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Balmkind Lipbalm

Lipbalms are one of those things in my skin routine that I have to be constantly changing simply because my lips, for some strange reason, tend to grow accustomed to any lipbalms that actually work on them. What I mean by that is I will find a lipbalm that I like and that actually works in keeping my lips hydrated but then after a while it stops working on them and they go back to being their old chapped selves. It annoys me so much when this happens and it’s happened alot-regardless of the price tag that comes attached to the lipbalm.


Recently I was lucky enough to be sent the BalmKind Alpine Rose and Lysine Lipbalm to try out and to be honest my lips desperately need it as I’ve just recovered from a bad case of the flu and I have literally no moisture left in them at all. The lipbalm comes in the most gorgeous blush pink tube that contains 10 ls of product in it. The texture of it is like a gel and it has a nice cooling effect to the lips when it’s applied. I personally found it to feel more like a mask on the lips than a lipbalm which I have to say I really like, especially because I can reserve this for the nightime and have soft lips when I wake up in the morning.


The tube has the typical doe-foot slanted applicator to it which to be honest I wish had some sort of sponge on it because it feels very hard and plastic against the lips when applying it. The colour of the lipbalm is the same as the tube which is a nice touch I have to say. For those of you worried about the scent and taste of it seeing as it contains rose I found the scent wise it doesn’t linger-literally gone the minute you apply it it. With regards to taste it really doesn’t have one.

I have to say I have really enjoyed using this lipbalm for the past two weeks and can say it has saved my lips after them be so dehydrated from being flu-ridden. I just hope it stays working on them in the future.

-Talk Soon xx

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