C01 Gym Tonic


Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via brand PR representatives and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Catrice Cosmetics™.

2 thoughts on “Catrice Active Warrior Limited Edition Collection

    1. Oh yes! With this being a long-lasting formulation it probably has a high chance of not smudging. I still haven’t gotten the chance to check my Catrice stand at my local store but if I see this collection I will defo be picking up a few bits for an upcoming review x Catrice always cracks me up with how they name their shades!

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