Urban Veda Purifying Facial Oil

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Urban Veda as a source for my skincare. They have gorgeous products that have ingredients that genuinely work all while being under a 20 euro price tag. Recently they’ve expanded their skincare line to include facial oils for each of their specific regimens and I knew I would want to get my hands on one. My skin type tends to range between normal/combo depending on the time of year and so according to their dosha (which is a quiz that you take that tells which of the regimens to use.) I should be using either their Purifying range or their Soothing range. SAM_4144

I decided to give their purifying facial oil ago as I have already tried their cleanser, toner and moisturizer from that regimen and love them completely. I’ve actually already reviewed them on my site so I have added the link to that review below. The purifying facial oil comes in a hefty amber glass bottle and has 30mls of product in it. The oil itself is yellow in colour.


Texture wise I found this oil to be rather thick, however it is not heavy on the skin whatsoever. The thickness of it simply means that in order to get it to be applied evenly over the face and neck you do have to use it alot of product and personally I didn’t like that. I personally found that this oil works better when mixed in with a lighter and more gel textured moisturizer and then applied. It’s a similar technic to the one I use with the Gioventu Natural Vitamin E Oil.

My skin absolutely loves this oil and drinks it up like water. I would recommend you reserve it for use at night as it can feel a bit heavy for day time use.

-Talk Soon xx

#PamperWeekend: Urban Veda Purifying Range

16 thoughts on “Urban Veda Purifying Facial Oil

    1. I highly recommend you give Urban Veda a go-keep an eye out in both Shaws & Mulligans pharmacy-they tend to do workshops for this brand where they go through the individual products and tell you which system is suited or your skin šŸ™‚ x

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