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Rimmel London Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation

I’ve never been a fan of Rimmel London foundations. I’ve always found them too light in coverage for my skin. That said, recently I’ve been seeing the new ad for their latest foundation called Lasting Finish Breathable and the ad did exactly what it was designed too and that is it captured my attention and my interested was peaked. It peaked so much that the next day I headed straight to Boots and picked it and the matching concealer to it, up.


The foundation comes in the exact same glass bottle all Rimmel foundations do except this one has a silver lid to it. On the bottle the many claims say that this foundation lasts for 25 hours (*rolls eyes*) and is medium coverage. I have to say I really like this foundation. It has a nice light texture to it that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Coverage wise I would say it’s light but it can definitely be built up to the medium coverage that they claim it has though you do need to use quite a lot of product to get it there.


The only two things I don’t like about this foundation is the longevity of it and the applicator. This does not stay on the skin for 25 hours, not even close to it. At most I can keep it on my normal skin for roughly 6 hours before it begins to slowly disappear (have no clue where it goes). As for the applicator, it’s got the same issue as the dropper applicator of theΒ Primark/Pennys Velvet Finish Foundation in that when you pull it out of the bottle it’s covered in product, so when you go to put it back in, the product on the applicator goes over the sides of the rim of the bottle. Disaster.


The matching concealer to the foundation is simply beautiful. It’s what the foundation should have been. It’s got a nice light texture that blends beautifully into the skin and looks lovely under the eyes as well as over blemishes. The coverage of it is a nice medium and can definitely be built up to full by added thin layers. The sponge tip is nice and soft, though it doesn’t work at all for blending it out.

SAM_4157The only real issue with the concealer is it’s packaging. You have to make sure that you hold the concealer by the white bit above the plastic lid when trying to open it. If you simply hold it by the tube, it will cause you to squeeze it and send product flying everywhere so I do wish they had put a screw on cap instead of a clicky one. I have this concealer in the shade 100 Fair and I believe there is six shades in total. Price is 7.99 euros.

I honestly think that if you’re looking for a foundation just to wear going into town or running quick errands than this is a nice choice especially for the price (10.99 euros). The concealer is a great option in my opinion if you’re looking for a new one to try, I highly recommend it as it gives great coverage and doesn’t have any real flaws other than it’s packaging design.

-Talk Soon xx

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